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Neutral Reviews of Fuel for Men / DK Men by Donna Karan

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I bought a 7ml mini bottle of this few years ago from PerfumeEmporium - A cylinder shaped spray bottle with box saying both "DK Men" and "Fuel for Men". I have still plenty of that juice left since I haven`t reached for it that often. I`m not sure if it is the original formula or not.

Anyway, simply put the fragrance I have smells like high a quality suede. It`s more accurate than Daim Blond in that manner, although like Daim Blond this has a bit too much fruits to make it a totally believable imitation.

Funny....I also think it smells oily in the beginning, but not in a petrol-motor oil way, but more like in vegetable oil way. It smells like a piece of suede that was dipped into rapeseed oil which was spiced up with apricots and peaches.

Drydown is very subtle and quiet and the lasting power is way below average. Definitely at it`s best straight from the bottle. Smells divine for the first half an hour.
07th November, 2008
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United States
Am I the only one here that thinks this is just too subtle? Absolutely love the top notes, but unless I got a bad miniature, I really can't detect this so good an hour after application.
22nd October, 2007
With so many glowing reviews of Fuel, my expectations were high...perhaps too high. This is a nice scent, the pineapple comes through very prominently for me. It sits on top of a warm, musky sort of leather. I do not get the petrol note others detect, at least not to the same degree that I get it in Fahrenheit or Silver Mountain Water. The scent stays close to the skin on me. I bet this could easily be worn in all seasons. Very casual IMO, due to the pineapple, it's like a higher quality, classier Kouros Fraicheur. In the end, this one seems sweeter and more casual than I expected...maybe even a bit "adolescent." Fuel leaves me lukewarm.
25th July, 2006
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