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Negative Reviews of Bleu Marine by Pierre Cardin

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I would say for 1986, when I was 16 and but a novice in the fragrance game this was a nice scent. Now this is dated. The oregano is the main accord that dates this scent IMO. Now I would just avoid.
30th November, 2016
I got a free sample of this and while going through my samples tonight I thought that since I was completely unfamiliar with this one I would give it a try. Sorry I did. Foetidus was right. A scrubber. Could not wait to get this mess off. Yuck. Citrus, basil, patchouli poorly done.
12th July, 2014
Ok, so "bleu marine" is French for "navy blue". Thanks to Mysticman for clearing this up. The only way it could have been an aquatic is if the oceans were made out of paint thinner and oregano.

It makes a whole lot more sense that this is the smell of a Frenchman in a navy blue suit back in -86. Imagine the Parisian Gordon Gekko.
31st May, 2012 (last edited: 10th December, 2012)
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It isn’t that terrible, but I agree that there is nothing particularly interesting to it. Very generic, somewhat cheap smelling fresh-spicy scent. I don’t consider this as a marine/oceanic scent that much.

Perhaps the biggest problem for me is totally unsatisfying lasting power: it really seems like it is very lame one.

Bottle is great though. I have understood it is actually placed in some modern art museum in NYC.

Not expensive, but with just a little greater input of cash it is easy for one to get something much more interesting.
15th February, 2009
01st September, 2008
Agreed with the majority, it's a cheap smelling aqua cologne. It kind of reminds me of aqua velva and that is not a compliment.
26th June, 2007
This isn't terrible, but it's certainly not good. It smells like sickly sweet pepper and is very weak.
15th October, 2006
Toothpaste rather than aquatic freshness besides far too sweet. To make matters worse it will not last even after applying loads of it. Cheap, worse than supermarket-quality scent. With a little luck neither its wearer nor anyone else might feel it.
23rd January, 2006
Keep some soap, water, and a scrub brush handy when you try this one out on your skin—you’ll want it off fast.
10th December, 2005
I cannot believe THIS is still in production and the stuff like Aramis Havana has been discontinued. There is nothing impressive, although you may say that drydown has a delicate raisin and/or Christmas pudding notes, but they are too subtle and too weak to be noticed. Overall - yes, an unsuccessful, half-hearted marine fragrance. Better luck next time.
09th November, 2005
I agree with Dave, a terribly weak marine release. Not better in any way than Axe/Lynx aftershaves. Uninspired aquatic mess, simple and bad. The original Cardin, Pour Monsieur was a much better juice along the lines of the first Polo by Ralph Lauren. Piney, fresh and masculine.
By all means stay away from Bleu Marine though.
27th September, 2005
I can remember liking the original P.C back in High school, but this..this stuff is vile
24th July, 2004