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Neutral Reviews of Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler

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A great, green herbal scent that simply doesn't last long(not just on me, as is evident in the reviews!).
Slightly reminiscent of 4711 and others in that genre.

29th December, 2016
It's lucky it's getting a neutral from me. I get it, it's based off of a soap. That doesn't mean it has to have the longevity of it! Two sprays gets you nowhere with this (I usually stick to one), and I doubt adding more would help. I'm extremely disappointed in this regard.

That being said, it is a nice scent. I smell pickles at first (weird, I know), but within a minute I get the soap. It's a really nice, sour citrus, though it reminds me of Irish Spring in the dry down.

I can't recommend it simply because the price and longevity don't match up. If they can come out with a higher concentration version, then I'll consider grabbing it again.
20th December, 2016
Mugler Cologne is one of my favorites. It is clean, smells great, and is fresh. The only downside is that on my skin it only lasts 4 hours. If only they made this frag in an EDT or EDP.

Overall: 8.5/10
Longevity: 4/10
Sillage: 3/10
14th August, 2016
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Well as per Cologne it's great. Nice Scent, not to fruity yet Fresh. I am a Thierry Mugler fan and Longevity is not the best but Surely not disappointing.
14th June, 2016
I tried it couple of times through a decant ....and initially maybe I had a positive feeling due to the many gushing reviews in the discussion boards about the freshness and the exuberance of this cologne that I ended up giving it a 4 star ..but as I used it again and again I realized that it had some major flaws which makes it impossible for me to give it more than average as below :
It opens with a bright neroli / fresh smell ..which enlivens you but that's that doesn't move beyond the exuberance of the initial top notes ...its like a highly recommended movie which opens with an interesting story but goes kaput by the hr ..and and ending up like a tedious watch by the end of it ..and you wish it to end so that u can go home and sleep it out and in this case scrub it out ...
the opening citrus soon turns bitter / dirty ...and even though u might like to believe that its still fresh start getting the feeling of a bitter orangish smell ...synthetic citrus notes does have that effect ...or when u leave a orange peeled out for some time it goes bitter ...this becomes like that ...
another thing which goes against it is that it doesn't project as much as I would like a nice fresh clean scent to do ...leaving it close to the skin and after having enjoyed the first top notes you are rather glad that it doesn't project as who would like to project a bitter orange smell ...!
hence I am changing my rating to 2 ...there are many who love this perfume but its not for me ....
28th August, 2015
Mugler Cologne opens with a nice smooth neroli note, which then fades to reveal a dominant vetiver note with soapy musks. It's fresh and clean with limited sillage and longevity, but much more substantial than traditional EDCs.

However, the neroli note is quite flat and the vetiver isn't sharp and grassy OR deep and herbaceous. It's a clear neon green artificial note, stripped of any natural features. It seems quite lean and modern, as if Mugler was working with CdG to make an EDC for robots.

I know that sounds a little exaggerated, but it really feels quite artificial and cold to me, but that may be the sacrifice made for more than fleeting longevity. Given all the praise for this scent, maybe I'm completely anosmic to something amazing in this scent, but I'll take Acqua di Parma Colonia over this all day every day.
20th June, 2015
Thierry Mugler Cologne is appropriately likened to both 4711 original Eau De Cologne and Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino due to the soapy emphasis of neroli, the most prominent note that gives it its characteristic semi-green, sunblock-esque freshness. In this respect, it's a successful fragrance as a light summer day scent. It lacks much depth or evolution but is undeniably fresh, and it's similar to 4711 almost to a fault, as I regard 4711 as a cheaper alternative. It lacks the potency and depth of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, so that seems less of an apt comparison, but the front-and-center use of the neroli is the commonality there.

Projection and longevity are both limited, as this stays pretty close to the skin and becomes a skin scent within a few hours. At $40 or so for a 100ml on FragranceNet, the price isn't terrible, even for a EDC or weak EDT, but for my money, I'd opt for 4711, which is much cheaper still. I'd offer that Thierry Mugler Cologne does seem like a good, cheaper, everyday alternative to Neroli Portofino, though, so fans of that may want to check this out---certainly worth trying, regardless.

6 out of 10
18th February, 2015
Vetiver magically becomes fleeting soap. The cleanest most inoffensive thing you will ever smell. How do you grade something so neutral in aroma? Weird. At < $25 would be a true steal, otherwise a pass. 3 out of 5
09th August, 2014
This is an ok scent but it wasnt nearly as soapy as a lot of people on youtube were claiming. I get just a safe,simple green scent with a touch of musk and thats about it. Its just a safe,inoffensive scent to be used for casual and maybe some formal events. Nothing special but its not bad either. Although the mugler cologne isnt that great I really did enjoy the mugler cologne bodywash :D
23rd February, 2014
Soapy Vetiver and musk.

something about this frag doesn't work on me - I think the 'secret ingredient' is spearmint, and that combined with the horrible cheap musk smell turns wrong and dirty on my skin, something like a bucket of soapy dirty mop water - yuck!

If you like the vibe of this stuff I would recommend 2 fragrances that are (imo) better - Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino and Creed's Original Vetiver
24th January, 2014 (last edited: 24th March, 2014)
Safe and easy

Lemony, clean, and a touch of spices in the dry down. Really not a great deal more than that for me.

20th August, 2013
A great alternative daily fragrance, as it gives the feeling of sitting in the shade on a beautiful meadow ... but then evolves into something more. Although recognized as an excellent fragrance is not my favorite.
18th January, 2013
Soapy with a grassy vetiver drydown.

It is fresh, but a misconception many people have about this one is that since it is a clean scent, that it is a safe scent. It is very strident and sharp (it really comes at you). I've asked some friends their opinions on this one. Some liked it, but one actually said it was the worst cologne she ever smelled in her entire life. I was shocked to hear that since all the hype on basenotes said it was really safe.

She said it smelled like the antibiotic liquid in packages of bandages at the drug store. Smelling it, I can see where she would get this comparison. It is pungent, but in a good way.

Both the projection and longevity are good. It's versatile, good for every season, affordable. The price makes it an excellent value.

Some will love this scent, some will hate it and some will think it's just okay. For most of you though, you'll like it but won't think it's anything special.

Its cheap enough for a blind buy and chances are you won't like it, if you welcome a big diverse collection and your tastes aren't that steep.

But, again, don't let the clean soapy feel trick you. This still takes an open mind to appreciate, and it is received more kindly by fragrance collectors than the average person.
02nd January, 2013 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
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I'm so glad I got a sample of this before blind buying it, definitely not for me. This smells like a perfume my mom used to wear like Wind Song or something along those lines. I was looking for a soapy, clean smell and this is far too feminine and perfumy for my taste. It smells good on its own i suppose, and I know it is meant as unisex, so I give it a neutral.
25th December, 2012
The expensive version of Fairy liquid, clean-cut soapyness. With hints of green and musk, i do quite like it, but come on would i really pay £60 to smell like something which is commonly used and buy for £2 in Tesco. My mind is not yet made up, but you never know this might grow on me and the depths of the scent hide something i've not been able to remember where i have smelt it before. I welcome the chase !
21st February, 2012
My partner wore this today. I took one sniff and blurted out 'You smell like my Dad's head!'. The 'mystery S ingredient' from the marketing blurb is revealed... Old Spice, 1970s style. Checking out what's supposedly in this cologne and my Dad's favourite hair cream I have no idea why they smell alike ( or even if they do, I haven't smelled Old Spice since I was a kid). Still, a happy scent inspired blast from the past. If you want to smell unexpectedly like a middle aged man from the 70s - this one's your retro baby.
29th September, 2011 (last edited: 10th March, 2013)
Clean, lemony , soapy (in the sense of bath soap or washing detergent kind of smell), airy, musky and a bit crisp, with a spicy, slightly tobacco rounded background and a starring classic bergamot whirling around. The beginning is grassy-hesperidic but the bitterness lasts just for a while before the aroma sliding towards this sort of soapy-orangy (neroli-petit grain-orange flower), musky distinguished base. The soapy musk is sort of "laundry/toilette" type because conjures a bit the freshness of washed clothes and toilette detergents. The dry down is still hesperidic, softly musky, aromatic with a touch of tobacco and dusty-prickly spiciness. Nice fragrance for long spring or summer days out in contact with nature even if the touch of synthetic Mugler's sophistication could be too much for a properly sunny/daily sort of fragrance. A good light classic scent anyway.
14th February, 2011 (last edited: 31st March, 2014)
Clean and soapy, reminds me of a younger, more hip version of 4711. Didn't get the longevity that other reviews have experienced. Defintely a "summer time/warm weather scent only" to my nose.

Would never buy it for myself, but if gotten for a gift I would wear it occasionally.
17th October, 2010
Mugler Cologne is a nice, clean soapy inoffensive fragrance that is surely pleasant and good for occasions when you wanna just smell clean, but it doesn't last very long, and at times it can be a bit headache inducing for me. However, there are other "clean" and "soapy" scents that do the job better when I want to wear one, e.g. Original Vetiver by Creed.

Thumbs up to neutral.
03rd October, 2010 (last edited: 09th January, 2011)
love the top notes,

hate the dry down, the dry down is missing depth its got a stale thin smell to it,

if it would maintain the top notes i would change my rating but i just cant get over the thin stale dry down,

the dry down is like flat 7 up or flat sprite. that's the only real way i can think to describe it.
28th January, 2010
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Boring and uninspiring at best. I expected a clean, soapy, transparent scent and got a soapy, fruity, fresh, exceedingly feminine scent instead. Not worth it. I would go with a more classic cologne if you can. Perhaps the "S" stands for stagnation--a stagnant, unmoving construction with little to no development?
19th November, 2009
Yes, this is indeed soap, and is a unisex product that I feel really is unisex. It's cheerful, green and flowery right out of the bottle, and always seems very contemporary to me, almost to the point that I feel like I'm not "with-it" enough for it. In theory, it should be the perfect summer scent, and to a large extent it fits the bill. Still, there's a chemical aspect to it, almost like it's trying too hard to prove how consummately soapy it can be. By the drydown, I can't find the heady green floweriness that hooked me in the top; it has become a hollow shell, an oily residue that croaks at the top of its feeble voice "Wait, I'm still here and I'm still soap! See!?" But now it brings to mind that nasty sticky spot of soap that you missed rinsing off in the shower, only to discover half an hour later. Orignal Vetiver is rosier, and "plantier" overall, with much less of the alkaline slime. However, I'll still give Mugler credit for smelling like what it's meant to, even until the bitter end, and even if it does so in a different sense than when it started.
11th July, 2009
fairly non-descript really, i can see what this is meant to be 'the cologne for people who don't like fragrance'. very clean and soapy (i suspect the 's' ingredient is ACTUAL soap...), there's a very mild vetiver character to it and a bland non-descript citrus aura. a couple of hours in a surprisingly floral heart was in full flight, although still in the vein of clean/fresh/soapiness.

i'd love this as laundry detergent, but that's about it.
16th May, 2009
adonis Show all reviews
United States
I so wanted to like this one as I'm looking for a nice summer scent. Unfortunately, it's not going to be this. It isn't bad, nor is it offensive. I just get a scented toilet paper vibe from the dry-down. Maybe it's the little hint of vetiver in the mix. Worth trying, but not worth buying.
21st March, 2009
It remindes me the old 70s-80s style perfumes but should be consider modern. This perfume makes a travel, from citrus-lime smell once you put it on your skin to a more creamy-bitter orange-tone.
It is light and especially appopriate for summer. It has a tone and it reminds me "Attika", a very cheap cologne sold in Cyprus for only EUR 2 per 300 ml but is not "Attika", it's Thierry Mugler.
A rather stranger perfume for our days and if you ask me, a must for someone who wants a full collection or perfumes.
My wife says that is more a female perfume rather that a masculine male perfume. I agree that is not the masculine perfume but in any case, not a female perfume.
It's maybe for very taff men who want a slight decrease in their mascularity.
I beleive that someone need some time to get used to the smell. Will give it a try and will see!
06th March, 2009
hmm it's quite nice... but it just smells like nivea shaving cream for 1$ !!!!! so i will buy this cream....
03rd December, 2008
Similar to Original Vetiver, but the dry down is different. It gets far woodier, and a wee bit smoky. Also, it does not smell as "clean" as original vetiver. Regardless, it is a nice scent to own and I would say it is also better than Annick Goutal's vetiver.
17th July, 2008
In all honesty, this one is so light that I couldn't smell it over the other fragrances lingering in the fragrance dept. at Macy's. By the time I got to a smell-free zone, I could barely smell it on the card. It is very irish spring soap, except a tenth of the strength.
This really is for people who don't want to project themselves too much, but still want to be fresh smelling when someone gets uncomfortably close to them.
15th July, 2008
Well, it smells good, but it smells like a woman. I bought this based on reviews and the fact that most reviews on this site were both by men and positive. I'm a fan of "fresh" fragrances, but this really smells like a woman. I sense an overpowering floral scent and almost no citrus. Perhaps the wrong scent was decanted into my bottle...
12th December, 2007
The topnotes remind me a lot of the lovely Story: refreshing, sparkling, green and citrusy. Unfortionately, the neroli and orange blossom soon starts to dominate, so it's almost like layering Story with a soliflore. I don't get the concept of orange blossom cologne, the flower has none of the freshness of citrus fruits, only the gourmandy sweetness. The neroli in Cologne is sweet, perfumey and powdery on my skin. I'd rather have Story for warm weather.
10th April, 2007