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I adore this fragrance. The mid notes of cardamom and cinnamon are absolutely awesome and something I will never tire of and the drydown, well, there is no other way to describe it other that it is simply amazing, period.

One thing is for sure, from start to finish, this is a winner. Hands down, my favourite of the Geoffrey Beene collection.

A huge thumbs up!
23rd July, 2008
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United States
This is my absolute favorite! I was so sad when I found out it was discontinued. From the opening blast of citrus/juniper/grass to the more subdued but still vibrant drydown, I love it. I am still able to find a few bottles here and there at perfumania and places like that, so I still have enough to last me quite awhile, but I do miss the soap, aftershave, etc.

I still can't find anything to replace it!
03rd July, 2008
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United States
Interesting fragrance. I used it for a few years. It was a nice clean, brisk scent for men. It reminded me very much of a more citrusy version of Drakkar Noir however, a bit more "lively". I preferred Bowling Green over Drakkar Noir without a doubt. Sorry it was discontinued.
21st May, 2008 (last edited: 18th June, 2008)
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All the reviews are right, but for those unable to track it down, I would highly recommend Eau de Rochas Homme. It's much more fleeting, but the first few minutes, then hour, are worth the rather expensive admission price. Initially similar to BG (but better), with gin and sparkling limeade tones, EDRH gently fades and stays constant, whereas BG fades to peppery spice and lasts quite a while longer. Both are 2 of the best lemon / lime concoctions. Monsieur Balmain (a great lemon and liquorice blend), also hard to find, and Acqua di Parma (a great lemon and rose combi) are also both recomended.
07th November, 2007
If you could bottle the essence of “stuffy” you would end up with Bowling Green. I don’t fully understand why I get such a visceral reaction when I spray this, since I love its predecessor, now THERE is a worthy aromatic.

With Bowling Green, I immediately pick up the fresh citrus early on, but then the middle notes kick in quickly and whew…talk about a woody mess. I get lots of pine and cedar and moss and nothing to balance this, nothing to bring it back to sanity because to me the patchouli is meek and the cinnamon is stale, and it’s not just my bottle either, I tested one in a GB store and I got the same unpleasant odor. Sometimes a so-called classic is just old and not great simply because it is from the 80s or has discontinued. Bowling Green proves that point since it smells like my grandmother’s closet where she would keep all the old woolen blankets and a copious amount of moth balls.
06th November, 2007
Will, it ain't 5 stars, but it's worth owning!
Look up ' aromatic ' in a book on perfumery, and you should find a picture of Bowling Green.

Some people go through life without ever smelling an aromatic. How sad.

Now let's see. Should I get Hendrick's or Seagram's Extra Dry to go with Hansen's Tonic and a dash of lime?
Hmm, weighty question. Must consult The I Ching. . .
17th April, 2007
I love this scent! When I was a kid, I used to go to a resort in San Diego called Vacation Village (now called Paradise Point) with my family. It was right on the bay and the thing I remember most vividly about the place was grass and lawn bowling and swimming pools everywhere.

This scent reminds me of that place. I suppose I smell a little grassy scent in there but I won't say that it smells like my front yard after I cut it. It smells like casual class and I love it.

It is a grown up scent, so if you are into cheap body sprays and/or girly-boy 'they all smell the same for the past 10 years scents,' you might not like this one. But if you enjoy sophistication without coming off as presumptuous or pompous, then you might enjoy Bowling Green.

By the way, this scent is an 80s scent. Two sprays are enough so remember that when applying!
16th April, 2007
It is a very good fragrance, long-lasting but no overpower the drydown reminds me Guess? (original) for women.(descontinued too)
03rd January, 2007
Now , the name it’s the only thing I don’t like about this scent.
It’s masculine, it’s woody, it’s fresh cut grass and cedar cabinets with glass-doors that hold golf balls and baccarat bottles with cognac.
It’s outdoors, and wet greens that were rained just an hour ago.
The part that I like the best is the spicy turn when the cinnamon, cardamom and other spices come in. I also get some clove and nutmeg but it might be the combination with the jasmin and the other woods.
It’s very interesting, and yes, I also managed to get some for me.
30th October, 2006
Can't beat a good scent down.
They may have discontinued this, but it's still widely available.
As with Eau Sauvage Extreme (another personal favorite), I find the initial "citrus bomb" spritz a little off-putting. Nevertheless, it becomes very pleasant after just a minute or two of dry-down.
09th October, 2006
I compared it to GFT by Trumper and am somewhere in the middle between ramin and levente in regard to it's scent.
It was one of the first colognes I purchased and find it useful day or evening.
For a scent that is discontinued,it is still readily available on many websites, out of production or not.
23rd March, 2006
Now this is alot better than it's predecessor, GREY FUNNEL or whatever the name of that stuff. This is a nice and vetiver type fragrance which develops very nicely on the wearer.
29th November, 2005
The initial citrus smell is one of the stongest among this family of colognes. this one is a citrusy cologne with a character of its own. It is pleasant without being too light. And the name captures the smell perfectly. Too bad it tis out of production.
23rd October, 2005
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One of the defining openings in men’s designer fragrances—there’s no doubting that this is Bowling Green. That sparkling citrus-juniper blast hits like the double gin gimlet it olfactorily echoes. Very fresh, very bright, and meadowland green. The spices and floral of the middle are quite restrained and the coniferous pine comes through in full force. A regular walk through a pine forest — so clean and clear you can almost see the Nuthatches hopping down the trees trunks. The top to middle movement is smooth and there is little discernible break except that you suddenly realize that you are smelling traces of lavender and nutmeg instead of citrus. But the accords are quite similar — Bowling Green is essentially a linear fragrance. And the linearity continues through the base: Now the fir and cedar takes over the coniferous duties. Since fir is often less sharp and more mellow than juniper or pine, and since the other base notes are the 80’s traditional amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and moss, the dry down loses much of the coniferous sharpness that the top and middle notes have carried so long. The dry down is subtle — rich and subtle and it has great longevity. It is gentler than the typical 80’s drydown, making Bowling Green — at least its drydown — easier to wear today than many of the 80’s classics. An all-around excellent fragrance — it is both warm and cool and is appropriate any season. Love it!
08th October, 2005 (last edited: 09th March, 2008)
Don't let the initial citrus blast put you off on this one. BG dries down to a powdery and slightly sweet spice with some pine and fir added for freshness. Hard to go wrong with this one: reasonably priced, well crafted and good quality ingredients, suitable for all occasions. Why did Beene discontinue this one?
28th September, 2005
Trying it for the first time as I write this. Fresh out of the bottle 10 minutes ago one word came immediately to mind - smells exactly like celery. (Some nicer subtleties are beginning to emerge now...but it still basically smells like celery)
06th November, 2004
I haven't seen this fragrance around in years. It was one of my very favorites. I was 17 years old in 1987 when I bought my first bottle. It reminds me of a summer that I spent performing at a music festival in Greensboro, North Carolina. I stayed in a dormitory at Guilford College. The scent of bowling green evokes the freshly rolling lawns outside the old dormitory. Notes of cut grass, lemon/lime, and other bright notes with barely a hint of spice underneath. Where did it go?
28th September, 2004
Truly an underdog. BG starts off with a jolting citrus sharpness, but mellows down exquisitely to a very smooth woody/green scent spiced to perfection. Parfumes de Nicolai's New York is actually somewhat similar and about $50.00 more
15th December, 2002