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Reviews of Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

It's not bad; it's just not good.

The very lightest of lemony scents, opening with an herbal and lemon blast, then settling down to a minimalist citrus/woody, disappearing quickly.

There is more to this than listed above. Additional notes include: Coriander, Mandarin and Lemon in the top, Muguet in the middle, and Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Cedar in the base.

There are hundreds of light summery citrus splashes to be had in the perfume world. This has going for it a light green tea dry down that is differentiating, but still no reason to run out and buy, especially given its poor longetivity.
27th June, 2014
Genre: Citrus

like to think of Eau Parfumé au Thé Vert as Jean-Claude Elléna’s minimalist manifesto. It’s certainly not the first modern fragrance to combine clean sexlessness, transparency, and structural simplicity. It has approximate stylistic precedents in bright, clear, green citrus florals such as Annick Goutal’s Folavril (1981) and Eau du Ciel (1985). On the other hand, it was the first fragrance of its kind to achieve commercial success for a popular, established perfume house. Its influence was felt immediately, both in designer scents like Tommy Girl, and in niche fragrances like Thé pour un Été. For better or worse, it also established a stylistic vein that Elléna has mined doggedly right up to the present. Over the decades it has been much imitated and frequently debased – regrettably at times even by Elléna himself. Yet it remains one of the best of its type and a significant landmark in the history of perfume.

While it has been paired with its contemporary, L’Eau d’Issey, as one of the twin instigators of an “anti-perfume” aesthetic, the two scents have very little besides transparency and a cool, crisp cleanliness in common. Whereas L’Eau d’Issey smells proudly artificial or synthetic, Thé Vert smells natural. Not “natural” in terms of imitating a natural smell, nor in terms of ingredients – indeed I’m sure there’s plenty of synthetic content – but in terms of smelling like something one could actually encounter in nature. Perhaps “naturalistic” is the better word. By contrast, L’Eau d’Issey smells like something you would find only in a on a shelf – albeit an elegant one. That’s not to pass any aesthetic judgment. Both styles can please, and both have been fruitful – I need only think of Mugler Cologne, Mark Buxton’s work for Comme des Garçons or Charles Brosius’s oeuvre to recognize the creative potential inherent in the L’Eau d’Issey line.

Does Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert smell like green tea? Not really. It smells green and fruity, it smells of crisp jasmine (and hedione?), and it smells refreshing, in the way I would expect of an iced beverage. Being a sexless smell, it is also absolutely gender neutral. Oddly though, despite its sheer texture and extreme transparency, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert is relatively potent and lasting. I don’t need more than a couple of sprays to last me the whole day. Historical importance aside, I very much enjoy this scent, and place it alongside Déclaration, Eau de Campagne, and Globe as one of Elléna’s very finest works. Unlike much of what he’s done since, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert makes me smile.
13th June, 2014
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United States
I have worn this since it came out -I was in Berlin and a friend brought me some. Many perfumes, EDTs and others seem to soak into my skin and vanish in hours. This one lingers, a fresh tea scent that, although not noticeable at arms length, gets me positive comments many hours after I put it on. My late husband thought it was my natural fresh smell, I wish! The extreme, on the other side, is not the same at all.
20th March, 2014
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Fresh & Clean

I bought this because I have always found Bulgari's fragrances interesting and I love green tea scents.

This one has to be one of my favorites. It's very pretty and sparkly. It kind of reminds me of a sparkling cold drink on a hot summers day. It's fresh, green, citrus and slightly floral. It's not ultra girly or sweet.

It lasts about an hour on skin which is ok as it's perfumed water but I've found it lasts really well on my clothes and seems to project better too although it does somehow remind me of hairspray... not in a bad way though.

21st July, 2013
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United Kingdom
A nice perfumed water

As a perfumed water I do not expect it to last long, and hence it's longevity of about an hour has not influenced my review. A nice citrus scent that quickly develops into a good green tea scent - refreshing is warm weather. Simple but good.

17th June, 2013
Happy, light green tea citrus scent

As a green tea scent aficionado I fell in love with this one right off the bat. It really smells like green tea, and the additional notes of citrus and ginger only enhance the tea scent. It is a light fragrance, perfect for any time of year but especially spring and summer. It seems like it would be nearly universally flattering, and a truly unisex fragrance. In short: it makes me happy. That is what a perfect perfume should do.

30th May, 2013
A citrusy, sweet green tea fragrance spiked with bergamot. All other "green tea" fragrances I've smelled fall flat in comparison. I love the "genderlessness" of it.

It's exactly how I want to smell in warm weather, museum hopping, or out to lunch with friends. Unfortunately, I seem to get a rash when I wear this in the sun, so if you know that you can be photosensitive, do pay attention to where you're going when you wear this, or just put it on your clothing.

09th September, 2012
This one has Ellena written all over it - sheer, spicy, unobtrusive, full of character and yet universally flattering and wearable. Oblique "green tea" accords have been done to death since this groundbreaking perfume's release, but in my opinion, Thé Vert is still the champ due to its relative complexity. Most green tea scents stop and end there, but Thé Vert's sprightly ginger and cardamom offer up a nose-tingling spicy edge, and the cedar and moss in the drydown deliver some earthy, comforting warmth in contrast to the springtime lucidity of the heart accord. Before sniffing it this year, I was afraid The Vért would come off as a little dated and overly familiar, the way CK One and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea do now. I was wrong; Thé Vert smells as refreshing, guileless, and unique as it must have in 1993. Credit the genius of its creator, the integrity of its formula, the quality of its materials, or any combination of the above. Thé Vert is a gift that keeps on giving.
19th April, 2012
Green, clean, slightly sweetened and flowered. Green tea? Close enough. Smells as healthy as green tea. Is there anything particularly captivating here? UM.......probably not. It's just a great way to smell, if again, green, clean, slightly sweetened and never mean is your thing. Comparison to L'Artisan's The Pour un Ete is not necessarity inevitable but I will make one anyway. To read my humble ramblings on the subject see my review of The Pour un Ete.
21st February, 2012
Gorgeous - green, rounded, elegant. I love the Extreme version, but this is a quieter, gentler scent.
12th December, 2011
Simply the best......the absolute perfect combination of spicy and sweet. Every quest to locate a new and "better" scent is fruitless. I have worn this since the mid 1990s and have yet to find anything that can compare. Need to buy in bulk!!!!!
27th September, 2011
The bottle is green, very pretty actually.

Smells refreshing, if you run away from sweetness in perfumes, this it IT for you.

On summer days, I just love it.

Staying power is ok, about 2 hours, alright for an EDC.
24th April, 2010
Suffocating, cloying, Rose dominant perfume, whose 'unisex designation' is simply a veiled euphemism for 'unabashedly feminine'.
11th December, 2009 (last edited: 12th March, 2010)
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This is not a perfume. It is something else but absolutely not a scent to wear. I have had maybe 6-7 different Bulgari perfumes. This is the worst.
It is not disturbing, it is just meaningles. Like a ghost. No color.
The bottle is better then the perfume.
26th August, 2009
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United States
Spicy citrus opening with the "green tea" note immediately evident. This is what I get for most of this fragrance's time on my skin - there is little (obvious) evolution going on here for me aside from the introduction of some subtle florals in the mid notes. Is this a bad thing? On this kind of scent, I would say no. It is expertly balanced - there is nothing extraneous, superfluous or out of place. There are people who find this approach boring, which I understand, but to me, it is just blissful when done right. This is not something I would wear for going out, it is a scent primarily for your own personal enjoyment, and I believe it can be enjoyed year-round - in warm weather, it is light and refreshing, on a rainy fall day, it is quietly reflective, and on a cold winter day, it can be gently uplifting. An amazing fragrance.
15th August, 2009
This is a brilliant modern take on the classic Eau de Cologne. It's a sprightly, green summer scent that may not necessarily smell like green tea, but it carves out an olfactory territory of its own regardless, into which many bath and body products have followed. I almost wish they wouldn't have pigeonholed it by naming it after green tea, especially since Bulgari's product names are usually tasteful. It starts out more citrusy and becomes more flowery, all the time unfortunately losing a lot of strength, though this is somewhat to be expected. Maybe next time I'll douse myself in the stuff and see what happens. By the end, the base is very subtle and reminds me of luxury hotel soaps based on honey and citrus blossoms. I find this and Mugler Cologne to be among the more successful unisex fragrances I've tried; many others had feminine associations that were too strong for me to use them enjoyably.
13th July, 2009
The Vert is green, peppery, powdery, and slightly sparkle-y. It could also be THE most boring, pleasant scent I've ever smelled. I'm sure it could work as a room spray in spring, but I cannot imagine looking forward to putting this on as I'm dressing. I'll tell you what though, this would work very well in a close quarters situation like a plane ride, ER visit, or alien abduction, when you don't want to offend those around you.
04th May, 2009
I like it - it reminds me of those days in winter that are sunny but chilly. maybe cos I bought it in London in summer but i think it's crisp and clean all the same. when i'm trying to figure out what to wear i usually pick it up when i just can't be bothered thinking too much but i'm always glad that i do later in the day cos it lasts forever!
10th March, 2009
Boring and bland. Compared to ck One? ck One is a vibrant citrus while Thé Verte is a blank, pale green wall. Several people told me that "it smells like perfume". How non-descript can you get?
04th August, 2008
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United States
Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Orange
Middle notes: Cardamom, Tea, Lily of the valley, Rose
Base notes :Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Bulgari's first perfume and (arguably) still the best. This is where it all started... the beginning of Jean-Claude Ellena's signature minimal accords. Ellena shopped this composition around in the late 80s early 90s, but there were no takers .. incredibly the composition was considered too off-beat for the crazy hairdo wielding populace of that period. Ultimately Bulgari took a chance on the composition, and used the juice to aerate one of its flagship stores in NYC. Rest as they say is perfume history..

TheVerte (TV) elicits the aroma and freshness of green tea, but as far as I know it contains no green tea note. Ellena uses a smorgasboard of notes to recreate the freshness of green tea. The juicy citrus opening is immediately followed by a (comparatively) more complex heart of florals and spices...but these are florals and spices suspended in space, their loudness barely audible. The spicy freshness of cardamom (a regular ingredient in Chai tea) is rendered soft by a dusting of jasmine and rose while the remnants of the citrus opening infuse the composition with a tangy element. The basenotes provide ample support in the form of cedar and amber. Its a quiet yet substantial scent and easily lasts over 6 hours on my skin. For a more impressive effect, use it as a room spray - the ambiance it lends to space is an olfactory experience to behold.

Nowadays Ellena maybe accused of riding on his past glory by regurgitating his minimal sweet and vegetal formula dressed up in fancy international marketing, but his classics have stood the the test of time. The Verte has been oft copied but never bettered. Put a bottle in your guestroom and the guests may never want to leave.

Rating: 8.5/10

09th June, 2008
I hate to say it, but this is just awfully boring. Too common, I do not care for it at all . . . Sorry :-(
05th June, 2008
My wife got a miniature of this fragrance as a gift in a fragrance store, and used it for the first time in our honeymoon at Venezuela. The fragrance worked very fine under tropical weather, with warm temperatures and high humidity.

Blended as an old fashion classic cologne, with top citric notes of bergamot, lemon and oranges, but don't fall in this category thanks to its middle notes of roses and jasmine, all around a main note of green tea. The base notes adds spicy notes of pepper and maybe soft wood notes like cedar and sandalwood.

The only drawback of this fragrance is its price, as it's a very expensive fresh cologne and for this amount of money someone would expect a very complex and sophisticate fragrance. As several unisex fragrances, I prefer to consider them like female fragrances. Very fresh and floral, its better aimed for office, daytime and evening use at warmer seasons or just simple evening events at more colder seasons. Don't seems to have a restrictive range of age, as it should be suitable for 20 years old teens and 60-70 years old women.
11th June, 2007
Gross. Heavy and overpowering on me, with a strong smell of baby powder.
10th June, 2007
Light, crisp, green, and tea. Pleasant enough, but too light and generic, in that inoffensive way that is all-too-common. A fresh take on tea; would be suitable for men or women.
04th March, 2007
Very nice green fragrance with a noble touch. This is really great in those days when you must get up early and really can't get out of bed.
20th January, 2007
I like it, but then I also like Yang by Jaques Fath. The Bulgari version seems lighter - maybe a bit fresher - but they are similar. Yang has superior sillage (and longevity - always a problem on my skin). - My $.02
05th December, 2006
This is my least favorite of the Eau Parfumée line by Bulgari, but it's certainly not bad. It must react differently on my skin, though, becaue I don't detect the florals and citrus others have mentioned. Rather, it has a strong herbacious quality and a very subtle tea note.

Unfortunately, however good or bad The Verte smells is somewhat moot given how short-lived it is. Unless you want to carry a bottle with you wherever you go, spraying yourself every ten minutes like a maniac, what's the point?
29th October, 2006
Apparently the first Bvlgari fragrance: They certainly started out strikingly. Bulgari Cologne Au Thé Vert is a beautiful, elegant, subtle fragrance. It opens with a soft gentle green citrus—on the card the cardamom and the rose come through clearly, but I cannot separate them out when I spray the scent on my skin. Then comes the tea note—a clean note with a mossy touch that is one of the most pleasant notes I’ve encountered in a long time. Doesn’t really smell like tea but it smells enough like tea for me to know that it is supposed to be the tea note. As far as longevity is concerned, I have found that, just like Bvlgari Pour Homme, it lasts longer than one would think, but I still have to refresh often. A wonderful, delicate fragrance, Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Cologne au Thé Vert is simply endearing.
15th October, 2006
I had to have this one but in the end I ended up using it only to give freshness to th bedsheets each morning.
I work close to the bulgari hotel in Milan and they give it a swoosh everyday, so all the rooms smell of it. iI guess this is why I can't have it on my skin again.
For who wants a fresh scent which is not the good old lemony-cologne, a good buy
11th October, 2006
Au The Vert, the first in the series, is the most fresh and citrusy of all – with notes of bergamot and green tea and a tad of honey at the bottom to sweeten your beverage. It's nice, but just not quite my personal style...
25th July, 2006