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Negative Reviews of Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

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Genre: Fougère

I find this one-dimensional, icky sweet brew of gingerbread and Nicotiana off-putting in the extreme. It reminds me of those saccharine tunes my daughter used to listen to in the car when she was two, before she developed a taste for Wagner, Beethoven and The Jayhawks. For me this travels the same road as Pi and Le Mâle. Not one I want to venture down.
10th June, 2014
Awful. Smells like bug spray and WILL give you a headache.
04th December, 2013
Powdery ginger. A tad too spicy for me. Very generic and should have been done better for a bulgari scent. This stuff smells very cheap. Don't waste your money on this one.
30th October, 2012
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I sampled this yesterday and have to give it a thumbs down. I wanted to like it and I tried very hard. I ended up washing it off after a couple of hours.

On the plus side, it is a very unusual fragrance. Powdery. Soapy. A hint of ginger on the top. Unlike most of the masculine scents out there.

Unfortunately what I was overwhelmed with was the scent of a teenager's deodorant that dried down to baby powder. At least on my skin. I wouldn't wear this because at best it makes me smell like a giant baby.
20th September, 2012
The overly gingery opening really ruins any shot I had of liking this fragrance. The spicy dry down is interesting and seems like it belongs to a different fragrance. This has a lot of notes I actually quite like, just in the wrong proportions, to my taste.

Maybe I'm just a simpleton but I really can't figure out what season this is supposed to be for. I don't see it working in the summer at all. It's too powdery and cloying and sickly sweet. It has a citrusy vibe that doesn't work for winter, even though when I look at the notes listed there aren't any true citruses. It doesn't feel fresh or green enough for spring and it feels too sharp and fruity for fall.

15th April, 2012
No No No No No. What starts barely interesting with a ginger-like spicy citrus, turns very soon to a cloying, sweet and powdery drydown. Let me say it's annoying. I still believe Black to be the only Bvlgari's fragrance that is worth owning.
20th June, 2011 (last edited: 04th August, 2011)
Smells like salt and more salt. I just want to gag first time I tried this. There are very few things on earth that smell as disgusting as Blu.
05th April, 2011
I get fiery ginger in the beginning. Then the spices and woods turn up. Not bad, not bad at all. Not too original, but definately fresh. beautiful bottle and blue colour of this tonic.
06th March, 2011
Too choky. Girls aged 20-30 hate it.
20th February, 2011
A überboring wooddominated thirteen-in-a-dozen scent. Better skip this one: it is cloying and you've smelled it all before.
03rd February, 2011 (last edited: 07th April, 2011)
Does anyone else get this strange hair spray twang right smack though the center of this cologne ? I want to like it but I dont think ill be able to over come this part of it because its so dead center and never fades away for me .
25th January, 2011
As already said this fragrance is one dimensional, a perfect after shower (conjuring) aroma to be possibly worn before going to sleep with a sense of soapy cleanliness on your skin. A refreshing watery gingery spicy opening (plenty of cardamom) morphs soon in to a particular balmy-mossy, slightly aromatic and tobacco veined synthetic aroma which projects itself as a special soapy but at once sparkling/spicy "shower foam" type of perfume. Any trace of texture. Captivating and unique but to me unelegant, apologetic and weak. Young girls love it. Not my cup of tea.
28th November, 2010 (last edited: 04th January, 2014)
This is the worst cologne i have ever smelled/bought, the packaging and bottle looked very nice, but when i sprayed it, i got a smell like a washeteria with sulfates and chemicals, extremely powdery, no substance, the worst smell is the only smell i can take in. i only know a little about cologne but i can sure tell you this is very very terrible.
31st January, 2010
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Very strong. Almost overpowering to me. A scent that i just cant wrap my head around. Not terrible but borderline bad. Gave me a headache the second time wearing it.
14th November, 2009
Blu is not one of Bulgaris' best. I think they were trying to create a good oriental fragrance but ended up failing in that regard. I have some friends that like it, but to me it just doesn't smell all that great. Its not bad, but I wouldn't spend my money on it
02nd August, 2009
This is a very unique smell. That being said I find it absolutely repulsive - it's sweet it neither masculine nor feminine way, it's just disgusting and cloying. This is coming from a fan of A*Men, mind you.

I absolutely cannot see anyone of the younger crowd wearing this.
14th July, 2009
In the first wave it reminds a bit of Bvlgari PH Soir, wich I like. After a while it starts getting a weired synthetic note that I find to be quite atrocious. The note is water-ish/floral and artificial to me. I could not stand it.
29th June, 2009 (last edited: 10th September, 2010)
Nah! I tested once the notte (night) version and I liked that.later I received this one
as a gift...they have similarities but I still prefer the Notte its dark and deeper
BLV is ginger sweet not fresh and a bit feminine to me,I cant wear this...
04th May, 2009
Plastic not-so-fantastic gingery, powdery, soapy fresh scent. Not very good.
14th February, 2009
Fresh and discreet ... I thought I'd love it but then when it settles down
it becomes so soapy you might want your girlfriend to wear it.
There is also something about this fragrance that reminds me of teabags ... not my kind of thing !
26th January, 2009
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United States
On my skin I experience way too much ginger without other notes to balance the ginger's sharpness. I note the powdery notes some others detect, but not any of the sweetness. It's almost as though Blv takes the ginger's acridity without that little hint of sweet that I find in, say, my girlfriend's 'ginger essence' perfume (from Origins). CK Euphoria is a good example of a ginger notes counterbalanced by other accords. If you like sharp ginger, Blv is for you - otherwise I'd stay far away.
03rd August, 2008
Bulgari Blu is wretched stuff. Like some others below, I find it to be simplistic, powdery-sweet and cloying. It is powerful, excessively "fresh" in a synthetic manner, and quite obnoxiously headache-inducing in a budget-frag sort of way. Ughh, a total scrubber.
25th June, 2008
Way too casual and too mass-market as to please even the average perfume user.
Underdeveloped, unilateral aquatic, adding nothing to a market section already crowded and cluttered. Very usual teenage- argeted scent, tough teens can do themselves a treat and smell much better for much less. Maybe my dissapointement partly comes from the fact that i once went to an upscale perfume shop and asked the vendor for something truly unique, capable to change one's image instantly. In return, i got to test this, but obviously the salesperson's taste and mine did not match, as i always percieved this, as other users have already correctly noticed, as far too sweet.
23rd April, 2007
Too strong, soapy and smells like linen spray.Definitely not a haute couture fragrance even though it is produced for Bulgari.
17th September, 2006
Boring. Just boring. I don't get spice, just a sweet, yet bland powder. Such a disappointment from Bvlgari. Go with Blv Notte, far far superior, and not related in any way other than by name.
04th September, 2006
I bought this scent when I was interning in NYC... It was divine at first - the warmth of the scent was like a nice blanket during December, both sweet and spicy. But after about a month of wearing it, BLV started to make me almost nauseous -- headache inducing and too overwhelming. I actually gave it to my friend in exchange for a bottle of El Dorado .. (rum. haha)
10th March, 2006
I first tried Bvlgari Blv on paper and I thought that it was very captivating and charming (but not nearly as captivating and charming as the beautiful SA who picked it out for me. Perhaps my judgment was swayed... ). I had never smelled anything like Blv before — sweet and gingery, green, powdery, and definitely unique. I bought a bottle without testing it on my skin, and discovered that Blv on my skin delivers a much stronger punch than it does on the test strip. Blv is quite a piercing scent with a projectile ginger-sweet-powdery- floral-green sillage. I came to dislike it very quickly. I think the main problem with the scent is that it’s just too simple and linear — it completely depends on that aggressive ginger accord and has little variety or complexity. The sweet gingery, powdery notes are now overbearing and cloying. Blv’s inability to ameliorate itself is its downfall, I believe. I am now at the point where I have difficulty getting myself to take the cap off the bottle because I simply do not wish to smell it again...
08th October, 2005 (last edited: 09th March, 2008)
I think Blu is a powdery acidic mess. If they could power sulfuric acid, it would smell exactly like Blu. This fragrance is one of the only fragrances that makes me thirsty and agitated. This is just a very unpleasant fragrance.
21st September, 2005
In my Skin does not smell well
19th July, 2005
Yuck, a disguisting fragrance. I didn't like this at all. Smells like baby powder. I think it's the worst fragrance of Bulgari. Don't throw your money into trash.
26th March, 2005