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Negative Reviews of Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

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The opening is a pleasant honey and moss mixture with a little bit of a urine note in the background. Unfortunately as the day progresses the honey dies down while the urine soaked moss rages on at full strength.

It does have a certain 1980's aura to it. It makes me want to put on a pinstripe suit and fire someone. I imagine Donald Trump smells like this.
06th February, 2014
Dated. clumsy, heavyhanded and nauseating. I wore this in the 80s and dont' know how I managed it.

Revisiting it in the context of some knowledge about fragrances, I appreciated the beeswax (they're calling it honey) note hidden in the murk of horrible "Fruit Loops" synthetic florals and fruit. The basenotes are so insinuated into this sickening mess that they are overpowered by the aromachemical catastrophe that Boss is.

My real pity is for the female or other partner of the innocent man who applies this miasma to his chest and has to smell it while next to him.

I am wondering if they are still employing Pierre Wargnye, the perpetrator of this scent.
27th August, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
This powerhouse just was not to my taste, unfortunately. It smells way too harsh and unrefined. I love my powerhouses and I love my aromatics, but the herbs here are just way over-the-top in your face for me to wear Boss Number one without feeling more than a bit uncomfortable. 1 out of 5 stars.
10th February, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2012)
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mspa Show all reviews
United States
the more i wear it, the more i don't like it (unlike with some other stuff where i experience the contrary effect). at first it seemed to me rich and masculine. what bothers me is its very synthetic core, easily revealed if you try to wash it off... what remains is a very unpleasant, strong chemical smell... you may not walk in a rain wearing it, but imagine what would happen if you apply 'generously' in a hot day, and then sweat a lot...
11th September, 2010
Good grief! A stereotypical 80s powerhouse which ticks all the stereotypical 80s powerhouse boxes - strong, cloying, heavy handed, not in the least bit subtle, stale, musty, loud spice. Now, for my sins, I love most HB releases (even most of the current range of aquatics), but Number One to me represents everything that was (and is still) bad about 80s fragrances. Quite how the thing has made it into the 2010s I'll never understand, but then Old Spice is still going strong, so what do I know!
19th March, 2010
smells pretty synthetic & dated. revolves around strong incense like floral notes of jasmine..sweetened by honey and supported by sandalwood and patchouli. it;s too chaotic and doesnt settle on my skin to acceptable level of refinement or harmony. not my type of scent, considering i love classics.
if you like Miss dior, VC&A First kinda scents, then this is right up your alley.
14th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
Ronin Show all reviews
United States
This fragrance is too fleeting and surely has been reformulated like many older releases. If only it was fuller and more rounder than it would be a thumbs up but it just feels neutered which is a shame.
09th October, 2008 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
i had it as a gift but i did not like it at all... i gave it to my father who doesnt care too much about what he is wearing :) ...

i discovered that i hate any fragrance with Jasmine !!! i dont know why .....
20th August, 2008
This probably is the worst edt I have ever used.

Isolated from any other perfume, edt or deodorant, if possible, this scent is tolerable.
A typical masculine character, reminiscent of many other edts from the 80's, a lavender cologne spiced-up with herbs and moss.
Pretty one-dimensional and heavy in the opening and middle, leaving only a vaguely sweet/sour musk on me when dried up.

Back in the 80's
I was looking swift in my new clothes, the dj was playing some of my favorite songs and around me people were having a good time, nicely dressed and sweet smells of perfume everywhere - warm and sweet fragrants that were mixed into one big perfumed cloud.

All of the sudden I began sniffing, looking around me...what was that ?
On top of that pink perfume cloud surroundig me something was claiming its attention with a strong and vicious force.
Someone obviously must have peed his pants...or had I accidentally peed over my shoes?
I sniffed at my hands and arms. Nothing.
I sniffed at my chest...there it was: Boss No.1.

This probably is the most masculine scent out there.
It sure does a very good job in marking the male's territory.
06th May, 2007
I have only one thing to say about this. Yuck!!
12th January, 2006
incedal Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Yuck!! Smelt like baby powder and honey
29th November, 2005
May appeal to those with a 12 year old bottle of Old Spice in their bathroom cabinet.
Old fashioned and it really does smell as if the bottle has been sitting with the cap half off for a few years.
04th July, 2005
Eww. One of very few that I actually threw away......quite bad! Strong and a bit odd smelling. Like a 70's fragrance still in the creation stages that horribly went wrong. $20.00 down the tube. Versace's first mens fragrance, VERSACE L'Homme on the other hand is a real winner and from the same time period. Thank goodness for HUGO and BOSS #6.
04th February, 2004
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I wanted a second shot at this one, as I don't believe I was sufficiently adamant the first time round' You might as well sprinkle yourself with warm hog piss, as you'd get the same effect. I present to you that there be a good chance that this substance was brewed in the very depths of hell. Thank You and Good Day.
12th February, 2001 (last edited: 30th October, 2002)