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Chrome is young, fresh and clean. All good qualities that make this a versatile and popular scent for younger guys. The most recent ads show a "dad" as the target audience, so maybe it's actually more popular with a more mature demographic, considering when it was released.

Yes, it is kinda metallic and cloying, but I like this better than Nautica Voyage. Also, performance is impressive, both in projection and longevity, so error on the side of less if you're trying for the first time.
16th June, 2017
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United States
Resort scent at a recent Bahamian stay. Love it for warm weather beach scent. Every time I wear it, I go back...
13th February, 2017
Long lasting, fresh, masculine scent from Loris Azzaro that gets compliments every time I'd worn it.

The dominant notes in this one are the musks in the head notes ("transparent" is an interesting description!). The citrus head notes don't last too long, making way for the smoothening effects of the mysterious heart notes. Sandalwood gives it enough stability and predictability.

The Intense version is pronouncedly sharper and also quite nice...a reformulation that magnifies and lengthens the citrus notes quite a bit.

Great scent all year round.
28th December, 2016
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I'm a girl, and I found this scent on a guy to be extremely seductive. My nose is fairly sensitive so more powerful scents are usually not appealing to me, but I found this one to be plenty powerful, but in a good way -- I cant get enough of it!

In fact i was so enamored by it, that i went searching for which cologne it was. I found myself in a tax-free shop at an airport that had a vast array of testers for colognes and perfumes, and after sniffing maybe 10-15 of them, i found it! It was Chrome Azzaro.

02nd March, 2016
I once sniffed this years ago from the bottle and thought nasty, but really I was being prejudice based on the price and image. I decided to give a bottle a chance and am glad I did.

This is like the best deodorant every made more than cologne, but that is why I think it is great. It is quite strong and envelopes you in fresh clean smell. It stays linear for a really long time and never turns cloying.

It smells of fresh citrus without an orange or grapefruit note, citrus without fruit. It is more clean laundry with a hint of fresh metallic note. I hate metal smell, but this is a good metallic (stainless steel dipped in snow, not old copper penny). Not unique, but I would call it a common masterpiece. Great value too!
02nd December, 2015
You join us at the end of a board room presentation at Bizaco headquarters...

'... so, everything that could be read as provocative, or relating to the human body, in any way, has been ruthlessly cut from the formula. What remains has been multiple focus grouped and proved 100% safe, sanitised and acceptable to anyone. This is the ultimate, new fresh puritan fragrance!'

'OK, I have a question. You said that hedione is an extract of jasmin flower. Flowers are the sex organs of plants, aren't they.'
'Well, plants reproduce by their flowers, but they don't...'
'Right, flowers are out!
Musk, isn't that how beavers show when they're in heat?'
'Oh, no - these are synthetic musks, produced in sterile factories by scientists in white coats...'
'The grapefruit and denatured citrus is OK, and its... bland and safe like you say, but...' the chairman takes a sniff from his smelling strip, 'that sweet woody sort of powdery smell, what is it?'
'Oh, our perfumer based that on baby powder, it's very popular.'
'Baby powder' he ponders, connecting nose to brain 'hmm... baby puke... doesn't it smell like baby vomit to you?'
'No not at all!' the marketing man blurts out. He smiles weakly. 'And there's also sweet Tonka bean, it's fermented and then the coumarin is extracted - but there's no alcohol!´

'It smells like that Calvin Klein number that came out three years ago' rumbles the boss.
A heavy silence...

'Oh... But we have the smell of pure metal, brushed steel... stainless steel...´
'Ah. I thought you said chrome, but that's ok, whatever...´

'...and finally a range of pure synthetic odourants are used to give er, body to the rest of the scent. This will be the cleanest, blandest, purest mens eau de toilette on the market today, nobody could be offended by it and,' unleashing the deal clincher 'its dirt cheap to make.'
'Yeah' replies the big man thoughtfully, 'eau de toilet... maybe we could change that to eau de cologne...'

Later in the car.
'You know, when I was a kid, you could get sugary hot water from the drinks machine at school. This crap reminds me of that somehow...'

26th August, 2015 (last edited: 15th September, 2015)
One of my most favorite morning/summer scents. Very soapy and clean smelling on me, and invigorating too. It lasts forever for me WHEN: I shower and use a non fragrant lotion, and then apply 4-6 liberal sprays in the key areas. This is not synthetic to me at all, and whenever I wear it, the compliments flow.
15th August, 2015
Boring synthetic and linear like the majority of the present aquatic fragrances. Of course a non offensive scent which do not bother people, but without soul!


14th August, 2015
A good, cheap workhorse of a fragrance.
Go easy on the trigger, and others won't know you're wearing a ubiquitous bargain-bin scent.
CONS- tends to be harshly synthetic and bleachy if over-applied.
PROS- smells fresh and clean, and is suitable for all seasons, day and night, and is safe for work.
AND- it gets lots of compliments.
21st May, 2015

I absolutely LOVED this scent.why?Because CHROME is everything i want from Citrus Aromatic and one of the most fresh fragrances in my collection.

At first spray is so fresh,strong and cold.i found lemon and pineapple always makes it a nice combination the girls love my mind this fragrance house seems a quite little treasure trove of olfactory!

CHROME is great for daytimes/spring and for wearning with casual.much better than the CHROME LEGEND and longevity is +6 hours on my is great to buy if you want CITRUS,CLEAN and FRESH fragrance as the price is convenient too.

15th May, 2015
I wore Chrome a lot in the late 90's but never replaced the bottle. I've been curious about going back to it because I always liked the fresh soapy scent it gives off in the dry down. It's clean, and smells very light, like fresh laundry, once it settles down. You have to go light on the trigger though, as over spraying will cause a headache.

Good fragrance still.
29th April, 2015
So, a lot of people are saying this is heavy, synthetic with a harsh metallic note. I don't really get that, myself. It is really light and fresh to me. And really clean smelling. It is a little tiny bit synthetic, I'll admit. And a metallic note wouldn't surprise me. After all, it's called Chrome. After 5 or 6 hours I get this very mild sensation of coolness, which could be discerned as metal I suppose, but it's certainly not harsh or offensive in any way. I only have a small sample bottle, but for me this is absolutely full bottle worthy. It's very reasonably priced, and you could wear it pretty much anywhere. I think it is well-suited to warm springtime weather. I don't think you could offend too many people with this one. You probably won't get a ton if compliments. Most people probably won't notice it, but it's so pleasant for the wearer and anyone who gets within close distance. Unlike its flanker, Chrome Legend. Everyone within 15 feet of you will have a headache and a sore throat, including yourself, if you wear that stuff.
25th April, 2015
I think I've found my work cologne. Unisex, please wear it regardless of your gender if you sweat a lot even with keeping good hygiene.

Some of us are cursed with pig-urine or mineshaft-filled-with-dead-rats glandular behavior even without hot weather and this extremely strong-projecting scent will save your coworkers.
24th February, 2015
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United States
Metallic, complexity. For being billed as a "fresh ' scent, smells surprisingly heavy, artificial.
25th December, 2014
Safe,fresh clean and better than CK one IMO.
It smells like soap in a good way and whoever wears it feels fresh showered and clean.
nothing that girls will melt for but it will also not offend anyone!
very good and classic.
04th October, 2014
Again if you live in a hot humid environment, aquatics are refreshing and of the previous I reviewed, Hei by Alfred Sung and Subtil by Salvatore Ferragamo, Chrome is definitely worth the price. Again, I wonder where the information for this cologne is coming from but the top notes of this fragrance include ylang-ylang, jasmine and orris topped with fruits, aldehydes and gardenias. The scent duration of this cologne is way better than Hei and you get more compliments. Chrome is more sophisticated than Hei, hence the price. You can wear this as a daytime fragrance or an evening fragrance giving it versatility.
01st October, 2014
Metallic, mineral synthetic nonsense dries to down to fake smelling citrus. Beware of any favorable opinion. Yuck at any price. 0 out of 5
09th August, 2014
After a few years I tested out this fragrance again and it was a very different experience from the last time!
The opening of this fragrance is a fresh floral scent with a little bit of sweetness in the background. the citrusy notes do not smell natural, tart, authentic or even juicy. they are just there to give the scent kind of fresh and almost watery feeling. you can't point at a particular citrusy or fruity note and say it smells like lemon, bergamot or pineapple. it's just a fresh watery fruity feel.
I'm getting easily detectable floral notes, mostly jasmine right after spraying it on.

In the mid the fresh and kind of watery feeling of the scent settles down a little bit and the scent gets more floral, slightly powdery and a little bit more sweet. there are also some woodsy notes in the background that they give the scent slightly bitter woodsy aroma but not that much. I can feel some sort of metallic vibe beside this fresh powdery floral scent. it's not that strong but I can feel it. something like the smell of aluminum! kind of silvery, rusty, metallic feel. no changes to the end.
Projection is average to above average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin. It's just a below average fragrance and I don't like it. also it can be unisex, why not!
06th August, 2014
This does remind a lot of CK One. It smells like a CK One flanker. The addition is more floral white musk, I think. When I visited Las Vegas last year, I smelled this in one or more casinos, as if it were being used in the ventilation system, so I already knew the smell and had positive associations with it.
16th July, 2014 (last edited: 19th January, 2015)
OK, lets analize and resume in an as unbiased manner as possible: What ist Azarro Chrome? It's a generic aquatic fougere, as is Cool Water, Aqua di Gio, Bleu de Channel, Bulgari Acua, Polo Blue and dozens more of this kind. Its very well crafted and does nor smell cheaper as any of the before mentioned aquatics. It has good projection and longevity and surprises by its reduced wholesale price.

If you are looking for a nice and well made aquatic without much own personality, this one mght be just the right one for you. By price its direct competition is Cuorum Aqua, another well crafted and inexpensive generic Aquatic. Both are refresshind, don't bother anyone and smell nice and clean, ideal for the gym, the office, travelling, etc. or whenever you want to smell nice in a mainstream way without taking any risk - ist like driving a Chevrolet or wearing generic brand clothes, you won't stand out of the cround, but you won't risk rejection either...
15th June, 2014
Genre: Fougère

Oh look - another fresh aquatic fougère clone. Buy Chrome only if you really want Cool Water, but prefer a different bottle. Did I mention that the liquid inside is blue?
11th June, 2014
Azzaro Chrome opens with a cloying blend of nutmeg, cardamom, tonka, flowers, oakmoss, sandalwood and white musks, and a prominent, sickening, melt-rubber like note which I guess should be a clumsy, surreal, ethyl-douchebag rendition of pineapple. Soapy and metallic accords complete the whatever this is. Once it loses that cloying and dense note, it turns into a breezy, still generic and cheap ozonic-metallic scent. Nauseating at first, then pointless.

08th June, 2014
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United States
Citrusy with a mild, but persistent sandalwood note that translates as soapy and fresh rather than smoky. CHROME is the paragon of masculine fresh fragrances. A nice "daytime anywhere" kinda fragrance that appeals without much personality. This is a perfectly nice fragrance to have in a collection of more bold and definitive choices. Lasts 5+ hours on skin and clothes.
20th April, 2014
Fresh and clean to the nth degree, with a unique metallic twist. Really good in the summer and for travel. And if you look around (even at discount stores like Walmart), you can get it at a very reasonable price.

Sorry, Acqua di Gio - this is the mainstream aquatic to beat.
22nd November, 2013
Good for someone starting out in fragrances

If you are dipping your toe into the fragrance world or you are trying to graduate from AdG this will suit you well. Very fresh, very aquatic, almost metallic. That being said, I think it smells heavily synthetic and sharp. Spray too much and you could end up with a sore nose. But women seem to love it. I've never worn it and not recieved a compliment. Be ready to run into at least one other person who's rocking at the same time you are. If that doesn't worry you, then you should definitely add this to your rotation.

Pros: Longevity, affordable, easily attainable, women dig it
Cons: No longer a well kept secret, people confuse it with CK one, synthetic aroma"

12th September, 2013
Aquatic with class

even though not a fan of aquatics this juice stands up for its classiness and simplicity, it won't poke an hole in your septum just like Cool's simple, refreshing and discreet, in a world populated by overpriced rubbish...this is the work of genius!

Pros: a good cheap scent
Cons: aquatic anyway"

09th September, 2013
fresh- metalic- bright

A decent frag that is safe and fresh yet metalic but not in a bad way...its not great but its better then average.

24th July, 2013
Aquatic with a metallic tinge

A typical "fresh" aquatic fragrance. The metallic undertone gives it a mildly interesting twist, but all in all it's pretty standard fare as far as aquatic fragrances go. Lasts a good 5-7 hours and is a safe crowd pleaser for sure.

Although it doesn't have the same impact on me that it used to, I personally have a strong feeling of nostalgia attached to this scent, as this was my first and only fragrance for a good 2 years, as well as my workhorse, everyday scent throughout all of college. For a high school or college student looking for a safe starter scent on a budget, you could definitely do much worse than this.

24th May, 2013
Has a "mineral" vibe to it. Metallic. Pleasant and fresh, overrated longevity, but good stuff and hardly expensive. If on a budget and looking for a good fresh scent this might do.
12th May, 2013
Definate thumbs up from me - great super fresh summer scent that stands out from the boring melon scented crowd by having that terrific sharp citrus ('metal') note. Imagine a much better CK One with the girly bits taken out...

Not only that, but for an aquatic/ citrus aromatic it has very good lasting power and projection and stays around for the whole morning and into the afternoon for me. Very few of these kind of fragrances do that on my skin.

AND to make it even better it turns out that the ladies love this stuff. I always get comments every time I wear this.

Finally - its also really cheap

It's a no brainer. Get some for summer if you haven't already...
23rd April, 2013 (last edited: 10th February, 2014)