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Negative Reviews of Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

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United Kingdom
disgusting Horrible wouldnt wear it for nothing Threw it in the Bin
10th January, 2014
a blind buy that ended in the trash can..too sweet and nauseating to me, maybe it was the reformulation..after using up more than half bottle could not stand it any longer!
12th November, 2013
I know, I know, a negative review of BK

When I received my bottle of BK, I initially really liked it! However, after wearing it more and more, I developed a distaste for it. My problem with it is that it plays like a sweet fragrance, but the benzoin sweetness feels hollow and cold, probably due to the eucalyptus providing a cooling effect. I can finally understand how some people find this fragrance sweet, and others not, it hops back and forth between them in my experience. I can definitely understand why some people would seek this fragrance out for its unique cooling/sweet/dry effect, but I personally found it unpleasant, irritating, and will probably not be wearing this fragrance anymore. I'll keep my bottle and try it again at a later date, but I'm not hopeful. A rare miss for me from the house of YSL.

Pros: Unique, interesting, girls love it

29th July, 2013
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United States
Sorry, but I don't see get any incense from this. It's just like all the other flowery-smelling junk that's out there.
Smells like bug spray. Nauseatingly sweet - reminds me a lot of Givenchy Pi and it actually seems more of a feminine fragrance. First time I ever did a blind buy and I learned my lesson. It's sitting in a shoebox in the closet along with Pi and YSL La Nuit de L'homme .
16th January, 2013
I hated this, smelled cheap and powdery, does not exude class - but women love it, but i personally can't stand it!
22nd May, 2012
I love YSL line of fragrances, sadly I just cant enjoy this. Originally I ordered a sample of it to test on my skin. Wore it out a few times, loved the longevity and projection, but for some reason it physically made me feel a bit nauseous. Tried it again a few time since, just doesn't work for me.
13th April, 2012
Distinct gasoline note on me. Caught me quite off guard.
26th October, 2011
I will add this review because once i almost bought this one as a blind buy mostly because of positive reviews. Then, i finally could try it and for me it was very unpleasant. And only one note! Eucalyptus! There exists much of it, and for me it´s a nauseating smell. Around the city i live they use this wood a lot on saunas and i really disliky the burning smell of eucalyptus. After that, come the second part of body kouros i ran faster to wash it out: a powder sweetness . It really has good quality, most people like it, girls generally like it, but due to my aversion to eucalyptus and vanilla, i give body kouros a hands down.
02nd August, 2011 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)
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United States
I bought this blind and I wish I didn't. I love the smell of anisette, so I thought I'd like this. Nope. The combination of anise with a powdery backdrop makes this smell like licorice scented baby wipes.

It's amazing how just one note can ruin a fragrance. If it weren't for the brutal powderiness, I'd probably really like this. Besides, I love Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, another scent that showcases anise. Go figure.

Many reviewers have said that patience pays off with Body Kouros because it has a great drydown. Sorry, I'm not willing to be nauseated for three hours just so I can smell a decent drydown. Though the drydown is better than the top and middle accords, it still is mediocre. It's only better because the powder smell is less cloying than during the first few hours, but Body Kouros is still a horrendous fragrance.

This is truly vile, and is easily the worst fragrance I've ever smelled from YSL. I sold my bottle to another Basenoter within two weeks of buying it. I wish I'd kept the bottle, so I could have the pleasure of pouring it down the toilet.


12th August, 2010 (last edited: 16th April, 2011)
WHAAAATTT????!!! 73 postive to only 8 negatives? I am in complete shock. A buddy of mine sent me a sample of this stuff to do a video review on, and its not only super weak and very close to the skin, the smell itself is quite unappealing. I am in total shock, I must have gotten something else.
19th June, 2010
I try this today after few hours i can say i don't like it.Sorry i really wont to like it but this scent make me a headache.
25th October, 2009
This is way too sweet for my liking, almost like candy, dont find anything similar to the original
14th April, 2009
This scent is wayyyy too strong and terrible!

I don't know what people in these reviews have been smoking, but this is not an appealing, even when my own cat sniffed me he backed off and ran off!

24th February, 2009
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I bought this frag blind last year and I really, really wanted to like this...but its just doesn't cut it for me. I found it too overwhelming, woody and eucalypticly...i waited for the dry down in anticipation, but alas found that it too was far too strong, and uninspiring and the camphorwood in the scent is just awful.

I will never buy a frag blind again after buying this monstrosity.

Shame though.
31st December, 2008 (last edited: 08th August, 2009)
Compared to Penhaligon's Endymion, a scent which i totally admire, i tried this one hoping that i might get the cance of smelling similarly at a lower cost. But Endymion is far more complex, less synthetic and much classier than Body Kouros. Oner good part about this one is that the typical restroom- drydown of Kouros is not present here, but that's just about the good part of this scent. As a bad part, it bears a very strong resemblance to the equally synthetic smelling Amen, too a lesser extent, even Dior Homme, bearing the same outrageously toxic sweetness, combing notes of sugar, fudge, caramel, syrup and some bad coffee surrogate.
19th February, 2007
I like this scent a lot, but it makes me ill after a while.. it's just "animalic.." it is very unique, smells like vanilla, but I would suggest smelling this before you buy it. I am sorry to give it a thumbs down.. because where one person despises this.. many others will love it.
20th January, 2006
Guess I just don't get the "sporty" oriental concept. This reminds me of the original Nautica Competition -- the one that came in the scuba-tank bottle, though this one is admittedly a little bit better than that. Overly powdery for a scent with such manly pretentions. That's what ruins it in my book. Could have been a contender... Many of the ladies do seem to be intrigued by it nevertheless.
13th October, 2005
I had high hopes for Body Kouros and bought a set of the eau de toilette and body wash without trying it. Mistake. I tried hard to like Body, thinking it might grow on me after a while but it didn't. There's just some strange synthetic smell lurking behind the sweetness that I can't get past. It almost gives me a headache. Perhaps it's the incense, I don't know. It's very different than other sweet scents, but not for the better. There's some kind of eerie quality to this fragrance. There are alot of companion items to Body Kouros including a deodorant body spritz. Would have been nice if they made that for Opium. I'll stick with Opium.
21st January, 2004