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This light, sweet and dry scent opened for me with a burst of citrus and pine. It quickly got to the heart of the matter, which was a rip-off of Angel. Certainly pleasant as any rip-off of that original masterwork would be, but derivative nonetheless.

Turin gave it four stars, and called it a rip-off of a different scent, Yohji Homme. I'll have to try that one and see if both of these smell of Angel to me.

Overall, a pleasant gourmand, but points off for lack of originality.
16th October, 2015
Not what I was expecting

BK is NOT what I was expecting. I was expecting a "fresher" more marine version of Kouros, with the old Kouros DNA still detectable. However, this is a completely new scent, not really a flanker. I am surprised I didn't read more of this in the other reviews, but to me it is very similar Bvlgari Black and JPG Le Male. Very sweet, androgynous, synthetic. I can see why people say dry (there is a woodsy freshness to it). Unlike comparing a sweet and dry wine (where the two terms are antonyms), it is possible in a fragrance (IMHO) to have both sweet and dry characteristics. I do not smell eucalyptus, although I do detect something mentholated. I gets woods, some incense, coumarin, vanillin, and some musk in the drydown (which I suppose is the link to the original Kouros). I find it quite linear, very good sillage, avg. longevity. The musk is clean, not animalic. There is no dirty civet here.

The bottle is quite nice, though if the faux wood (like grey drift wood) were real, the bottle would have been a knock-out. And the price can't be beat.

Pros: interesting, cool and sweet at same time, can't beat the price
Cons: similar to some others done better"</p>
02nd August, 2013 (last edited: 17th June, 2014)
My wife likes it...Eucalyptus and cedar...I think it is nice but not for me. It is a "cool" scent meaning dry and no sweetness. Has good longevity.
26th January, 2013
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Body Kouros starts off with a muted eucalyptus blended with a deeper, muskier scent (the notes say incense.) Behind the eucalyptus is the vanilla that just won't fade. Seriously, in cold weather and after 10 hours, I can still smell this frag. Pretty good projection. As this scent is growing on me, I might order a small bottle. Not fbw imo, so neutral it is
24th October, 2012 (last edited: 11th November, 2012)
A smooth, well-blended and modern fragrance. Think of this as a classier, less synthetic Pi. The vanilla (Benzoin) is nowhere near as thick or syrupy as Pi but the notes are similar to my nose.
The main difference here is the Eucalyptus opening. It's nothing like real Eucalyptus (I live in Australia...go figure) but I can see the "inspired by" quality of it and by the time the dry down comes it flirts with woods and becomes a nice camphor wood accord that sits nicely on my skin.
However, problem with Body Kouros is that it is almost too well blended. It's almost as though everything in this is just too pleasant. Even the Eucalyptus note in the opening is too "nice". Nothing seems to contrast or stand out and unfortunately it makes this scent rather tame. If there was something in there that gave in a bit of hair on it's chest (not to the extreme of it's older brother Kouros) to vanquish that almost feminine like vanilla this would be great but unfortunately it's just too nice.
Projection and Longevity aren't too bad, but it's also painfully normal.
Body Kouros could be so much more but to me it is literally the epitome of tame.
15th July, 2012
I have yet to wrap my head around this. It has the light gourmand thing going for it. The eucalyptus is the thing I can't figure out. A*Men with a cough drop. Very popular I'm sure but I'm not in it to impress chicks. Hey, it's cheap!
14th March, 2012
This has nothing to do with the original Kouros .I don't know which came before , but Body Kouros smells almost the same as Armand Basi Homme .(both were launched in the year 2000). I prefer the Armand Basi one , it's cheaper .
It also smells quite similar to Bulgari Black , with a kind of rubbery tone , soft incense , more sweet ...
Not bad but neither impressive
13th January, 2012
Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent - This fragrance bears no resemblance whatsoever to its namesake Kouros. Initally, one is treated to a duet of fresh, pepperminty eucalyptus and spicy incense. This enticing fusion leads to a strong licorice accord, which is carried to the waiting middle. The pleasing anisette of the opening is subsumed by the strong and camphoraceous, clary sage as well as the sharp and fresh, chinese cedar wood, morphing it into a distinctly cool and fresh menthol. The sweet benzoin from the inviting base kidnaps the hearty heart and infuses it with its candied vanilla prominence, tempered by camphor wood with its inherent, cineole facet, and flows to its saccharine and vanilla drydown. This well-balanced and unique composition has average projection and longevity.
15th December, 2011
This particular fragrance is dominated in the opening by eucalyptus and benzoin, which may seem strange but trust me, it is really good.

Through time the drydown appears and then this combo in the opening is mixed with a sweet aroma of caramel leaving a good impression as well but nothing outstanding.

So far a pleasant fragrance without any similarities to its older brother.
28th October, 2011
This sort of reminds me of the glorious drydown of Bulgari Black..or maybe the fact that these two scents come from the same creative mind makes me find similarities...

Less unique, more stable and possibly easier to wear than Bulgari Black, Body Kouros deserves nonetheless its very good reputation. Nicely done.
31st May, 2011 (last edited: 19th June, 2011)
I have a strange relationship with this intoxicating fragrance. While is undeniable it features some of my most appreciated notes, i mean incense, benzoin, cedarwood and eucalyptus, i'm not able to give it a right dimension in my collection and in my current rotation. On one hand i don't identify it as a formal or business fragrance cause it lacks the right amount of distinction in my opinion, on the other hand it's not a favorite "hunting fragrance" of mine, a dark weapon for night out cause it is too sweetly powdery, because is lacking of dirtiness, naughtiness, in my opinion mistery and sufficient level of darkness. I don't identify it as a scent for special events cause it has not enough boldness and class and i can't place it just as a casual scent for free time around cause anyway i consider it too devilisly good and eccentric to reserve to that a marginal role nevertheless. I must add that it's too much rich to be ranked as an after sport or gym scent as somebody aim to assert. Just for the upmentioned reasons i limit myself in order to assign a neutral rating to the scent which i forget to have over when sometimes I wear it around. Cleared this up i must admit this is a fragrance which i love to wear for myself in loneliness or spending time with my girfriend or at home after the shower on the sofà in front of tv ( it happens not more than five evenings for each full year). Body kouros is a balsamic, incensey, oriental fragrance with a woody and powdery texture. It has a faint undertone of anice-licorice and is considerably airy thanks to camphor woods, mace and eucalyptus . Women go crazy for that cause i think is irresistible and very sexy the incensed, balsamic, resinous accord. The benzoin and woods of the base tame the otherwise overly unbodied dusty, airy temperament of the beginning in order to impress to scent a mellow and woody (more solid)
texture while keeping up the incensey feel. The longevity is good while sillage is a bit weak starting from
the central part of the development.
20th January, 2011 (last edited: 06th January, 2014)
First-whiff impression: a rather potent sweet & spicy oriental, like an amped up version of Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge. It feels dense despite the eucalyptus' camphoraceous note's attempt to lift it up. As a result, the benzoin-driven sweetness seems suffocated, clawing its way up from the base right through the top notes and skirting a little too closely to cloying territory. I much prefer the scent 3 hours later when it feels more settled. Sillage is good and longevity a respectable 5-6 hrs on my skin.

At its best BODY KOUROS gets a Neutral from me as I prefer my sweet scents lighter and airier. In that respect, it faces tough competition in my wardrobe from the likes of Histoires de Parfums 1725, Jacomo Rouge and even Lanvin's Arpege pour Homme.
02nd January, 2010 (last edited: 03rd January, 2010)
I've changed my mind about this one. At first I loved it, particularly the incense and the way it reminds me of houses of ill repute in the middle east. But now it smells cheap and sickly. I used to love the YSL range but I'm now finding myself more and more disappointed with their fragrances. Body Kouros is OK but nothing more, just OK.
03rd June, 2009 (last edited: 29th August, 2009)
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I can't fully rate this one because I've only worn it three times so far.

Okay, I've heard BK compared to Rochas Man, Joop Pour homme, A*Men, and Le Male. All fragrances which I have and love. However, I do not smell anything similar to any of these in BK.

The BK should be applied VERY lightly. Even if you shot your bare chest once and then threw on a undershirt, then a button up, and then a jacket... You'd still smell the BK radiating off your body and others would too. IT IS THAT STRONG. It will last 24 hours.

About the notes. I don't smell any of the notes the way I've smelt them in other fragrances. From the beginning and all the way till the end all I really smell is cherries cherries cherries. It's almost vile to the point of being sick. If I were to do any more than one spray I would be throwing up. This one of absolutely most positively meant to be worn LIGHTLY. A full bottle of this should last you a very long time because you most likely won't wear this everyday as a casual all around'r, and you'll find out quickly how the light trigger is to be respected. The good news is the dry down turns more creamy and warm. To those looking for comfort, this does that, but with a price. The opening will still hang around smelling very sweet .

In relation to the original Kouros, I don't think they smell anything alike. The only similarity they both share is the fact that they stand out. While the Kouros is spiky and sharp, the BK is a smooth gourmand that is so sweet it'll make you gag if you aren't careful.

Most definitely a cold weather scent. I wouldn't wear this one to the gym to pump iron. I've heard of people on here doing this and IMO it's the most absurd thing. What would possess someone to go work up a sweat in public while wearing this? I can see this being nice while cuddling and laying low, but to the gym? You're asking for it!

All in all, the ladies do love it and it's different than anything I've ever smelt, but please be careful applying it. It can really be a turn off.

17th May, 2009
belive it or not ...i felt there is somethig common between this and Le Male !!!!! my wife did not like it at all ..... i think the insence is dominant in this fragrance that makes it smell like other things rather than fragrances.
24th January, 2009
This is undeserving of the Kouros name. I discovered the regular Kouros as well as the Sport version before discovering the Body version. Having being mesmerized by the original and sport, I had high hopes for Body, hoping to have a YSL 'Kouros' trio in my collection.
What turns me off is the fact that it is unrelated to the Kouros line, good news for some, bad news for me. Second is the baby wipes in the background as found in the very one dimensional Bulgari Blu Notte. If you happen to like the Blu Notte frag, you should be head over heals for Body Kouros.
Overall, it is somewhat sweet, somewhat smoky but to my nose with a very unrelenting baby wipes (Blu Notte) in the background. I am sure if I wore it for a week I might see some positive attributes. But for right now, I am not enthralled. Neutral. and that is giving it my most benign rating.
15th January, 2008
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United States
smoldering smokey sweet. Subtle. Too subtle for my tastes. it has good longevity, but lacks projection.

this one, you have to be very close to smell. smells nice...different.

Test before buy, I bought this one blind.

If it was stronger, I would give thumbs up.
02nd June, 2007
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United States
I would tend to recommend this to guys who like Joop, Gaultier² and/or The Dreamer. I tend more towards the more macho fragrances like Yatagan, Santos or Bois du Portugal, so Body Kouros just does not appeal to me, though I do find it a fragrance I can respect.
02nd December, 2006
BK is a pretty linear gourmand. It’s light enough that it can be worn in the summer. It’s very sweet, and overall pleasant. With that being said, it’s very easy to get tired of. I swapped my bottle away, and don’t miss it at all. I actually replaced it with Laguna, which I enjoy much more.
19th September, 2005