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It's really not as bad as what I thought it would be, considering the notes and when it was released. Definitely has the old school vibe but the sweet amber is enjoyable.

Not as aquatic as a Cool Water or AdG, but it does have a hint of "blue" to it.

Performance is decent. Not a powerhouse but you can still smell it 6 hours after and it projects for the first 3-4 hours.
14th August, 2017
I would say for 1986, when I was 16 and but a novice in the fragrance game this was a nice scent. Now this is dated. The oregano is the main accord that dates this scent IMO. Now I would just avoid.
30th November, 2016
BLUF: Old-school aquatic, slightly herbal, not-so-slightly synthetic. Unmistakably masculine but boring.

In the 5th grade my Dad gave me a mini-sample of a Gilette aftershave gel. Blue Marine smells exactly like it, although as it develops it becomes slightly herbal a la Horizon (Guy Laroche) but not nearly as unique or worthy. Not an off-putting fragrance, but certainly dated and forgettable.

For me, it's useless except for a trip down memory lane, to a time when I rubbed men's shaving products into my prepubescent, peach-fuzzed cheeks. Pass.
22nd May, 2016 (last edited: 23rd May, 2016)
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This one instantly makes you reminisce about the late 80s - early 90s transition with its dark, somewhat dank nature of a murky puddle or an old wet brick wall, which would be an idea for a quasi-aquatic scent back in the day, obtained from a mixture of moss and a multitide of green and woody notes (carnation, patchouli, cinnamon, jasmine and caraway - all those ingredients can also be traceable). The sillage is quite good, longevity gets close to a couple of hours, albeit I've only tried it on my wrist, and after three hours or so it was still there, alive and kicking. I can't give it a thumb up, because this is not a scent that will appeal to everyone, but there is still some odd quality to it that makes Bleu Marine worthwhile. Yet, you should try it before you buy it.
05th August, 2014 (last edited: 06th August, 2014)
I got a free sample of this and while going through my samples tonight I thought that since I was completely unfamiliar with this one I would give it a try. Sorry I did. Foetidus was right. A scrubber. Could not wait to get this mess off. Yuck. Citrus, basil, patchouli poorly done.
12th July, 2014
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United Kingdom
The opening displays bergamot and a wormwood-like note that soon sees labdanum added, before it turns greener in the drydown, with basil being more prominent. These phases combine a summery freshness with a chypre tone, especially when in the base a chypre-style patchouli component is added, but I get only a tiny touch of moss. Silage and projection are good, with an overall longevity of five hours. A summer scent, nothing earthshattering but solid.
18th February, 2014
Ok, so "bleu marine" is French for "navy blue". Thanks to Mysticman for clearing this up. The only way it could have been an aquatic is if the oceans were made out of paint thinner and oregano.

It makes a whole lot more sense that this is the smell of a Frenchman in a navy blue suit back in -86. Imagine the Parisian Gordon Gekko.
31st May, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2012)
Sacre Bleu!!! I can't believe the number of reviews calling this a "failed aquatic," or words to that effect. Mais non, mes amis, you have misunderstood! "Bleu marine" is the French term for the color known in English as "Navy Blue." Moreover, this fragrance was released in the mid-eighties, well before the popularity and glut of aquatic fragrances. Navy Blue is considered a neutral color that goes with everything --- classy, understated, and suitable for all occasions, and I think this is more what Bleu Marine's creators had in mind.

The scent itself seems to straddle the line between chypre and fougere, with a crisp citrus opening balanced by herbal and green notes. As it dries down, warm woody notes appear, mainly sandalwood, with patchouli, amber, and a hint of oakmoss, though not as much as we usually expect from a chypre. It does bear a resemblance to Halston Z-14, but Bleu Marine is lighter, with more emphasis on the citrus and green components than the warm woods of Z-14. Its intensity drops off rather quickly, leaving a subtle base that lasts surprisingly well. On my skin it doesn't get overly sweet or powdery, but retains a subtle warmth. It's light enough for business wear, yet complex enough for formal occasions --- much like the color it was named for --- and at least one woman has called it "subtly sexy."

It's a winner in my book!
30th March, 2011
Well, with a name like "Bleu Marine" I hadn't expected to like this at all. Actually, it isn't bad.
I'd call it an aquatic herbal. A bit ozonic and metallic, but not screechy. Some good green-herbal notes, also the typical silvery sheen of armoise. Not terribly sweet, not too heavy. The Halston Z-14 comparison is apt, I'd call this a "lite" version of that scent. Definitely a warm-weather scent due to its frosty vibe.
16th December, 2010
Its a citrus with patchouli type mix scent wise. The latest bottle I had gotten had a good length of wear time about 8 hours if sprayed on your chest. Several women liked the scent and I don't mind it either. The only other scents thathave come close compliment wise with me are Devin(I no longer like it) and Aramis.
29th October, 2010
Spicy and sweetish. Lots of patchouli in this and it smells like Halston Z-14. Terribly misleading name, no marine-ness in this whatsoever. I'm a sucker for aquatics and expected this to be such but it's actually heavy and spicy. I don't care for it.
02nd March, 2009
It isn’t that terrible, but I agree that there is nothing particularly interesting to it. Very generic, somewhat cheap smelling fresh-spicy scent. I don’t consider this as a marine/oceanic scent that much.

Perhaps the biggest problem for me is totally unsatisfying lasting power: it really seems like it is very lame one.

Bottle is great though. I have understood it is actually placed in some modern art museum in NYC.

Not expensive, but with just a little greater input of cash it is easy for one to get something much more interesting.
15th February, 2009
01st September, 2008
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Well, I think this one is a great classic and it does not smell anywhere near cheap to me. I mean, this came out in 1986 people - an 80's scent that doesn't smell 80's is something to behold in my book!

IMO, it's fantastic and I LOVE to wear it. However, it could do with an extreme version updated to improve longevity, but otherwise, no complaints. :-)
18th July, 2008
Not long lasting but I like the spiciness. A good, cheap blue cologne for whenever.
26th May, 2008
hmm, what are u people talking about? this frag is magical, and everytime im wearing this, i get tons of compliments.

how can u not like this one? its blue and fresh, a more masculine type of dk men or hugo dark blue
13th December, 2007
Agreed with the majority, it's a cheap smelling aqua cologne. It kind of reminds me of aqua velva and that is not a compliment.
26th June, 2007
This isn't terrible, but it's certainly not good. It smells like sickly sweet pepper and is very weak.
15th October, 2006
Good, marine-fresh with a touch of sweet notes and amber, but this is not something that I would buy and wear.
13th October, 2006
I like this stuff! Ordered some Knize Ten and a little vile of Bleu Marine was in the box. (I love samples). Yes, it's sweet and common but so what? If you wear this, you will definitely get comments from women. Reminds me of Halston Z-14. True, Bleu Marine is not (to me) aquatic in any way, but it's pleasant and fresh and good. Lasts well.
25th September, 2006 (last edited: 26th February, 2011)
Toothpaste rather than aquatic freshness besides far too sweet. To make matters worse it will not last even after applying loads of it. Cheap, worse than supermarket-quality scent. With a little luck neither its wearer nor anyone else might feel it.
23rd January, 2006
Keep some soap, water, and a scrub brush handy when you try this one out on your skin—you’ll want it off fast.
10th December, 2005
I cannot believe THIS is still in production and the stuff like Aramis Havana has been discontinued. There is nothing impressive, although you may say that drydown has a delicate raisin and/or Christmas pudding notes, but they are too subtle and too weak to be noticed. Overall - yes, an unsuccessful, half-hearted marine fragrance. Better luck next time.
09th November, 2005
I agree with Dave, a terribly weak marine release. Not better in any way than Axe/Lynx aftershaves. Uninspired aquatic mess, simple and bad. The original Cardin, Pour Monsieur was a much better juice along the lines of the first Polo by Ralph Lauren. Piney, fresh and masculine.
By all means stay away from Bleu Marine though.
27th September, 2005
Yeah... not bad.. but I wouldn't buy this fragrance anymore.
23rd August, 2005
This is a very good fresh cologne.
02nd August, 2005
I can remember liking the original P.C back in High school, but this..this stuff is vile
24th July, 2004