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Negative Reviews of cK be by Calvin Klein

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Remember the Hefty Bag's ad about 20 years ago??

"Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy",

that's what this fragrance is all about. doesn't last but a couple of hours, sillage is minimal, and the scent is nothing to write home about either.
White Musk by The Body Shop does a much better job on the same idea, and it is cheaper.
What a disappointment
30th March, 2013
I have a bottle of lavender cologne (500 ml for 5 bucks). Whenever I put this on, my sister notices immediately and compliments it.

When I put cK be on, it fades away in a few minutes o.O. There is no projection and longevity on me and nothing special about this smell. C'mon, seriously!
31st January, 2012 (last edited: 03rd February, 2012)
This smelled great on a tester and continued to smell great on the tester. This smelled terrible on me and continues to smell terrible on me. I tend to like CK so I tried it fast, but found I couldn't get it off of me fast ENOUGH!Started as a pretty good balanced Floral/ Musk, Immediatly dried down to a woody/ musk and stayed there for the remainder of 3hrs. It smells like cardboard on me. I liked Excape much better!
05th April, 2011
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I got this as a gift. I tried it and almost instantly i thought "is this for guys". It's unisex. I gave it two stars out of five because it smells cheap, overly floral for a guy to wear and not very complex. I gave this to my brother. Nice looking bottle though. I could see myself using it as an air freshener (which it really does smell like) but never again as a scent for me. There are far better floral and green scents out there. This is just too simple and floral for my personal tastes.
27th July, 2010
Ok, so I have been procrastinating on doing a review and now I'm fire up and I'm ready. This cologne smells very good. I would almost go as far as saying that this could be my signature scent, but there is a major problem with this cologne. It doesn't last more than 60-90 minutes. I don't think I have tried any cologne with a little staying power as this one. It also does not project well at all. It is like it should be used as a very nice smelling bathroom spray, because the top notes drop in ten minutes. Some people may argue that they can get several hours out of it, and to them I say "stop walking around with your wrist shoved up your nose".
03rd May, 2010
cloying synthetic mess that does not last more than 2 hours definately a gimmick and played out
29th September, 2009
I smell mostly incense, or something that approximates it, which is a bit harsh and somewhat orangey, like olibanum. And it grows faint pretty soon. I liked CK One so much better.
21st May, 2008
Smells like leather... latex.... rubber
06th May, 2006 (last edited: 23rd May, 2008)
I don’t know if it’s from some many people wearing it, but CK Be is what I think of when I hear the words generic cologne. This is a unisex offering from CK, and it’s gotten so ubiquitous that it’s now one of the easiest fragrances to identify. It’s mostly a citrus fragrance on a not so warn pseudo oriental base. Not something I like.
22nd September, 2005
My first and only CK scent. I recieved this one as a gift from a relative. Before even looking it up to see that is is a unisex scent I had already made that assumption. Very light, very sweet and a touch of floral. Just not to my tastes at all.
09th August, 2005