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Chrome is young, fresh and clean. All good qualities that make this a versatile and popular scent for younger guys. The most recent ads show a "dad" as the target audience, so maybe it's actually more popular with a more mature demographic, considering when it was released.

Yes, it is kinda metallic and cloying, but I like this better than Nautica Voyage. Also, performance is impressive, both in projection and longevity, so error on the side of less if you're trying for the first time.
16th June, 2017
Safe,fresh clean and better than CK one IMO.
It smells like soap in a good way and whoever wears it feels fresh showered and clean.
nothing that girls will melt for but it will also not offend anyone!
very good and classic.
04th October, 2014
This does remind a lot of CK One. It smells like a CK One flanker. The addition is more floral white musk, I think. When I visited Las Vegas last year, I smelled this in one or more casinos, as if it were being used in the ventilation system, so I already knew the smell and had positive associations with it.
16th July, 2014 (last edited: 19th January, 2015)
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Good for someone starting out in fragrances

If you are dipping your toe into the fragrance world or you are trying to graduate from AdG this will suit you well. Very fresh, very aquatic, almost metallic. That being said, I think it smells heavily synthetic and sharp. Spray too much and you could end up with a sore nose. But women seem to love it. I've never worn it and not recieved a compliment. Be ready to run into at least one other person who's rocking at the same time you are. If that doesn't worry you, then you should definitely add this to your rotation.

Pros: Longevity, affordable, easily attainable, women dig it
Cons: No longer a well kept secret, people confuse it with CK one, synthetic aroma"

12th September, 2013
fresh- metalic- bright

A decent frag that is safe and fresh yet metalic but not in a bad way...its not great but its better then average.

24th July, 2013
Has a "mineral" vibe to it. Metallic. Pleasant and fresh, overrated longevity, but good stuff and hardly expensive. If on a budget and looking for a good fresh scent this might do.
12th May, 2013
I'm only giving this a neutral because it smells very generic and due to its genre. I would say though, fresh aquatic scents are the big compliment getters and this one is no exception, people in general will like the way you smell. Its fairly cheap.

So if you want one big bottle for summer wearing, or even daily wearing, this is good because its abundant, easy to wear, people pleasing.

Though, anyone with some experience smelling different things will find this quite boring and nothing special.
23rd March, 2013
I'm not one to criticize something just for being popular. But this just isn't for me. It smells too fruity. That said, it has decent lasting power and projection, and I got a compliment within minutes of putting it on from the first person I passed.
04th January, 2013
Smells like an aquatic but is very weak on me. You should buy this if you want a fresh, smooth scent. I like it but it disappeared within an hour on me.

Sillage- 3
Scent -7

Test this before you buy. It might last better on you. If this is your first fragrance you won't be disappointed, I think it's pretty modern and smells good to many young people.
08th August, 2012
ElVee Show all reviews
United States
This is very aquatic and fresh on me, and while not offensive in any way, it also is relatively unremarkable. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned how this gets tired after regular use but it more interesting if I've not worn it in a while. I've used this as an on-and-off go-to for office work as it is light, inoffensive, and unremarkable on my skin.
06th July, 2012
Very common scent imo. Its a little too strong for me. I bought my first bottle in 2005 and I still have half a bottle left from then. It's an ok scent, but it becomes very cloying on me, almost to the point where I can taste it and thats just 2 squirts (neck and one wrist then tap on other wrist).

When I haven't wore it in a very long time it is a decent fragrance.

Though my g/f loves the scent its not one of my favorites.

If you can find a good deal and you like very strong aquatic scents then this is for you and I would recommend.

If you're into lighter scents then this is not for you.
13th February, 2012 (last edited: 21st February, 2012)
Soap water.Shampoo.Detergent.Thats exactly what it smells like.Very freash scent.Not offensive but great for a hot and sweaty day.As far as the scent goes,not very impressive.very common fresh metallic scent.
18th September, 2011
For what it is Chrome does it's job. It's not exciting or complex, but does smell good. It's a step up from Axe or Lynx and a good fragrance to sharpen your teeth on. Overall I'd give it a C+.
27th July, 2011
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Ozonic musk, airy, woody and with an orangy-floral temperament. Azzaro Chrome is hyper synthetic but appealing among the lovers of "beauty life" and summer parties. The scent expresses a chemical-metallic soaring blue ozonic (hedione-lichen) dominant vibe that is musky-blue in perception and slightly aromatic-orangy. Some green notes provide an aromatic-boise touch. The sillage is really powerful. A compromise between irony feel and soapiness in a general highly synthetic atmosphere.
22nd June, 2011 (last edited: 03rd September, 2014)
As exciting as a cloudy day. Chrome is 'nice,' and gets compliments from simple people. The median of all things- decent longevity, average projection, middling price range, even-keeled demographic of favorable versus unfavorable attentions. Chrome is the fragrance of choice for the unimaginative. You know there are actually guys who walk into perfume stores and ask the clerk, "What's the best-selling cologne for men?" This is right up your alley.
11th June, 2011
Classy, elegant, sophisticated; Certaily not.... But it is unique, versatile, and inexpensive. Inoffensive and easily a compliment getter. Above average projection and longevity. I just dont find it very complex or exciting.
08th May, 2011
I had nearly forgotten about Chrome until this morning, when I sampled YSL L'Homme. Immediately, it seemed familiar to me and then when I read the L'Homme reviews, someone else mentioned the familiarity. L'Homme and Chrome must be fraternal twins. Both are bland and very cookie-cutter. Fruity and floral. Modern. Fresh. Yawn. Azzaro has created some wonderful fragrances. Chrome isn't one of them.
26th January, 2011
This is just alright. I could wear this in the summer and enjoy it, but there's something about it that's kind of sharp.
I smelled Axe Proximity Bergamot before this and after that it was all I thought of when I smelled Chrome. Chrome is done much better but I can't get that out of my head haha.
16th January, 2011
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United States
Chrome gets a bad rap. I'm guilty to some extend of jumping on the Chrome Hater's bandwagon. But after giving it another go recently, I softened up, and here's why - Azzaro created a conceptual fragrance in Chrome, and they executed it perfectly. It really does smell like clean, polished metal. In fact, the effect is hair-raising in its accuracy, despite all the needless fruit and calone in the periphery. If one was to attempt the same concept in, say, vinyl, and create a scent that captures the dusty smell of old records with the same accuracy, I would be equally intrigued (and I'm sure it's already been done).

On the flip side, the skillfulness of the execution is also Chrome's downfall; whenever I wear this fragrance, I find myself wondering why anyone would want to smell like metal. The aesthetic allure of chrome trim on 1950s Cadillacs doesn't extend to putting my nose up to the bumpers and inhaling deeply. When I'm around attractive women, I don't envision them as robots. I doubt a woman would dream about my already-questionable physique being made of General Motors factory parts, with my cologne spurring the fantasy along. Perhaps I just lack imagination. But I have enough of it to know that Azzaro did the wrong thing right with this fragrance.
18th December, 2010
I don't get a metallic note from this, just a ctrusy aquatic.
I'm not the biggest fan, smells like a cheap bathroom product to my nose, but I got so many compliments for this from women that I keep wearing it.
12th December, 2010
A metallic aquatic as the name implies; starts out a bit like certain men's body washes, but with more of the Eternity/Adidas Moves type apple component. There are some florals in the top that make it interesting enough to stand out initially. The fruit starts to become a bit too harsh and candy-like during the middle, and around this point I realize that the blend is sweeter than it really should be. By the end, it's so harsh and synthetic that I just want it to be over with. Still, a good choice if you want something that fits in with the current trend.
27th October, 2010
This one is a love and hate for me. I used this back in my first year of college and actually went through a whole bottle. At the time I really enjoyed it, as I received many compliments from the ladies, but now when I smell it, there's something about it that turns me off. I really have to be in the mood to wear this one and its not often I do. When you first spray this, the top notes are very fresh, citrusy, and light with a hint of a metallic note and as it dries down, that metallic note becomes more prominant blended with light woody undertones. Projection is good for about 2-3 hours and then it really sticks to the skin for about another few hours. I get about 4-6 hours with this fragrance on a good day but longevity is a bit spotty. My manager at work wears this and he's probably in his late 30's early or 40's but I feel like going up to him and giving him something more mature and sophisticated, but then again he drives a Harley to work! Which brings me to my next point, any male 25+ need not wear this, it's too playful and immature of a scent so I recommend this to a younger crowd for sure. Anywho, "CHROME" is just what this fragrance resembles, at least with the prominant metallic note so the name says it all! My overall rating, C+
16th October, 2010
As a cologne its a very synthetic fragrance. The metallic note gives off an image of factories ( at least to me). Does not last long on my skin but it gets compliments from the younger crowd
11th August, 2010
Fresh and clean. My 6 year old son loves this, and since I picked it up for $10.00 at TJ Maxx he is now the cleanest smelling Kindergartner at his school. Chrome's watery note is quite pronounced so If you like the fragrance, but the watery note is too strong try Chrome Sport.
12th May, 2010
Clean,fresh,bright... bla bla bla.... a metalic version of CK one... fifteen years ago...
not bad but I cannot imagine me wearing this nowdays.
07th April, 2010
Smells like you've been in the pool. Great scent for when you're active, playing sports, swimming, gym etc. Easily has the most projection and longevity of any cologne i've ever owned (and I own Polo Green and Quorum). If you spray this anywhere it will pretty much always smell like Chrome. Gets alot of compliments but also alot of TOO STRONG comments so spray sparingly.
19th February, 2010
hcr Show all reviews
United States
I dunno, nothing new on this one... Does smell like any other fresh scent, good but not long lasting, not something I could consider a signature scent. Good "work" cologne maybe, or if you don't like to smell too strongly.
30th July, 2009
It's not bad, in fact I think it's pretty good. The only thing I really don't like about this stuff is that it smells really synthetic, almost to the point where it bothers my nose. Not bad but it's not great either. Overly aquatic, too.
16th July, 2009
Well made contemporary aquatic, fresh scent. Neither masculine nor original (let's face it, the launch of CK One in '95 had a huge impact on the fragrance industry), this still is a nice, pleasant fragrance with good longevity. If you're looking for something original with a personality of its own, stay away from Chrome. For folks in search of something a little more pedestrian to wear to the office, Chrome is your scent. I should also point out that whatever Chrome lacks in originality and inventiveness it makes up for in soft sensuality - Women absolutely love this scent. A good choice for fragrance newbies.

(Update) Although I still feel this is a good choice for fragrance newbies that just want something that smells nice, I personally find this quite boring and don't wear it at all. While at home the other night, I just sprayed a little bit on my arm and couldn't help but think, surely we can do better than this. Is mediocrity really the goal? I think not...
30th June, 2009 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
Many reviewers say that this is just a citrus scent. Its much more than that, its a very strange and odd scent. I'm wearing it as im writing this. It's just as the name implies: its a wierd metallic musky smell. It has some similarities with Cool Water but CW is more spicy/loud and is missing the metal. I have sprayed this multiple times from various stores and it always is the one with the least silliage out of all the frags. In light of the year 2009 and my experience with a decent amount of fragrances, I will give this a neutral, if I were in the 90s I know I'd give this a big thumbs up. Most people will see this scent as slightly different standard scent. However I know that there are people out there that this will just "click" and will fit them perfectly. Please, I'd refrain from giving this as a gift and also do not blind buy just based on the reviews, this is found in almost every single department store and is widely available for testing.
08th May, 2009