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It is so easy to imagine summer citrus groves,wide emerald fields and high blue sky overhead.a soft and refreshing scent in a simple bottle and absolutely ALBERTO MORILLAS will be a favorite to all fans of citrus compositions,full of freshness, aromatic notes and flowers. Green,Youthful, Crisp,Casual,Summery,Clean,Safe,Lovely,Light Hearted and Simple.

Light citruses,light floral and musky smell as top notes include green notes with bergamot,neroli and petitgrain,a heart of white flower lays over a soft musky base notes as it smells leave the skin feeling invigorating and the image of the mediterranean summer.nice enough to soothe away any irritation without any overpowering scent.MUGLER COLOGNE take with you in the mornings and revel in the freshness. perfect for young and active character.easy to wear and one of my favorites.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

26th July, 2015
Mugler Cologne opens with a nice smooth neroli note, which then fades to reveal a dominant vetiver note with soapy musks. It's fresh and clean with limited sillage and longevity, but much more substantial than traditional EDCs.

However, the neroli note is quite flat and the vetiver isn't sharp and grassy OR deep and herbaceous. It's a clear neon green artificial note, stripped of any natural features. It seems quite lean and modern, as if Mugler was working with CdG to make an EDC for robots.

I know that sounds a little exaggerated, but it really feels quite artificial and cold to me, but that may be the sacrifice made for more than fleeting longevity. Given all the praise for this scent, maybe I'm completely anosmic to something amazing in this scent, but I'll take Acqua di Parma Colonia over this all day every day.
20th June, 2015
Mugler Cologne opens up as a carbon copy of Creed's Original Vetiver. Where OV stays green though, Mugler Cologne gets overcasted with neroli for the most part. Credit where it's due, to go from vetiver to neroli so smoothly, almost unnoticeably is outstanding. My problem is that I don't care for neroli. You like neroli, vetiver? You will love this. The vetiver in here is more soapy, more like Guerlain's Vetiver (current formulation), than it is green. I prefer a darker and earthier vetiver tone, which I don't get here.

Undoubtedly though, this is a clean gentleman's fragrance. Sophisticated and refined. This is John Varvatos Artisan, meets Guerlain Vetiver, or Creed's OV.
06th March, 2015
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Unless you live in the South Pole, I just can't see how you can go wrong with this.

After a sharp citrus, it's an outdoor clean laundry scent. Simple, refined, relaxed and verstile. Sillage is average as is longevity.

03rd March, 2015
Thumbs way up for this one. This soapy, green, musky cologne actually pulls the ear to many "niche" compositions (you know who) and stands as an excellent everyday choice when you don't feel like wearing perfume but want to really smell good. I don't like to evaluate a fragrance by the compliments it gets but since I know that many men value this I let you know I have received many compliments with this one. Also it sells for pennies so go get some.
20th February, 2015
Thierry Mugler Cologne is appropriately likened to both 4711 original Eau De Cologne and Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino due to the soapy emphasis of neroli, the most prominent note that gives it its characteristic semi-green, sunblock-esque freshness. In this respect, it's a successful fragrance as a light summer day scent. It lacks much depth or evolution but is undeniably fresh, and it's similar to 4711 almost to a fault, as I regard 4711 as a cheaper alternative. It lacks the potency and depth of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, so that seems less of an apt comparison, but the front-and-center use of the neroli is the commonality there.

Projection and longevity are both limited, as this stays pretty close to the skin and becomes a skin scent within a few hours. At $40 or so for a 100ml on FragranceNet, the price isn't terrible, even for a EDC or weak EDT, but for my money, I'd opt for 4711, which is much cheaper still. I'd offer that Thierry Mugler Cologne does seem like a good, cheaper, everyday alternative to Neroli Portofino, though, so fans of that may want to check this out---certainly worth trying, regardless.

6 out of 10
18th February, 2015
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United Kingdom
Top cologne! Very good indeed! Intense fresh green soap followed by a humble vetiver/grassy dimension. The opening is like what many say...straight out of a hot shower; steamy, fresh, clean vibe. The drydown is warm grass on a breezy summer's day. Reminds me of the south of France. Robust longevity, sillage and projection - lasts 8 hours, projects well and no doubt lingers. Delightful!
18th January, 2015
Original Vetiver by Creed withou the Creed price tag. Perhaps a tad brighter than Creed
11th December, 2014
I purchased a big flacon because ii had the feeling I would go through a lot of it, splashing it on in wild abandon during warm weather. I was spot on. With a million reviews already in the can it was a very safe blind buy.

Who could not like this cologne, I wonder? It's probably the least aggressive thing I've ever smelled, or worn. I'm not saying much of anything that hasn't been said before, but Mugler is green spring/summer sunlit freshness in a bottle. I think it would make a great fabric softener as well. If you would like to double as a room air freshener, this would be my first choice. It's not potent at all, and could very well be sold in industrial sized containers with no worry about toxifying the surrounding atmosphere.

It's green spring air in a bottle, very breezy and very happy feeling. An olfactory antidepressant if there ever was one. Wear while sweating (after a soapy shower) in light cotton and shorts, and be the meadow/orchard/fresh laundry in the room.
10th December, 2014
A safe scent that as everyone says smells a lot like Creed's Original Vetiver. I prefer OV or this, but Mugler Cologne is a good one nonetheless. Light musk and neroli give this a nice green vibe. Sort of like fresh cut grass. 7.5/10
25th November, 2014
What else really has to be said about this. Mugler Cologne is a great creation from Alberto Morillas. It's the essence of freshly dry-cleaned/steam-cleaned clothes and is perfect for throwing on right out of the shower. Do yourself a favor and don't pay upwards of $200 for Neroli Portofino. This accomplishes the same thing for $50. Kind of a must-have in any fresh fragrance aficionado's wardrobe, and nothing else smells quite like it. It also features strange, alien-green juice in a cool bottle to boot. Highly recommended. Now if only Thierry Mugler could stop inventing A*Men flankers and put out a fresh idea..
11th October, 2014
There is no excuse but to give this juice a thumbs up as it would be impossible at this point for anyone to purchase it "blind" based on the 1.1 million + reviews available across the interwebs....

Citrusy...soapy...musky, the end.
19th September, 2014
A great summertime fragrance! I'm a big fan of soapy scents so it's understandable that I like this very much. Although I have to say that some reviews made me expect it to be quite overwhelmingly soapy. Luckily it isn't, it's just right. It's also nice and refreshing that this is lacking all the regular citrus scents; It has more citrus flowers and leaves rather than the actual fruits. If you are looking for a summer fragrance which is a bit different, i.e. if you - just like me - are slightly bored with normal citrus scents and aren't that interested in aquatic notes, this is just for you! Longevity and sillage are average, those things are probably the only minor drawbacks here. Luckily the product is relatively inexpensive and comes in a big bottle.
28th August, 2014
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Vetiver magically becomes fleeting soap. The cleanest most inoffensive thing you will ever smell. How do you grade something so neutral in aroma? Weird. At < $25 would be a true steal, otherwise a pass. 3 out of 5
09th August, 2014
Mugler Cologne makes a refreshing change from all the gourmand Mugler perfumes. I was originally expecting it to be more of a classic white Eau de Cologne, along the lines of 4711, Imperiale etc, but it's actually a very clean, soapy green scent, which is quite different from anything I've smelled before. Lovely in hot weather.
31st July, 2014
Theirry Mugler's Cologne is a modern, decidedly futuristic take on a classic recipe. His inspiration was the scent of a Moroccan soap he came across whilst on holiday.

I'll be honest, this does indeed smell exactly like soap (no surprise)! When I smell this I am reminded of an exclusively made luxury soap bar in a hotel bathroom. I find it very refreshing and uplifting.

I basically get a very sweet, green citrus vibe, coupled with a heavy dose of clean, white musk. I think I also get a faint hint of Vetiver, although it isn't listed. It's not a bitter at all to my nose (unlike other types of Eau de Cologne's). Instead it's very smooth, and not in any way sharp smelling or overpowering.

I don't think I really have anything bad to say about this. I do get the slight "synthetic" feel which others have mentioned, but even then it still achieves it's goal of smelling clean, fresh and inoffensive. This is the one I reach for when I don't want to smell "complicated", just clean and ready for the day ahead.

Well done to M. Mugler for coming up with this. His aim here was to create a perfume "for people who don't like the smell of perfume". It's simple and does that job very well. It's a modern, fresh take on what is (in my opinion) a very old and conventional formula, which has been repeated too many times. This doesn't feel like it belongs with the rest of them. Completely fresh, unisex and modern as ever. I like it.
10th July, 2014
Genre: Citrus

I’ve put off writing a review of Mugler Cologne because I fear I’m at least partially anosmic to it. It takes A LOT of this stuff to make any impression on my nose. What I can smell, I like: a simple spiced citrus and dry wood composition (with what smells to me like a lovely cardamom note,) and an unapologetically synthetic soapy white musk foundation. It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it’s distinctive. It’s novel, but it’s also understated. If you’re looking for a “clean” scent, but have had your fill of the ubiquitous “fresh” aquatic scents and fruity violet leaf fougères, try Mugler Cologne.
19th June, 2014
This is an ok scent but it wasnt nearly as soapy as a lot of people on youtube were claiming. I get just a safe,simple green scent with a touch of musk and thats about it. Its just a safe,inoffensive scent to be used for casual and maybe some formal events. Nothing special but its not bad either. Although the mugler cologne isnt that great I really did enjoy the mugler cologne bodywash :D
23rd February, 2014
Soapy Vetiver and musk.

something about this frag doesn't work on me - I think the 'secret ingredient' is spearmint, and that combined with the horrible cheap musk smell turns wrong and dirty on my skin, something like a bucket of soapy dirty mop water - yuck!

If you like the vibe of this stuff I would recommend 2 fragrances that are (imo) better - Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino and Creed's Original Vetiver
24th January, 2014 (last edited: 24th March, 2014)
Safe and easy

Lemony, clean, and a touch of spices in the dry down. Really not a great deal more than that for me.

20th August, 2013
Great summer scent

Picked up some of this in Paris last year...I don't wear it much, because it wears off so quickly, but as it is getting warmer, I have started putting some on after a shower, and it makes you feel cleaner than the shower, but by the time I've dried off, this scent has almost worn off.

Like some wonderful type of flower that blooms only for a few days, this fragrance is great while it lasts.

Thankfully, I got the 10 oz bottle.

Pros: Brings to mind freshly cut grass
Cons: longevity is weak

10th June, 2013
Great for Summer

Love this scent! Great for summer, better for day, but good for night as well. I’ve worn it for 10 years and never had it go bad. I would say it is more masculine, clean and almost classic.  I get a lot of complements on this one.   

Pros: no one dilikes

22nd May, 2013

Mugler Cologne can easily join the rest of the Pure flankers as Pure Freshness, this is my favorite of the Thierry Mugler line. This fragrance is a straight up fresh and clean fragrance. To me it isn't soapy, it is just fresh and clean! I definitely get the Neroli and Musk in this one. This is a perfect fragrance for any event. If you have just gotten out of the shower a spray of this stuff will enhance your cleanliness and make you feel refreshed! Mugler Cologne is the fragrance I grab when I want to smell fresh and clean, or when I am unsure of what I want to wear. This fragrance will forever be a part of my collection.

Sillage/Projection: 7/10
Longevity 10/10 (10+ hours)
Scent: 10/10
Compliment factor: 10/10 (Clean and fresh)
Purpose: Any and all
Season: All year round

16th May, 2013
I think I expected way too much from 'Mugler Cologne'. I read several reviews here and decided to test, the first chance I get.

I did... and, unfortunately, got very disappointed. To me it is very very soapy and by far not fresh. It has several notes that might be considered fresh, but not to me.

It's heavy on the/my skin and powdery.
04th May, 2013
Clean but not "soapy" to me. Fresh. Not very strong but very pleasant. Always reminds me of someone ironing a clean shirt. (?)
15th April, 2013
Ivory soap with some "green" notes. CLEAN!
18th February, 2013
A great alternative daily fragrance, as it gives the feeling of sitting in the shade on a beautiful meadow ... but then evolves into something more. Although recognized as an excellent fragrance is not my favorite.
18th January, 2013
Mugler Cologne is a wonderful green/citrus/fresh scent. I guess it's one of the best scents on this range. Smells clean and soapy. Suitable for hot days. My only complaint is about it's weak lasting power. This is definetely a must have for any collector. Thumbs up!
07th January, 2013
Soapy with a grassy vetiver drydown.

It is fresh, but a misconception many people have about this one is that since it is a clean scent, that it is a safe scent. It is very strident and sharp (it really comes at you). I've asked some friends their opinions on this one. Some liked it, but one actually said it was the worst cologne she ever smelled in her entire life. I was shocked to hear that since all the hype on basenotes said it was really safe.

She said it smelled like the antibiotic liquid in packages of bandages at the drug store. Smelling it, I can see where she would get this comparison. It is pungent, but in a good way.

Both the projection and longevity are good. It's versatile, good for every season, affordable. The price makes it an excellent value.

Some will love this scent, some will hate it and some will think it's just okay. For most of you though, you'll like it but won't think it's anything special.

Its cheap enough for a blind buy and chances are you won't like it, if you welcome a big diverse collection and your tastes aren't that steep.

But, again, don't let the clean soapy feel trick you. This still takes an open mind to appreciate, and it is received more kindly by fragrance collectors than the average person.
02nd January, 2013 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
I'm so glad I got a sample of this before blind buying it, definitely not for me. This smells like a perfume my mom used to wear like Wind Song or something along those lines. I was looking for a soapy, clean smell and this is far too feminine and perfumy for my taste. It smells good on its own i suppose, and I know it is meant as unisex, so I give it a neutral.
25th December, 2012