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Neutral Reviews of Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

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Dated and well-constructed. Good scent for <you guessed it> a boss in the office. Smells good on others but, whether vintage or newer, you got to be ok with honey.

Oh Honey, too much honey for me.
30th December, 2017
Okay, 1985's Boss Number One.
The opening is a very classic, crisp, cologne-y smelling type of 80s fragrance. I like that about it. It comes across as slightly sophisticated and formal.
Then it gets powdery. A little too powdery, with a dash of dirtiness in there. To my unsophisticated nose, it smells like something someone's great aunt would wear. Actually, "dandy" is what comes to mind at this point.
Finally, as it dries down more and becomes more of a skin scent, it loses that powdery-ness and actually smells masculine. The honey and dirtiness is most prominent at this stage, and as you keep smelling it, it alternates between those two notes and something else. I don't know what it is, but overall, that skin scent dry down is the better part of it.

And yeah, I can sort of detect the pissy/urine note that some people say it has. I mean, I don't think it smells like pee, but I can see how some people might interpret it that way, especially in relation to how modern men's fragrances smell like.

I think this is barely okay. It's definitely NOT something that I would say is bad smelling, but it's not that interesting of a scent either. The powdery middle part of it is what makes it feel extremely dated to me.

14th November, 2017 (last edited: 04th May, 2018)
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United Kingdom
Traditional opening to the core, sage, lavender and bergamot, with the herbal note adding lavender in the drydown. The base is quite pleasant, mixing a soft oakmoss with patchouli and woodsy notes, but this stage of the development is a bit dull.

Classic in the choice of notes it is solidly executed but lacks any truly convincing qualities to elevate it to the top. I get moderate sillage and protection with four hours of longevity. 2.5/5
23rd May, 2015
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With reminiscences of Paco Rabane Pour Homme because of its laundry-barber shop feel (bergamot-lavender-oakmoss), this is a more than decent fougere with a final delicate and airy green aromatic but at once soapy feel. The floral notes soften the initial harshness of greens on the side of a touch of honey and moss, while a nice note of dry  patchouli roots a pillar in the structure of the boise' general silkiness. Just a tread behind of Elements in my Boss's struggling (i don't particularly love the fragrances of the brand) parade.
22nd September, 2011 (last edited: 10th November, 2011)
I don't get it. "Macho, masculine, powerhouse"? Doesn't seem quite like that to me.
The notes suggest a classic fougere but this doesn't have that unique perky-green note I associate with that type of scent. The scent starts as aromatic and herbal. It quickly assumes its main character, a soapy-clean style. It is pleasant and simple. It gets sweet and a bit powdery in the dry-down but not excessively so. As well, I find an airy, salty tang from the patchouli and oakmoss. I just don't find this as heavy as many reviewers suggest. Odd, since I usually am very sensitive to scent. Pleasant, but I have other fougeres I like much better.
22nd December, 2010
I purchased this cologne without testing it. This smell is completely unoffensive, but seems more tailored for an older generation. When I wear it at work older people will compliment me but I have never received a compliment from someone my age. The sandalwood and patchouli balance nicely, good scent just not for me.
06th August, 2009
This frangrance...perplexes and purturbs me...I find the back ground note sothing, masculine and enjoyable, typically late-eighties, early-nineties...

BUT...there is this Bergamot, Honey, Jasmine, Patchouli accord that produces a "urine" and "sweaty", "dirty", "body-odour" complex that does a LOT of damage to the fragrance...just makes it smell aweful...

For the lovely supporting background notes, I give it a neutral. Be that as it may, the unerving quality of the "dirty", "sweaty" "b/o" and "urine" smelling accord that I elaborated above, makes it tempting to give it a out-right thumbs down...
05th December, 2007
Inspite of very frequent criticism, this one does not smell bad at all. On my skin it seemed very masculine, maybe a bit overpowering, but impressive, potent and dignified. I guess the heavy touches makes this scent so unpopular, touches which on most skin types might become intoxicating and suffocating. But one must understand that it is the generic 80' s leathery style, very dark and somewhat macho, yet not lacking class and originality. Maybe an unfamiliar Boss scent, considering- with the exception of the chypre notes of Elements- its usual cutting-edge, slighly unisex sweetness.
20th April, 2006
Well, It's a manly and old school fragrance without a doubt, but a little bit sour for my liking! I found it powdery too but, overall, It's a good scent, not for everyone though...
13th January, 2005