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United States
My review is for a vintage bottle. I don't understand comparisons to Aramis, as it lacks the leathery and floral qualities (and also lacks the aldehydes of Aramis). Nor does it have any herbal qualities. Other than perhaps in the fleeting top notes, this is mostly spicy and ambery, and it gets a bit powdery as time goes on (but not outrageously so). There is mild wood but not major leathery aspect at all; overall it's natural smelling. I don't get any fougere element and it's not too sweet. There's just a bit of musk but I certainly wouldn't call this a "musk scent." It's simple but effective, though since it could get boring I'd rather wear this on days when I'm not going to pay much attention to the scent I apply, and I'd also suggest wearing this in cooler weather.
08th December, 2013
I have been a tiny bit of a perfume snob, so I've often pushed aside many Avon fragrances thinking they were cheap and nasty. However, after receiving an Avon catalogue on my doorstep with some Avon perfume samples, I retract my previous comments.

Black Suede could easily be unisex in my opinion. It has a beautiful powdery-like quality that is rather classic in a sense and soothing.

For some reason I feel leather in this fragrance, but only a very slight hint of it. This fragrance is mostly musk, woodsy notes, sweet nutmeg and clove.

The scent reminds me of crisp, white pressed shirts that my Father wore to work each day. It has a very clean and fresh feel that is lovely on both sexes.

On me, this fragrance is soft, powdery nutmeg and leather, however on a man's skin Black Suede is far more masculine and warmer. I agree that this does have an almost baby powder type smell, however I'm a big fan of scents like that and sometimes wished more men smelt like this.

A man wearing Black Suede would be a man that I could trust and feel comfortable around. It's not a scent meant to drive women wild, it's a comforting fragrance designed make a lady feel safe and secure around her man. I highly recommend.

30th June, 2011
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United States

Am I the only person here who sees this as a floral scent? For the first hour, the florals smell very prominent to my nose, which isn't a bad thing at all. Black Suede seems to put have all the best features of Stetson, Royal Copenhagen and PS Paul Sebastian, wrapped up into one excellent fragrance.

"Black Suede" is a misnomer because there is nothing black or dark about it whatsoever, nor are there any leathery notes that I can smell. Instead what you have here is a superb floral oriental fragrance that dries down to a warm amber and wood base. Black Suede has an overall powdery smell to it, but it never overwhelms (unlike Avon's Wild Country, which is a storm of talcum powder). It is extremely old school in overall feel.

The whole fragrance is just beautifully balanced, with the florals never becoming heady or overwhelming, and the oriental amber base never becoming heavy or overly sweet. The drydown is a marvelous combination of sweet and dry, with the amber providing an almost nutty scent and cedar notes giving it a dryness that counteracts the sweetness beautifully. Everything smells just right in Black Suede, which is a huge accomplishment in its own right for any perfumer.

I am a newcomer to Avon fragrances, and Black Suede is my first introduction to Avon's men's line. Apparently this is an Avon classic, and I can see why. Two thumbs all the way up.

MY RATING: 8.5/10
06th October, 2010
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United States
Although known in the broader culture as primarily a woman's line, Avon does have some fragrances aimed at men, this and Wild Country in particular, that have a barbershop vibe and are great deals for the money. Black Suede is regularly available for about ten dollars and lasts longer than many pricier brethren. This one is a powdery, smooth scent in the Royal Copenhagen/Zizanie lineage although Black Suede is smoother and a bit richer. This would be a great starter fragrance for a young man who doesn't want to smell like everyone else on line at the theater.
30th January, 2010 (last edited: 03rd October, 2011)
I always thumped my nose at Avon fragrance for men because I thought them inferior in quality and longevity to the designer perfumes. I remember this one as being nice and pleasant. I also remember an Avon cologne from my youth called simply "Leather." It came in a yellowish-orange bottle with rubber lining. "Leather" smelled like Madras by Myrurgia, which I can only find in perfume stores in Mexico City. Madras is a richly sensuous and seductive medley of fine aromatic wood and amber notes. It is definitely worth seeking out.
11th October, 2009
I smelled this before was the first thing I noticed after trying it. On the way home I realized that it was, to my nose, close to Dunhill for Men, the one designed in 1934 according to BN's Fragrance Directory. And, a week after, to my surprise, I realized that it also shared notes in common with Versace L'Homme. These notes are many. They all open up with the same sort of top notes, a very strange "watery" feeling to the nose: take a room with walls full of mold but turn it into a nice, flowery, powdery smell. Of course, a very primitive blind test among relatives (wife and kids) proved that of these three, Dunhill was the better option, followed by Versace and Black Suede, mainly because of leather-type base notes so characteristic of Dunhill, which are completely absent in Black Suede.

So, if you can't find Dunhill due to its discontinuation, and Versace proves hard to find because of its lack of market presence, you might as well resort to this one. Take the added benefit of its low price, the fact that there is an eau de cologne, shaving foam, after shaving balsam and deodorant sold under the same brand, so this actually means sillage and longevity are not a problem at all. Besides, if complimented about, you may surprise people either way, saying it is one of Avon's inexpensive fragrances, a rare option among Dunhill's line or a souvenir from the eighties, originally bought to be worn with a wide shoulder-padded coat.
04th September, 2009
Nice. Really nice. Warm, smooth, woody, spicey, leathery.

Excellent training-wheels fragrance for teen guys.

But hey, I have been wearing it for years now! I'd advise using the complete range of Black Suede products to get a lasting, satifyin auror of scent eminating from your body.

I always get lots of compliments wearing this when I do wear it out, but its a frangrance I typically use at home or when I go to do the groceries, and am not after something high-end or glamourous, or trendy.

Although, by the number of compliments I get, it must smell quite good to other people. I'm not saying it doesn't to me, I think it smells supurb, but I just use it more as an at-home comfort scent.

Easily wearable. Smooth. Masculine. A little boozy. A little spicey. A little woody. A little leathery. All combining to make a fragrance of decent sillage, at a good price. This fragrance can;t possibly offend anyone! Suits all attire.

Thumbs way up from me!
10th June, 2007
I really enjoy this on my husband. I don't get "old man" from this at all. All I smell is sensuality:)
26th May, 2007