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Neutral Reviews of Casran by Chopard

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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There is definite bergamot as main accord in the top notes, with a yuzu-like line note and some added cardamom. A middle note based on lavender's greenness with a touch of sage, which does not really develop well on my skin, is followed by a fairly generic base of woody spiciness. Overall with the good top notes it is not bad, but not particularly interesting. Limited silage, decent projection and about five hours of longevity on me.
21st May, 2014
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
For originality and truth in advertising, Casran gets a thumbs down. For the aroma itself, in a vacuum, it is not bad so I settle for a neutral.

Smells like it's from the same neck of the woods as Deauville, Colonial Club and others of the era. The note recipe listed above bears scant resemblance to the very linear yet pleasant Casran. Maybe there's some bergamot, there is a sandalwood-like note and vanilla, of course, since men's fragrance developers nowadays are inspired more by Foster's Freeze than by, say, Rolls Royce.
04th May, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
This one is not a bad scent, but it is quite disappointing. I get a lot of semi-sweet licorice-like anise, chemical powder and nothing much else. The scent pyramid has a lot of notes that I just do not smell, and it is missing the anise that I definitely *do* smell... Quite linear, and somewhat classy but not distinctive. There are many better gourmands out there, but I haven't thrown out my bottle of this stuff from a blind buy purchase years ago, so I can't completely dislike the stuff... Maybe it is the fancy bottle? I would say this is 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5. Not hideous, but also not recommended.
13th April, 2012
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Smells rather ordinary given the extraordinary pyramid. Rochas Man and Hanae Mori HM are more realized versions on this theme. Extremely hard to find but if you don't, you're not missing much.
26th December, 2010
I agree with PaulSC, it is also the first blind buy that I regret. The thing is, I am (as many other people on this board), use many fragrances at the same time, sometimes even layer them carefully to experiment. I tend to prefer dark and heavy orientals mostly, and I thought in my collection now I just needed something slightly lighter, a bit androgynous, and powdery that not that many people know of. So after reading the comments, Casran seemed like the perfect choice.

It is powdery alright, and something like-of-which I had never owned before. But I am disappointed with the lack of personality this scent unfortunately displays. Believe it or not, on my skin it smells a bit like Hypnotic Poison after a while (which I love as a woman's scent) yet it is synthetic in such a weird way. The opening is very weird, and the drydown is completely clueless. After the first 10 minutes, it settles into a lukewarm powdery feel, yet that one synthetic note is ever stagnant. The rum and chocolate I can smell pretty easily and benzoin is also present with the mix of the other two. At the end though, it is a dry vanilla scent that has absolutely no significant identity.

The thing is, it is very difficult to describe this scent, especially within a man's fragrance vocabulary. It is unique, yet I don't know if it is in a good way. I like it as something that I revisit once in a while in my over 20 fragrance collection, but a signature scent this will never be.

27th April, 2008 (last edited: 11th October, 2011)
PaulSC Show all reviews
United States
Disappointing relative to my very high hopes. In fact, it's the first blind buy that I regret, although it wasn't expensive and isn't awful.

It starts out incredibly thin on my skin, so the first time I wore it, I over-applied and then began to regret this action as a sweet and vaguely fruity note became prominent. It's a scent I know ... it's just like that sweet plum wine one is sometimes served at the end of a Japanese meal.

And then it pretty much stays like that. I suppose a bit of woodiness develops, but I don't enjoy sniffing for it because I find the persistent sweetness unpleasant.

If you want a fragrance that is sweet and light and not floral -- a bit like Pi but cooler and lighter -- this might work for you. But this much sweetness is too much for me.

And yes, the bottle is gorgeous.
12th January, 2007
Casran is a nice but not outstanding fragrance from the bling-bling experts at Chopard. It's similar to a dozen things on the market and really isn't half as gourmand as the pyramid indicates. Buy it if you get a good deal, otherwise don't.
22nd September, 2005