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Negative Reviews of Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

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I wanted to really like Bowling Green and eagerly looked forward to trying it, but now that I have it on I recognize it as a scent that I couldn't be around from the 1980's.

It smells good, but gives me hot flashes and a dull headache. My wife initially gave it tepid approval, then said it had a soapy dry down that she didn't care for.
10th January, 2010
If you could bottle the essence of “stuffy” you would end up with Bowling Green. I don’t fully understand why I get such a visceral reaction when I spray this, since I love its predecessor, now THERE is a worthy aromatic.

With Bowling Green, I immediately pick up the fresh citrus early on, but then the middle notes kick in quickly and whew…talk about a woody mess. I get lots of pine and cedar and moss and nothing to balance this, nothing to bring it back to sanity because to me the patchouli is meek and the cinnamon is stale, and it’s not just my bottle either, I tested one in a GB store and I got the same unpleasant odor. Sometimes a so-called classic is just old and not great simply because it is from the 80s or has discontinued. Bowling Green proves that point since it smells like my grandmother’s closet where she would keep all the old woolen blankets and a copious amount of moth balls.
06th November, 2007