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Can you imaging a chimera built from parts of Lacoste Pour Homme, Gucci's Nobile, and Drakkar Noir?

Spirit's bracing herbal opening is exactly what I was hoping it would be - wormwood, lavender, and lovely aldehydes. There is some galbanum going on too, but that's less exciting for me; I'm here to see the band, not the roadies. A delicate mint note reminds you of its presence every so often. The leathery-amber base is so supportive of the top notes that the transitions are very fluid. I would have expected a good deal of moss, but I feel the creators didn't want to cloud the sharp, bitter purity of the opening. There are those who will settle for a 'beer' and the fewer who ask for a rich IPA; the kind of people who like as much bitter as sweet, and need a natural touch. Boss Spirit is for green lovers. Spirit isn't particularly long-lasting in terms of projection (it remains very long as a skin scent), but I enjoy it more than any other offering I have tried from this house.
04th October, 2016 (last edited: 06th October, 2016)
Wow! With such nice top notes I iniatially couldn't believe anyone would dislike this fragrance. It's a solid green/aromatic fougere where its green notes remind me of Paco Rabanne pour homme, but It definetely shares a spicy sweet drydown with Aramis. Less pungent, as an updated version. There's also a nice boozy/cold note that is tangled up with the rest of the composition and amplifies it, really nice effect, similar to the one found in Giorgio Red.
To sum it up, It's a skin scent and its longevity and projection is weak. maybe that's the reason It wasn't appreciated as It deserved, although It's great while It lasts!
19th December, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A Boss deserving respect
Galbanum. Wormwood. Green mint. Artemisia. And aldehydes, lots of aldehydes - Coco C would have approved. Lavender adds a traditional touch, whilst flowery, woody and soft sweetish leather components arrive in the drydown. Still - the aldehydes seem to stay forever. It is not boring and made of good quality components. Alas on me silage and projection are poor, but the longevity is respectable at four hours.
29th July, 2013 (last edited: 08th March, 2014)
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United States
This is excellent. Starts with fruity green galbanum. The oakmoss is ever present. Definitely wormwood as well. The drydown is beautiful. Reminds me of the original Burberry drydown, which is a favorite of mine.
04th January, 2013
I'm surprised at all the comparisons to Macassar, but that no one has yet mentioned the tremendous similarity to Giorgio Red for Men. Like Red, Boss Spirit is a potent (yes, it's very strong) and sharp chypre with a similar pimento-berry note. Boss Spirit is the stronger of the two -- smelled side by side, the green and coniferous elements in Red are more prominent, while Boss Spirit has a tangier kick, with a solid patchoui-sandalwood-leather foundation along with a liberal dose of oakmoss.

Boss Spirit also has elements of the classic men's chypres (Aramis, Braggi, That Man) in its makeup, but the pungent, peppery tang that it shares with Red set it apart into a more modern era. It's bold, assured and commanding --- not for those wanting to make a subtle statement. As a musical comparison, it's a brassy fanfare announcing the entrance of royalty, then something along the lines of an antiphonal brass choir by Corelli or Gabrieli.
20th September, 2012 (last edited: 19th October, 2012)
I used this first back in 1994 when i purchased both 100ML EDT and aftershave for a bargain price. I liked this fragrance a lot but later around a couple of years later moved on to use more sweet (gourmand) fragrances, and was so stupid that threw these 2 half-used bottles of Boss Spirit away! Sometimes around 1995 this was discontinued.

I just re-discovered this sleeping jewel and managed to purchase an EDT bottle on eBay. I feel like heaven and use this nearly daily! It gets me back to the 1994 that was a great and very special year for me as i met my spouse back then.

The smell is dry, crisp, quite linear, dark, heavy and masculine. If i were blond, i wouldn't use this. Somehow i just can't picture this on a blond haired person, this is a dark man's scent. Is easily overdozed, for me 3 sprays are enough: 1 spray to the chest, one to neck, one to the wrist. This is the only BOSS scent i like (unless Baldessarinis are counted). This is quite potent and because of the better-than-average sillage you'l definately be noticed when wearing this one. You surely will get compliments as well.

31st May, 2011
I obtained a sample tube of this with about one-half of the juice remaining, so I’m not sure that the power I discovered in Boss Spirit is normal or if it came from concentration through evaporation. It’s an interesting fragrance because it is heavy and strong but also displays more than a normal amount of sweetness for fragrances of the eighties. It does remind me of a sweeter, leathery Gucci Nobile, and even the bottle seems to be very much like the Gucci Nobile bottle, although since both fragrances were introduced in 1988, I don’t know if either can claim being first.

My sample is quite linear: It is heavy with wood, green, and leather. As others have said, it’s ridiculously masculine, and it does seem to be in the same ballpark as Macassar. Boss Spirit is more chypre than (Gucci Nobile) green, which means that, as much as I like Gucci Nobile, I like this one better because of its chypre nature, but that is beside the point because it is almost impossible to find.

09th January, 2011 (last edited: 24th January, 2011)
My friend has a little tester. It seemed great and promising when I was smelling it out of the tester, but when I put it on my skin it turned into something very heavy Fahrenheit like (I hate Fahrenheit), but tad sweeter. Although I have to admit that the scent is very unique, it doesn't appeal to me the least bit.
03rd December, 2010
Simply the BEST! Also it doesn't only appeal to the older generations, I am 16 and I adore this cologne, the smell is so manly and really turns people's heads, the smell is almoast addictive, but it is the King of all the colognes with its supreme class and smell, its my father's yet both of us adore its smell i would love to find another bottle somewhere!
26th January, 2010
Jon Remy states: The BEST Hugo Boss fragrance to ever come out. Let me assure you that this is in fact the BEST fragrance Hugo Boss has ever put his name on. I mean HOLY SMOKES!!! This ROCKS!!!

Normally, an old, discontinued fragrance is raved about on BN and it cost an arm and a leg. You finally decide to spend the money only to find out it smells like Drakkar Noir. This is NOT the case with Boss Spirit. This stuff is AMAZING!!!

Imagine a sweetened MACASSAR and you get a pretty good idea about this fragrance. I would pick this over Gucci Nobile any day. If you find it, do buy, you will not regret it. Ridiculously masculine as MonkeyManMatt mentioned is right on too.

Enthusiastic thumbs up and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, high prices and all.
26th January, 2010
Spicy green leather chypre. Shameful this was discontinued. Not at all like the recent Boss offerings because if doesn't smell like a chemical treatment plant.
03rd August, 2008
Noraed Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A good, strong, deep, woody, leathery, and old fashioned smelling perfume.
It is a Woody - Chypre type of perfume.
There is a strong scent of lavender, wood, leather, and lots of green notes. Perhaps there is some scent of citrus as well.
More wearable on men than boys.
I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not my type.
28th April, 2008
I'm agree with Jon Remy. It is a shame that some good fragrances are not made anymore which has the spirit, but they keep on going with the watery ones like Aqua. I got this fragrance way before it was imported in my country and everyone was asking me the name of it and you could notice the effect of it on the women they get the scent. Even in the public places some women couldn't resist to ask me the barnd of it, but pity that I can not find anymore this fragrance with real spirit. Most of the new fragrances are just like the one day flies, just watery they are being forgotten very soon. I hope I can find an old bottle somewhere around the world.
15th March, 2007
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The BEST Hugo Boss fragrance to ever come out. Forget Elements, In Motion, etc. Boss Spirit was the BEST Hugo Boss EVER made. Perhaps it appealed to an older gentleman, and now Hugo Boss is mainly appealing to the "younger generation" with all these citrusy fragrances. Boss #1, aside from the discontinued Boss Spirit, is really the only Hugo Boss fragrance that I find appropriate for a middle-aged man like me. Hugo Boss needs to relaunch Boss Spirit so I can buy 20 bottles for the future. Whoever was in charge of discontinuing such an exquisite and original fragrance like Boss Spirit needs to be terminated from the Hugo Boss company. They truly made a bad decision!
03rd December, 2005 (last edited: 25th October, 2007)
Good one. Bought it in Poland on a trip and haven't seen it anywhere else, almost like a ghost cologne. Remember it being very heavy and ridiculously masculine, playing in the same ball league as Gucci Nobile and Azzaro. Just look at the bottom of that pyramid and you get the picture.
07th August, 2005