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Positive Reviews of Old Spice Burley / Old Spice Bounty by Shulton

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This is my first post and I am a total fragrance novice, but I'm a sommelier and 25 year wine trade veteran so I know a little about aromatics from top to bottom. Long story short I purchased a vintage bottle of Burley After Shave lotion on ebay and just tried it on today. Assuming the contents of the bottle are original and not a scam refill I can say I truly like the experience. The top notes evoke a campfire the next morning when the dew has settled on the burnt's woodsy and sappy but has hints of fresh pine needles. After an hour the sillage softens and reveals heart notes of teakwood oil and a soapy tone that I want to hate but actually brings back childhood memories of a "soap on a rope" my father used to leave in the shower back in the late 1960's. I'm getting some delicate floral and citrus notes that are struggling to reveal themselves under the soapy aromatic but find that to be a good balance in the end. This is definitely a masculine fragrance that is old world and will appeal to outdoor men rather than clubbers.
22nd October, 2016