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Ifti Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Wanted this to be amazing, from the strong positive reviews.Rubber, leather and smoky tea over a vanilla Amber and musky bases sounded like it'd be a hit.
I don't get much of the notorious tea or rubber notes at all.
Again like a generic modern frag, sweetish gourmand and or Oriental, feels like an easy inoffensive metro crowd pleaser.
I get a quite nice vanilla and sandal, but that's it's. Possibly had set it up and a mind blower from the note pyramid.
As it stands ( for me and my chemistry I guess) an ok sweet vanilla sandal , I feel something tart and peppery would really lift it.
Generally pleasing but it won't be on my wish list.
26th May, 2018
Smells like last night's campfire in my tent awaking with my face nestled in my air mattress. On one hand it is summer and I love camping but on the other hand, I long for a shower.
18th June, 2017
I'm having a really hard time with this one. The alcohol scent is so strong that I miss any initial scents and once its faded it smells like baby powder. If I really concentrate I can pick out the rubber and leather, but it's buried under a powdery smell that is similar to baby oil. I tried it a couple times on myself and it's all powder.

Than I had the idea to try it on my boyfriend. Mmmmm a bit of cedar and than super-vanilla. Imagine if you were to polish a nice oak cabinet with vanilla. No rubber. No leather. Sadly no delicious smokey tea. Just rich woody vanilla. It's not his taste, but I think it's yummy.
01st September, 2016 (last edited: 12th September, 2016)
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It is rubber and vanilla. Like going to a biker ice cream stand. And not luxurious leather but cheap rubbery leather. Nothing great about it. Not unpleasant and hence not a thumbs down. For the price it can be a blind bought. Don't expect to be swept off your feet
14th January, 2016
hcr Show all reviews
United States
The vanilla drydown on this is lovely. The tea/rubber note is very interesting, but just not quite enough to sell me on this. Price is pretty good, but I think this will stay in the sample pile. Definitely try a sample before you buy a bottle.
24th August, 2015
I wore this for several years and believe it went over well with many people who smelled it on me. It always smelled slightly more masculine to me, but a lot of girls I knew liked it a lot. It had a noticeable lapsang note that encapsulated the smoky, tarry quality Bvlgari wished to convey, accompanied by a vanilla smoothness that lingered for several hours.
02nd August, 2015
Elzéard Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I've tried it twice, and I can't remember it at all, other than that I remember it being okay.
16th December, 2014
It's o.k., maybe too sweet for me and I don't get the rubber smell. To me it's VERY similar to Versace's Dreamer
01st November, 2014
The rubber and tea top was delightful. But on me it rapidly turned to a very sweet, artificial vanilla. And it was tenacious. Just too sweet for me.
But interesting.
03rd July, 2014
bmn Show all reviews
United States
Rubber, but not the type of rubber of a car tire; More like the less grippy, smoother plasticy rubber used in trim. Somehow this then reminds me of anise and the smell of Diesel Fuel for Life, slightly rootbeer-like as the rubbery smell fades or my nose accommodates to it -- the smell of bonded black leather mixed with vanilla. This certainly gets better with extended wear time but I don't imagine I'd reach for it over others in my collection. This is definitely not a blind-buy safe scent.
26th March, 2014
Well, it certainly contains a sort-of burnt rubber accord that I actually wish was a bit more prominent. The note doesn't dissipate as much as the vanilla completely envelopes the other notes.

Maybe my sinuses and the cold weather have contributed poorly to my ability to detect the scent, but it also seems that the sillage is rather poor. Longevity seems to be mediocre, extending as far as 6 hours before taking a nosedive into nothing territory.

Randy's Rundown: Take a notably synthetic vanilla bean body wash, cook something indian inspired after applying it, and then perform an oil change on your car. Three days later, the remnant scent on your clothing may match what Bvgalri Black has got going on here.

20th January, 2014
I've given this several wears, but it just doesn’t work on my skin. No burning rubber (thankfully) but also no smoke, wood, vanilla, etc. On me this is just an inoffensive and slightly floral soapy/powdery scent, which, after two hours, yields a tiny hint of vanilla and/or amber. On the whole, it is more "light pink" than "black." Allowing that this is a problem of chemistry, I won't give this more or less than a sideways thumb. I am very confused as to how my impression of this scent is so markedly at odds with so many of the other reviews. It’s a shame, because based on the stated notes, and many of these reviews, this should have been wonderful for me. (Oddly, the same thing happened with Lonestar Memories.)
22nd March, 2013
Don't know where all the love comes from...vanilla and amber, very generic people equate the combination with rubber, but I don't smell it.
27th January, 2013
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Synthetic black rubber with a little vanilla to soften it up. Longevity lacks. I don't hate this scent but I don't grab for this one a whole either.
21st January, 2013
Bvlgari Black is a pleasant scent, with a linear drydown. It is a smooth and warm citrus, amber, vanilla and musk mixture. It is very soft, smooth and classy, but ultimately boring. I just get citrus, amber and musk, it doesnt go anywhere for me and doesn't have any stand out features, unsure as to all the hype it gets
08th October, 2012 (last edited: 09th November, 2012)
Certainly goes for the rubbery-asphalt kind of scent that is masculine, though tea and vanilla are detectable too. This is not a bad scent, but for me, I wouldn't call it a must-have. Test this one before you blind buy.
03rd July, 2012
sasqwer Show all reviews
Czech Republic
Black is fragrance of a great reputation which I can't really commit with. I admit it has paradox combo of odd rubber opening with sweet vanilla-like base but it is not such a big deal. I appreciate its restrained intimacy and thus use it as a night scent. I would not wear this during day as I consider it dull, boring and waste of time. Hideous bottle, unpractical to use.

Couple things: 1) It is often compared to high quality, even niche scents – I wonder why. 2) It probably won't be a disappointment, neither a score. 3) You have no reason to blind buy it but be aware: 4) It seems to be more interesting on paper than on the skin. 5) Lacks projection.
13th June, 2012
A one-stringed instrument that only goes 'twang'. Oscillates between factory-floor rubber and burnt rubber. Yes, I know it is clever how they got the tea note to do that, yes, I wouldn't mind it as an ambient aroma, and yes, this is one of the few fragrances that my couldn't-be-bothered-with-perfume partner will occasionally wear, but it's still a bit of a yawn to me. Lies low, too. I wear it on those days when I can't bear the thought of something 'perfumey', but would feel naked if I didn't wear any perfume at all.
18th May, 2012
I wanted to love this one. I'm a sucker for vanilla, and I've always loved the smell of the tire store. When I was a kid, I remember waiting at Sears to have new tires installed on the family car. I would smell the displays as if they were put there for olfactory enjoyment rather than industrial usage! Bvlgari Black leaves me sad. I don't get tires in the top notes, I get smoke. And not a good smoke (as in burnt sugar), but bad smoke (as in used ashtray.)

I will try this again when I don't have to leave the house and see where it goes.

07th March, 2012
Rubber, winding down to vanilla. Industrial. I got this as an Xmas present and after wearing it a few times, still can't decide what to make of it. I suspect that even after finishing a bottle of the stuff I still won't understand it.
30th January, 2012
Chanzy Show all reviews
United States
I tried Black today thinking I would buy it but then I decided not to. Heavy vanilla and musk are the stars of the show. If I strained my nose I could find cinnamon and maybe some cedar. These are some of my favorite elements but somehow they don't play well together in Bvlgari Black. I'd describe the total package as monolithic. On a positive note, presence and longevity seemed above average. Based on the few dozen popular scents I feel like I know, I'd say it's very unique. Ultimately I think it smells good but it's not something I'd want to smell like. Perhaps it reminds me too much of my recently completed holiday baking. I'll revisit this one sometime later.
06th January, 2012
if you can bear the initial outbreak of the rubber note you will enjoy one of the best dry down related to vanilla; a little powdered vanilla with a subtle flowery touch, very effective and attractive, wich is in a way the Dior homme of the bikers.
my rating is neutral especially because the more I wear it the more I am unable to rid myself the discomfort it causes me such nagging rubber note.
27th November, 2011
A very unique fragrance, truly a masterpiece by bvlgari in it's own way, but but for me it's a little bit dissappointment. i expected a lot from this fragrance but it didn't satisfy me. It has a very unique smoky rubber opening, there is a marked evolution of notes from top to bottom, it gradually turns into a smooth calm soft vanilla fragrance. sillage and projection is poor but longevity is moderate. i love the bottle and packaging. i would like to rate it 7 out of 10 for its unique opening and great bottle.
05th August, 2011
Aromatic, almost (or better ostensibly, in a post-industrial way) balsamic-ozonic, vanilla scent spiced by a black tea note and with a misty-smoky-rubbery supreme temperament, this is Bvlgari Black. I share the same opinion with Frenchlover, this is the smell of a metropolitan jungle, the (nocturnal/wintery) down town smell of Metro-Manila, Tokyo or Chicago, the scent of burning asphalt, iron, steamy drains, vapour, clubs smoke, stands of spices, tea and sweets. The base is gassy with a gummy and waving mild-slightly salty undertone. I think that the salty effect is enhanced by the insertion of the leather note (synthetic rubbery/plastic leather). The note of dark tea blended with vanilla, resins, amber, plastic and musk provides a sort of airy-talky-rubbery feel. The rubbery "molecular" feel is "enhanced" by the absence of structuring woods in the base which is mastered by vanilla, rubber and musky amber. Well calibrated cedarwood and sandalwood are placed in the middle in order to impress woodsy mildness in a light way. An obscure jasmine enhances the darkness since the beginning. Despite Black is originally appointed I honestly think that it takes in part inspiration by its several celebrated "ancestors" a la Jacomo de Jacomo (and further obscure leather fougeres around) for instance (of course purifying it by all that fougere aromaric barber-shop complexity and pushing the accelerator over a more minimalistic and rubbery-velvety structure of elements). This fragrance is strongly synthetic and in my opinion is not a pillar of distinction and boldness. Anyway, Black is pleasant in a peaceful way. Metropolitan nocturnal silence.
12th April, 2011 (last edited: 10th February, 2015)
I just bought this yesterday (hard to find, by the way).
I can feel the rubber note more at the beginning, but it does not last much, when it dries down you get a smooth scent, mostly based around a vanilla note.
This fragrance is very soft to my nose, I expected something stronger .In fact it would be a greater fragrance if it had more power .This fragrance reminds me a softer version of Fahrenheit (but much much soft)
Longevity is nearly average, not great thing .
At Bulgari's website you can see this is a MEN's fragrance, but this can be perfectly unisex.

Above all, this is a great fragrance, that could be improved adding more power and strength.

UPDATED: April, 13, 2011
After having used it for some days, I've changed my mind .
Projection is nearly absent, nobody notices when you wear it, even my nose doesn't notice. As other reviewers say , after 30 minutes it loses all its strenght and after 3 hours you smell nothing.
In politics and life, when you try to please two opposite groups everybody gets unsatisfied. The same happens with Black. It is not too strong (soft leather, vanilla) to please women and not too weak to satisfy men .But it goes nowhere.
Another thing I dislike is the transparent package, letting the bottle being affected by light.
I would give this fragrance a thumbs down, but the scent (very soft) is still great.Let's be neutral.
I want my money back!!
My marks:
-Scent : 8
-Longevity: 5
-Projection: 3

09th April, 2011 (last edited: 13th April, 2011)
This scent is has excellent depth; it evokes emotion in the person smelling it. I think it captures the essence of a metro-sexual, sensual womanizer. A working man that cares about the way he looks after work could definitely pull this off It starts out projecting a rubbery vanilla that leaves a scent trail wherever you go. While sophisticated this projection can be overbearing for the first hour. After that, you get an evocative vanilla coming off you that is just enough for a woman to smell if she come within handshake distance. It is best suited for one on one encounters such as in a nice restaurant. This would not be suited for everyday use, but if you can pull it off, go for it. It is not for me though simply because it has too much ego.
26th February, 2011
I don't feel it should get a negative because I didn't get ill. The rubber note reminded me....dare I say, a condom. I am all for safety but not in my EdT.
20th February, 2011
The "rubber" note doesn't smell so much like rubber as it smells like a leather/vanilla accord that gives a rubbery vibe. Linear scent with lightly powdered musk & smoke.

Interesting, but underwhelming.
08th February, 2011
I wanted to love this fragrance. I have read all the reviews and have have read many times where someone will compare Bulgari Black to Fahrenheit; not in the scents themselves but the type of attitude you need to rock this juice. Lets just say I don't get that at all.

I am not sure if I get too much of the "rubber note" this one is known for, as all I get is vanilla. just a smooth vanilla. I actually tested this on paper, but then went back to the store a week later and did a skin test. Well, three hours later I can barely smell anything on my wrist.

Also, this is a unisex frangrance and I know why; anybody can rock vanilla. I don't dislike this scent but I don't find much interesting in it compared to say Versace the Dreamer or Le Male (I would say it is close to Le Male's dry down).

I will pass on this one even with the cheap prices on Ebay.
26th December, 2010
Beautiful and interesting smell. I just don't see myself wearing this everyday.
12th December, 2010