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BdP is a classy, leather and vetiver and the very best of the Creed line IMO. An extremely fresh, clean scent that has a heavier opening than the scent develops into. At first spray I got a strong old leather fragrance that reminds you of an old leather bound book. The lavender appears in the middle and softens the fragrance in a wonderful old school way. The dry down is a powdery vetiver and wood, with hints of leather and lavender. Excellent longevity for a Creed. I get 8+ hours of scent, with average sillage.

BdP reminds me of when I would open my grandfather's wardrobe as a child and it had a classy cedar and aftershave scent. Very old school and gentlemanly.

I like this pretty much any time of year or any place. Looking for a decant and will add this to my wardrobe.
14th August, 2015
Creed's Bois du Portugal stands out among most of the other Creeds simply because it is so different. The first impression is a brisk woody lavender note that is classy and refined. An hour into wearing it the top note of lavender recedes into the background as a cosy woody vibe develops and lasts into the dry down. Nothing groundbreaking, just a very good execution of a classic, traditional masculine. I would not seek this one out before Jazz and Tsar which cover similar olfactory territories. But a very good one nonetheless.
04th March, 2015
This is Creed's homage to Henri Robert and vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur. You can still buy the real stuff, but you will find that the top notes will be gone. The top notes in the Creed are very nice, then you have to wait past the silly cedar notes, and then you finally arrive at the 1955 insight of M. Robert. IMHO it's a very good imitation.

BTW, the salesman told me that this was Ol' Blue Eyes' favorite fragrance. Frankie was born in 1915 and this EDT was released in 1987 when he was 72.
27th January, 2015
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This is a classic woody lavender fragrance that is comparable to PdN New York. New York is more green/youthful and Portugal has a woody library interior that is more for older gents. It's a classic. Either choice would be fine.
23rd November, 2014
So I bought this as a blind buy, and you know what many say about blind buys, even this. Initially on first spray I was turned off by the daddyish grandfatherly old spice feel. So I decided not to wear it for a few days. From the time I stopped wearing it (only a couple of days) to the time I tried it again, I don't know what happened but I'm glad it did!!! (notes: you detect vetiver, bergamot, woodsy tones and a host of other notes). This stuff is amazing; I wondered, did I spray the right one? Bois du Portugal has less sting then Aubepine Acacia and more of Cheveruille's punch, yet, you get a Neroli Sauvage feel though. As a 30 plus man, this is a lovely fragrance for one's wardrobe. I can see a confident 20 something male wearing this, I'd suggest rerouting from the modern sweet, unisex, citrusy fragrances that we find ourselves wearing and try something that has flare and ambiance. You will not regret it!!!
10th September, 2014 (last edited: 02nd October, 2014)
Genre: Woody Oriental

I can see why Bois du Portugal has its admirers. It stands in utter opposition to the polite and pretty "millesimes" that represent so much of the modern Creed line. Bois du Portugal opens LOUD, with a smoky leather assault that catapults straight out of the bottle. This is a take-no-prisoners accord if ever there was one: leather and burning wood all the way. The smoke hangs on for quite some time, eventually even taking on an "old ashtray" character that might pass as macho camp, in an ironic, post-modern sort of way.

My gripe concerning Bois du Portugal is with the drydown. As the scent develops, a surprisingly soft, powdery note emerges above the ashtray, building a very soapy accord that dominates the base. I hate smelling like soap. It makes me feel uptight and stodgy. Once the soap asserts itself Bois du Portugal transforms from assertively potent to stuffy and, I dare say, elderly in a matter of a few minutes. What I'm left with is an extended drydown so fusty and so morbidly nostalgic that I feel like a fossil wearing it.
09th June, 2014 (last edited: 10th June, 2014)
Masculine scent that is incredible on a woman. My friend Cristina uses it and she smells sooo good. Bois du portugal is a greener sort of Mitzuko or aromatics elixir (I mean, the kind of masterpiece parfume you detect from 10 mts distance and lasts ages). It is a strong a powerful parfume, but on a woman it seems more round and soft. Very elegant and classic.
09th February, 2014
What a lovely scent.
If you're into classic fragrances and you want something almost fresh that has a really good quality and balanced smell, check this one out.
At the opening I can smell all the notes that mentioned in this fragrance.
I can smell a sharp and tart citrusy scent and that's because of bergamot.
There is a beautiful creamy sandalwood in the background.
The cedar note has a sharp woody and almost peppery aroma.
I can smell the vetiver note too and it has a dirty rooty feeling.
Something that surprised me is the lavender note. lavender in many fragrances has a really cheap and synthetic cleaner smell but in this fragrance it's really well done and give the scent a sharp and clean and light soapy vibe.
As I said I can smell all these notes with a really nice balance between them. nothing is cloying and overpowering.
As time goes by, the fresh citrusy scent start to decay and scent gets smokier and woodier.
It's not that strong and I'm sure you can wear it all four seasons.
Projection is really good and longevity is around 5-7 hours on my skin.
30th January, 2014
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United States
Refined woody oriental

Updated review:

BdP has one of the best opening I've smelled in a frag. It opens with a gorgeous melange of lavender and spice, which transitions into a creamy cedar and sandalwood mid with the topnotes shimmering off. This seems almost a woody fougere at this point. This dries down in a ambergris base with a very barbershoppy feel.

I've had two different batches of BdP. The first was nuclear in longevity. I actually did not like this one as much as the base of it became very syrupy sweet. The second version I have is a tad weaker, but much more pleasant in its drydown.

Overall, BdP is an extremely refined masculine scent that goes with everything. I get the same groomed feel as with Rive Gauche. Lovers of New York should try this. While New York is more orange amber over oakmoss, BdP is more spiced woods over ambergris. I prefer BdP.


Pros: Great topnotes, longevity
Cons: Basenotes can be more interesting"

31st August, 2013
Big and brash

The initial hit is powerful; an initial blast of vetiver and very soapy lavender and citrus notes. Jarring, big, in your face. Perhaps I have been influence by some of what has been written, but I imagine some old world mobster wearing this to lunch with his cronies.The initial intensity smooths out a bit, so he can continue wearing it with his "date," who would not dare to comment even if she found it still overbearing.

As it drys down, the spices try to push through the soapy notes. It is a scent that is not clean (in spite of the soapy), yet is not rich, dark or luxurious to me. The best word is brash, almost like a gold ring, which really does not suit me very well. Hard to rate, as it is good for what it is.

21st July, 2013
Smells like an old man

I blind bought Creed Bois du Portugal and this is the 6th Creed I currently own. To be blunt, I don't like it and I try really hard to enjoy it. It reminds me of Clubman talc or the splash the barbers use after shaving the back of your neck. It is a mixture of Old Spice and the green bottle of Polo in my opinion. It is not a bad scent, just not how I want to remembered. This is for the mature crowd and when I spray it in the air, the first thing that comes to mind, is elderly people....
I will keep trying to like it but I just might sell this bottle. This isn't for everyone. Do not blind buy BDP if you know what's good for you. I knew that sooner or later I would come across a bottle of Creed that I was dissatisfied with and here it is.


Pros: Longevity
Cons: Fragrance itself is equivalent to barbershop clubman talc/splash"

14th July, 2013
Not my Creed

BdP opens with a bang and ends in a whimper. After having read here and elsewhere that BdP is one of the best from Creed, I was hoping for a fragrance that was better than the sum of its parts. But it remained just the sum of its parts. The opening reminds me of the opening of Jovan Sex Appeal of yore. The middle was muddled, sweet smelling with no fidelity, as in a linear combination of equal parts of all its constituents, leading to a powdery woodsy drydown. Once you get past the sweetness, BdP does project a refinement that is understated, taking just you and perhaps a closest few into confidence.

18th June, 2013
For men, not boys.

Fabulous men's fragrance that I am told was created for Frank Sinatra, though Creed never actually lists names anywhere in public.

Very masculine.

Sillage is through the roof. People will stop and ask what you're wearing, and most of the time they have never heard of Creed, which I always find both awkward and fun all at once.

The 4 oz. bottle's label is made of green velvet, giving clues to the woodsy smoothness of BdP.

Buy some.

Pros: Created for Frank Sinatra - enough said.
Cons: Expensive, but that's kind of the point.

10th June, 2013
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Definitely a gentleman's fragrance!

This really is a gentleman's fragrance.

My addiction to Sinatra music led me to a question, which fragrance was his favourite. That question directly pointed to this fragrance. A friend happened to be an owner of perfumery shop in which I regularly visit kindly enough to let me taste Creed BdP. I am aware how high this fragrance rated by the perfume hobbyist, so I was kinda excited.

My verdict? This is a very rich, very powerful, very deep and wealthy masculine fragrances. Bois du Portugal literally translates into "woods of Portugal" or "forest of Portugal" since the harmonious aroma possibly reminded the master perfumer of Portuguese wood scent.

Creed BdP is produced in "millesime" strength, if I'm not mistaken it's in equal to EdP. 

It's a woody / oriental fragrance with the bergamot as top notes, lavender as middle and a combo of cedar, sandalwood, vetiver and ambergris. Unlike other Creed variants that usually heavy in top notes, BdP is predominant in its more calming base notes. In fact, the first 10-15 minutes after we spray the fragrance onto our skin, we may surprisingly find it obtrusive and powerfully loud.  But as we patiently await it will immediately settle down into an incredibly soft, deep fragrance.

Some people might said Creed BdP "smells like old grandpa", or "smells like a fluffy blanket feels".  We caution you: Do not judge this perfume unless we have worn it on our skin for at least 10 minutes.  Several hours later, it will last as a gentle yet still strong scent.

Indeed, I still think it's not scent for the boys. It's very much suitable for sophisticated gentleman. For a fragrance wore by megastars like Frank Sinatra as well as Kevin Costner, with good projection & good longevity, I think it's fair if I give score 9.5/10.

Price is expensive for some. But for me, (thank God) it's still affordable. So, it's definitely already on my wishlist. Too bad, it's not easy to find this product here in Indonesia...

Pros: Unique scent, projection, longevity, almost everything, but the price
Cons: Expensive

29th May, 2013
Bois Du Portugal

An older classic, that is very wearable compared to most fragrances before 1990 (if you can wear YSL Rive Gauche, you can wear this), but still seems a bit dated, and I'm not sure people under 30 will love this.  Sure, they will like this, but not love it.  This is not an offensive fragrance by any means, and it's not love-or-hate.  It's moreso something you'll dislike a little bit, be nuetral on, or think it's good but nothing special.  Projects well and lasts long, but is never overpowering and it never overstays its welcome.  Starts out similar to YSL M7, but dries down into a smooth lavendar woody base.  


This is for people who want something a little more traditional, except without all of the chest hair, ego and testosterone.  This fragrance is not for a ultra-masculine man or a young college kid.  This is moreso for a professor, gentleman and a father.  This fragrance is definitely better than designer fragrances of the same genre, but for over $200 a bottle, this is not worth it for most people.  This may not be as magical as some of the other Creed fragrances, but it's a fragrance I like, respect and appreciate.

18th May, 2013
Creed did a good job with this one. This has a barbershop vibe going on IMO. The lavender blast at the initial spray is probably why reviewers say this has an old school vibe. You would think this would be an overly woody scent (from the notes), but it's very smooth and classy. Definitely one to check out.
27th March, 2013 (last edited: 14th November, 2013)
A scent for an accomplished, interesting man (from 1988.) It is a mature fragrance. You get that lavender/cedar thing with a bunch more going on, but it has been done before. It is a more intense version of fairly common pairing, but it has been balanced and done well by Creed. I like it, but will not pay that price.
21st October, 2012
Bois du Portugal is what I regard as a 'Man's Fragrance.' This is no scent for little boys. You have to be mature and confident to pull this one off. I adore this scent as it is far from the super fresh, aquatic, ozonic, Iso Super e. non-sense that is so widely produced today. Bois du Portugal is old school. It is iconic and classic. This is what a gentleman who is in the height of his career, experienced, and mature, wears. And wears proudly! I am absolutely certain that the majority of younger guys today will not like this scent, for they have been sold on the hype that a mans fragrance must be weak, with a grapefruit note opening, and bordering on being a ladies fragrance. This is not the case here. To appreciate this my friend, you will have had to have been wearing mens fragrances for 20-25+ years to know where I am going.
This is a fantastic bergamont/woodsy/ambergris fragrance and the dry down is phenomenal. A masterpiece created by none other than the House of Creed.
14th October, 2012
LaNose Show all reviews
United States
I would give this two thumbs up if I could. I bought a decant off Ebay this week and as I usually do, I gave a quick spritz on my left hand. Although I'm not a big amber lover, this baby captured me immediately. Beautifully balanced with just enough amber counterposed with wood, vetiver, sandlewood and leather to make this unique. In the quality of its ingredients, the depth of its aura and its profoundly sumptuous scent, BdP reminds me a lot of Jicky although they are not the same; but they are related.

I paid a ridiculously modest price for my decant, but I can understand why someone would plunk down lots 'o bucks for a bottle of this.

BTW: 24 hours later, I could still discern most of the BdP basenotes on my left hand; even after washing. This is a stunner! This is a 10/10.

A day later: How could I miss the lavender and the bergemont. Of course. And that's what Jicky and BdP share. BdP goes the sandlewood and amber route; Jicky goes the civet and tonka route. Bdp is the best darn thing since Jicky.
04th September, 2012 (last edited: 05th September, 2012)
I'm very dissapointed with this fragrance. After reading all this reviews about how this fragrance is so great i was just in shock to smell such boring and old man's fragrance. It smells like a coat washed in lavendered water. Definetely old school stuff.
13th July, 2012
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The initial harsh note of bergamot and lavender gives way after a coupe of hours to a symphony of wood with the Creed-typical ambergris in the drydown that is enriched by a hint of vetiver. The drydown is less spectacular than the top notes, yet nonetheless a very nice scent. A strong and confident fragrance. The longevity is amazing for a Creed; I am getting eight hours out of this.
03rd June, 2012
The lavender top notes are absolutely stunning. The woods that follow the lavender off the top create a mesmerizing aura. When I smell this my mind's eye sees purple. Purple is color of royalty and quite a befitting vision for this scent. This is undoubtedly regal and rich. After the lavender top notes fade into a sweet slightly powdery sandalwood and ceder base. I cannot pick out any vetiver. My love of BdP has not been shared by others. It received one negative visceral reaction. I am told it smells strongly of powder and flowers and is very old lady like. I will not let this perception shy me away from wearing this on a regular basis.
18th May, 2012
One of the best deliveries by Creed yet still not entirely stisfying. Bois De Portugal starts with an uncompromising leather/tobacco accord that immediately brings to mind of late seventies / early eighties macho fragrances. In this phase BDP is dry, assertive and by all means masculine but, at the same time it's surrounded by a strong deja-vu feel that keeps going on and on and on...The fragrance evolves then into a sort of pwdery-woody oriental drydown that's even more conventional and unoriginal.

Overall Bois De Portugal smells fine but, as often with Creed, you can have better alternatives at 1/2 the price.
12th April, 2012
This is very complex, I love how they blend the woods with the lavender and vetiver. It has a very mature rich smell to it. Ppl say it's "too old smelling" it's more of a class thing than age. At a social gathering this is a cant miss show stopper, and a conversation piece (this was frank Sinatra's favorite scent). my friends don't care too much for it but they're amateurs at this, this is for pros only.
24th March, 2012
I really enjoy Bois de Portugal. I find it has a reserved, sublime elegance with just a touch of the Byronic. It makes me think of Beethoven, especially the famous Allegretto movement of the Seventh Symphony.

I do not get any of the mustiness or heaviness others note with this fragrance (no crying babies, no irate girlfriends). In fact, it seems quite light to me, delicate spices over a warm, gentle musk. Not even the opening comes off harsh. I'm tall and well built and have very fair skin that seems to take fragrance lightly so that might have something to do with it. The strongly masculine, old school fragrances seem to work very well for me, better than the lighter ones.

As an experiment, I dosed pretty heavily today, six sprays, before going out. Nothing but smiles and friendliness all over town, not an especially fragrance-friendly place, a reaction similar to what I get with Tom Ford for Men. I also got decent longevity.

As others have noticed, a positive Bois de Portugal experience may be unusually dependent on body chemistry. So definitely wear it on your skin for a day before investing heavily as this is Creed-level pricing. But for those it likes, I think this is one of the greats.
15th March, 2012
I am thankful that I took some time to review this.

I received a 9ml decant of this a while back, and first smelled it immediately upon waking up. It shocked me, to say the least. I knew it wasn't bad, but I couldn't tell what I was getting.

Then it sat upon my dresser, cap off, for a couple weeks. It kept getting my attention.

Finally I've worn a couple times--at night, in a cool temperature--and WOW!

With my skin, this stuff smells amazing. I now know what it feels like to smell like candy because this smells delicious. It has this strong, generous, luxurious scent that I find breathtaking.

I don't know what happened between the first scent and the last, but I haven't been able to get enough of this. I think you just have to evolve into BdP.

The top notes don't last more than 15-20 minutes, which is too bad, but the mid notes and base notes are still fantastic. I understand this differs from person to person. But my first try I really didn't think it'd work, but now I love it.

I say give it a try, but start with a decant. And only if you like strong scents with sweet and flowery drydowns, as what I get from BdP. It smells so sweet/musky/flowery on my skin, to die for. I feel so silly writing this review, but I completely understand this scent from Creed. It works perfectly on my skin.

**the best part of this scent barely lasts 30 minutes, but the drydown is still nice. I feel you could probably layer something like Erolfa on top of this once it drys down. I know this would be a lot of effort, but if you love your Creed scents like I do** Someone else said this is an "experience" which is the truth. Other scents will last all day. This one will last an hour or two and leave twice the impression.
12th March, 2012
Perfect example of the variance in body chemistry and olfactory senses. On me, this smells incredible; I don't wear fragrance to impress women, I wear it because I need to love smelling it on my own skin 6-8-10-12 hours later! And with this fragrance, that's what I get--a scent I love to smell.

No clue where people get the "old man smell." I have only received compliments like, "What the heck is THAT? Incredible..." and that's a nice side benefit. I love the smell on me, just wish it would last much longer like Tabarome.

This one simply doesn't last for some reason. I don't like Tom Ford's Bois Rouge because I feel it smells like a dirty, greasy rag from a mechanic shop. Too smokey, that Bois Rouge, but BdP's powder dry down is awesome (on my skin).
04th March, 2012
first time i've smelled this i thought, oh no, dirty piss (as opposed to clean, funnily enough), wet rags, pungent, animalistic, very sharp, intrusive, extremely unpleasant, ironically it is extremely potent compared to other creed fragrances which are famous for not lasting. i had to wash my wrist after 10min as i couldn't wait for the drydown and couldn't care less. avoid at all costs.
26th January, 2012
Smells like Latakia pipe tobacco!
22nd January, 2012
For what it is, its perfect. This scent is amazingly formulated to give a deep, rich, warm scent. Like all other Creed scents, it is more of an experience than a smell. I however don't care too much for it. If I to describe it, it would be like walking through a dastardly hot and humid forest. I don't care for it myself, but I know that some people can pull this off.
02nd October, 2011