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I came so close to buying chanel anteaus (it ain't cheap even tho times have moved on), I'd been looking for a typical 80's hairy chest type of scent for ages. Kouros is too loud and pissy for my liking and anteaus lacks strong character and balls , I find aramis excellent in many ways tho..Boss number 1 just nails everything perfectly in all departments tho for me. What a masterpiece of masculine power and sheer animalic silage. When I smell this I instantly think of Wall Street and success. The best thing about boss number 1 tho is that it is never over the top or comical, the fragrance genuinely is balanced to perfection with all the characteristic notes of the 80's fragrances blended so harmoniously. These sort of fragrances are due a come back soon guilty absolute is testing the water a bit recently but when the time come's I'll be more than happy with this masterpiece.
16th December, 2017
(2017 formula) This fougere is well done and is quite uplifting. To me, it falls somewhere between Aramis and Lauder for men. Maybe a bit more masculine than the latter actually.
The base notes in this current formulation make for average longevity, and the sillage never reaches 80's era levels.
It is a feel good scent and deserves your attention, should you be seeking an affordable classic fougere.
Blind buy? Do it.
11th September, 2017 (last edited: 13th September, 2017)
Old-school men's powerhouse scent that is quite fresh and enjoyable.

I thought I'd pass out from the initial spray-on's intensity, but Boss Number One mellows out into a powdery sweet-spicy fougere meant for older wearers.

Not totally dated, Boss Number One is still a fragrance worth checking out.
04th May, 2017
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On me, Number One lands somewhere between Brut and Grey Flannel. At its core, it's a nice mix of silvery violet leaf and lavender creating a very classic fougere smell, while lifted by mint and grounded with mace and cinnamon pie spices. It's less bright than Brut, which uses almost nuclear mint and wintergreen, while Number One is much more balanced. I've quite enjoyed wearing it. Thumbs up!
21st December, 2016
Vintage Boss from the 80s smells like a nice alternative to Lauder for Men. This also has funk, but it's restrained enough to work for a business meeting. It is sophisticated, but something is holding me back from true love, although maybe it could grow on me with a full bottle.

A little over a month after sampling this, I was still thinking about it, so I sampled some more and decided to buy a vintage bottle.
26th April, 2016 (last edited: 03rd June, 2016)
Here's another one that has suffered from
reform. In the 80's it competed well with all the powerhouses out there at the time. It reminded me of the 70's big ones with an 80's smoothness.
Recent tasting has revealed a cheapening
reform probably starting around 1993, when they started labeling it Number One.
Eurocos up until 1999 then P&G.
Thumbs up for the Vintage, of which I now own again. It is brother to Ho Hang Club.
Thoroughly enjoyable.
07th April, 2016 (last edited: 19th April, 2017)
Real nice opening with the oriental woodiness going on. Fresh and mossy. Love the drydown.
12th January, 2015 (last edited: 09th December, 2016)
One of my favorite scents for being a sensual dirty (urinous) masculine fragrance. The use of honey,bergamot, rosemary and jasmine are to be commended. I like this as much as like Tenere by Paco Rabanne. They are brothers for sure, especially since they were both created by the same perfumer. Love love the two!
09th November, 2013
I bought this because it was heavily discounted - and it was my signature when I wore it in high school in the early 90's. Back then it was in competition with Drakkar and Polo...but today it kind of stands out in the crowd. I get compliments from women my age - and buddies who remember it from 20 years ago. Its has a unique sweetness to it that others from this genre do not. Boss No. 1 is far from contemporary, but still a relevant fragrance that will make your chest sprout coarse, dark Magnum PI hair - and will cause a few heads to turn. Not everyone is amazed by the generic aquatic stuff out there...
19th January, 2013
beautiful fouger very sharp opening at first many people will say this smells dated but to me its beautiful masculine scent not so powerful as some of the 80s fragrances but decent
i dont know but its smells like a masculine rose for me if u dig rose scents and classics u will be hooked on this stuff if u dont like classics for u it wont work
sample b4 u buy but u should sample this one cuz if u like it it will be an addiction trust me :)
best fragrance from boss by far
25th October, 2012
Sweet, rich, deep honeyed golden glow. Smells to me like a richer version of the excellent Givenchy Insense. Where the Givenchy is stern and sparse, Boss is big and comforting. I am reviewing the original Boss. The latest one in the shops labelled Boss Number 1 is different. For me, the original Boss is an all-time great.
06th July, 2012
Strange, 20 years ago when I was young, I wore this a lot. It reacted well with my chemistry and had a balanced scent. I bought it again last year, and It must be that my chemistry has changed. It is heavy floral scented, I'm not getting citrus or the honey. It lasts a long time, a plus. I find that after dry down, I can tolerate it if I only use one spritz. Thumbs up for the memory of how it used to be.
10th June, 2012 (last edited: 09th August, 2016)
Boss # 1 is an excellent fougere.
It's old school, yes, but it can stand the test of time.
It is lighter (I think it's the honey) than some of the powerhouses that it shared the mid 1980's with.
I think that is why it survived so well.
Masculine and Classic is how I would describe it.
Very Nice Indeed.
23rd March, 2012
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This is a classic fougere structure with a dab of honey. Hugo Boss does quite a few "fresh, fruity, clean" scents for young men but it savvy enough to keep this classic on the market. The oakmoss and musk really hits you at first but the honey and lavender take over for a sweet and sharp accord until the oakmoss comes back. This is a "light" powerhouse-style fragrance.
27th December, 2011
This is one of the best fragrances I have, and certainly one of the most gentlemanly. It comes out of the bottle with a raging tobacco and honey note, but soon settles down and envelops you with warmth from the honey, and patchouli. If you smell it on your skin it can smell sweet and warm, but some might say it smells kind of like piss. However it's the smell that it seems to wrap you in that is important and wonderful.

I don't understand how Hugo Boss can go from making an awesome fragrance like this to making the crap they make now.
06th November, 2011
I haven't smelled this since before the 'Number One' was added, but the memory of this fragrance is so incredibly vivid and my experience completely jars with most of the other positive reviews on here.

I was sixteen. My seventeen year-old high school sweetheart wore Boss. I think he snagged it from his older brother who was somewhat of a bad boy. J, on the other hand, was sweet and goofy and, knowing him, put about as much thought into his choice of fragrance as he did the wrinkled band t-shirts he wore with sand-washed jeans that were two or three years out-of-date.

It is indeed a very masculine and animal-like scent, as others have described, but the lavender, the sweetness of the honey, and the warm dry-down are what made the scent absolutely perfect for a man-child trying to figure out who he was as an individual while experiencing love for the first time. This is also what made the scent awesome enough to spray on the stuffed lion he'd bought me as a gift so that I could fall asleep with comforting and soft base notes of this really wonderful fragrance which lasted for several nights at a time. Very fond memories of this one and still one of my favorites.
21st September, 2011
i recently bought 3 bottles of the old Hugo Boss (before it was renamed No.1 in front of the box). i like the slightly saltish scent which smells very sensual to me. i think it personifies a sexy virile man.... ;)
03rd June, 2011
A classic! I used to sprinkle myself with this stuff in the late 80-ies, but afterwards all the new "fresh-sport-citrus-aqua" stuff took over the market. I tried this scent recently, and I just had to buy a bottle! I love spicy/woody/oriental bold fragrances with a hint of sweetness, and I will place Boss no:1 in that category. If you like classic masculines like Obsession, Tuscany, Aramis, Azzaro etc, you will probably love this one. Warm, dense, spicy, and sweet, with excellent sillage and longevity. I own several fragrances in this category that are more refined, but I think Boss no.1 is quite unique. I have never smell enything similar. Attire: suit jacket, white shirt, leather shoes, and maby a tie. Not for casual ans sport, but great for business and formal occasions. IMO, the only Boss scent with a certain style, elegance, and individuality. A must have in a fragrance-collectors closet. It has passed the test of time, and still smells great after all these years.
11th April, 2011
I find Boss Number One to be very unique...Nothing I own smells quite like this. It is anamalic, masculine, dry and dirty with a hint of sweetness from the honey. I really do enjoy it when I'm in the mood to wear it. It starts out very potent, but calms down to a reasonable level within a half an hour. Sillage is very good, but not excessive. Longevity is 8-10 hours.

I find it to be more masculine than Quorum Puig or Bijan PH, but not necessarily more powerful. Azzaro PH, Giorgio PH and Halston Z-14 are just as powerful, but sweeter.

I have other fragrances with the patchouli, sandalwood and oakmoss combination in the basenotes, but this powerhouse is so much more much dirtier. Definitely a thumb's up.

21st December, 2010 (last edited: 22nd July, 2011)
A very good entry level powerhouse. If you can find the vintage version before it was even called "Boss Number One", I find that one superior.
05th November, 2010 (last edited: 06th February, 2011)
Lovely fragrance. Warm, masculine, powerful. It is a deep and complex fragrance. It's one that Im sure will stand the test of time. Is a must have for any fragrance connoisseur's collection. Projection and longevity are excellent and has the characteristics of a high quality men's classic fragrance.

31st August, 2010
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
How have I overlooked this all these years? As Shamu1 noted, this must be experienced on skin to get the full effect. At first the animalic dirtiness is stupefying but this is part of the allure. Think Kouros, Moustache, Givenchy Gentleman: these all come on like gangbusters. I get the patchouli-herbal thing for the first hour or so, then the sweetness sneaks in; this must be the honey note but it's kind of fruity to my nose. The dirty quality never leaves though, which makes this unique.

This is one scent that's a male chauvinist in its overt macho attitude. Projection is top notch but longevity, although ranging about 6-7 hours, is surprisingly, relatively short for such a General Patton firebreather. All-in-all a must try, especially for fans of old school masculines.
29th August, 2010
Incredible, I can't believe this is a Boss scent. Masculine smell of honey with spicy/woody touch to it. This scent is very elegant. For the office or even romantic occasion. Longevity and sillage are very good. Definitely thumb up!
08th August, 2010
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United States
Growing up in the southern USA I often smelled this on rural men in their 30's and 40's. I smiled when I read someone describe it as 'warm hog piss'. That is not a bad thing to smell like depending on where you live. I would probably not wear this, but I will revisit and respect it as one of the gems of the 80's.
28th April, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States

Don't test this on a smelling strip. You won't get an accurate idea of what this smells like unless you test it on your own skin. On paper, it smells musty, muddy, brown and gloomy. On skin, it smells warm, rich and debonaire.

I completely trashed Boss #1 in my prior review because I'd tested it on a smelling strip. I've done a 180 on this now that I've worn it. Boss #1 is a very dark, heavy and rich fragrance that exudes confidence and maturity with its excellent blending of tobacco, honey and patchouli. I'm shocked to see that leather is not listed as a note, because Boss No. 1 has a dark, oily feel that is the hallmark of leather in a fragrance. I could just see Boss #1 fitting right in at a formal black tie event, where there's a lot of cigars and Scotch.

Boss No. 1 is an 80s power scent, even if it's not quite as aggressive and in your face as other powerhouse frags from that era. Its longevity isn't great for a powerhouse - 6 or 7 hours - but that's not a big deal. It has prominent sillage, and I put this in the same league of powerhouses like Azzaro Pour Homme and Giorgio For Men, where its smooth, deep base notes, rather than assertive top or mid notes, provide it the Powerhouse muscle.

Boss No. 1 truly exudes a macho sense of authority and swagger, which I feel is the litmus test for a true Power Scent. It's powerful but not brash or crass - this is not a fragrance for some loud, obnoxious bum. I also don't find it to be an aristocratic smelling scent like Creed's original Tabarome either - this is a fragrance for the ultra-confident, self-made man. It exudes true masculinity like few other fragrances can.

05th December, 2009 (last edited: 17th August, 2010)
It was a huge relief to rediscover Number One, having tried and been mightily unimpressed with the Boss line of fragrances. I do recall this being more potent in its original guise, but the spirit and notes are almost identical. Though they have few notes in common, the opening reminded me of Versace L'homme, an earthy and herbal quality that is very masculine, and deeply satisfying. This potent opening is quite brief, but the honeyed heart notes of jasmine, combined with the rough edges of the rosemary, provide a warm if somewhat subdued middle phase. The drydown is even more restrained, with a very simple base, further adding to the general feeling of reticence. Initially I felt that it had poor longevity, but it is actually quite long-lived, just very unobtrusive and contained.
26th October, 2009 (last edited: 04th December, 2009)

The number one Boss fragrance not only in name: I was expecting something completely different. I wasn’t expecting anything of substance and sensuality. This is not one of those later characterless and artificial Hugo Boss fragrances. This fragrance exhibits genuine ‘80s characteristics – probably diluted through reformulations – but still retaining definite aspects of powerhouse potency and sensuality. Boss Number One opens alcoholy, and immediately moves into a rich juniper and artemisia –and it has a slightly dirty nature, but where the dirty comes from is not hinted at in the pyramid, unless its related to the patchouli of the base. I get very little citrus or herbal in the opening – just those lush, masculine notes. The middle notes get a little more arid in spite of the honey that’s listed for the middle. The drydown is quietly reserved with deep wood, tobacco, and patchouli notes.

The unfortunate aspect of the fragrance is its lack of longevity. Usually scents like this last much longer than Boss Number One.
07th August, 2009
tanto Show all reviews
United States
This is a great scent. OK, it might be a bit dated but it is still very masculine and pleasant to smell. I guess that it would be considered an 80's "powerhouse" scent but it is definitely not as obtrusive as some of those 80's scents (which I really don't like anymore). This scent can be worn almost anytime but better for evening use. What I like about Boss One is that it cannot be mistaken for anything else because it has a characer of its own. The dry down smells terrific. I think it is better suited for men in their 40's or older.
19th February, 2009
I was at a men's store and needed to add $30 to get a $50 discount on my purchase. I didn't want to pay that much for their designer socks, so I asked to try out two fragrances.

I sprayed Perry Ellis Blue 360 on my right wrist and Boss # 1 on my left. After a few whiffs, I bought the Perry Ellis.

I continued on with my errands, and in the car I noticed I kept bringing up my left wrist for another sniff. Three hours later I found myself back at the men's store, explaining that time had changed my mind and I would prefer to trade in the Perry Ellis for this Boss.

I have never regreted it.

I spray on Boss # 1 whenever I want to smell like a man's man.

I went on a spree, buying all the different Boss fragrances, but never found another one close to the timelessness and class contained in the original.

The good news is that I was no longer satisfied with the jumble of five bottles I found on my shelf that had come to me over the years as gifts from various girlfriends and lovers. Instead, it was the beginning of my quest in search of my perfect scent.

I am now up to 172 bottles, and I can say that the only other one I have found as truly masculine as this orignal Boss is Versace's Dreamer.

Please do get past the general disdain for the Boss products that you read on this board, and try this classic with an open mind.
07th February, 2009
I like this a lot, although I wouldn`t wear it myself, at least not outdoors.

It`s basically a honey fragrance that is very aromatic and rich. Strong and masculine, lasts forever with interesting projection. I find it quite animalic, and perhaps slightly "dated".

Dry yet quite sweet too, I get wonderful accords of damp hay and somethting which reminds me of (not smoky) tea.

Could probably be seen as a faraway cousin of Kouros. Apply very gently.

10th November, 2008