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Fabrege Version:
When I was in middle school, my father got promoted to a new role in different part of the country. So when we were moving the main mover honcho was doing the dressing table and he saw my father's bottle of Brut. He did not know cologne and never wore them and so I spritzed some on him. He was happy and had a grin - a weird one.

A few days later when we were unpacking in our new home my father could not find his Brut. It never made it to our new place. My father chalked it up to things-that-go-missing-when-one-moves. I knew better.

To this day, whenever I smell Brut, I think of that episode in my life. I never could wear Brut since then. I recently got a Fabrege bottle for cheap (after Colin Maillard mentioned in one of the vintage threads ) hoping that I would be over it.
But no I still hate it.

But I love Rive Gauche PH - which is Brut minus Vanilla, SW, Ylang and Jasmine.
I think it is the vanilla and Ylang that make this fragrance a scrubber. They don't belong in this structure.
30th March, 2017
One of the first scents I had worn as a teen decades ago, and one that I still respect.

Brut is the embodiment of mass market fougere scents for men: Full, warm, bracing fragrances that weren't afraid to be noticed. Brut is spicy, woody, having a clean start and nice finish. As an after shave, it was a real gem to wear; I and other males in my family have used Brut many times in our lives, so there is that sentimental connection for me.

This one is a great cologne and after shave to wear when you just want to smell nice without being too hung up on brand name recognition. It does the job well, and is no doubt a legendary scent worth checking out.
14th March, 2017
The smell of a classic '60's era fougere fragrance with its deep baritone herbal signature. Today's Brut is close to the original in aroma with the exception of less oak moss whicch is replaced with a bit more tonka (powder) in the base. The essential low toned register of Brut is alive and well created with Basil + touch of anise to a lavender coumarin fougere and it does have that growl. Brut always reminds me of the era of muscle cars - revving of a SS396 or 442hemi - this is Brut. The scent of freshly plucked basil plus a roll in the hay. Brut still smells great all these years later.

As a side option I have found that a splash of Brut over a spritz of dry vetiver turns Brut into the finest smelling niche fougere aroma with very contemporary complexity. I use a skin toner after shaving called Face of Danger (really!) that is all vetiver with witch hazel and adding Brut to the top of this is magic in layering.
09th January, 2017 (last edited: 13th January, 2017)
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Two sprigs of lavender in a fizzing glass of iced 7UP complete with hints of several background notes all at home in any good barbershop scent. There's quality here at practically no cost. If it wasn't so over exposed it could be a treasured gem for me. I (like a fellow reviewer) enjoy this one after a shower and worn about the house. I too feel clean and fresh with this one. I haven't taken to wearing this one out and about. Average projection and longevity, at best.

My juice is the current Special Reserve Brut cologne in a long necked glass bottle with a medal and a sprayer. It's a very impressive lighter weight scent, but; so very overexposed too.
28th December, 2016 (last edited: 02nd January, 2017)
not bad not great , I am not against cheap stuff but this was never one of my favorites. cant give it a thumbs down because of its history neutral
11th July, 2016
I recently ran into the medallion-bedecked glass bottle of Brut Classic (circa 2008)… Being a fan of vintage clothing and thrifting, I am always interested in the curious prickle one gets when stumbling across a find… the slightly out-of-date font on the box, that marvelously kitschy-but-good bottle design. When I first began getting into fragrances again a couple of years ago, I went through an aftershave phase (Pinaud Clubman, Florida Water, etc.) and tried the plastic-bottled aftershave version of Brut as well as something called 'special reserve.' Definitively: neither of them is half as good as Brut Classic. Sillage is fairly potent for the first 2-3 hours, and longevity is decent in this formulation at 5+ hours. It's surprisingly buoying as well and both pleasant and discreet at work if not over-applied (incidentally, it is similar enough to the aftershave and deodorant stick to make layering pleasant, but in both cases, discretion is paramount – go easy). It takes some work to set aside the cultural baggage you may have, depending upon your age (I'm 44, probably the generation most likely to be haunted by the ghosts of middling authority figures past), but if you can, this is a surprisingly wearable fougere, maybe even a little bit ‘classic’ …

The citric-herbal top notes of mint, basil and lemon are inviting, the lavender refreshing, and the geranium tantalizingly zingy; the yang-ylang and jasmine can take some getting used to, the former redolent of plastic-wrapped candy, and the latter indolic in a way that can remind me of white flowers on their way out, but - weirdly enough- these quickly become addictive, forming an almost honey-like accord with the powdery sweetness of coumarin. There are even hints of sandal and patchouli peaking through, producing moments of actual delight or deliciousness as the scent reacts to body heat (I can’t restate enough that this is NOT an experience I have with the plastic parody, but only Brut Classic). Anisic aldehydes keep things wet and tart in a barbershop mien for the first couple of hours, easing in to a pleasant powdery-fresh vs. musk continuum that emerges as a skin scent with a whiff of clean, keep-it-togetherness that helps ground your tenor when attempting to work well with others. There is something kind of clashing in the blend of fresh, sweet, musky and medicinal, but that may well be part of the appeal, depending on your perspective. I don’t think I have yet gotten to the end of how much culture and nature talk circles around one another as you try to decide how you feel about this fragrance (though cheap, it’s better than you think you think it is, but its cheapness is also a key ingredient to its being good design), but isn’t that part of what we’re learning about these things for, what they used to call ‘a sentimental education?’
19th May, 2016
(Review of vintage Faberge) Brut is a good, clean scent. It has a 60's barbershop vibe to it with its powder-soapy scent. I like vintage Brut and can see why it was popular. Despite its being a 60's era scent, I can imagine this being relevant today.

PS - The version sold now in the plastic bottles is not bad, but much weaker than the vintage version. It has the same vibe, minus the nice strong lavender opening. Overall, it is more powdery.
14th May, 2016
I have been wearing this wonderful Brut since 1977. It attracts women and I love it. Its a masterpiece.
07th April, 2016
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United Kingdom
Another classic which is great to apply after a shower and shave. I only wear it at home but it makes me feel clean and fresh. Can be bought for dirt cheap and you can do a lot worse for a lot more quite frankly.
21st February, 2016
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United Kingdom
When I smell Brut what images come to mind? ...An Austrian forest with mountains in the distance on a pleasant winter day. In the foreground are freshly cut logs in a timber pile and from the forest a breeze of floral spices pass by... A legend.
08th December, 2015
Forever green, never unseasoned...

Is Brut one of the best cheap fragrances ever created? Yes and no. And if this sounds sort of contradictive, I'll clarify it by saying that Brut is simply one of the best fragrances ever created. Cheap or not.
When I was young and foolish, I used to give Brut and any similar priced fragrance a wide berth, cause I was kinda embarassed to admit that I was wearing cheap stuff. I always went for the status of smelling "expensive", and to my vainglorious mind, a fragrance's price tag was way more important than its actual quality.
Now that I am old and I fancy myself as a seasoned veteran of the "Niche Wars", I have no problem to admit that I couldn't be any more mistaken. I have no problem to admit that Brut is an excellent piece of high perfumery, and it holds a place in the "legendary classics" pantheon, along with Old Spice, Pino Silvestre and Tabac Original, although I think it's kinda first among equals, due to its iconic, unique and hyper-elegant emerald bottle.
And now that I've made my confession about my then unfair and short-sighted scent evaluating criteria, I just hope that these old chaps have forgiven me for being such a snobbish and arrogant brat, who used to despise everything that didn't fit in his pompous agendum. And I'm more than happy that the time has finally come for me, to truly appreciate their tremendous gravitas, and enjoy their straightforward masculinity, no holds barred.
30th November, 2015
If you're over thirty, Brut is a cruel master. It knows that it is a fragrance of yesteryear and that better (and yet some worse) fragrances have taken its crown and yet it captures you. It does this because it is intertwined with your memories of a time when things seemed better. It conjures up for you a father, a brother, an uncle, in their prime and how much you wanted to be part of that grown-up world they inhabited while wearing this pungent, masculine elixir.

37-years after having first encountered this scent as a child and having it weave itself into many cherished memories, I'm approaching it from a user's point of view. When I started using fragrances Brut was already on its way out. It seemed dull and blunt against the sharper, fresher fragrances.
I purchased the aftershave splash (100ml for very little money) and the cologne splash with medallion. After a weekend shave I applied the aftershave and almost welled-up with tears at how evocative that aroma is. It has a fresh opening. The aniseed, lavender and basil initial burst is enough to drag you back in time. It's powerful stuff too, that first application fills the room. Jasmine in a scent harks back to older fragrances, from the 19thC up to the pre-war years, when perfumes were heavier and more oriental. There is a touch of that in Brut, hovering beneath the barbershop quartet of topnotes. It has doubtless been reformulated to some extent and the entire range of notes listed may or may not be present. It smells less complex than the the notes suggest. The sandalwood, patchouli, powdery vanilla are there as it fully settles after 1/2 an hour to an hour, as is an aniseed sweetness throughout. It's a pleasant experience.

Brut is really more than the sum of its parts. It has a cultural history that makes it transcend its own over-familiar aroma. You know you're not supposed to like it and yet the scent bewitches you. It lasts for a few good hours and the sillage is decent. People of a certain age who get close enough to catch the scent are momentarily stopped; they feel what you feel.

Every man should try it at least once.
23rd June, 2015 (last edited: 24th June, 2015)
Nostalgic kind of smell.
12th January, 2015 (last edited: 29th April, 2016)
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I just want to offer that there is variety in this after shave depending on its packaging. Personally, I find that I significantly prefer the plastic "Original Fragrance" bottles you tend to find in drug stores and supermarkets over the more dressed up bottle pictured here. I find that the one I described in the plastic bottle seems to have less or more subtle presence of vanilla, for me therefore offering a more masculine fragrance, whereas I find the better packaged version to somehow smell more powdery and with a stronger presence of vanilla. I would think it to be my imagination as I think they're supposed to be the same thing, but I definitely smelled a difference. So to me, conveniently, cheaper is better with this stuff. But this was the stuff that got me into fragrances, inspired me to branch into colognes. I was just looking for a good aftershave, and while I found several that I like, for me, this one stood above.
17th October, 2014 (last edited: 16th October, 2014)
I've finally tested the renowned Faberge' Brut recently in London (neaby a hair care items/products big store) and can understand why some people assert the formula has changed. Effectively I can't say to have fully caught on skin a breezy, realistically herbal virile barber shop aroma since, apart the initial cosmetical-balsamic anisic lavender/bergamot blast, all I get is cool synthetic powder, a touch of musk (galaxolide), woods and few else. Probably sharp floral notes ephemerally swirl around in the angular initial almost boisterous introduction but those are undiscerned and pale. The aroma anyway is pleasant and cool, aromatic and dry with a really freshly piney-boise undertone, a stout patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood and probably soothed tobacco. The final trail is fresh and distinguished in a classically barbershop herbal after shave way.
18th August, 2014
Perfect After Shave. Essence of Man as they say. Creed of After Shaves.
28th July, 2014
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United States
Cheap old man scent. Totally doesn't fit the profile notes mentioned here! Ya gotta wear seersucker pants with black socks and sandals to pull this off. Drive your Oldsmobile very slowly down the road while straddling the center line. BRUT is reminicent of the cheap bay rum splash the barber used after your trim n shave. Thoroughly nasty and synthetic. Doesn't project and doesn't last...which is probably a good thing.
09th June, 2014
A perfect example of a legendary scent that proves it by being available in gas stations even. It smells great, legends have endorsed it (Elvis, Muhammad Ali, etc) and if you are over 30 were probably made by your dad wearing it. Classic squared.
04th May, 2014
It's the monastery's eldest abbot raking smooth stones.

It's Han Shan leaping from crag to misty crag, laughing.

It's the genie in the bottle.

It's the trout resting in green mottled shadow.

And (even reformulated), it's a crisp spring or fall day, circa 1967.

It's the pilgrim crossing the desert, and a smile on a deserted island.

It's the glass half full.

Yes and yes.

10th March, 2014
Perfumery, You are hereby charged with irremediable decadence.
In the case for the prosecution, I present exhibit 'B'
Gentlemen and ladies of the jury, note the difference between Exhibit 'B'
and Exhibit 'B Vintage.'
Gone is the powerful longevity, the richness, the depth and sheer quality
that 'B' used to represent.
It is place you will find
a cynical cost cutting lash up of the most criminal character.
This most reprehensible betrayal of a once great piece of our heritage
demands nothing less than your utter condemnation.

14th February, 2014
this brut version is not as intense as it once was in the past. it still has the classic fragrance but it seems more moderate in strength now. it's a classic but not the same brut it once was. english leather is still the strongest of the drugstore colognes out there i've tried and owned.
06th January, 2014
Another great favorite that I use, which has great staying power. You can't go wrong with Brut, folks! 5 out of 5 for me.
06th December, 2013
Brut is not Brutal but suave

- 1983 on a given sunday...
This was for me the first contact moment with the world of scents i had as a 5 year old boy back in 1983.
I was playing around in my parents bedroom on a boring sunday...
There was a cabinet with scents and talc powder and i shuffled around in in it...I was attracted by the biggest green, metallic bottle with medaillion, it was BRUT!....I unscrewed the cap and sniffed the plastic splash top....WOW what a burst of Scent molecules drove through my little nose that moment! felt bombastic and special!
30 years later (exactly) i bought my first REAL version again...

-2013 -Today Review time!

I just got Brut EDC and splash in plastic bottles, Brut Oceans Edt and Brut Black for 30 bucks! im so happy i did the purchase!

First the 2 green plastic bottles, splash on and EDC
The splash is very watered down and almost not detecable when splashed on your body but thats my opinion.
But what i do like is the scent of BRUT! its creamy,green and balmy kinda ambery in the drydown its almost a dreamy scent!
To me this is very mellow and laidback in any way, i also detect some hidden nostalgia and scent rememberance when i get some whiffs from my arms when im wearing it.

Everybody thinks this is a harsh old skool skanky scent! But its not! the scent lingers around like a fresh groomed hippie couple, im sure its been around in these hippie days on festivals.

Well my attention is there for BRUT!
Im now searching for the EDT 3.4 oz version this is the glass square bottle with white /yellow juice which is shwown as picture for this scent and for as i know the only EDT version of the original version?
I hope its alright.

And im looking for the classic long green bottle of 88 ml EdC (3 oz) version
To get the best classic / vintage experience.
Brut classic/original is so versatile and lovable and im gonna wear this big time this upcoming vacation. (splash n stay fresh all day

Pros: PRICE!
Cons: Newer formulations are getting milder and milder"

23rd August, 2013
Brut Classic Original Spray Cologne Review (glass bottle with chain medallion)

brut classic 3 oz. spray cologne in green glass chrome top bottle with chain medallion.

this version is the original classic brut, not the crap you buy at the grocery store in a plastic splash bottle for $6

great in every way, but the longevity is 3-4 hours UPPER MAX (and thats with 20 sprays!!)

had a female friend ask "what are you wearing?" told her "brut" she was like "BRUT?! WTF" in other words, she did not expect such a common thing to smell so good. I informed her that it was brut classic and not the generic crap

good buy, just weak longevity. usually $25/bottle, got it for 13

great for early morning, or for LATE nite after parties where everyone is too drunk. females WILL compliment this one for how strong and masculine it is

Pros: great masculine classic smell.
Cons: weak longevity"

11th July, 2013
I thought this was discontinued until I was given a Brut gift set for Christmas a few years ago. Admittedly I thought "Great.. thanks(!)" through gritted teeth when I first received this, as like most people I thought it was for dodgy old men who still wear medallions. When I tried it though I thought "Wow! This isn't bad at all." Now this is one of my favourite scents. It's part of my "everyday wear" rotation and I probably wear it almost as a rebellion against all the identikit modern scents that smell exactly alike.
12th May, 2013
Many of the drugstore scents have suffered over the years from reformulation , usually the manufacturers way of reducing the cost of making the product, unfortunately this is usually done at the expense of the quality of the product. Of the drugstore scents to be reformulated Brut has in my opinion suffered the most, this product used to be one of the most pungent fragrances around and used to last hours, now it fades very quickly and even on initial application is a lot less ballsy than it used to be.

In spite of this , this product gets a thumbs up from me, the fact is there is nothing else that smells quite like this and it really does smell very good (to me), it really is such a unique scent, it has prominent lavender notes upon initial application that fade to leave a powdery, clean, slightly musky scent that is very masculine smelling,
Also there is just something about this scent that just feels so right, it is like wearing a favourite old Jacket, it may not be the fanciest,classiest but it fits, it feels comfortable and it has character, this is a classic for sure

28th November, 2012 (last edited: 08th January, 2013)
Brut came in like a wrecking ball, alongside another green fougere by the name Jade East, but while that other fougere fragrance established a far-east trope that would run it's course within a decade, Brut continued to carry on, remaining relevant as a fragrance until the 80's. Eventually it started sliding into mass market ubiquity, dilution, and the same plastic bottle fate as Old Spice, although actually -before- Old Spice did. This was of course, only until somebody saw the light and made a separate release for the original-strength glass bottle stuff (medallion and all), which brings us to this review. I first discovered Brut in the plastic splash-on lotion configuration found in most big box retailers, long before I ever knew what a fougere was or had any concept of reformulations, and I really liked it. The scent was still likeable even in that castrated form, and several years later when I found an original Faberge glass bottle spray, I saw what I was really missing.

Brut was always a very classy fougere, a bit greener than the soft vanillic Canoe by Dana, but more floral than turn-of-the-century fougeres like the kind Penhaligon's or Pinaud had made famous. It shares a common accord with the aforementioned far-east stuff that gained traction around the same time, but neither needed all the exotic botanicals nor the faux-Asian themes. Faberge was fast to get a downmarket version out, amazingly after only 4 years of the main cologne doing well for them, but concurrently sold alongside the original instead of replacing it like most of these companies tend to do, allowing a bit of class separation that surprisingly drove sales, since it allowed people to get their foot in the door then move up to the full strength stuff. Faberge labelled the downmarket version "Brut 33" since it only had a third of the perfume oil in it's mixture, but later this had the the "33" dropped from the name and became the plastic bottle splash-on most of us know in modern times.

The modern iterations of Brut come in the "classic" form which remains unchanged since 1964 (save the removal of the Faberge brand in most territories, which is another story), and the splash-on plastic junk that you're more likely to see in big box stores. Both versions give the same general vibe of lavender and citrus opening with a slow dry down to classic fougere base notes like tonka, moss, and vanilla. The only key difference between Brut and older fougeres is the moving of heart notes and base notes to give Brut it's characteristic "green floral" accord. Patchouli is pushed down into the base instead of being in the middle, with ylang ylang and jasmine taking it's place. Vetiver and sandalwood seem to join the crowed basenotes to keep it from being too round or sweet, and the whole thing just sets itself up as zesty, powdery, and fresh. It's still very much a barbershop style, but far sharper and more dynamic than most of it's ilk, which is probably why it took so long become dated compared to it's peers which fizzled out much earlier. The original version will give you a work day worth of scent while the plastic stuff will have to travel with you to work if you want it to remain effective. I enjoy Brut and it's related products but I admit that it's ubiquity is second only to Old Spice, so I tend to wear it as a standalone fragrance very seldom, when I want to remind myself of the standard by which most others in this category made after it are judged.
27th October, 2012 (last edited: 24th October, 2017)
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United Kingdom
A review/skit for the older Basenotian with reference to Harry Enfield's iconic busy-body who surely would have worn Brut!

"Only Me!!

No, no, no, no, no! You don’t wanna wear that, you wanna wear one of the world’s all-time most popular men’s aftershaves. That’s it, you want to avail yourself to a classical, soapy sweet, fern fragrance; an aromatic fougere ...there we are... you wanna wear the ‘great smell of Brut’ - this is what we wore back in the 70s and the 80s and, if I'm not mistaken, I do believe you'll find Brut defines the olfactory genre.

And you don’t wanna dab it on, you wanna splash it on just like the adverts for Brut 33 used to say with Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan. That ‘s it go on....a bit more... .no a bit more, go on...splash it all over – that’s it! "

The bottle’s contents spill out everywhere!

"Now I do not believe that you wanted to do that!

No, no, no...tut, tut, tut!

(Fading in the background) And you don’t want an old-fashioned splash bottle – you should invest in a more modern spray form of dispenser. And you don’t wanna wear the same old cheap aftershave all the time. You should try and wear a more varied range of contemporary unisex niche perfumes: Frederick Malle; Maison Francis Kurkdjian or maybe something from the Hermessence range....

Only Me!!!"
01st September, 2012
It's a classic scent and brings back a lot of memories of my dad in the bathroom dabbing it on before he leaves for work. I used to sneak in and take whiffs straight from the bottle. I hated it, it was harsh and felt like my nose was burning though the scent trail was nice. I thought that was the epitome of smelling like a man...too bad I didn't like it and for years went the opposite direction of fresh scents. Come to think of it, maybe that's why I like powdery scents, it has a barbershop quality to it,

Now that I'm older and have slowly edge more to deeper scents, I've decided to try brut again just for nostalgic reasons. I still have the same feelings for it, harsh and just plain BRUTal to my nose. I bought the bottle anyways (aftershave) so I can wear it when I want to reminiscent of the past. I am an old spice guy but Brut will always remain special to me because of it's association to my dad, though he now wears polo black, Brut will always be his fragrance.
09th August, 2012
I cant go into a drug store without stopping to smell Brut...even though I have it imy collection. I've been using this fragrance as an after shower splash on for 25 years - and though it's been watered down a still takes me back to my youth, and those awkward years of middle school. I've never had a complaint from anyone - and that might be because in the US, it's familiar and 'just is' part of our past. I still put on a splash of Brut when picking up breakfast for the family on a Saturday morning. It wears off by 10am, and by then I am ready to rock a statement cologne. That's just it...Brut doesn't yell "I'm here", it merely says - "welcome back".
17th July, 2012