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Neutral Reviews of Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

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Not the one in the picture, this is the original Sanofi one with a little cloth tied round the cap.

It's different, evidently. I get a little citrus and it's spicy and green but the pale sweet fruity core - that runs all the way down - smells like pear. And that makes it a little ... flaccid.

Pear fougère. Nice but not outstanding.

30th August, 2016 (last edited: 14th September, 2017)
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United Kingdom
1. Take 25 lemons and 2 fistfuls of fresh lavender.
2. Rub your face in it.
3. Allow to settle for about 40 minutes.
4. Empty 5 large tablespoons of celery salt into a hot cup of indian masala chai.
5. Throw all over yourself making sure your clothes are saturated.
6. Spend 4 hours trying to get away from the smell.

A rewarding experience for those that are rewarded by such experiences. I wasn't.
04th December, 2009
The opening is gorgeously green with just the right hints of spice but as it progresses towards the drydown, all I got was sackloads of cardamom. I noticed Lavender, Jasmine and Artemisia listed in the heart notes but on my skin these florals were absent; overwhelmed no doubt by the rampaging spice notes. Perhaps the sultry weather is to blame. In any case I went home for a quick scrub before anyone mistook me for a sweaty "Spice Guy'.

A second wearing on a cooler day however brings a noticeably different dimension: it is a lot greener and the spices less rampant. I could also detect a fleeting powdery floral note before it gets chased away by the spice. As much as I like the masculine green opening, I can only give this a neutral. Certainly one of those scents that should come with a user's manual stating: "For use in COOL DRY WEATHER only."
07th September, 2009 (last edited: 08th September, 2009)
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I suspect the ingredients in the original version of Bowling Green may have been of a different caliber than in the low-end $9.99 product offered today at every discounter in the US. In any event, what I wore gave me little pleasure - an extreme blast of cheap soapiness that wore on for a good half hour, before evaporating into a decent but unexciting blend of herbs and spices. The high-end version of this, to me, appears to be Miller&Bertaux's No. 2 Spiritus/Land and I'll gladly pay the vastly higher price for the genuine pleasures it has to offer.
22nd July, 2009
Trying it for the first time as I write this. Fresh out of the bottle 10 minutes ago one word came immediately to mind - smells exactly like celery. (Some nicer subtleties are beginning to emerge now...but it still basically smells like celery)
06th November, 2004