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A perfectly nice classic cologne in the style of 4711, featuring a mix of bergamot and lavender on top, along with some lemon. There's a rather modern-smelling orange in there as well, which I actually found kind of distracting, but there's also a perfectly tempered petitgrain that's the real star of the show, subtly woody and classically masculine.

With so many classic citrus eau's on the market, I always have to figure out what each one brings to the table. Bois de Cédrat has that great petitgrain and leaves out the soapy flowers that often show up in the genre. The lack of soapy flowers makes Bois more masculine than most eau's, but also means that it doesn't have a real base, so it has very little lasting power.

All in all, a thumbs up, but with the caveat that I wouldn't pay Creed prices for this.
15th March, 2016
A lovely pairing of lemon-lime and cedar, Creed's Bois de Cedrat falls into the "fresh woody" category that the house seems to have down to a science. Bois de Cedrat isn't overwhelmingly complex: it flirts with the Pine-Sol synthetic smell mentioned sometimes with Epicea and especially Cypres Musc, but I regard the smell as natural and refreshing. It flirts with being a gourmand, as the citrus involves some sweetness, but it mostly resides at the intersection of citrus and woods.

Among Creed's other offerings, I liken Bois de Cedrat mainly to Cypres Musc, but slightly smoother, slightly less acerbic. On the road from Cypres Musc to Epicea, Bois de Cedrat lies somewhere in the middle, neither being as refined as Epicea nor as sharp as Cypres Musc.

As with most fresh Creeds from the EDT era, projection and longevity aren't special, but this strong and versatile enough to be worn year-round. It's not to be found on the discount sites, though, so the only option is the retail $205 for 75ml, so it's a tough sell for those used to buying Creeds at a discount.

7 out of 10
19th February, 2016
It's a resounding consensus that this scent has very poor longevity, but still an amazing citrus. It's gonna go soon, but I'll be sad when it does. Best lemon scent you're ever gonna smell. Aqua viva is close, but its too strong and can give off a lemon pledge vibe, this is softer, lighter and more natural smelling.
07th May, 2013
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This is probably the best lemon based scent you will ever find. It is very fresh and it is not synthetic whatsoever. This one has a strong opening that dies down very quickly; over-spraying will NOT be a problem. This was my summer signature last year. It’s a very nice fragrance but it has no depth. If you want something with a WOW factor, this isn’t it. If you want a beautifully done lemon/citrus-based scent, this is the KING in my opinion.

You can buy it blind or as a gift for someone (no matter how young or old), no problem.
07th December, 2012
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fresh, bright an clean citrus fragrance that is tempered with a bit if cedar that comes in a later but always remains in the background. The opening is calm and lacks the intensity of a blast that characterizes, for instance, Eau d'Orange Verte. Gradually fading, I get a bit more than an hour out of it, which is better than other citrus compositions on me. A beautiful summer scent.
18th August, 2012
Simple one the best Creed's colognes, 2-3 hours, no more, longevity...but thumbs up...
27th June, 2012
Cursitor Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have to give Bois de Cedrat a positive rating. I've gone through bottle after ludricrously priced bottle of this, and it never tires for me. The bright lemony top notes give way to a sophisticted woody dry down with real freshness and flair.

It's defintely in the 'classsic' category and doesn't make concessions to modernity, but if it's been this good since the 1890's, why not?

The issue, as others seem to have noticed too, is longevity. Sillage is fine, but really you don't get much out of this after a couple of hours at best, hence the high consumption rate. I'd hate to see Creed mess around with such a favourite, but it would do wonders for my cheque book if they sorted that issue out...
26th February, 2012
A dreamy, beautiful, rich citrus. Not much cedar in the house, but who cares, when the overall citrus concoction is this perfect? Sparkling top notes, rich middle, smooth drydown, all wrapped up in a sophisticated, richly historic setting. Highly recommended. A short-lived scent, but you'll happily and lavishly reapply. By far one of Creed's best.
08th August, 2011
Citrus and a little woods...very simple, wonderful but....disappear in a couple of minutes
02nd May, 2011
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
I must agree with the other esteemed reviewers here that BdC is quite straightforward--citron and woods. Perhaps there is also a hint of ambergris that adds the smallest bit of longevity to the base. Very natural smelling and I am convinced there must be some amount of natural oils present. This is very nice if one enjoys this type of light, citron based scent of yesteryear. BdC is very similar to Guerlain Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat though it has a little bit more longevity and is noticeably less floral in the heart and more expensive. This would be a good one to add to your test list indeed!
21st January, 2011
Ultra-zesty, invigorating lemon note (one of the best....CREED or otherwise)!
On the other hand- Its lack of lasting power makes Bois De Cedrat kinda difficult to get hot & bothered about.
19th September, 2010
Truly beautiful fragrance, I want to marinate in this stuff. Delicious, zesty citrus aroma interspersed with a dry cedarwood aroma and a slight chemical note that smells a bit like petroleum. It's not offensive in this case. This scent also lacks that ambergris/musk accord in many Creeds that I detest.

Sillage and longevity are pathetic on both fronts, but oh, the hour or so you wear it is worth it.

14th January, 2010
A very nice woodsy scent. Very fresh and strong.
16th December, 2009
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Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A truly beautiful cedrat topped woody scent that hints of better times and values. Wear this and feel wonderful.
04th November, 2009
A great solio-citrus, not one iota impressionistic or abstract. As pointed out below, Meyer lemon is the closest real world analogue to BDC thanks, I'd wager, to a hint of bergamot providing the orange aspect and some kind of subtle herbal accord providing bitterness--the two features that separate Meyer lemon peels from their martini-riding brethren. BDC is also half of the only layering combo I'd actually wear out of the house:--two or three spritzes of BDC on top of one of Bois de Santal (which has a nice creamy lemon opening of it's own) provides an amazing two hour balancing act of smooth and sharp followed by whatever's left of BDS, which persists a good three hours longer than BDC.
16th July, 2009
Excellent SOUR citrus scent, with a very nice and "truly dry" cedar note.
I stress dry cedar, because so much of the "cedar" used in perfumery is a very bad, greasy synthetic "petrol cedar" and misses the dry appeal of fine woodwork made of cedar. It lasts very well for a sour citrus, especially on fabrics, as the tart lemon/citron used here contains alot of basenote (citronellol) [not citronellal)
Thumbs up for filling a small niche in the citrus category so well.
21st June, 2009
Proof that cologne is
A local max in perfume
Near base equals null.

Original review - 19 June 2009

This beautiful citrus scent is how I found my way back to Creed. All hype aside, Bois de Cédrat IS an extremely natural EdT, if not the most natural one in my wardrobe. Almost entirely composed of light, airy citrus, with just a hint of wood underneath, it's gentle, cool, and amazingly refreshing. I love wearing this one on hot days, but I always bring the bottle with me, because the citrus is SO light, the longevity is - in a word - terrible, and because the topnotes are just indescribably good. I enjoy wearing this one to bed at night, because it's so comforting, and also pleasant for my wife. An excellent choice for seafood dining as well.

There are other citrus scents which I prefer when I need longevity, sillage, presence, or complexity, but when I want something truly divine, this is the one.
19th June, 2009 (last edited: 01st November, 2017)
This is a fine example of minimalism found more commonly in pre-1920s fragrances. The lemon note leans toward the exquisite fragrance of a Meyer lemon and smells fresh off the tree on a warm afternoon. I also sense the oil of citron as your fingernail pierces the fresh peel. The drydown brings in hints of fresh woods and a slight herbal finish, yet maintains the citrus up front.

05th May, 2009
I can't quite bring myself to give this a neutral rating, anymore that I can bring myself to go to a restaurant and complain that the waiter brought me a lime or a lemon, while I distinctly asked for a cedrat.

BdC is much too linear for me. Still, one could wear it for Spring and Summer and REL for Autumn and Winter and be done with it!

No one could fault your ever so refined taste if you stuck to these two alone.

No more fragrance addiction! Take up Scrabble or Yahtzee as a hobby. But then life would be rather boring , wouldn't it?

BdC as the name translates is a forest of lim--er--I mean cedrat. It's definitely a 'gentlemen's' scent with a delightful feel and a depressing price tag.

I rather like it. For a while.
04th April, 2009 (last edited: 18th June, 2009)
Mix of lime and citrus and lemon and a hint of orange... well that's cedrat for you. A quality citrus much like Roayl Water which I love. Almost a dry woody citrus along the lines of Homme de Gres but the citrus in this is much much more tart and seems to last a bit longer. Good stuff.
10th July, 2008
what a pretty little lemon
I guess we don't craft hesperidés like this anymore
even for a minimalistisc lemon frag, the lemon (or cedrat) is multifacet, fresh, sparkeling, crisp but rounded, delicate (very delicate), transparent and soooo soft
this is the spirng lemon
as for the bois
smooth, rich and muted at the same time
little vetiver? little sandalwood? and little cedar?
i don't know
but i'm pretty sure their is a little hint of warm natural sandalwood in the formula
the cedar would be crisp and give a woody balance and alterego to the citron top?
and vetiver, minus vetiver gives a subtle green and soapy edge?
I also a hint of herbal aromatic in the top right next to this wonderful lemon note muted basil to make the lemon greener or grassy or verbena for a lemon herbal lemon?
maybe both maybe none
when i tried eau de rochas ph the other day, the first whiff reminded me of this high quality natural lemon in Bois de Cedrat but still EDR ph will never be half as good as BDC even if it lasts twice as long and costs three times less
still, It would be cheap of my part to compare these two frags on the same basis

their is a lot more to say about this wonderful minimalistic but so captivating fragrance but I will just say that Bois the cedrat is THE reference lemon scent (in my humble opinion of course)
11th June, 2008
Cedrat (citrus medica) is neither lime (citrus aurantiifolia or latifolia) nor your normal household lemon (citrus limon), but a thick-peeled variety best known in the form of candied lemon peel. The people of the Mediterranean use it in a variety of ways, liqueur de cedrat (from Corsika) not being the worst of them. As I have now learned, from Nigel Groom's Handbook and the wonderful Perfumes of Yesterday by David G. Wiliams, cedrat oil no longer refers to oil of cedrat, but a composition of citrus oils/synthetics. As Williams writes (p. 201): "Genuine Cedrat Oil disappeared from perfumery no doubt because it was found not to supply any interesting fragrance notes that could not be produced by the use of other materials at lower cost." He quotes from Piesse's 1855 Art of Perfumery that it had a "very beautiful lemony ordour" and "was principally used in the manufacture of essences for the handkerchief." Creed's Bois de Cedrat, if the listing on is correct uses bergamot, Sicilian lemon and mandarin over a cedar base and the result is an immensely refreshing, zesty citrus with a soft woody underbelly. The citrus is the star, of course, it's very natural (compare it to the artful fiction that is Terre d'Hermes) and, amazingly, lasts a while. Bois de Cedrat is a good compromise between Trumper's West Indian Lime, which is pure citrus and gone in a flash, and Monsieur Balmain, which is a fantastic - and very affordable - lemon beauty with a lot more going on in the drydown. There are of course many very nice citrus scents (classic sharp Eaux de Cologne like Guerlain Impériale or Eau des Fleurs de Cedrat, Eau d'Hadrien etc.) and when you scour the markets of Southern France you will find local products on par with this at a fraction of the cost of a Creed. Buying this at full price is thus a luxury, but pleasure it will certainly give.

first submitted May 31, 2008
31st May, 2008 (last edited: 19th July, 2009)
Bois de Cédrat is a scent i couldn't fully discern nor appreciate until I bought a bottle of Creed's Néroli Sauvage. Citrus fragrances don't usually excite me too much, so I don't wear them that often nor do I pay much attention to the composition.

So I did an A/B test with Bois de Cédrat on one arm and Néroli Sauvage on the other.

Néroli Sauvage strikes me as a "warm citrus". It's sunny and a tad floral. As the basenotes come out on the skin, there is a bit of a custard sweetness that is attractive. Much later, I notice the sandalwood. Néroli Sauvage also seems shorter lived than my other Creeds--though I don't have longevity issues-- one shot of Silver Mountain Water to the chest can go for at least 15 hours on me. Néroli Sauvage lasts a decent while, but it remains very close to the skin.

Bois de Cédrat on the other hand seems more like a "cool citrus". It's very refreshing, like cool rain on a hot summer evening. While it seems straightforward with few notes other than lemon and cedar, it smells very full and complete. I get a kind of herbal waxy note as well--it kind of reminds me of the smell of original chapstick (black labelled tube). I get more sillage from Bois de Cédrat then I get from Néroli Sauvage, plus I do think it lasts longer--especially the cool fresh topnotes. Néroli Sauvage has more of a "fade to musk" thing going on underneath (which is a nice evolution), while Bois de Cédrat remains crisp.

It's worth it for me to have bottles of each. Some days you want something warm and inviting. Other days you need something cool and invigorating.

Bois de Cédrat is perfect for any occasion. Great for a spritz when leaving the gym, and just as good for a big night out.

An underrated Creed gem.
09th April, 2007
This one is keeper. The best smelling lemons ever! Very crisp in the beginning and does not loose character as it dries down. This one will put you in a good mood right away. It is a very simple citrus scent which stays throughout. Excellent dry down with a little bit of woods, not too much.

Agreed, it does not last as long (about 4 hours on me), but it is worth every minute I can smell it on me.

Bought this as bergdorff goodman, they are pros and know their Creeds.
28th March, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Notes (official): "A fresh lemon fragrance with woody undertones." (yes thats all there is)

Bois de Cedrat (BdC, or "Drink Citron", in English, according to Google translation tools...seriously!) contains one of the most natural smelling lemon notes. The top note of lemon is distinct, clear, and coruscating. And the best part is that this lemon lasts. And lasts. Theres a lot of juice in these melons (sorry, lemons). It lasts way into the drydown, which smells woody mossy, but not overly so. I dont know why Creed have to be so cryptic about the notes structure. Why not shut up about the celebrity client list and open up their fragrance note structures to the public instead?

"Drink Citron" is a simple, but very elegant fragrance. Considering that its over 100 years old, it smells very contemporary. The simply construction of citrus top notes and a woody-mossy base has been copied by many, and its a testament to BdC's quality that it still smells great. I do find similarities with Trumper's fairly recent GFT; the notes pyramid smells quite similar, except that GFT's lemony top notes arent as exhilirating and fade faster than BdC's. GFT also contains a more pronounced woody-herbal base. I prefer BdC's overall flow because the excellent lemone note stays till the drydown. Longevity is very good for a citrus fragrance - atleast 5 hours.

BdC isnt the most complex fragrance out there, nor the most startlingly mindbending. Its a simple lemony-woody fragrance which still smells outstanding after all these years, and is amongst the best citrus fragrances you can buy today. Simple, elegant, classic, with a rich history. Bois De Cedrat is no lemon.

14th November, 2006
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart.

"Wood of Cedrat" - Outstanding lemon scent - possibly the best lemon accord in existence. It is underscored by some light fresh, translucent wood. The blend is perfect, appetising and insanely refreshing. A masterful fragrance.

If you want a natural smelling fresh scent, it is hard to imagine better than this.

28th May, 2006 (last edited: 19th April, 2008)
Wonderful, classic, sophisticated citrus scent. A clear, clean lemon note overlaying a subtle wood base. The fragrance is quite beautiful in its simplicity. Of course, it’s expertly structured and balanced. Bois de Cédrat provides a good sillage, and I find it lasts longer than most creeds. Pristine.
20th May, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
Outstanding citrus scent that holds up far past any era. Much more on the masculine side of the spectrum, very similar to many of the modern citrus scents that are on the market today. Quite nice and fairly good lasting power.
14th April, 2006
An incomparably simple summer accord of lime and cedar. Nothing is as dry or cool as Bois de Cédrat for me. The lack of musk keeps it from becoming a cliché. It's not as sharp as you may expect. It being of Creed quality keeps it true and harmoniously natural smelling. As of this posting, it looks to be discontinued.
25th July, 2005
While I typically steer clear of citrus dominant scents, this one has just enough woods in it to make it more long-lasting and refreshing. VERY good for summer I should think.
24th September, 2002