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Negative Reviews of Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

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Not horrible. Not interesting. As others have noted it starts 4711 and quickly progresses to an alkaline musk. Soap.
30th March, 2018
It is a blind buy with high hope after reading so many good reviews. But I am quite disappointed with its longevity and projection. The fresh scent lasts about 10 minutes on my skin and then it turns to soapy after shower scent. It is nice, but thats all, nothing special. And this soft fresh skin scent fades away in about 2 hours. Its really not worth the money.
13th July, 2016
I think I expected way too much from 'Mugler Cologne'. I read several reviews here and decided to test, the first chance I get.

I did... and, unfortunately, got very disappointed. To me it is very very soapy and by far not fresh. It has several notes that might be considered fresh, but not to me.

It's heavy on the/my skin and powdery.
04th May, 2013
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chemical concoction, rather forgettable and plasticky
30th August, 2012 (last edited: 30th June, 2015)
Has a soap smell and not in a good way. I love the smell of soap because its clean and natural smelling. Mugler cologne doesn't smell natural at all it has some synthetic notes that really turn me off.
23rd September, 2011 (last edited: 25th September, 2011)
Mugler Cologne begins auspiciously enough; the light, slight, and stemmy opening is sufficiently refreshing to prick my senses. Sadly, it is a very steep decline beyond the top notes. In a matter of minutes it is exuding the sort of wispy, wood and musk veneer that renders it completely inconsequential. I can easily replicate this supposed aura by wearing freshly laundered clothing.

Normally, I hope for some exuberance and generosity from a fragrance, but here I end up being frustrated by Mugler’s excessive timidity. It’s as if I am condemned to negotiate with someone through a keyhole. Either Mugler Cologne is flirting with me, or I am sensing a lot of contempt. Given the largely ludicrous output from this company, I think I know the answer.
21st April, 2011
4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser, laminated.

Alberto Morillas has taken the short, one-way street of the cologne formula and turned it round on itself to form a cul-de-sac, using death-defying synthetics similar to those in the cellophane-wrapped S-ex and the dry-cleaned Outrageous! (To pursue this web: Morillas created the original version of S-Perfumes' S-Perfume, which was later reformulated by Christophe Laudamiel, who was the nose for S-ex in the same range, along with Grojsman's 100% Love, before she brought us Outrageous!).

Mugler Cologne is really a green interpretation of traditional cologne and is based on lime, cut grass, and vetiver, with neroli and the vaguest hint of hyacinth, prolonged ad nauseum with a powerful little white musk. What I do not smell is soap, unless what other people mean is the thin lemony scent of 'dish soap'. I take 'soapy' to mean creamy and alkaline, whereas this is sweet and sour and really more like flat lemonade. For soapiness, one can bask in the drydown of Tauer's Lonestar Memories or, less controversially, Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.

Mugler Cologne isn't bad so much as a stubborn triviality.
10th March, 2011
This smells horrible on my skin. I can't believe it's considered as a clean and inoffensive smell. My girlfriend didn't come near me for a day after I sprayed this on.
12th December, 2010
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United States
Typically, I won't give a thumbs-down unless the fragrance smells bad...but I have to put the smack down on this one. There is nothing to recommend this. It is ephemeral in the extreme: within a half hour I smell nothing. It is hardly unique, smelling especially like Tommy Hilfiger T and Abercrombie Fierce, but not as potent as either of those. It is a waste of money. Any number of much cheaper scents, such as 4711, give you the light citrus classic cologne aroma, without the designer pretentiousness. It doesn't smell bad for the few minutes it lasts, but if I want to smell wet towels I will open the washing machine for free.
05th May, 2010
This sum up this scent in a single word: boring.
I did purchase a bottle at one point, but sold it after approx. 30 sprays. When you first test it, it does give you that clean shower feel, and you might find it unique and pleasant for the warmer months. But, the more I used it, the more I got the "scented water" vibe from it.
28th March, 2010
Grimed soap and musk cologne that accurately recreates the unpleasant aroma of tepid, soiled bath water.
04th March, 2010
Although I like the clean scent, this was, unfortunately, a complete waste of money. No sooner is it on then it completely disappears without a trace. I also have Creed's Vetiver and, though more expensive, it was worth the money!
18th August, 2009
Very fresh and light scent. I like the green leafy heart note in this one. It is the same long lasting synthetic used in Creed's Original Vetiver (although the creed adds the Paul Smith 'Story' green note and many naturals also). I do dislike the synthetic citrus notes, and especially the synthetic "dishsoap florals" used here, and that is what ruins Mugler for me, making it too feminine and synthetic.
24th June, 2009
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I have tried to like this one over and over again, only to come to the same disappointment every time. I only smell PLASTIC in this one. It's like I've been playing with Fisher-Price toys all day. This isn't comforting or appealing to me in the slightest. Maybe, if I was a teething baby, I'd enjoy this one, but no thank you.

A definitely no go for me. Sorry guys
04th April, 2009
Mugler Cologne is a nice fragance for people who dont like complex fragances. Thats clear, but I don t see the difference between this fragance and some cheap baby colognes. Here, Chile, you can spend 4 dollars for better baby colognes. Only marketing.
Longevity is zero on me. Sillage, the same....
Simple cologne. Too simple for me.
13th February, 2009
I agree with the reviewer who said "fresh air." Indeed, this one seemed to vanish into thin air within minutes. With its near nonexistence, I can't justify spending money on it.
09th February, 2009
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United Kingdom
This scent has been done to death now, although 'scent' is stretching things a bit far. Neroli? Orange? Where?.... You'd be better off rubbing some orange peel around your wrists. It's fresh smelling alright -- fresh air (and that's free).
18th November, 2008
This really is for people who don't want to project themselves too much, but still want to be fresh smelling when someone gets uncomfortably close to them. - jalexhrovat

Absolutely, however...

There are plenty of other fragrances that will do that.

This is WAY too weak and simply isn't worth paying for. And I don't think Al Morillas made this, I think it was Ted Ivory. Seriously, copying the smell of 150 year old soap is bad form. There are vague hints of other smells in there, but it's 99.44% ripped off (tell 'em Fred), and it has no sillage even before the hour mark, at which point it vanishes completely.
26th August, 2008
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United Kingdom
The part where this is a soapy cologne is GOOD. The part where this shares some elements from Angel is BAD (it's as if he has used the same base - "Muglinnaire?" ) and that really put me off. I am a huge fan of Mugler's Alien, but I'm in the "makes me feel nauseous"-camp for Angel, unfortunately. So it's a resounding NO.
10th August, 2008
I'm with SirSlarty here. I've tried it twice and both times it has been terrible. I'm not sure what soap inspired him..Borax..but it went on weakly, was boring, was like dirty soap water and really was bad on my skin. Even when I asked the SA about it she shook her head no. So I can't think why this would be so popular.
04th August, 2008
I don't need a scent that reminds me of shower water and cheap soap with a dash of pepper. This smells weak but inoffensive. Grass and citrus = dilute soap water. I'm one of those who doesn't like this. I'm told "if you don't like Mugler Cologne there's soemthing wrong with you." Well, I guess there's something wrong with me.
26th May, 2008
quite smillar to OV.i dont like it on womens.too green and fresh , boring smells like a regular kolanya from Turkiye.try etro or OV.
25th May, 2007
Definately not a fan of this scent. For me it is too musky and heady especially for a "fresh" scent. I see no similarity between this and Gendarme or Aqua di Parma. I would return this if I could.
21st May, 2007
The topnotes are great but the mid- and basenotes are not: too musky and containing a strange "sour" note (somewhat similar to the sour/unfresh note in Eau Sauvage).
08th May, 2007
I dont know why people like this stuff, but this one didnt work for me. It gave me a headache and it made me sick to my stomach. I really tried to like this one but it just never happend. It smells like weeds in the gardern, if you ask me the cologne was much to soapy and green. If you like walking around smelling like bushes and a bar of soap then maybe this will work for you.
12th February, 2007
I tried TM after having bought Creed's OV. I agree that TM and OV are similiar. But to me, OV is much fresher, bolder, and pronounced...but not in a loud way. TM also has an odd sour note to me (could just be the samples I have). OV has a depth and fruity freshness to it that makes it much more fun and interesting than TM has come across to me. Guerlain's Vetiver is the best overall blatant vetiver of the three, and I alternate between it and OV depending on the kind of spice I'm in the mood for.
06th August, 2006
I cannot appreciate this smell because it lacks everything that makes a cologne real good.
26th February, 2006
i really dont find this frag so special as people generally do ,it lasts few hours on me and i could only wear it in the morning ,i find it so after shower
17th January, 2006
anak Show all reviews
United States
Thierry Mugler company sent me a sample of Cologne (how sweet of them). It almost blinded me it is the MOST BIZARRE sample I have ever seen it squirted me in the eye!!!! GRRRR. The scent IS NOT bad at all but not something I would wear. It smells like bug spray REALLY green. Anybody ever use "OFF?" It is an insect repellent and Cologne makes me think of my days at summer camp as a tike. Thierry is on my bad side now!.
15th October, 2001