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Undisputed living legend of a fragrance (it's #9 on the "Top Reviewed Men's Fragrances" list). Davidoff's Cool Water - like it or hate it - is everywhere from department stores to discount marts and a true classic.

Cool Water is a fresh, spicy aquatic scent that can be compared to the uber-cologne Green Irish Tweed by Creed: Tart, rich with spiciness and a slight sweetness. The sea accord plus calone (environmental fresh note) bring a delightful outdoors casual vibe. Cool water is simple and satisfying for everyday wear.

29th August, 2018
It's nice, cool, clean and familiar. Not as green as GIT and not as rich but this still gets compliments and is enjoyable to wear. Also, there is something about it that makes it stand apart from GIT so that you know which is which when comparing side-by-side, might be the mint.

Leans a little old school but completely inoffensive. Great for work.

Good projection and lasts all workday.
23rd April, 2018
The GOOD behind this fragrance:hints of tobacco,musk,citrusy fresh,and peppermint.

The BAD behind this fragrance:It's not original and copied from a fragrance made in 1935.It's $5 and found in the grocery's called Ice Blue by Aqua Velva.

Not many people made the connection yet.Or at least pretend they haven't.A little sad that people were dropping $45 back in 1990 on a $5 aftershave scent with mildly higher quality of the same notes structure.
13th March, 2018
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Starts off with strong notes of lavender and calone aquatic, along with hints of citrus and a tiny bit of mint and rosemary. The aquatic notes are actually in the background in this fragrance; the fougiere is dominant. There is a synthetic feel to the whole thing but it still smells pleasant. This perfume is squarely a masculine one. During drydown the calone/aquatic scent disappears and is replaced by a green sort of soapy scent with floral tones. I'm guessing this is the geranium and neroli that are predominant, since I smell very little jasmine or sandalwood. Basenotes smell similar to the drydown, i.e. a very pleasant fougiere scent with mild hints of mint and calone/aquatic scent as well as neroli. Sillage is moderate (definitely could be better) and longevity is moderate on my skin; it lasts about 5 hours. It isn't very reminiscent of the ocean at all though, and just has a calone scent in the background; it's more of a fougiere scent. I quite like this fragrance; it is unoffensive and a very pleasant masculine floral/herbacious perfume for men with a "clean" scent.
04th March, 2018
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United Kingdom
I never liked it or disliked it
I first came across it in 1994... This is a fresh, non citrus smell, not sweet, very inoffensive...
Smells like deodorant sprays in a gym changing rooms
It is ok for casual day-time wear, particularly in the summer.
I bought it again in 2017 and guess what? It is in my gym bag and I sometimes put on
06th January, 2018
Fond memories of this one. Back in the mid 90's when I first started wearing it I thought it was the business. Women loved it and it was instantly recognizable. I tried it recently and of course it doesn't hold the same appeal at 40 years of age as it did when I was 19. Saying that.....If you are 16 - 18 and looking to get into fragrances you could do a lot worse than Cool Water. It actually beats some of the new cheaper releases nowadays. Gotta give it the thumbs up!!!
29th November, 2017 (last edited: 05th November, 2018)
Get it. I get compliments all the time, good sillage, and decent longevity. If youre not a perfumist, you'd have a hard time telling this from one of the greatest fragrances of all time, Green Irish Tweed. For $30, even for $60, I'd buy this every time. I always have some! Great for summer, and once it dries down, great for night as it's just a classy, somewhat mysterious scent. Love it!
08th November, 2017
Poppinj's review is pretty on the nose. At the time, Cool Water sent everything that came before it to the old folks home. But now, despite Cool Water still having a "freshness" to it, it not longer feels new.

Supposedly this has quite a bit of Dihydromyrcenol in it. I guess that's why it attacks my sense of smell so sharply, and gives me a headache.
This is a wonderfully unique style of fragrance (if you don't count GIT), but it's far too sharp for me to enjoy it.
I think it's something to be enjoyed in the context of the era it came out. It was a great response to the typical men's fragrances at the time: Polo, Quorum, Drakkar Noir, etc.
Today though? It's like it's trying to beat you over the head with how fresh and water-like it is. It's an overly strong aquatic.
18th September, 2017 (last edited: 07th October, 2017)
Sniffed this in passing at a perfume store earlier. It's probably a very great frag, but unfortunately for that sales lady, I'm a proud owner of Creed GIT and although I can understand the comparison, this just doesn't even come close to GIT in terms of quality and sophistication. It comes off as cheap, synthetic, and kitchen cleaner -esque to my nose. Call me a pretentious Creed fanboy if you want, I just really wasn't impressed by this.
22nd August, 2017 (last edited: 07th September, 2017)
When I smell a frgrance I'm immediately transported back to that time and the memories they invoke. I was introduced to Cool Water while living on the Gulf Coast around 1992. My friend had it and one day before going to the beach I spritzed some on. The love affair was instant!!! It smells like the name. It has that seabreeze scent too it, open,airy, fresh and clean.
Unlike the powerhouse fragrances of the 80's this was the first in the aquatic frangrances for me. It's like walking on the beach on a sunny day with a good breeze coming in off the water. I recently purchased a bottle again about a year ago and wear it on occasion. It's one of those fragrances that get better the longer it is on. At application you get that blast of the top notes of lavender and peppermint mixed with the jasmine and hint of rosemary. It slowly evolves with the sandalwood and musk notes coming forward as the floral notes go into the background. It's one of those fragrances that are not overbearing even if over applied as many guys tend to do with frangrances. The sillage is respectable enough to catch ones attention but not to the point your a walking room freshener. I'd like to say it's very alluring as in the situations I've smelled it on others made me want to get closer. Ironic thing is I've had a couple friends in my life and the mere mention of this fragrance they ran out and bought it just to wear around me. It was like a silent communicator of their feelings and both very rarely wore colognes. Like them saying you told me you like this stuff now come and get me sort a thing.
This is a great fragrance to wear in the summer or any situation where your going to be warm and work up a sweat. Working outside, the gym, at a barbecue or the beach. It really stands up well to one sweating where it doesn't mix with the sweat to become some horrible abomination like some fragrances can. It just keeps you smelling clean and really does have good staying power.
16th May, 2017
A somewhat "clean" scent straight from the '80s, sadly overused today but still very enjoyable in his freshness.

Today is a very affordable fragrance (online, not in stores) and thus very recommendable.
Probably one of the fragrances that someone should always have in his arsenal.

It's a shame that this is the last really good scent still on sale from Davidoff.
19th March, 2017
I remember when in the late 1980's a new breed of men's fragrances were emerging. Aromatic aquatic fresh fougeres (AAFF) were led by New West, Cool Water and Eternity.

With this new class of fragrances, all of the previous traditional men's 80's powerhouse scents were considered old, heavy and suddenly out of style. The effect of these AAFF scents continues to this day and have been rigorously copied and campaigned by virtually every designer and fragrance house on this planet. Almost to the point of overkill in my opinion.

The extremely gifted Pierre Bourdon was the nose responsible for Cool Water. Just amazing that only seven years earlier he was also the creator of that 80's powerhouse Kouros; another fragrance the defined the earlier portion of that decade.

I like Cool Water but I'm also reminded that every guy back in the late 1980's and early 1990's wore this one to death, hence the neutral rating. Along with Eternity, you could not go anywhere in public without inhaling this from a stranger in a contained space. The subways, airports, malls, clubs and bars reeked of these AAFF variations for years to follow. It's almost as if in one fell "SWOOP", the dominance of New West/Cool Water/Eternity killed everything in its path between the years of 1988-1996. Gone were the heavy exotic creations like Patou pour Homme, Jean Desprez Versailles, Derby by Guerlain as manufacturers and fragrance houses rushed to join the AAFF bandwagon.

It's been mentioned numerous times by Basenotes reviewers that Cool Water is an "older guys scent", or perhaps what your "Uncle, Dad or Grand-Dad" wears. This makes me laugh, as perhaps all those "Club Kids" who wore Cool Water/Eternity back in the late 80's and 90's are now settled down with families and they are still sporting the same scent, refusing to let go.....
16th February, 2017
Every fraghead needs to own this. It's a wonderful scent and yes, everyone knows what it is and smells like, but that doesn't make it bad. It's actually a top notch juice. It lasts all day and ages very well. I have two bottles that are 10 years old and still smell the way the did when they were new.
30th August, 2016
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Extremely uncomplicated fresh scent that I will always own due to the world getting more and more complicated and choice driven, I always get compliments wearing this as I think it projects a clean vibe that allows people to appreciate a well washed and cleanly man. Suits the summer easily but could be worn in winter to work say or being lazy around the house, it's up there with nautica voyage for its purpose and syntheticness but the average joe walking by you isn't goin to smell you and think ooh that's a bit synthetic lol..legendary scent from davidoff maybe the true original aquatic.
14th August, 2016
Initially when I sprayed on Davidoff Cool Water I was surprised on how minty it is. Initially you get a minty aquatic scent which lasts for about 3 hours. It slowly dies down around the 2-3 hour mark but is still noticeable. As time goes on the scent slightly transforms into a musky scent with slight mint. It reminds me of what older men would wear in the 80's and 90's. Which is kind of ironic because the scent was designed in 1988. Some people have said it is timeless, for me not at all. This is a scent that would be worn when working out, running, or any outdoor physical activity since the minty scent would be noticeable.
07th August, 2016
JonB Show all reviews
United States
This (and Green Irish Tweed), smell so disgustingly artificial that I can only tolerate them for a few minutes. Both of them are scrubbers I'm afraid.
21st July, 2016
Refreshing and carefree...

This is a fragrance which I can wear very easily. It's very laid back and carefree. It does smell similar to a lot of men's fragrances out there, but in it's own way it does the job really well for the price.

I get lavender, vetiver and mint, but along with a very "mossy" vibe. I also get ozonic, slightly calone vibe. I don't really get the ocean so much from this as I get a river flowing through the forest. It's that fresh.

One thing I would say, is that it is shockingly similar in smell to Green Irish Tweed. The similarities are striking. I would say at least 70% similar. It is really shocking how close those two are. Having said that, I think the Creed has two notes which Cool Water doesn't have, and those are iris (orris) and ambergris. Apart from that, almost identical. I would also say that the Creed smells a little more natural, but projects less, whereas this projects a lot more.

Overall, it's something I wouldn't mind wearing and recommending to others. For the price it's great value and distinctive. One to try definitely.
23rd May, 2016 (last edited: 22nd May, 2016)
Great first 20 minutes, no wonder it is a best seller, but then settles down into stale cheapness and you realise you get what you pay for. Lots of ambroxan in the base which I guess is a failed attempt at replicating Creed GIT's ambergris.

It is much better than a lot of the drugstore cheapies so I have to give it credit. If your uncle was wearing this to a Sunday bbq you would be grateful considering the other options he had to chose from at this price point.

As for the resemblance to GIT, only in those first 20 minutes. And to be fair, even then it is not at the level of GIT's spectacular, sparkling natural opening.
22nd May, 2016
A landmark fragrance with a great freshness but the main reservation I have is the dosage of ambroxan. Anyone who uses cool water repeatedly will be marked out by this basenote as it accumulates, giving a smell rather like old cigars.
26th February, 2016
I resisted getting this fragrance because it seemed every male and some females had this. When finally getting this i was surprised at the poor longevity, it seems to fizzle out after 2 to 3 hours. I love the Orange and Sandalwood, and feel that it smells similar to Champion though goes stale at the end. However in common with Champion this does not last long. The opening is very nice and very masculine, it is worth getting to add to your collection. However be warned, it seems most guys are wearing this, it is not original and that is the drawback.
31st December, 2015
One of the worst perfume i have ever tried and purchased.. i purchased blindly by just checking its rating on basenote but what a bad experience it is... i want to give it 0 out of 100
16th December, 2015
this is perfect , i love this stuff , its a perfect 10/10
25th October, 2015
Totally teenage and obvious, takes me back to a younger time where things were more simple.

Not something I'd ever wear to a special occasion, but as a daytime fragrance for going to the post office - fine.
19th October, 2015
Fresh, clean, masculine, safe, non offensive, compliment getter, good projection/longevity, versatile, Classic/modern & loved by all women this fragrance.

Any guy can pull this off.

This is what made me dive into the fragrance hobby.

Considering when it was released,

10th October, 2015

A immortal and Evergreen Cologne by DAVIDOFF.Coll Water is Member of first fragrances in My Collection.I never get tired of it.

In my opinion It it the Best Cold cologne of DAVIDOFF.a super fresh smell is best explanation about it.nothing heavy or feminine.

This fragrance has both Classic and Modern is like a very refreshing Summer Scent.suitable for EVERYDAY with a great sensation of blue sky days.

SILLAGE?Noticeable and pleasant.

LONGEVITY?Almost Good on my skin.

13th May, 2015
If you don't get hung up on its reputation and can smell it for what it is, it's utterly wonderful.
11th May, 2015
You're a 16-year-old boy. Your hair is spiked, and you're wearing a tacky rental tux. It's prom night and you're looking to get lucky for the first time. What cologne do you reach for? Cool Water of course!

I can't tell if I actually hate this scent or if I just can't get the above image out of my head every time I smell it. I'm not yet pro enough to list the notes I get, but in terms of feelings: juvenile and sleazy.

I do see the similarities between this and Creed GIT as others have mentioned. But, to say you should pass on GIT for Cool Water is like saying to pass on a convertible red Ferrari and for a convertible red Saturn. GIT isn't a personal favorite of mine, but I get why people like it. Cool Water is just gross to me.
22nd February, 2015
An ingenious accord that in decent dosage hits and never misses. Its misuse and wide audience have made it lack in sophistication and charm, a shame for such a distinguishable marvel. Its price has also positioned it very low in the perfume ladder hence the indifference or hate it gets. A few facts concerning its comparison to GIT 1. it is not as believed by many more synthetic than GIT, 2. instead of having the soapy vibe of GIT this is actually like caring the whole shower water around you and 3. it is less powdery and musky than GIT but more youthful. Perfectly unisex so ladies since perfumistas consider it cheap and avoid it, is about time you claim it for you.
21st February, 2015
When Cool Water first came out in the late 80's I was 25 yrs old and bought a bottle just like every other 25 yr old male in America. But 20 yrs later, it just reminds me of things that I'd rather forget. When I smell it now, it reminds of a fragrance that would be available in buckets from a club mens room attendent for a small tip. Not something I like.

I still own about half a bottle, but just can't stomach it any more and will likely never wear it again.
11th February, 2015 (last edited: 13th February, 2015)
Nostalgia for me. Clean, fresh out of the shower fragrance. Doesn't smell dated, well, at least not to me. I don't wear this too often but when I do I feel totally uplifted.
12th January, 2015 (last edited: 02nd May, 2017)