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Negative Reviews of Déclaration by Cartier

Total Reviews: 34
I read there is a cumin note in here, but I don't see it in the breakdown. This fragrance smells like Indian food on my skin. Smells better on paper. Would not purchase.
12th May, 2018 (last edited: 15th May, 2018)
Box of Ticonderoga #2 pencils for the first 6 hours. Late in the drydown becomes acceptable.
29th March, 2018
No No No! Curry and sweat. Sorry but not for me!!
29th December, 2017
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Some of you old timers might think this is a classic, but I think this is very dated (I'm 32). Reminds me of my mother's complex, heady and floral Givenchy over 20 years ago - not unpleasant, but nothing like I want to smell as a young man in 2017. Perhaps perfect for strong, independent woman with who likes 80s power dressing.
15th May, 2017
Every time I come across this, the same image flits across my mind; one I can't mention for fear of giving offense. So I'll keep it short: not for me. The cumin just makes it unwearable. Even worse, unlike 99% of other scents out there, I can't even imagine anyone else liking it, which clearly they do.

Declaration of love? More like declaration of war.
02nd June, 2016
BoxPred Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This along with Terre d'Hermes is just not my style. I consider the two to be almost identical, although if pushed I would say that the Hermes offering is less linear and has that little bit of something else that makes it slightly better.

When I first sampled Cartier Declaration I found the scent to be familiar and to this day I do not know where I had experienced it before. Possibly on a family member at some point but for a time I was convinced that it was from a household cleaning product. I also remember finding it quite feminine, needless to say I was disappointed having read the positive reviews. It all boils down to genre and this one just falls into a category that many love but I care little for. Even if I did like this I would rather go for TdH as I believe it to be the stronger twin.
04th March, 2016
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Cardamom Bomb

There are some people who appreciate the bitterness of fragrances, but I'm not one of them. This seems to be very well done, but just not my cup of tea (or cardamom). It's not the strength that bothers me, just the overwhelming spiciness and bitterness.

Pros: Interesting Mix of Spices
Cons: Bitter

20th June, 2013
Declaration by Cartier

Whatever lens you choose to view Declaration from, you cannot escape the fact that a lot of people will find the spicy notes of this mediocre fragrance similar to armpit odor.

29th May, 2013
Help, mother, my head is being squished between turbo-oranges. And the vetiver-cedar note is giving me a septum piercing. Ellena tends to focus on the driest, sharpest aspects of vetiver, for some reason, disregarding the wonderful warm earthy-sweet spectrum that’s available from this magical ingredient. A perfume that would seek to make of forwardness a virtue. No doubt all that Iso-E Super in the base contributes to the sense of sheer thrust this thing has.
For what it is, it’s impeccably constructed despite its brashness (well, I suppose the name is a warning), but it scares the daylights out of me.
14th September, 2012
Starts off as peppery sweet lemon which, in a couple of minutes, reveals more pepper, bitter orange and voila... Jean Claude Ellenas' alchemy transforms into BO !! It then dries up in the base but the smell of cumin remains. I love cumin and have used different types in my cooking; unfortunately this one's 'sweaty'.. not natural at all.

An unsuccessful blend and a bad attempt at perfumery in my opinion.
12th September, 2012
This is disgusting. Smells like a room filled with Indian food (probably the cardamom) and body odor. I love Indian food but not combined with body odor!
24th September, 2011
drseid Show all reviews
United States
I really wanted to like this one, as I am a huge Terre d'Hermes fan so when I heard this was made by Jean-Claude Ellena I was quite excited. Unfortunately the initial excitement yielded to stark reality rather quickly...

Declaration starts off very clean with its top notes, but to me, at least, this one develops quickly into a cardamom/cumin fest for the duration. I would have to say the overall accord reminds me of Crayola crayons mixed with BO... NOT a scent I would want to be around anyone else with (nor myself, for that matter). Certainly well made, but not for me at all. Longevity was average on my skin (wish it were briefer to be honest) as was projection. 1.5 to 2 stars out of 5.
15th July, 2011 (last edited: 02nd January, 2013)
I just can't get past the body-odor scent. I understand how some might find it sexy, but to me (or on me) it just smells unclean.
22nd June, 2011
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On me, this is all about wood.
Opens with dry wood, moves on to a moister wood and ends up with kind of malevolent plywood.
I love spraying on a new scent and then sniffing my wrist over and over enjoying the initial breathing in and the change in my head space from the aroma. My emphatic declaration here was that I wanted to get as far away from my arm as possible. Giving away the mini immediately.
08th March, 2011
This was one of mine absolute favorites.
It smelled like a younger, sexier brother of Eau de Hermés. And better than the hackneyed Terre de Hermés.
But the last time I was about to restock, an older, insalubrious "gentleman" in an ill-fitting suit, pushed me aside, took the sample bottle and literally emptied it over himself. 30 - 40sprays is definitely no exaggeration. Near death experience, perfume drowning sounds admittedly like a pleasant way to set point.
But not in that company.
Cartier Déclaration will never again appear as young, sexy and sophisticated to me.
07th January, 2011
It's funny. I didn't know the history of this fragrance when I first tested it. I had no idea that it was created with a nod to Eau d'Hermes. Even at that, the first thought I had when I sniffed it was: "Hey, a modernized, sanitized, woody take on Eau d'Hermes." Whereas Eau d'Hermes (the vintage version) smells to me like a lot of ingredients masterfully blended into one seamless whole, creating a leathery, musky, spicy skin scent, Declaration, to me, smells more like the process of cleaning dusty furniture with lemon polish.

For whatever reason, the citrus in Declaration smells more like lemon to me than mandarin. Maybe it's mixing with the cardamom and projecting itself as sharper, crisper, than I tend to think of mandarin...I don't know. This sharp citrus note seems to be sitting atop some light and somewhat powdery woods. As the scent progresses, a cumin note emerges, which, thankfully, adds some pizzazz to the fragrance and has the effect of bridging the gap between the citrus and the woods. This cumin-y phase is the best part. Then, it progresses in its fairly linear, straightforward dry down to softer, powdery woods, and maybe just a hint of leather, with the cumin and cardamom taking turns occasionally peeking through.

There is no question that I like the vintage Eau d'Hermes better. I like the way it blends with my skin scent rather than sitting on top of my skin the way Declaration does. I like the spices of Ed'H better, and I like the more leathery presence of Ed'H. In fact, I don't really care for Declaration much at all. It's entirely too safe, it bores me, and I just can't shake the associations my mind makes to furniture polish, or maybe lemony dishwater, when I wear it. I have been vacillating between neutral and thumbs-down with this one, but the more I wear it, the less I like it. And while I've nothing bad to say in the way of this fragrance's construction or quality, ultimately these ratings come down to subjective likes or dislikes. In this case, no offense to anyone, but I just don't like it.
02nd July, 2010
The cumin is very present. it doesnt smell bad, but it does not smell like something i would like to smell like.

I did get the BO note which didnt mix well with it. It remained me one bad experience of going to the gym after eating Indian/Mediterranean food.
23rd June, 2010
Synthetic mandarins and body odour. Not very interesting and not very nice.

A poor man's Terre d'Hermes, definitely (poor old Cartier).
16th September, 2009
Sounded like a winner to me, then I tried it on. Ugh - like a rotten picnic basket - a spoiled food cloud hung over me - nothing like Eau D'Hermes at all, apart from the cumin note. I then took it to a party to give to the host - smelled about the same on him, BUT when sprayed on guest (female), it blossomed into a gorgeous frag - absolutely stunning. Guess it's just down to chemistry really.
07th September, 2009
smells the way bamboo shoots taste...DISGUSTING!!!
23rd August, 2009
The luxury of this one is not owning it, Even after you might buy it, you smell like a well-crafted *cedary" teststrip that was stuck under someone's armpit. If "the height of passion is restraint," this one is being kept in restaints in a mental hospital with just enough fake citrus to prove that the cleaning staff came through. Let me out of this linear non-masterpiece that simply "passed inspection."
22nd July, 2009
Elzéard Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This will never touch my body again. The first spray smells of mandarins and unwashed armpits, then after 30 minutes settles down to just unwashed armpits with the slightest hint of something fresh lingering on, and then long into the dry down smells like B.O. and barbecued beef flavoured crisps. I wore this to work, and thanked the heavens that this one particular girl was not working on that day. This made me smell dirty, and not in the good way like kouros or certain musc scents can make you smell. This was just unpleasant, like i'd tried to cover up an already existing bad smell with a really cheap smell. It lasted the full 8 hours of my shift, and the First thing I did on arriving home was shower.
14th June, 2009
I sprayed this on for the first time at a department store tonight, and I really regret doing so. The scent is very overbearing and cloying with a dingy-dirty feral smell. It reminds of a Tommy Bahama fragrance, but I'm not sure which one. These are the type of fragrances that I keep away from because of the putrid images that they evoke. I would definitely recommend wearing this on the wrist for a while before purchasing this disturbing concoction. Fetid stuff.
03rd June, 2009
Declaration is a scream of passion. The fragrance has 'romance' written all over it, but the cardemom-note ruins it all. It's just too pungent, and makes the wearer smell like he had some oriental food a couple of minutes ago.

When you can stand the cardemom, this fragrance is not that bad.
18th February, 2009
I can now see why Cartier came out with the essence edition. I usually prefer the original to the successive scent. Essence and Declaration are the exact same, however the original declaration is being smelled out of the armpit of Andre the Giants after a wrestling match. Sorry guys but this is B.O. to the extreme, and I really like essence of declaration. I must admit essence had to grow on me a bit, the wood was a tad too sharp for me. But armpit juice will never change, it will not grow on me. Do yourself, and your wallet a favor just go with Essence of Declaration.

09th December, 2008
Not very vibrant, very linear. A spicy dry wood that has the longevity and personality of a tortoise. Smells like an old classroom.
01st August, 2008
I completely changed my minds on this one
at first I liked it a lot, I found it was a new style for men
but the more I smell it the more I find it cloying, artificial and unbalanced
wearing it always give headhache and nausea
17th April, 2007 (last edited: 13th July, 2009)
Citrusy and soapy. As with some fragrances that remind me of certain brands of mosquito repellents, the connection of Déclaration to a dishwashing detergent is too strong for me to to wear it.
09th March, 2007
I declare... what? That I am a cardamom pod? Get Cacharel's Nemo instead, which uses this ingredient properly.
19th January, 2007
again a famous and very well known house of jewellry tries to launch a perfume-why?!.It is a waste of time and money!Again the will to make more money but it ends in a desaster.....declaration is a fruit basket,badly composed,definitely to intense and sweet for a man,to powerful in the head notes,the drydown is ok but in conclusion:fresh,clean,simple and ordinary-nothing special or interesting.If you look for a jeweller who has succesfully launched a perfume ,have a look at van cleef and arpels or boucheron-great scents!But Cartier´s declaration is a declaration of having lost the battle......If you look for a decent, interesting and memorable perfume then have a look at chanel, robert piguet, guerlain, caron etc-the great eternal french perfumeurs-and specially the scents of the last centuries-unbelievable classy and good!
10th December, 2006