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Neutral Reviews of Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

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Boucheron Pour Homme is another take on the sophisticated male cologne / fougere genre, but there is not much to recommend it over and above comparable fragrances like Cerruti 1881 (which is also even cheaper), let alone classics like Eau Sauvage. It isn't at all unpleasant, with a nice citrus opening and herbal centre and it persists subtly and warmly without over-projection. But, there are simply many better scents of the same genre as this. Boucheron's Jaipur Pour Homme, on the other hand - now, that is something more interesting.
19th September, 2014
I remain agnostic about this one. However, my main memory of this fragrance was an attendant at a perfume counter trying to tell me this was a better scent than Chanel Pour Monsieur, which she insisted was "for old men." (We disagreed). And although I think this does smell "professional," I also thought it smelled like an executive who unfortunately had just soaped-up in the hotel shower, when suddenly the water main broke and he couldn't rinse off. The soapy-detergenty scent was too much for me.

However, "de gustibus non est disputandum." And I'll leave it at that.
19th April, 2014
"Smells old". This is true. I'm currently 35, and Boucheron pour Homme is clearly not for me right now. But it's oddly classy, oddly distinguished... note to self: try this again when you turn 50. And only if you're wearing a suit.
04th April, 2013
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Combining elegance, freshness and classic, perfect for day to day office. Its onset is more closely lemon leaves, that the juice of the fruit itself. That initial freshness remains constant but giving way to a bit of spice, flowers and wood. Great fragrance, but not my favorite.
18th January, 2013
Most days, this smells just over-the-top grandfatherly, sometimes its refreshing bold and almost avant-garde like robust - i have a love/hate relationship with this scent, be sure not to over-spray this you will smell like old lemons left to ferment in an old cask..
22nd May, 2012
Just received a bottle from a friend who almost ended it. At first sniff it seemed a strong rich perfume for strong and rich businessmen. At a second try it seemed to me an old stile creation with the unpleasant impression to have smelled too many similar parfumes. But when sprayed on the skin it surprisingly releases beautiful green notes followed by a hint of cream that I liked. Not for me or my husband but not bad.
16th April, 2011
Boucheron PH is certainly an elegant, citrusy, chypre fragrance. Starts off with a very loud citrus/lemon opening that progresses into floral / soapy mid notes. The middle phase reminds me of Bogart for Men or Kanon (although they are both greener).

Like many others have stated, I also thought that BPH was just a little too "old ladyish". When I'm in the mood for a lemony fragrance, I like Bulgari Extreme, which I find smoother (and younger), without sacrificing elegance or I like Lacoste (original) which I find less floral. I even like the dirt cheap, lemony Halston 1-12 better than Boucheron.

Not bad...just middle of the road for me. I just couldn't justify the purchase.

30th December, 2010
This does present itself as rich and luxurious, and I liked the lemon suckerpunch at first, but then it seemed to get stale as time goes by. The combination of florals and woods that appears should be great on paper, but it's just a little too pompous. It's a plate of citrus fruits next to a gorgeous bouquet in a stately manse, in which the air has grown stuffy due to lack of use. This feels too awkwardly formal to me in a way that even the most distinguished woody orientals don't. I finally couldn't deal with it anymore and got rid of it.
19th April, 2009
I would never have thought of buying this myself, Boucheron is just one of those brands that is off my radar. Got it as a gift and used it as a rotation scent because it is light and inoffensive, easily wearable on different occasions. Classy, very French, but not my style. I am surprised that it was launched in 1991 because it smells way older (I would have dated it as early sixties, even fifties.) Slightly feminine and stale...not recommended for younger men (I would say strictly 50+).
20th February, 2009
I have only tried Eau de Parfum version. And by the way, as you may well be aware, when Boucheron launched this 1991 it was the first fragrance ever for men to be called Eau de Parfum. That`s one heck of a credit.

The scent itself is perfect example of a fragrance that will deserve neutral rating from me : It is very nice scent, well done, unoffensive, classy and.....very boring in the end.
In other words, good stuff - it`s just not for me. Still highly recommended if you`re into a timeless citrus woody blend that smells masculine and everything but artificial.

Could easily be worn anywhere, anytime. Good choice if you want to use only one single scent in your life.

05th November, 2008
Personally, the one note that I dislike above all others is the bitter citrus/lime, and this masterfully blended, uber masculine fragrance, has that note in its very heart. The opening is a harsh citric blast best reminiscent of YSL pour homme's concentrated edition, strong but undeniably masculine. Then the nostril-burning bitter citrus settles in and stays on my skin for at least 3-4 hours, this is the only reason for the neutral rating, because the rest of the fragrance, which lasts for at least 12 hours, has the near to perfect woody-barbershop drydown (the truly perfect base is Jaipur's). I can't say enough about the blending of the notes, I can't pick out the transition from mid to base notes, they flawlessly merge into a perfect harmony. Alas, the bitter note makes this one of the few mini bottles in my collection, and its lack of use makes me unlikely to buy a larger bottle.

Most certainly classy and refined scent, but hardly over-40. Any man with a sense of style and a well-cut suit can wear Boucheron without reservation.
18th October, 2008 (last edited: 20th November, 2008)
Favored by aristocrats, urbane gentleman and avid traditionalists, BOUCHERON Pour Homme (eau de parfum) is the embodiment of stoic elegance. Its singular purpose is to complement the man of decorum, adorned in a luxury suit.

The scent is truly a masterwork of perfumery and thoughtfully tailored with substantive, yet ethereal, heart notes resembling a fine lemon/floral soap with an equally fine, warm, woody shaving cream-like foundation.

Unfortunately, the scent's undeniable anachronistic overtones impart a sense of being obsolete on its wearer.

13th September, 2008 (last edited: 07th March, 2010)
As of this writing there are 47 reviews of BpH, two of which give some notice of an important fact: BpH is a chypre. That is a fundamental point to consider when contemplating BpH. For me the opening is a bit dense, but thoroughly masculine. About an hour into wearing it, it turns sour and I find it unpleasant. However, after a time the sourness dissipates and the last several hours are simply wonderful: the heaviness of the opening is gone, and the masculine character remains. Aromatic throughout. For me, it is a bit of a roller coaster ride, so I can’t give it a thumbs up. But it is worthy of consideration, hence my neutral rating.
06th September, 2008
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I used my sample today. I acquired the sample because I liked how Boucheron smelled. However, actually wearing Boucheron was headache inducing.

This would yield a negative review but for one fact. On this ONE day that I tried Boucheron I recieved 2 seperate compliments on the fragrace.

So I upgrade the review to neutral and encourage all people to try this one. If your head can tolerate the smell, you may have found a winner.
28th August, 2008
Not bad at all, but on a man, I like a more masculin scent, the citrus makes it too fresh and light, would work on a warm day as a refreshment.
07th June, 2007
Heavy and extra masculine in a classic, safe yet somehow uninspiring way. Far from being generic, vile, cheap-smelling or low quality, while it gives me the impression of undoubted quality and costly ingredients, the citrus formula- though i'm the most ardent fan of citrus scents- is rather plain and harsh in this case. For really outstanding citrus there is, in my opinion: Eau Sauvage, Armani PH, Grey Flannel, even Pour Monsieur, for the ones who like a more powdery twist, YSL pour homme, Acqua di Parma and a few Penhaligon scents- to name only the best known (and, most likely, best loved). This one has a rather harsh, slightly sharp and too in-your-face herbal note as well as a too smoky, overly virile, blunt and stuffy dry-down, yet without these two minus points it would be one of the most refined chypres around and possibly the perfect masculine fragrance.
03rd June, 2007 (last edited: 12th February, 2017)
I was led to this one by the many favorable reviews below. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of hours and sadly report that it is not working for me. I appreciate its citrus opening. Although powerful, that is appealing to those who appreciate that sort of thing. What gives me pause is the middle. There is a sharp quality there: it is something like tonic water or quinine. Sharpness is not necessarily a problem, and indeed can sometimes bring an invigorating balance to a rich scent. But here it is somewhat unpleasant or irritating. Also, the tangy patchouli, (a force for good or ill!) is poking through. I agree that Boucheron is rich, formal, and classy. It’s just not what I seek.
07th February, 2007
Obviously this comes from a rich parentage and it shows in the quality of the ingredients. I find it hard to understand why this is seen as an everyday application however. I feel that it is a tad fussy on where you wear it and it has the potential to become a villain in the wrong place.

Beautiful in make up, and with a distinctive powdery dry down I wear this one with caution. definitely an over 40 product that should be available on prescription
01st February, 2007
The overall image (juice, bottle, etc.) is great but I don't see how the top notes (loud candy/Pledge lemon as others have mentioned) would work for any man. If you want a lemon scent CD Eau Sauvage is it. Also, the drydown is a kind of 80's style leftover lemon, sandal, and powder which somehow reminds me of Ungaro I. A quality scent but just not my style.
26th February, 2006