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Negative Reviews of Blue Jeans by Versace

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At the start is a blast of citrus, and I detect the Nutmeg from the start too, that reminds me Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur a lot, after one hour or less , becames sweet , and sweet , in a feminine way ... I just can't wear it , it's too sweet and loud for me ... I think it's a little bit vulgar too.
Versace Black Jeans continues to be my favorite.
22nd December, 2011
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United States
Put Juniper, Lavender, Jasmine, and Violet together in a fragrance and I'm likely going to feel nauseous. I'm not usually a fan of galbanum either, and strong citrus bothers me. So, Blue Jeans is sort of like an anti-fragrance to me, due to the notes they used. I also consider it poorly made and the ingredients seem low quality. Baby Blue Jeans is kind of a pared down, more masculine version of Shalimar, so that one isn't bad, if that's what you are seeking. The ingredients in that one are good enough. Green Jeans is really good, a borderline "niche" fragrance. I suggest trying Samba Nova for men, however, rather than Blue Jeans, for something similar but better in every way, though the ingredients' quality is probably in the same range.
09th June, 2010
its too sweet and powerful for me. i cant even wear it for long, because i start to get annoyed by it. it smells cheap, and too complex. I can take small wafts of it, maybe if someone else is wearing it, but its not exactly the nicest out there. Too pungent, and very offensive. smell kind of like Vanilla Cola.or vanilla candles (cheap ones)

baby blue is much better!
09th October, 2009
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It was cheap so I bought it. It was boring so I sprayed it on every day. Only for work. I ducked a lot so it would miss me. Then it was gone. Thank God.
05th August, 2009
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United States
The Sweetness is Gone!
I loved Versace Blue Jeans Man at first smell. It transported me to a Lemon Chiffon Cake I ate when I was 6 years old. I wore it almost every day.
Last week I went to the scent store to restock. Blue Jeans Man has been rebranded 'Versus', and reformulated. Instead of Lemon Chiffon Cake, it smells like lemon juice corroding a zinc bucket that has been used to haul entrails. It is the awful demise of a great scent.
30th April, 2009
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United Kingdom
My first review and this is my plan of attack. I'm going to wear the fragrances for a while before I comment, because to my mind too many people jump to verdicts too quickly. You will also get comments from my girlfriend or any other friend or foe who is forthcoming.

Okay then, first impression - this stuff stinks! Regardless of whether you like it or not this stuff will linger on whatever you put it on and whichever room you applied it in, for hours and hours and hours. My initial thoughts were flashbacks of being younger (I mean too young to legally participate in adulthood). Splashing on way too much of my old mans curious bottles of exotic smelling colognes. And attending pre-pubescent angst ridden school disco's breathing in fear, ego's and every other lads dads cologne!

Not an audicious start then.

I can't really pin down a note to be honest. But then I am new to this so maybe that will come in time. I can say lots of heavy sweet musk. Heavy and sweet, little bit biting, little bit cloying, sweet oh so sweet. Did I mention heavy?

Lets talk about packaging. The bottle comes in a tin. Nothing wrong in that, it protects the juice from UV harm and of course nuclear fall out. But it looks like something I would win at a fairground stall by throwing a wonky dart into a playing card. When there are no cuddly toys left. The bottle itself is unoffensive, however I fail to see any similarities with the iconic coca-cola bottle as some people have observed.

My girlfriend hates, she likens it to me being dipped into candyfloss, sprinkled with sugar, coated in honey and spending a night wrapped in the armpit of an unwashed overweight giant.

My bottle only cost £5 and I got a free tube of Blue Jeans Aftershave balm. Definately don't touch that - greasy, slimey, terrible synthetic smell.

To sum up. This is my current arguement scent. When I fall out with my girlfriend this stuff comes out to play. She hates it, I can bare it 'coz it takes me back to time before I was man but thought I was a god. Oh how wrong I was!
28th September, 2008
TOO SWEET!I've gone back to this twice and botgh times it was tested on my skin. the first time I was near offended by the sweetness but an hour later the drydown was enough to make me want to try it again. The second time wasn't as bad and, again, the drydown was nice enough but to be it was casual, notbhing special and almost too much. I can se ehow this would be popular with the youth crowd but not with anyone at work.
13th June, 2008 (last edited: 07th July, 2008)
Yuck! its too sweet and powerful for me. Irritates my nose. i bought this, and i cant even wear it for long, because i start to get annoyed by it. it smells cheap, and too complex. I can take small wafts of it, maybe if someone else is wearing it, but its not exactly the nicest out there. Too pungent, and very offensive. smell kind of like Vanilla Cola.
15th December, 2007
Blue Jeans has a strange smell (to my nose, floral) combined to a thick sweet note that reminds me of vanilla that produces a loudy and vulgar fragrance. I don't know why, but I think the drag queens from "Priscila" motion picture were all using VBJ. Maybe the right word to describe it, can be "Kitsch".
12th December, 2007
Something wrong with this scent. A very strange sweet sharp notes dominates this Blue Jeans. Not my cup of tea, though. Sorry. Advantage:very affordable and strong smell. Disadvantages: Weird sweet smell, smells too synthetic?
12th October, 2007
old scent and nthing interesting,smells cheap drug store frag. dont like it
28th May, 2007
Well, Blue Jeans has a sweetness that I find hard to describe - it's not the usual sort of sweetness that one considers when describing a sweet fragrance; it's like that sort if shampoo/hand wash/cheap women's body spray sweetness...And also the way tonka and vailla are tooled into it...just not very appealing - this is done in a way such that it gives a sickly Vanilla Coke smell on top of whatever the other notes are. I think its the violette and nutmeg - I love nutmeg, but if it is in anything else other than a minute doseage in a fragrance, it gives me a headache.

Plus, EVERYONE at my university wears it...because a decent size bottle can be purchased for $20 (AUD).

24th March, 2007