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Green and lemony toned with both barbershop talc and wood in a powder structure with a little vanilla.Rich in dry lemon and some anise.This sits at a hard thumbs down for me...never cared for the way lemon and anise come off which is in a weird way.It smells like this is a rotten lemon pulled out of a dumpster getting baked in the summer heat.The bitter anise is the mold on the lemon which contributes that dried sunbaked feel and these two generate heat...nasty combination.If Brut replaced this with something nicer to flow with this manly barbershop feel it would get a thumbs up easily at the low price.I just can't work with that rancid lemon and anise at all.
27th May, 2018
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United States
Cheap old man scent. Totally doesn't fit the profile notes mentioned here! Ya gotta wear seersucker pants with black socks and sandals to pull this off. Drive your Oldsmobile very slowly down the road while straddling the center line. BRUT is reminicent of the cheap bay rum splash the barber used after your trim n shave. Thoroughly nasty and synthetic. Doesn't project and doesn't last...which is probably a good thing.
09th June, 2014
Perfumery, You are hereby charged with irremediable decadence.
In the case for the prosecution, I present exhibit 'B'
Gentlemen and ladies of the jury, note the difference between Exhibit 'B'
and Exhibit 'B Vintage.'
Gone is the powerful longevity, the richness, the depth and sheer quality
that 'B' used to represent.
It is place you will find
a cynical cost cutting lash up of the most criminal character.
This most reprehensible betrayal of a once great piece of our heritage
demands nothing less than your utter condemnation.

14th February, 2014
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One thing Brut has going for it is its gratifyingly accurate name, which translates as "crass." The crisp green aromatic top notes are the only enjoyable part of this cloying, thick stinker. The vanilla and sweet florals ruin the ride for me. There is a definite impression of sweaty hairy men -- a similar sweat note as is present in Eau Sauvage (a much lighter composition), perhaps basil and sage? I wouldn't mind smelling like my childhood friends' uncles if they had smelled good. But they didn't.

(Review of "Brut Classic" in the glass bottle)
02nd June, 2012
The detailed review by shamu1 makes me want to go out and try it again, so complete and fair is his analysis. However, I have bad memories of this one. Brut is redolent of heavy deodorant masking offensive body odor, like a funky football locker room over-sprayed with cloying perfume. This dated tonic is, in my mind, a cheap and vulgar fragrance that too many people used to wear to affect sophistication. Brut was, and still is, a Givenchy-wannabe on a shoestring and beer budget.
21st March, 2010 (last edited: 21st April, 2013)
smells like somebody tried to make a skunk smell good. This tries way too hard to be manly.. if you can buy it at a grocery store, chances are it doesnt smell too great.
28th December, 2009
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United States
Brut is exactly the problem most fougeres face--becoming Brut that is. Brut is a popular aftershave that uses very low quality ingredients and reminds us of mothballs, insect repellent, and cleaning solutions. But you might as well try it for $3.
06th December, 2009
Hi there :)

I bought this as suggested by my mom being told to be a sweet and accordable fragrance. She is right :) But I have to admit that the scent is nice even though I do not like it.

02nd August, 2009
This was my first cologne, given to me as a gift from a family member while I was in junior high. Those around me used to complain that I stunk whenever I wore this stuff. I almost got tossed off the bus once by older kids who claimed that I smelled like mothballs. Just the thought of the way this smells makes me wince. And of course, I received this as a gift multiple times. The cologne, the aftershave, the balm. Is/Was this the cheapest cologne in existence? People, I don't think 12 year old boys want to smell like this...
17th August, 2008
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United States
I can only tolerate a tiny amount of this, so this new review needs to be considered possibly incomplete. I have sampled the one in the plastic bottle, a fairly new one, I think. There is harsh lavender and a chemical/synthetic, candy-like note or accord that seem to be in a battle for dominance. They are both awful, but together it's almost like a bad joke, told over and over again. I'm on a sea-food diet these days. Whenever I see food, I eat it. Over and over again. Anyway, I didn't detect an animalic note nor was it musky. The Brut 33 I recently sampled is much better in every way. Perhaps if you skin chemistry is such that it really "eats up" fragrances this might work for you, if you apply it in a reasonable way. I see no attraction to the aficionado of "fine fragrance," unless you want to "go slumming" once in a while. If you don't know any better and have very limited money to spend, I suggest the original Lomani fragrance for men instead (if you want something similar but much better).

My original review of April 6, 2008: Possibly a minimal application would lessen the unpleasantness, but I tried some that a relative owns, because I don't want to be a snob, but it smelled like an attempt at a new candy flavoring that went horribly wrong. I probably put too much on (back of hand) by accident (I thought it had a small hole on top, like the one I had when I was young), and it was like olfactory torture. Got to give this a negative, based upon the fact that I couldn't wash it off and tone it down, even after trying several times.
06th April, 2008 (last edited: 20th March, 2011)
BRUT...It's bigger than your house.
29th December, 2007
I don't hate this because it's cheap. No, on the contrary, I rather like Canoe and Acqua di Selva and That Man and Benetton Colors and other less expensive frags. But THIS stuff belongs in the garage, not in the house, as it's most handy when cleaning carburetors, stripping varnish, and fumigating.
29th September, 2006