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Neutral Reviews of Byblos Uomo (original) by Byblos

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The first blast is a fizzy and sparkling whiff of citrus (the main role is played by orange) and aromatic green notes. This phase is pungent, herbal and refreshing with a dynamic note of jasmine soaring in the air. A strong and "corporeal" (sweaty/pheromonal-like) note of patchouli starts in a while to get the scene when the initial splashing cocktail slides towards a woodsy base which is a touch spicy, deep in taste of fruit and above all musky. The musk is cool and smooth, without the animal feel and is a perfect final element for this sporting concoction. A nice scent for sport activity and as energizer after shower.
20th June, 2011 (last edited: 16th June, 2015)
This cologne always has an odd reaction on my body, rather dry, but certainly clean. It doesn’t smell synthetic to me – just the opposite – it smells like a mix of natural herbs. The opening has a brief whiff of citrus, and then the herbs begin to awaken. For the longest time, a strong bottom note seemed strange to me, but I couldn’t place the smell and then it finally occurred: it smells like celery! Perhaps this is the combination of other herbs (thyme, tarragon and so forth). I wouldn’t necessarily mind that note, but it is just too strong.
26th March, 2010
I'm with chris-p on this one. It's not a terrible scent, but smells very synthetic and all blends together to smell like metallic floor cleaner. Not sad that it is discontinued; there are any number of "designer" scents out there that give a spicy, fresh, citrus scent better and don't have the odd note attached.
03rd December, 2006
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