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Positive Reviews of Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler


A Mugler fragrance that is not a flanker of his Angel formula. And it's quite nice.

This is pure and simple neroli with petitgrain to ground it and without any of the usual eau de cologne supports (lemon, lime, lavender, etc.)

It's pure, it's clean, and it works for hours. Very reminisdent of Floris wonderful masculine No. 127.

An excellent eau de cologne. (And I don't get that "steam" element at all - a good thing, methinks!)
11th January, 2016
Mugler Cologne is the best and most versatile fragrance for men!
The scent is amazing, I get lots of compliments from women.
It reminds me of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino.
15th December, 2015
Yes, this is almost identical to Creed's Original vetiver, but Mugler predates Creed by at least 3 years, so one should say Original Vetiver is a carbon copy of Mugler Cologne, not the other way around. At a fraction of the price, this is the obvious choice for me because it's one of the best fresh scents on the market. Always gets compliments from the ladies and I never find this cloying or tiresome, just a wonderfully refreshing scent with good longevity and a soft sensuous dry drown. Color me impressed -Thumbs Up!
24th October, 2015
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Not to sound pompous, but this is the only review you need to read for Mugler Cologne.

Take a shower. Spray this on (3-4 sprays), and you'll prolong that clean, fresh feeling for hours.

The scent smells almost exactly like Irish Spring soap. It's green and soapy, but the citrus top notes prevent this from feeling dry.

Also, for a fresh fragrance, this performs really well. It's definitely better than average for the genre this fragrance is in.

This is one of the most inoffensive fragrances ever made, and there is absolutely no situation you can't wear this for. However, seasonally, it does do best in spring and summer.

If you're not a huge fan of heavy scents or generic sporty male fragrances and just want to smell "nice" or clean, this is the fragrance you're looking for.

Lastly, most would not consider this a "sexy" scent, but I don't necessarily agree. Some women dread smelling heavy fragrances on men, or they're turned off if you're wearing a generic or familiar scent (maybe their ex's). In these cases, woman will adore you for just smelling like a clean guy with transparent intentions.

Star Rating: 5/5
Bottom Line: Best clean/fresh/soapy scent ever produced that is extremely versatile and performs well
21st October, 2015
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United States
Mugler cologne and Creed Original Vetiver small virtually identical. They are both reminiscent of Eau du Cologne but with a synthetic twist. Both have a citrus/neroli top, and a white musk base. In addition, these two fragrances have a very long lasting green note that helps add to their refreshing characters. The white musk base makes for a long lasting clean soapy character. All of this comes together into a very refreshing, clean, soft scent that lasts a long time. Yes, in a way they come off as being synthetic, but it really is a very nice, soft synthetic "cologny" type of smell. I love, love, love these two fragrances. The difference between Creed OV and Mugler cologne comes from the fact that the Creed is EdP strength, and Mugler is an EdT. In addition, Creed sprayers give a very large volume per spray. So it seems the Creed is significantly stronger and longer lasting. To me, the smell is virtually identical with only the strength being slightly higher with Creed OV. If this difference is worth the difference in price is up to you. For me, the Mugler is a better deal. Creed is at least twice the price (if you buy a tester).

Mugler cologne has very good longevity on me, lasting at least 6 hours (and as a skin scent for well over 12 hours). The scent is just so pleasant, I never tire of it. Projection is moderate, and you definitely leave a soft, pleasant trail behind you. Mugler cologne would probably lend itself best to office or casual wear. It's probably best used in spring,summer,fall.

The drawback of Mugler and Creed OV is a bit of harshness from the white musk they use. This is a personal thing for me, and not everyone will react the same way. After several hours, I get a slight scratchiness in my throat (this is especially evident with the Creed).

It you haven't sniffed Mugler cologne or Creed OV, they might be worthwhile. This is one of the fragrances I will always have in my wardrobe.
15th September, 2015

It is so easy to imagine summer citrus groves,wide emerald fields and high blue sky overhead.a soft and refreshing scent in a simple bottle and absolutely ALBERTO MORILLAS will be a favorite to all fans of citrus compositions,full of freshness, aromatic notes and flowers. Green,Youthful, Crisp,Casual,Summery,Clean,Safe,Lovely,Light Hearted and Simple.

Light citruses,light floral and musky smell as top notes include green notes with bergamot,neroli and petitgrain,a heart of white flower lays over a soft musky base notes as it smells leave the skin feeling invigorating and the image of the mediterranean summer.nice enough to soothe away any irritation without any overpowering scent.MUGLER COLOGNE take with you in the mornings and revel in the freshness. perfect for young and active character.easy to wear and one of my favorites.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

26th July, 2015
Easily the best designer unisex fragrance on the market. Mugler Cologne is fresh and clean, but not in a juvenile way like many. Finally a fresh scent that is mature and sophisticated. To me, this is in the same category with Varvatos Artisan and Artisan Black. I used to think this was a vetiver dominated fragrance, but it really isn't, in fact I don't get any vetiver at all, but I get notes that give off the same vibe as vetiver. Projection and longevity are right where they should be, and price is right. This is a hit for me, and will always be in my collection.
06th March, 2015 (last edited: 15th November, 2015)
Unless you live in the South Pole, I just can't see how you can go wrong with this.

After a sharp citrus, it's an outdoor clean laundry scent. Simple, refined, relaxed and verstile. Sillage is average as is longevity.

03rd March, 2015
Thumbs way up for this one. This soapy, green, musky cologne actually pulls the ear to many "niche" compositions (you know who) and stands as an excellent everyday choice when you don't feel like wearing perfume but want to really smell good. I don't like to evaluate a fragrance by the compliments it gets but since I know that many men value this I let you know I have received many compliments with this one. Also it sells for pennies so go get some.
20th February, 2015
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United Kingdom
Top cologne! Very good indeed! Intense fresh green soap followed by a humble vetiver/grassy dimension. The opening is like what many say...straight out of a hot shower; steamy, fresh, clean vibe. The drydown is warm grass on a breezy summer's day. Reminds me of the south of France. Robust longevity, sillage and projection - lasts 8 hours, projects well and no doubt lingers. Delightful!
18th January, 2015
Original Vetiver by Creed withou the Creed price tag. Perhaps a tad brighter than Creed
11th December, 2014
I purchased a big flacon because ii had the feeling I would go through a lot of it, splashing it on in wild abandon during warm weather. I was spot on. With a million reviews already in the can it was a very safe blind buy.

Who could not like this cologne, I wonder? It's probably the least aggressive thing I've ever smelled, or worn. I'm not saying much of anything that hasn't been said before, but Mugler is green spring/summer sunlit freshness in a bottle. I think it would make a great fabric softener as well. If you would like to double as a room air freshener, this would be my first choice. It's not potent at all, and could very well be sold in industrial sized containers with no worry about toxifying the surrounding atmosphere.

It's green spring air in a bottle, very breezy and very happy feeling. An olfactory antidepressant if there ever was one. Wear while sweating (after a soapy shower) in light cotton and shorts, and be the meadow/orchard/fresh laundry in the room.
10th December, 2014
A safe scent that as everyone says smells a lot like Creed's Original Vetiver. I prefer OV or this, but Mugler Cologne is a good one nonetheless. Light musk and neroli give this a nice green vibe. Sort of like fresh cut grass. 7.5/10
25th November, 2014
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What else really has to be said about this. Mugler Cologne is a great creation from Alberto Morillas. It's the essence of freshly dry-cleaned/steam-cleaned clothes and is perfect for throwing on right out of the shower. Do yourself a favor and don't pay upwards of $200 for Neroli Portofino. This accomplishes the same thing for $50. Kind of a must-have in any fresh fragrance aficionado's wardrobe, and nothing else smells quite like it. It also features strange, alien-green juice in a cool bottle to boot. Highly recommended. Now if only Thierry Mugler could stop inventing A*Men flankers and put out a fresh idea..
11th October, 2014
There is no excuse but to give this juice a thumbs up as it would be impossible at this point for anyone to purchase it "blind" based on the 1.1 million + reviews available across the interwebs....

Citrusy...soapy...musky, the end.
19th September, 2014
A great summertime fragrance! I'm a big fan of soapy scents so it's understandable that I like this very much. Although I have to say that some reviews made me expect it to be quite overwhelmingly soapy. Luckily it isn't, it's just right. It's also nice and refreshing that this is lacking all the regular citrus scents; It has more citrus flowers and leaves rather than the actual fruits. If you are looking for a summer fragrance which is a bit different, i.e. if you - just like me - are slightly bored with normal citrus scents and aren't that interested in aquatic notes, this is just for you! Longevity and sillage are average, those things are probably the only minor drawbacks here. Luckily the product is relatively inexpensive and comes in a big bottle.
28th August, 2014
Mugler Cologne makes a refreshing change from all the gourmand Mugler perfumes. I was originally expecting it to be more of a classic white Eau de Cologne, along the lines of 4711, Imperiale etc, but it's actually a very clean, soapy green scent, which is quite different from anything I've smelled before. Lovely in hot weather.
31st July, 2014
Theirry Mugler's Cologne is a modern, decidedly futuristic take on a classic recipe. His inspiration was the scent of a Moroccan soap he came across whilst on holiday.

I'll be honest, this does indeed smell exactly like soap (no surprise)! When I smell this I am reminded of an exclusively made luxury soap bar in a hotel bathroom. I find it very refreshing and uplifting.

I basically get a very sweet, green citrus vibe, coupled with a heavy dose of clean, white musk. I think I also get a faint hint of Vetiver, although it isn't listed. It's not a bitter at all to my nose (unlike other types of Eau de Cologne's). Instead it's very smooth, and not in any way sharp smelling or overpowering.

I don't think I really have anything bad to say about this. I do get the slight "synthetic" feel which others have mentioned, but even then it still achieves it's goal of smelling clean, fresh and inoffensive. This is the one I reach for when I don't want to smell "complicated", just clean and ready for the day ahead.

Well done to M. Mugler for coming up with this. His aim here was to create a perfume "for people who don't like the smell of perfume". It's simple and does that job very well. It's a modern, fresh take on what is (in my opinion) a very old and conventional formula, which has been repeated too many times. This doesn't feel like it belongs with the rest of them. Completely fresh, unisex and modern as ever. I like it.
10th July, 2014
Genre: Citrus

I’ve put off writing a review of Mugler Cologne because I fear I’m at least partially anosmic to it. It takes A LOT of this stuff to make any impression on my nose. What I can smell, I like: a simple spiced citrus and dry wood composition (with what smells to me like a lovely cardamom note,) and an unapologetically synthetic soapy white musk foundation. It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it’s distinctive. It’s novel, but it’s also understated. If you’re looking for a “clean” scent, but have had your fill of the ubiquitous “fresh” aquatic scents and fruity violet leaf fougères, try Mugler Cologne.
19th June, 2014
Great summer scent

Picked up some of this in Paris last year...I don't wear it much, because it wears off so quickly, but as it is getting warmer, I have started putting some on after a shower, and it makes you feel cleaner than the shower, but by the time I've dried off, this scent has almost worn off.

Like some wonderful type of flower that blooms only for a few days, this fragrance is great while it lasts.

Thankfully, I got the 10 oz bottle.

Pros: Brings to mind freshly cut grass
Cons: longevity is weak

10th June, 2013
Great for Summer

Love this scent! Great for summer, better for day, but good for night as well. I’ve worn it for 10 years and never had it go bad. I would say it is more masculine, clean and almost classic.  I get a lot of complements on this one.   

Pros: no one dilikes

22nd May, 2013

Mugler Cologne can easily join the rest of the Pure flankers as Pure Freshness, this is my favorite of the Thierry Mugler line. This fragrance is a straight up fresh and clean fragrance. To me it isn't soapy, it is just fresh and clean! I definitely get the Neroli and Musk in this one. This is a perfect fragrance for any event. If you have just gotten out of the shower a spray of this stuff will enhance your cleanliness and make you feel refreshed! Mugler Cologne is the fragrance I grab when I want to smell fresh and clean, or when I am unsure of what I want to wear. This fragrance will forever be a part of my collection.

Sillage/Projection: 7/10
Longevity 10/10 (10+ hours)
Scent: 10/10
Compliment factor: 10/10 (Clean and fresh)
Purpose: Any and all
Season: All year round

16th May, 2013
Clean but not "soapy" to me. Fresh. Not very strong but very pleasant. Always reminds me of someone ironing a clean shirt. (?)
15th April, 2013
Ivory soap with some "green" notes. CLEAN!
18th February, 2013
Mugler Cologne is a wonderful green/citrus/fresh scent. I guess it's one of the best scents on this range. Smells clean and soapy. Suitable for hot days. My only complaint is about it's weak lasting power. This is definetely a must have for any collector. Thumbs up!
07th January, 2013
Fresh and clean...fresh and clean...

This is the perfect bedtime fragrance for me. I like to hit the sheets smelling good after a nice shower - and MC fits that niche. For that reason, sillage and longevity are not all that important.

I spray it on my kids before they go to birthday parties so that they smell decent after running around playing for 6 hours.

It's not the head turner, but it is (ahem) fresh and clean.
12th October, 2012
Thierry mugler cologne

this cologne completely renewed my interest in fragrances. Having not tried or purchased a fragrance in over 10 years it was time to find a new one or as it turns out many new ones .Well back to mugler cologne

 Went online to find one and saw men's magazine recommendations which lead me to YouTube reviewers  who lead me to basenotes . Amazed with basenotes and read reviews and forms for months and finally joined the forums but was very intimidated to write a review being a novice as well as finding it difficult to verbally express my impression and or more accurately my feelings and emotional evoked by a fragrance. 

Went to our local Dillard's and tried several and this one was love at first sniff and I instantly loved it . Even though the hot SA was telling me to buy Chanel blue and one year latter feel the same way  by the way  2nd and third place were Chanel blue and A*men.

There is a lot written about this one and a lot of information that really only confuses
Rather than informs and glad  my first impression was from the scent rather than any pre conceded  notions.I find it not similar to any of the creeds i have sampled or any other scent that i have tried and i tried to find some other fragrance similar that I like as much, but could not.
It opening is incredibly satifying and gives me solace when I'm blue. It really makes me feel happy. Theres a Limey/lemony opening thats the neroli petigran and orange flower. Its wonderful fresh and clean. Once that dies down I get the smell of fresh bathed skin. Like you are in bed with someone and inhale deeply with your eyes closed. After that it dries down to a clean musk smell The opening fades after maybe 15 minutes than the bathed skin smell which people associate w soap last maybe 1 hour and then a clean slightly flora musk last for 4 hours but get occasional whiffs here and there after that. Incredibly versatile and a must for any collectors. its a real winner!!! 
23rd August, 2012
Putting aside the 'alien plant life' business, the really super-futuristic thing about Mugler's Cologne is that it's an instant shower in a bottle. Truly it's an essential utility. I've had my sample for a week and it's already indispensable for: wearing to bed at night to feel like you had a shower when you didn't - wearing in the morning to feel nice during that (drink tea/ feed cat/ smoke breakfast ) period in between waking up and getting showered, dressed and putting on your proper perfume - radically improving a hangover by removing all trace of fester, leaving you free to loll around in bed all day feeling clean and lovely with only pain and nausea left to deal with. It's great.

As for the smell, there's something about it that reminds me of my dad's skin, which always had an distinctive clean/oily, vaguely citrus-ish smell, the unmistakable smell of a particular gelatinous, alien green industrial skin cleaner used by mechanics everywhere since the dawn of time. Could the mysterious 'S' ingredient be Swarfega?! Calling on any grease monkey fume heads out there to confirm this wild theory.
12th August, 2012
What a beautiful scent. This isn't all that complex; it's not going to bowl anyone over; it's not likely to be anyone's favorite; and women won't swoon. But it smells damn good, and that's its merry job. Very safe, very nice cologne. I can't think of a better work scent for most people.
10th August, 2012
The epitome of natural freshness. This stuff just smells great, very inoffensive and very clean. I get almost a 'freshly cut grass' accord in the opening mixed with a slightly salty and soapy smell which dries down to a subtle musk.

I agree with what people say about it being a fragrance for those who don't really like fragrance as it's almost like a second skin that lasts 8+ hours on me. This is one that I wear in the warmer weather for work or for when I simply want to chill out and just smell clean, fresh and good. A staple in my collection, and very, very affordable, fantastic juice.
03rd August, 2012