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A standout scent from Bulgari that definitely lives up to it's name (in appearance and subjective experience).

Blu pour Homme is like a velvet hammer, catching the senses immediately with the spicy wollop in the headnotes, mellowing out to the tobacco and juniper which keep the scent quite present. And the cedar and sandalwood hold as a steady base through which Blu makes its long landing.

May be a bit strong for some, in which case the "Blu Notte" flanker would be worth a sample.
15th January, 2017
Strong ginger, tobacco, cedar and musk scent. The first Bulgari I ever owned and it is a fantastic winner. Longevity close to 7 hours on me in the humidity of the southern US. It is a unique scent so I would sample before you buy... Still available for a GREAT price online... will always be in my collection. Enjoy!
31st May, 2016
Unique lovely tobacco and ginger scent. Lasts ages. Definitely a thumbs up.
31st May, 2015
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BLV PH is a Modern Elegant fragrance.
Definitely first it surprises You because you think,it would be Very Spicy as not too Spicy.

Ginger&Cardamom in the top notes are Gorgeous.The base is Romantic and is different then most of the BVLGARI colognes,i had or i know.words can clear describe How much i love this cologne.

In my opinion BLV PH is suitable for AUTUMN weather&OFFICE use,Meantime for a determined,Free and independent person.I know Mr Morillas doesent make mistake with products.

SILLAGE?Is quite Good.

LONGEVITY?Is pretty Good on my skin.

13th May, 2015
Bvlgari Blv is just an average scent for me. Nice ginger and spice in the opening, but once that fades the whole composition turns into a talcalm powder scent that is too sweet for my liking. I'm not sure why Bvlgari named this Blu? Nothing Blu about it at all. Also, I'm not sure where I'd want to wear this. It doesn't appeal to me as a warm weather fragrance but not anything I'd wear in cold or wet weather either. It's well composed, but doesn't work for me, so a neutral rating.
02nd May, 2015
Genre: Fougère

I find this one-dimensional, icky sweet brew of gingerbread and Nicotiana off-putting in the extreme. It reminds me of those saccharine tunes my daughter used to listen to in the car when she was two, before she developed a taste for Wagner, Beethoven and The Jayhawks. For me this travels the same road as Pi and Le Mâle. Not one I want to venture down.
10th June, 2014
BLV is one my favorites from the Bvlgari line. To me it smells fresh and clean. The ginger comes in first and the dry down is tobacco with a tinge of musk. It is fantastic for the South Florida heat and the projection is great. Longevity is 7-8 hours on me. I get compliments every time I wear it. Beautiful!
28th April, 2014
Awful. Smells like bug spray and WILL give you a headache.
04th December, 2013
Blu is a nice slightly powdery ginger and cardamom fragrance with some woods and musk in the background. I would have liked it more if the musk would have been omitted, but overall it's a pretty nice casual fragrance that doesn't offend.
07th November, 2013
A nice clean smell with minimal touch of sweetness that makes it addictive, sensual, elegant and different. Bvlgari One of the few who are not based in the area, and a great success of the house.
10th January, 2013
An unsung classic I think. Bulgari Blu is the perfect extraction of powder into a masculine scent. I think if you wanted to hold up an example of a "powdery" scent, as in that little cloud they brush on the back of your neck with a badger brush at the barber could certainly hold up Bulgari Blu Pour Homme. But it's also highly sophisticated as well. A baby powder for grown-ups. Ooh la la.
01st January, 2013
Not too shabby..!! A fresh showered soapy/powdery fragrance...

Most of the BVLGARI fragrances that I own tend to have a clean, fresh, almost soapy scent. BLV Pour Homme is no different, coming out of the gates with ginger notes then settling down to a cedarwood/juniper fragrance with tobacco as end notes. The blend is similar to some, but offers a uniqueness that belongs to BVLGARI. I like the fragrance... It is easy on the nose.

BVLGARI works hard creating a richness feel with it's fragrances. You notice that immediately with the packaging and the quality (and clarity) of the bottle. Not sure if anyone else notices these things, but I do admire quality design and packaging. BLV has average longevity, projection, and sillage - lasting about 6 hours on my skin and longer on my shirtsleeve. The fragrance offers diversity that permits acceptability for any time of year and occasion.

While I have not received any compliments, i.e. the Wow Factor, I enjoy wearing BLV and it creates confidence while wearing - that is all that really matters, right..?? If you are a BVLGARI fan, BLV should be added to your collection. Will I repurchase when the 1 ounce bottle is depleted - probably not - but it is worth buying to add to your collection and the diversity of fragrances worn. If you can pick it up in the $20-$25 range, definitely jump on it.

All things considered, I give BLV 4.0 stars out of 5. The fragrance is unique enough to give it a shot. Night swimming does the body good...

20th November, 2012
Powdery ginger. A tad too spicy for me. Very generic and should have been done better for a bulgari scent. This stuff smells very cheap. Don't waste your money on this one.
30th October, 2012
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I sampled this yesterday and have to give it a thumbs down. I wanted to like it and I tried very hard. I ended up washing it off after a couple of hours.

On the plus side, it is a very unusual fragrance. Powdery. Soapy. A hint of ginger on the top. Unlike most of the masculine scents out there.

Unfortunately what I was overwhelmed with was the scent of a teenager's deodorant that dried down to baby powder. At least on my skin. I wouldn't wear this because at best it makes me smell like a giant baby.
20th September, 2012
The overly gingery opening really ruins any shot I had of liking this fragrance. The spicy dry down is interesting and seems like it belongs to a different fragrance. This has a lot of notes I actually quite like, just in the wrong proportions, to my taste.

Maybe I'm just a simpleton but I really can't figure out what season this is supposed to be for. I don't see it working in the summer at all. It's too powdery and cloying and sickly sweet. It has a citrusy vibe that doesn't work for winter, even though when I look at the notes listed there aren't any true citruses. It doesn't feel fresh or green enough for spring and it feels too sharp and fruity for fall.

15th April, 2012
First of all, excuse me. I had posted this review on Bvlgari Pour Homme. Okay, let's go. This perfume was a pleasant surprise. I received a sample of it and I loved the smell, however, bought Azzaro chrome, but regretted it. The sample of BLV was over and I had noticed that I could not do without that perfume scent in my collection. The BLV Pour Homme is a fragrance very sexy, makes me feel powerful, sophisticated, beyond good and evil. I also like him to be discreet and not make "noise." Now, I feel compelled to try every line Blvgari. Hugs.
22nd September, 2011
I absolutely love ginger, particularly when it features in a male fragrance, such as BLV pour Homme.

The ginger was so fizzy in the opening that it fooled me into thinking that lemon also featured in this fragrance. In that sense it does have a very fresh, almost citrusy feel to it, and because of that, I recommend this fragrance for the warmer weather.

I must admit that the fragrance started off quite generic, however before I could yawn, BLV pour Homme developed into something rather woodsy and enticing. There was also a subtle spiciness that I really enjoyed.

This fragrance is sexy without being too bold or offensive. It smells absolutely amazing on a man I must admit. I'm a little wary to try it on my own skin in case it disappoints.

This is yet another pleasant and casual male fragrance from the classic Bvlgari line, who are in my opinion the gods of modern yet simplistic scents.

07th August, 2011
No No No No No. What starts barely interesting with a ginger-like spicy citrus, turns very soon to a cloying, sweet and powdery drydown. Let me say it's annoying. I still believe Black to be the only Bvlgari's fragrance that is worth owning.
20th June, 2011 (last edited: 04th August, 2011)
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United States
Tested this alongside Issey Mayake L'Eau D'Issey PH to see which one I liked better, and on me, they were quite similar. I guess I therefore must give this a thumbs up to be consistent. However, for me, the D'Issey had more longetivity, and wins by a nose.
31st May, 2011
Smells great! I got some awesome compliments on this one! At first I wasnt sure if I liked it, but after a while it grew on me. I really enjoy it now. It smells very unisex to me, but I like the sweet and powdery scent. It lasts about 5 hours on my skin and is a rather light scent. It does not seem to project a lot, but it seems to stay closer to the skin. Anyhow, it is a good fragrance and if you shop around on the internet a bit, you can get it for pretty cheap. I highly recommend it.
27th May, 2011
This is a very pleasant cologne that's perfect for everyday wear; it's been my "default" cologne for several years. It smells fresh and clean, but not in a fruity, ephemeral way. I don't understand why it isn't rated higher. I wouldn't say this is a super sexy cologne to wear on a date, but it does the job of making you smell better than you would without it.
27th May, 2011
Bulgari's tribute to the famous Nivea scent, so good that it stays unchanged for decades. No irony here: it just goes where I'd always liked Nivea to go, adding depth and complexity. Smells familiar, bringing memories, yet it's not the cream; it's a fragrance.
20th May, 2011
Smells to my currently uncultured nose like soap powder mixed with talcum powder.
Not a bad smell, but it did give me a headache after about half an hour.
Still it shows good longevity on my skin.
11th May, 2011
My husband received a bottle of this as a gift from one of his students' families, and not being much for fragrance, he let it sit on the shelf in our bedroom until I figured out a use for it. Air-drying our laundry on the rooftop of our apartment, I would generously spray Blu all over the damp clothes on the drying rack to mask the smell of the urban air pollution in Seoul, where the laundry happened to be drying. Imagine my satisfaction when I read Tania Sanchez's review in PERFUMES: THE GUIDE, and realized that I had in fact divined the proper use for Blu: "Somebody has attempted to dress up a laundry-soap musk with gestures of sweet citrus and spice." Clean clothes, 1: Masculine perfumery, 0. Score!
11th May, 2011
Icy opening - invigorating spirit
Warm finishing - luxury impression

Surprisingly, BLV is a good harmony. When you think at the beginning : wow its cool and fresh.. but hey this is boring if this goes on forever.. nah its just like the other light and linear smelling fragrances = you're wrong

At the opening, you'll got the fresh, cool out of the shower feeling IN a masculine way

A moment later, it turned into a luxurious, confident warm aura around the user. Combination notes of Tobacco, gingko, wood, and the musk are incredible. Its warm and mind-relaxing

And of course, I'm getting a lot of compliment and happy faces wherever I go wearing BLV Pour Homme. I love it =)
04th May, 2011
Smells like salt and more salt. I just want to gag first time I tried this. There are very few things on earth that smell as disgusting as Blu.
05th April, 2011
All i get with this one is powdery ginger, in a very, very good way.
I can use this one in the warm weather, cause the ginger make it fresh, and in the cold weather, cause the powdery smell is very confortable to wear.
This scent give me very good vibrations and put a smile in my face. Its like you receive an unexpected compliment for the work that you have finished, or a flower from who you love.
I use it when i wake up cheerful and humorous.
Also, lasts all day with good sillage, without bother anyone. Great for daytime and office wear.
I love this scent.
20th March, 2011
I get fiery ginger in the beginning. Then the spices and woods turn up. Not bad, not bad at all. Not too original, but definately fresh. beautiful bottle and blue colour of this tonic.
06th March, 2011
Too choky. Girls aged 20-30 hate it.
20th February, 2011
A überboring wooddominated thirteen-in-a-dozen scent. Better skip this one: it is cloying and you've smelled it all before.
03rd February, 2011 (last edited: 07th April, 2011)