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Wow,love Blue Jeans!! I have the original bottle plus an imitator "type" in roller-ball oil format. I love the watery, tobacco and citrus quality to this scent, crisp and clean with the juniper, vetiver, and violet notes lending a lovely balance to this wonderful potion. All time favorite of mine. ;^>
16th December, 2016
I knew of but didn't wear Versace Blue Jeans until the mid 2000s, by which time it was already a classic, its 60ml bottle generally available under $20 on many discount sites or even in retail settings. By then, it already had a reputation and it was in the regular rotation of a friend of mine, and it was unlike anything I had smelled previously, except perhaps for Le Male, and it definitely went in a different direction. Since then, Blue Jeans will always be on my shelf, because it remains high in uniqueness and low in cost. I have as much difficulty identifying notes (in fairness, it's a little syn ethic in general) in this as in any other designer fragrance I've tried in recent memory. It's floral, sweet, and slightly spicy. Mostly, I think of sweetness when I think of Blue Jeans.

Many might think of this as a more dressed-up and for going out, and I admit I once did, but now its name rings more of a bell for me in that it embodies casual Friday. Neither too sweet nor too serious, Blue Jeans has an interesting cocktail of notes that allow it to be very sweet throughout its lifespan and powdery in its dry down. An odd sweet/powdery mix. Its projection is strong at its opening but it dries down quickly and becomes very powdery within a few hours. Still, great value. A must-try since it's quite different from most of what's out there.

7 out of 10
28th August, 2015
Easily the nicest among the “jeans” collection by Versace, partially because this is quite a nice fragrance, partially because the others are crap anyway. Blue Jeans is shortly a sort of more juvenile, cheaper, but also somehow “fresher” and livelier version of several powdery-floral Oriental scents which came in fashion in the mid-to-late Nineties – starting with Boucheron’s Jaipur Homme, ending with futuristic musky-laundry German stuff like Lang’s eaux de cologne. Blue Jeans is their high school version, their teen nephew, which is both a positive and negative feature – as I said it is a fresher, “younger”, but also way cheaper, almost a bit tacky. However Blue Jeans smells of that – powder, musk, lavender, some odd wet grass, sweet dusty flowers, which are given a “masculine” shape thanks to patchouli, sandalwood and herbs. The opening is a bit flashy, once it finds its “tune” Blue Jeans is actually quite nice to wear, showing some unexpected maturity on the very drydown, which is a really well-played bright harmony of patchouli, sandalwood and discreet powder still with a musky-soapy cleanliness, almost reflecting distant echoes of Guerlain’s Héritage too (really, really distant though). It’s clean, smooth, fun, I wouldn’t define it elegant or “virile” but it’s light-hearted, crisp, sweet and cozy. In one word, pleasant to wear, and that’s what fragrances are made for. Sadly I’ve tested the “Versus” reformulation, and I’ve heard it was better in the past. Nice anyway.


EDIT: the former "Versace" version is completely different. Way more mature, rich and deep, closer to some of the nicest early Nineties floral-Oriental scents, and without the "teenish" soapy vibe of the subsequent Versus version (just to be clear, I am referring to the name you read on the bottle just above "Blue Jeans" - if there's "Versace" then it's the good one, if there's "Versus" it's reformulated and not as good as the previous).
14th August, 2015 (last edited: 12th September, 2015)
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A nostalgic scent for me.all notes in BLUE JEANS are really CUTE.Full of ENERGY,FRESH,YOUNG and FREE.sweet and yummy like was a great surprise for me.

In the beginning it seems like a UNISEX scent.This scent to make sweet moments for you.i am a fan of ORIENTAL WOODY and too i know this kind of colognes are so seductive and popular for Girls.

BLUE JEANS was less expensive and better than EAU FRAICHE and POUR HOMME for me.Lovely from beginning to end.much better for younger population definitely 20/30 years old.

Perfect for SPRING evenings.Good sillage and too longevity was Good on my skin.Anyway for me lovely fragrance forever and it is a perfect choise when you dont want fragrances too light or too heavy.Definitely worth buying.

10th May, 2015
Blue Jeans always reminds me of a beautiful sunny day. It is fresh, crisp and makes me and my nose very happy. I first purchased it when it was introduced and I have never stopped using it. I think this is one fragrance that will never go out of style.
26th July, 2014
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United States
I purchased this a while back but hadn't really worn it. Then I decided to try it again. Man, I love this stuff! Somehow it reminds me of A&F Fierce -- something about the warmth and projection -- maybe some iso-e-super here? Anyhow, really great scent that I smelled once in the 90's but completely passed over -- so to me it doesn't smell dated, just heavenly. A big thumbs up.
13th April, 2014
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United States
Fresh citrus opening.Violet dominated 90's Value..
I still wear it occasionally..
Powder-musky drydown. Excellent for the baller on a budget..
01st January, 2014
Another Versace to add in your collection...

I just recently purchased Versace's Blue Jeans... Personally, I think it compares to CK's (very old school) Eternity with a subtle touch of powder freshness creating a new scent that belongs to anyone's collection. I have found Blue Jeans will last the day without reapplication and believe it is a scent for all age groups and fits any occasion. At Amazon's price, it is a great value. 4.2 stars..
13th May, 2013
A scent that really grows on you. Got so much character. Lasting power excellent. A gem and a classic.
12th March, 2013
Good, nice and cheap! A powdery floral fragrance with overtones woods hiding sensual. Ideal for everyday wear. It will not look bad. Popular among young people here. It is a youthful fragrance, but that does not mean infant.
22nd December, 2012
Definetely a must buy because: very cheap, smells good, lasting power is great (around 8 hours), projection is big and sillage too. Yes it smells a bit synthetic, but who cares? I've been using since 1998 and i still enjoy it.
12th December, 2012
The price really surprises me. One of the most "bang-for-buck" fragrances out there. The citrusy opening grows into an incredible lavender heart note, I wouldn't call it cloying but it is strong. Great for teens and young adults I guess. Many say this reminds them of the late 80s and early 90s but oh well, too young to know.

One of the best lavender fragrances out there that I would recommend. And that price, oh my word. Big shout out to all junior college students/high-schoolers on a budget looking for a fragrance
12th August, 2011
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United States
A nice fresh powdery scent, but not particularly unique. One of dozens of nice mall fragrances.
30th April, 2011
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I bought this the over day at tj maxx for 20 bucks. Its very feminine but I love the smell. I'm addicted to it. Its innofensive. Its a versatile fragrance, i think it could be used and season it could be a going out scent or a daily scent. Its very young. i believe thisd i a great blind buy for a high schooler. I would reccomend this for people under 25.
20th March, 2011
Versace Blue Jeans,

The 90's are back, with dance music, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Nirvana!
Love this little fella, rich, deep, masculine and complex, lot's of notes mixed in a blender and something unique came out, currently is possible to buy it really cheap, Good vibe, versatile, young and old crowd, evening wear, good silage, so go easy on the trigger. For the rest just enjoy this beautiful scent!!!
PS: Blue can is trendy!
21st February, 2011
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United States
With its stupid looking bottle and tin can container, Blue Jeans was a big surprise for me. This is a good fragrance! While I do find it a bit powdery and sweet, it's far from the olfactory Tootsie Roll that most of the other reviewers describe here. To me, Blue Jeans smells like a light woody, anisic oriental, highlighted by wood and spice notes that smell very dark. Those dark notes are counterbalanced with whitish, creamy, powdery lavender and floral notes. All the notes are handled in a restrained manner, with no notes overpowering any others. Blue Jeans smells smooth and very well balanced, which is more than I can say about most niche fragrances I've smelled which cost ten times more than this.

MY RATING: 7.5/10
08th February, 2011
This fragrance I very much enjoy. It has a very nice strong start and as it dries out there comes a very nice smell of sandalwood. The bottle and case are very unique and looks like an old fashioned coke bottle. Overall this was a very nice fragrance to add to the collection, especially for the price it is sold for.
02nd January, 2011
Very powdery. Imagine the smell of baby powder, coupled with a mix of citrus and lavender.

Moderate longevity and projection.

There are better fragrances out there which can project the lavender and citrus accord better.

The top notes smell acidic and sharp, crispy, slightly sour. But this is a good thing, in cold weather. The dry down presents itself with a very pleasant consistency, it starts to open into the floral notes.

Don't spray too much on yourself, it induces a sneeze or two on me in an enclosed space. Good effort by Versace.
22nd May, 2010
This was my 1st cologne ever, brings a lot of memories about junior high. I received this as a b-day gift along with Heroes of Might and Magic 3. All these gifts and the memories of summer are forever embedded in the Blue Jeans scent. I frequently wear it in the summer. For me Blue Jeans means carefree good time.


They reformulated the formula and its called Versus Versace Blue Jeans now. Weaker projection and silage and slightly different ingredients compared to the original scent.
19th April, 2010 (last edited: 17th December, 2013)
Powdery Vanilla-ish scent for colder weather. Not bad at all, even though it s not very masculine scent. It's price is low, but non the less this is not a low quality fragrance. Not in particular that I'd strive to have it in my collection, but I cannot say this would never have a place in it.
10th April, 2010
This is probably the first fragrance from Versace that I actually enjoy. Ok, I have to concede it feels generic by today's standards but in 1994? Certainly not! What BLUE JEANS lacks in originality it more than makes up in balance. Clean, pleasant musk with a touch of green. I don't find it sweet at all. Perfect for the newcomer who's thinking of dipping a toe into the murky world of fragrances.
31st March, 2010
Just by the smell of this, you can definately tell it is an old school fragrance that would turn heads these days. A nice sweet fragrance that expresses the middle notes of lavender well. I agree with the others that it borders on being feminine. nice, light, and airy, i would definately buy it for times when i feel i need to wear something more old school.
24th March, 2010
Versace Blue Jeans is truly a one of a kind fragrance. Despite being labeled "fresh" and "clean", it smells totally original and nothing like whats on the market. Its my go-to cologne for when nothing seems to match my mood/outfit. I feel the perfect fit would be wearing a relaxed pair of your fav jeans, a solid tee, sneakers. Not really a "stunner", but a classic that not to many people wear. You gotta love the bottle and blue jeans is easy on the pocket too.
21st December, 2009
Fantastic, just the right amount of powdery notes. Youthful and long-lasting. Vibrant, casual, classy stuff.
05th November, 2009
jbr Show all reviews
United States
The opening to me is almost pure citrus, in a pleasant, slightly synthetic, powdery kind of way that reminds me very much of the smell of those little lemon-scented wet towels you get on airplanes or after a meal of ribs at a restaurant. Florals take over in the middle, lending a lovely sweetness which carries into the drydown. Eminently wearable, to me this is an amazing "anytime" fragrance, something to reach for when you don't really have a specific occasion or mood in mind but just want something that isn't fussy and smells great.
07th August, 2009
I smelled this the first time on an airline steward reaching over and helping the passenger next to me. I thought it was one of the most delightful fragrances I'd ever smelled, and I asked him what he was wearing. I just bought it again after more than ten years and it smells better than ever. It is a harmonious blend of soft woods, lavender and ripe citrus notes. It is at once innocent and sophisticated. A winner!
08th June, 2009
Although this is very cheap, it is quite good quality stuff. The initial impression is definately a citrus overload, but it is very light, fresh, sweet and pleasant to smell. The lavender and jasmine add a touch of floral to this scent, making this a close to borderline unisex fragrance that could be worn by anyone really. The woody base notes finish this off for a really good, all round fragrance.

This doesn't last that long on me, it seems to fade really quickly, perhaps 3-4 hours. And it only really projects itself during the initial citrus blast and for half an hour or so before it stays quite close to the skin. But for what it is and for the price, it is well worth a purchase.
27th May, 2009
A slightly synthetic concoction that mellows into something polite, charming and inoffensive. The slightly oily opening is rich with a deep citrus presence, but no notes dominate, there is merely insinuation. As the floral elements become discernable, so Blue Jeans begins to evolve into something more wearable. The middles notes are light and subtle enough to maintain a degree of interest in its continued evolution. Each phase prior to drydown is brisk and the presence of the base notes is evident within the hour. Fortunately, it is a few hours in,that one can begin to enjoy this fragrance. The arid and hollow nature of the drydown lends a faint, woody tone to the underlying sense of vanilla that remains until its conclusion. It is undoubtedly a better fragrance than its price or reputation would suggest. This is a simple warm weather scent available for a modest outlay, and it really is pretty good
27th May, 2009
i hate the opening scent of this perfume, its very overpowering and unbearable but when it dry down, u will get the one of the most beautiful scent, i just like to sniff it again and again.
17th May, 2009
whatever thoughts you can conjure up when thinking of blue jeans, summer, first fragrance, high school sweet heart, all of it is in this bottle. put some on you it'll come back ; )
07th May, 2009