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Annick Menardo's
Oriental Rubber Room
Is the place to be.
09th November, 2017
I was searching for a "likeable", more importantly "well blended" scent. I got that here in spades.

A classy smelling, undoubtedly sweet scent. The eucalyptus and incense are barely detectable under the booming benzoin and cedar. It's all so well blended that it seems linear. Not a problem with me.

It seems to last 6-7 hours on me, however plays games, disappearing and re-appearing every now and then. A delight to keep smelling this. It also has good silage for an hour maybe but then becomes a skin scent.

This review is for the latest version of the scent.
24th October, 2017
Not really for me.

Nothing offensive and quite a pleasant smell but nothing special or striking. Bit too sweet and has a very 90's Joop! type smell. Once/if the bottle is empty I will not be replacing

Change of heart. This one has grown on my. Still not my favorite but a bit different and Women seem to like this one!
02nd May, 2017 (last edited: 05th September, 2017)
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This is one of my favorite colognes. I love the fact that it wears well throughout the day, and it continues to surprise you as it makes subtle reminders to you that it is still with you making you smell great.

This was a birthday gift from the most special person in my life so there is an added reason for my affection for this cologne. Get it for yourself. You'll love it.
16th April, 2017
A refined sweet oriental retake of the very animalic original.

YSL Body Kouros has a sweet brightness reminiscent of JPG's Le Male, yet fresher and brighter with more layers, thanks to the shiny eucalyptus in the head. Mace adds a smooth, stable spiciness that sets this oriental scent apart from most others out there. The benzoin in the base is present the whole time, adding the requisite sweet, vanilla-like quality.

Doesn't resemble the original at all, which may be a good thing depending on your opinion of that one. Body Kouros is pleasant right from the start on through the wear cycle.

18th January, 2017 (last edited: 01st March, 2017)
BLUF: To me it’s a comforting, medicinal, toned-down cotton candy-ish incense…and I absolutely love it. A warm blanket in a bottle.

When I was fairly new to fragrances, I blind-bought this before trying its “white devil” older brother…for obvious reasons. BK is another one that at first, I wasn’t too sure about. I think I was simply bewildered, attributed to my lack of experience then. It’s devoid of floral notes and is chock-full of creamy, semi-sweet incense. It’s rich, in the best sense of the word. In the colder months, I like wearing it to bed. I think the eucalyptus note is calming on its own, so mix that with some sweet, camphoric incense and boom…warm blanket in a bottle. There is a delightful “funk” in the drydown that I can’t put words to but it’s nothing like the “funk” of Kouros (who I do not like, but have the utmost respect for being what it is in the world of perfumery). To me, there is something undeniable sexy about Body Kouros. Not just “that smells sexy” sexy but like “I want to do bad things to you” sexy.

References to Lolita Lempicka au Masculin are warranted, but they’re certainly not clones. LLaM snaps its fingers and wakes you up and is a bit more astringent. BK soothes and calms you down.

I don’t get great longevity, maybe ~4 hours before becoming a skin scent (much longer on clothes, as per usual).

A unique oriental that I love and recommend.
04th March, 2016
my signature scent. Most of what I own, costs more than this. But I dont see another scent, supplanting this one, as that fragrance that I go to more than anything else. I wear it to work, as much as I might wear it to a bar or restaurant.

Its just delicious, in a very smart, laid back, smokey, creamy way. A very elegant perfume, that Ive smelled on just as many women, as men. I dont mess around with the newly reformulated bottles that are the same as the 'white Kouros' bottle, painted in black matte paint.

I stick to what I know. And the older bottles, are what you should buy, if you can get ahold of them. Near me, there is a scent shoppe that I frequent, and they still have an old inventory of the older bottles, with the better lifespan. They cost a bit more than the recent reformulations, but they are well worth their price point.

Its primarily a skin scent...but despite sitting close to the skin, it lasts all day on me. When I get in the shower...some 12 hours after I leave my place for work. And the hot water hits my body, this scent comes to life all over again, telling me, "Ive been here all day, dude!"

so, tho you may not smell it much, at certain points of the day, make no mistake, others near you can smell it...a lot. Its a classic.
24th November, 2015
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United States
This is one of the most under rated fragrances out there. It's dominated by a cozy combination of vanilla and incense, splashed with a few drops of eucalyptus and woods. I find this to be very versatile during cool seasons. Body Kouros is very similar to Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine, only dryer and lacking any gourmand-ish notes.

It projects well without becoming cloying, and longevity is excellent.
25th October, 2015
This light, sweet and dry scent opened for me with a burst of citrus and pine. It quickly got to the heart of the matter, which was a rip-off of Angel. Certainly pleasant as any rip-off of that original masterwork would be, but derivative nonetheless.

Turin gave it four stars, and called it a rip-off of a different scent, Yohji Homme. I'll have to try that one and see if both of these smell of Angel to me.

Overall, a pleasant gourmand, but points off for lack of originality.
16th October, 2015
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United States
I've owned a bottle of this for about 5 years. My stream of consciousness thoughts were: Strong, chocolate, rubber, slightly powdery, Rochas Man. It was a bit much at the time due to it's strength, sillage and longevity (all great). Now, after letting it sit in the closet for several years, it has grown on me. If you already own Rochas Man, you probably don't need this, but if you are looking for a gourmand chocolatey, almondy, rubbery fragrance, go for it. It does come in one of the butt ugliest bottles ever devised though.
07th September, 2015

BODY KOUROS is Show a Real Man with a Nice Style.It has An Essence of Seduce and quite quick and professional from start to finish. A Romantic fragrance with Rich trace of Spice. Warm,Magnetic,Virile,Sonorous, Oriental,Bold and Everlasting.

The top notes Intensive,Include eucalyptus and incense Then becomes Warmer and Mysterious due to Chinese Cedar and Clary Sage,A Lovely and Masculine Base notes with Benzoin Leads a Great scent that Lasts for hours and infuse with a Sensuous yet Relax feeling.

It is for Everybody who want Attract Ladies without much effort.It Excites the wearer,leaving them feeling Heady and Vibrant More for a ROMANTIC Night.Perfect for a Bold Character.It is too Heavy for Hot days Definitely for AUTUMN/WINTER.

Sillage? Ok.

Longevity?Good on my skin.

09th June, 2015
Benzoin, synthetic incense and sour balsamic-anisic greenish herbs (eucaliptus and sage) is exactly what you get at the opening, soon developing a warm, rather bold anisic-almondy aftertaste which I wouldn’t know which note to attribute to exactly – quite sure there’s spices here, definitely tonka above all, as I get a whole sweet Oriental base accord, made smokier by that woody incense note. So, shortly a sweet, kind of soft but at the same time round and bold (almost heavy actually) balsamic and nearly-heavily spiced anisic-resinous-herbal Oriental blend. Not the slightest connection to Kouros to pretty much any extent; but still a remarkable scent to say the least, more than versatile and easy to wear, really “simple” and effortless – almost naif and slightly tacky for the first hour or so (far less than it may have been with these notes, though). Then, after some three or four hours, an unexpectedly mellow and “grey” late-drydown arrives, with a really peculiar sort of discreet and dusty incense-starch note that reminded me of the smell of freshly-laundered garments. Slightly aromatic, kind of “gassy” and breezy, really clean. And nearly completely different from what came before, to any extent; the heavy spices are gone, not much more sweetness left, just this immensely enjoyable thin fog of almost-avantgarde smoky incense with an anisic vein and a crisp substance. Quite a twist if compared to the almost juvenile and kind of flashy early stages, which are more all about thick resinous spices. I wouldn’t define Body Kouros a gem, but we’re almost there - a true keeper for sure, with a quite distinctive informal and playful vibe then unexpectedly and effortlessly morphing into a classy and enveloping drydown.


P.S. I wasn’t aware this has been (allegedly) “heavily” reformulated, but just in case - my bottle is the older one.
10th April, 2015
I used to own this for several years,and I mean I spent a lot bottles of it....
to me its the best from YSL.
It has a complete packet of perfect smell that its a bit dark and spicy sweetness but it has the same time some kind of freshness,I love this kind of scents like Lolita Lempicka but this one without this anise note of au masculin stands out more classy.
I wish YSL had something so good on the L'Homme project that lacks on strength even on La nuit version which last abit longer.
BODY KOUROS as Greek that I am I have one more reason to like it!.
17th October, 2014
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Genre: Woody Oriental

For the record, this scent has nothing whatsoever to do with the original Kouros. Instead, Body Kouros was Annick Menardo’s second masculine take on the licorice flavored woody-oriental theme she introduced with the original Lolita Lempicka. It is also much the better of the two. It is sweeter, darker, and spicier than Lolita Lempicka, but more smooth, suave and balanced than the comparatively clumsy Lolita Lempicka au Masculin. In sillage and potency it lies between the two. I actually find it louder than Lolita Lempicka, with ample projection, but better mannered than the sometimes intrusive au Masculin.

Most importantly, Body Kouros avoids au Masculin’s crude, sinus-bludgeoning woody amber base note, resulting in afar more gratifying drydown. So, if you’re a man who likes the whole licorice oriental idea, but don’t feel comfortable owning a “feminine” fragrance, Body Kouros will do the job for you, and admirably. (Conversely, if you like Body Kouros and want something a little bit drier and more transparent, you might sample the original Lolita Lempicka. Wiser critics than I have judged it a fine scent for men.)
09th June, 2014
The nose Annick Menardo, has a signature, rubber scent in most of her fragrances. If you smell bulgari black and fuel for life by diesel, and Lolita lempicka au Masculin, Jean paul's Kokorico, and boss bottled all her creations, they all have a dark Mystery burned rubber note. alone with a vanilla base synthetic vanilla base. This one Body Kouros is different it is Jean Paul Guiltier La Male with the Vanilla toned down.

I think it has a lot of sex appeal and it goes on soft on the skin 2 foot silage and a 5 hour lasting power. Then re apply which isn't a bad thing you get to experience the notes in order again which i love the opening and mid on this one. My take after owing Kouros for so long i love reaching for the Flanker that smell totally different than the original. and the bottle warrants attention. nicely done Annick.
29th March, 2014
Kol Show all reviews
United Kingdom
disgusting Horrible wouldnt wear it for nothing Threw it in the Bin
10th January, 2014
a blind buy that ended in the trash can..too sweet and nauseating to me, maybe it was the reformulation..after using up more than half bottle could not stand it any longer!
12th November, 2013
Sensual Masterpiece

Very impressive ! I love Annick Menardo she is a true artist.

A very deep and mysterious scent with a tip n touch of freshness.

As said more here its not anything like the original! Its a totally new scent. I wish they named it : Taurus

Where Kouros is Grey n white this is brown and a bit green of the fresh eucalyptus.

This freshness is so distinct and little you barely notice it.

Body Kouros has this extra lucious edge in it. Where LLAM is licorice and goumand, cosy and cuddly , BK is sensual and daring a bit edgy as a hot macho man.

Wear it with confidence and women will pass you by with weakened knees ;-)

Its a great warm glowing manly scent ... Alluring and romantic ... Great choice!

5 stars!

Pros: Alluring,sensual, exotic and erotic

25th August, 2013

Muscular. swarthy. animal -heat... cooled down by eucalyptus.

Not for kiddies. Body Kouros has an omni present and misty sillage in cooler weather. It's deep, smoky, medicinal character suggests adult sensuality in those conditions: Winter air teemed with cool vapors of eucalyptus, holds a brawny benzoin hostage...A touch kinky. But in warmer temperatures... the output intensifies; provoking the beast within. Body Kouros goes Primal ! Overwhelming it's prey with an ardent, resiny, incense sweetness.

Either way, this one pushed one of my already favorite perfumers, Annick Menardo, to the TOP of my list.

Provocative, and brilliant !

( and I'm not just talking about Annick. )
03rd August, 2013 (last edited: 01st December, 2014)
Not what I was expecting

BK is NOT what I was expecting. I was expecting a "fresher" more marine version of Kouros, with the old Kouros DNA still detectable. However, this is a completely new scent, not really a flanker. I am surprised I didn't read more of this in the other reviews, but to me it is very similar Bvlgari Black and JPG Le Male. Very sweet, androgynous, synthetic. I can see why people say dry (there is a woodsy freshness to it). Unlike comparing a sweet and dry wine (where the two terms are antonyms), it is possible in a fragrance (IMHO) to have both sweet and dry characteristics. I do not smell eucalyptus, although I do detect something mentholated. I gets woods, some incense, coumarin, vanillin, and some musk in the drydown (which I suppose is the link to the original Kouros). I find it quite linear, very good sillage, avg. longevity. The musk is clean, not animalic. There is no dirty civet here.

The bottle is quite nice, though if the faux wood (like grey drift wood) were real, the bottle would have been a knock-out. And the price can't be beat.

Pros: interesting, cool and sweet at same time, can't beat the price
Cons: similar to some others done better"</p>
02nd August, 2013 (last edited: 17th June, 2014)
I know, I know, a negative review of BK

When I received my bottle of BK, I initially really liked it! However, after wearing it more and more, I developed a distaste for it. My problem with it is that it plays like a sweet fragrance, but the benzoin sweetness feels hollow and cold, probably due to the eucalyptus providing a cooling effect. I can finally understand how some people find this fragrance sweet, and others not, it hops back and forth between them in my experience. I can definitely understand why some people would seek this fragrance out for its unique cooling/sweet/dry effect, but I personally found it unpleasant, irritating, and will probably not be wearing this fragrance anymore. I'll keep my bottle and try it again at a later date, but I'm not hopeful. A rare miss for me from the house of YSL.

Pros: Unique, interesting, girls love it

29th July, 2013
Incredible for the Price - Way to go YSL!

The eucalyptus, cedar and benzoin creates a cool, dry fragrance that doesn't have the medicinal qualities usually associated with that combination of notes. A great price, I'm glad YSL keeps fragrances that don't sell like wild fire (Kouros/Body Kouros/M7) from being discontinued.

Pros: Great Price
Cons: The bottle is oddly shaped

24th May, 2013
I like this one. I have a natural light musky smell on my skin and this blends and makes something wonderful. Couldn't describe the notes as this is something way different than im used to but, a pleasant surprise considering this was a blind buy. I can see where people get the "animistic" smell, its like a slight musk with a sweet vanilla. The best way I can relate this smell is to that smell you get on your skin after rolling around with a sweet little thing who's wearing a vanilla/sweet pea kinda perfume. I get about 6 hours of noticeable silage with close to 10 sprays on my desert dry skin. I dont see this being an older gentlemen's fragrance nor a young guns scent, I think once your out of high school this is something you should seriously consider.
11th March, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The eucalyptus is pleasant and mixes well with the woody notes. A considerably incense component I'd added, but overall this is a less heavy and much less "dirty" in nature. The is no musk on my skin. This is quite different from the original Kouros, but in spite of it's lack of development it is interesting enough and well-made. Longevity of about four hours, so much less than the original.

12th February, 2013
My wife likes it...Eucalyptus and cedar...I think it is nice but not for me. It is a "cool" scent meaning dry and no sweetness. Has good longevity.
26th January, 2013
A home run from the house of Saint Laurent. I bought this for my BF and he went through it so fast it must've been some kind of record. Nothing like the original Kouros other than it's originality and boldness. Kouros original was the great incense/civet/ambergris of all time. Body Kouros may be the great medicinal/eucalyptus of all time. It's saving grace is that it dries down to a mellow powdery-ness retaining only a hint of the original medicinal quality. Another fantastic, striking, modern scent from YSL.
Saint Laurent is one of the few houses that consistently releases a risky, ground-breaking, trend-setting new fragrance about every five years. Yes, they play the flanker game...but that's the game nowadays. They don't compromise on quality either. And they don't over-charge the consumer. If you can't find a fragrance you like from YSL, you just don't like fragrance. Chanel needs to take a chapter form the St. Laurent book, along with Calvin and Ralph.
House of Saint Laurent, keep up the awesome work...and please don't change!
17th January, 2013
Quartz Show all reviews
United States
Sorry, but I don't see get any incense from this. It's just like all the other flowery-smelling junk that's out there.
Smells like bug spray. Nauseatingly sweet - reminds me a lot of Givenchy Pi and it actually seems more of a feminine fragrance. First time I ever did a blind buy and I learned my lesson. It's sitting in a shoebox in the closet along with Pi and YSL La Nuit de L'homme .
16th January, 2013
Body Kouros starts off with a muted eucalyptus blended with a deeper, muskier scent (the notes say incense.) Behind the eucalyptus is the vanilla that just won't fade. Seriously, in cold weather and after 10 hours, I can still smell this frag. Pretty good projection. As this scent is growing on me, I might order a small bottle. Not fbw imo, so neutral it is
24th October, 2012 (last edited: 11th November, 2012)
It opens up really nice.If you spray it on your skin and smell it,a cool aroma hits your nose.The eucalyptus has that cooling effect with the incense.The incense is not the heavy incense but a very pleasing incense maybe diluted by the overpowering eucalyptus.After about an hour we can smell the woods but the cooling eucalyptus never goes away.It never ceases to die.Basically its eucalyptus,woods and benzoin(dunno wat benzoin smells like but it resembles woody vanilla).Yes,vanilla like smell is there but its way better than Le Male type of Vanilla.
I have to say I was blown away the time I first sprayed it on my skin.It was not a blind buy but bought it after a lot of testing in the mall.
The scent is linear.There is not much difference between the opening and the base.Its just that benzoin becomes the dominant smell in the base.Longevity is really nice.8+ hours easily.Sillage is also top notch.People will notice the smell after 7-8 hrs even if the person wearing it may not smell it.
It is not the most versatile scent.It is really nice for going out at night or for a blind date.Cool weather scent definitely for casual evenings.Ladies definitely like it.

Bottom Line-I am really happy with the scent.It is not Gourmand at all.People say that it smells like sweet candy but I don't get it.Its eucalyptus,Woods & Benzoin.Best Annick Menardo creation.
22nd October, 2012
A really nice licorice/incense based oriental. A little like LL Au Masculine. Longevity and sillage top notch. Great masculine scent!
13th October, 2012