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Negative Reviews of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

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I purchased this fragrance after reading and hearing so many good things about it. This was definitely a blind buy. The first spray turned me off totally. The dry down is a composition of poor projection and longevity with 30 minutes tops. Yes, i cant smell it on me even when i travel in my car just after spraying it.
D&G PH is not my cup of tea to say the least. Well it could be the reformulation that has chomped on its performance but i am not a fan of this scent anyways.
This smell makes me sick and gives me a sore throat. If not my worst purchase, this scent will be my biggest regret, a waste of money.
Dolce & Gabbana, you sure can do better.

Thumbs Down
13th November, 2016
Something about this scent makes me sick to my stomach. And I mean beyond the fact that it's about as tepid and pedestrian as they come.

There's a white floral note that seems to have been sharpened over the years, and it's against this shrill backdrop that we're supposed to experience D&G PH unfold. But it's impossible to notice anything beyond the din until the whole thing just up and disappears.

Obviously this hasn't escaped the era of reformulation unscathed, but how D&G gets away with selling this stuff under the same name is preposterous. I'll admit that I never really liked this scent, but the stuff they sell now is so sharp and terribly blended that it basically assaults you for a few minutes until it just goes away.

It should be noted: I have extremely sensitive skin, and this is one of only a handful of fragrances that will instantly irritate it, AND definitely the only mainstream designer fragrance that's done so.
23rd February, 2015
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United Kingdom
Not a bad gentle citrus-start that delvelops in to a lavender-cardamom A cardamom and sage drydown but petering out after about an hour into a woody note with a hint of and iris that remains a bit thin and dull on my skin. After about 1 1/2 hours very little is left. For me not worth the effort and whilst all right overall it is the poor projection and longevity that tilts it towards a negative score. Try first.
31st March, 2013
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I was expecting great things of this fragrence. The first thing that struck me was a rather strong smell of soap. Imperial Leather springs to mind. And it's soap from start to finish. Fairly sweet, not overly masculine and not as much tobacco as I would have liked. It has got moderate longevity. Often it's the unpleasant ones that seem to linger longer.

A bar of Imperial Leather soap will save you a lot of dosh. Not really my bag of spanners.
10th January, 2013
The promising opening vanishes within 5 minutes and is replaced by a soapy, generic sweetness.
Really not my thing.
12th August, 2012
Very much a product of its time, the height of synthetics as the main theme of compositions. Even the lavender feels synthetic to my nose. None of the notes in the pyramid really strike me as present in this juice. Instead, I get a very petroleum-synthetic apple impression. Very reminiscent of industrial cleaning products in an unpleasant and crude way.
06th August, 2012
Sour at first, soapy til' the end. Can't really say I enjoy this one. Thumbs down for me.
15th January, 2012
I get why people like this. It starts fresh and strong, and dries down to a sweet tonka/tobacco concoction which suggests class. Projection and longevity is also very good.

But I don't like this fragrance. Although it does suggest class I find the ingredients in this very harsh, almost industrial even. The lemon is too sour, the lavender is too much, the tobacco note smells cheap. For a fresh scent this smells slightly dated...

Versace's The Dreamer which also shares a tobacco note starts off harsh (not industrial though) and dries down sweet, comforting and mellow. The Dreamer is rustic, yet romantic at the same time. Yet I also parted with this as it felt too rustic. I preferred Dior Homme in the end for a flowery masculine.

Pour Homme just doesn't suit my taste, and the fact that my ex-boss (whom I despise) wears this, it really does't help either.

11th November, 2011
Unyielding and never changing in it's strength, been the same from the moment you apply to twelve hours later. It becomes sickening and outstays it's welcome.
27th September, 2011 (last edited: 13th October, 2011)
Very boring, lifeless, offputting
25th September, 2011
Horrible, synthetic mess of a perfume. All I get is something off putting, some sort of gas with citrus, and it goes and goes and goes. For me, it has no dry down, it doesn't change, it's just a linear, dry, annoying smell. Why would anyone want to wear this crap is beyond me. BIG thumbs down, as for all other D&G frags that I've tested so far.
24th August, 2011
A dreadful synthetic opening of hints of citrus and lavender. Smells like a cleaning product. The lavender persists throughout, but isn’t really natural in any way. Hints of musk and tobacco on drydown, but overall a disappointing, synthetic mess.
09th August, 2011 (last edited: 04th September, 2011)
Whoever said this is "citrus plus the gas station" got it spot on. I just don't like it at all. I can't imagine why this is so popular; perhaps it's the D&G name.
05th July, 2011
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No I'm not as interested in the smell, because apathy is that I think Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme smell too much oil and gives synthetic. When sprayed it on my wrist I feel that oil spilled on my hand and any time it goes much change is not created after the oil is destroyed, the smell will disappear entirely. With the sniff asthma have become and I can not endure it.

Michael Edwards classifies Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme as a aromatic-fougère and which seems to be true, but I think it can be in the category of citrusy perfumes put together although they are in the rough category. Combination of oil, cooked vegetables and rotten citrus. I've long forgotten.
16th February, 2011 (last edited: 28th February, 2011)
Just slightly below neutral. Not a terrible scent, but a bit too sweet and synthetic for me to give it even a passing grade. Starts with a reasonably good lavender note: quite accurate, but too sweet. The spices are smooth, very smooth indeed. The lavender persists for a little while. The dry-down continues in the smooth vein, picking up a leathery sort of note from the brown tobacco leaf and fleshy iris. The further dry-down has a synthetic, laundry-detergent aspect. This won an award? What were the judges smoking??? ;-)
09th January, 2011
Smells like a gas station bathroom – cheap smelling lemon cleaning product mixed with musty (yes, not musky, but musty) tobacco. I felt like a hobo who washes up in Petrol Station bathrooms when I sprayed this on, and I felt bad for anyone who was forced to smell me. Don't know what the people who wrote positive reviews about this were smoking when they sampled, or if they bought it blind and are trying to persuade themselves to like it.
17th October, 2010
Well, I've had this for 4 years now in my collection. I use to wear it to the office daily for a while when it was new to me. Grew tired of it, never really got compliments on it, although often did on other scents. I'm sure it reacts differently with everyone's skin chemistry, didn't work with mine. I tried it again as a daily wear recently and remembered why I shelved it a few years back. Smells sweet all day, never softens, stays strong and sweet, kind of like a bad teenage girl's perfume. Just stays sweet and stinging all day, kind of gets on your nerves after a while. Strong alcohol smell and I agree with another review, I couldn't put my finger on it before, but there is a bug repelent smell in this for me. It's a chemical like deep woods off sweet but not pleasant smell. If you are sensitive to headaches like me, avoid this one because it will cause headaches for me sometimes. I tried and tried to like this cologne because it is a classic right? Women must like it right? Well, not in my experience, so I guess I'm retiring this one. Everyone is different, this one didn't work for me. Only good for about 5 hours for me also, very short lasting compared to most of my other cologne.
31st August, 2010
Have had this in my collection for several years but have never been able to wear it for more than half an hour.

I keep going back to it as all the positive reviews make me think I am missing something. But each time I try, a wave of harsh lemon and pepper assaults my nose.

If I concentrate hard I can just make out some tobacco but the vicious top notes cause a painful burning sensation in the lining of my nasal cavity (no exaggeration) resulting in a headache.

I just don't 'get' this fragrance and can't believe that there isn't an element of the "Emperor's new clothes" in all the praise it seems to receive. (I consider Ungaro III and Creed BdP to be similarly overrated although I know they are all completely different)

A miserable fragrance with no redeeming features as far as I am concerned.
29th July, 2010
Okay I got this based on mostly positive reviews without even trying it. Well I should have tried it before buying it. When I bought it and first tried it on my forearm it smells like a bar of Dial soap (not the fancy dial or other scented ones, but the plain old yellow dial soap). It seems after about 10 minutes the scent sets in and smells a little bit better, but still not a big fan of it. I should've just stuck to Coolwater instead of trying to branch out
16th June, 2010
I don't use to take care about the extremely negative reviews, those who say "smells like sewage", or "smells like insecticide", as i think they are not objectives... but man, now i have to agree with them:
When i first opened the sample vial, i thought it was some kind of bathroom cleaner in there. It reminds me a brand of window-cleaning fluid.

Fortunately, after a few minutes, that dreadful chemical smell turns into something softer an more pleasant, but i find it very femenine. Then, it reminds me the smell of my sister's bedroom when she was a teen!!!

There's something wrong with me, or maybe there's something wrong with this fragance or maybe both of us are wrong, but, for sure, we are not compatible!!!

WARNING: never, i mean NEVER buy a fragance based exclusively on reviews: EVERYONE HAS A PERSONAL TASTE. YOU HAVE TO SMELL IT BY YOURSELF!!!
03rd April, 2010
Horrible synthetic citrus and tobacco. It has been done before, and it has been done better! I can see the Jersey Shore guys drowning themselves in this stuff. No thanks.
15th March, 2010
I sample this today, i get a lot of the Lavender note, too much, i must say, almost like cleaning product.
Later, in the dry down, it's get better: tobacco, sandalwood and musk.
Short story: the start is what let me down.
14th November, 2009
brrrry Show all reviews
United States
Just like Mario I have to disagree with a few members whose opinions I respect. I don't care for this one at all. I had sampled it a few times (liked it) and bought a bottle. Everytime I wear it now, my disdain grows. I find it unbearable and on the cusp of just plain tacky. The tobacco is hidden under a mountain of sythetic trash. I'd love to tell you how I translate the notes but I can't smell any over the burning in my nostrils. I am one of the lucky ones that most everything "works" on me and lasts too. This one does last, but a bit too much after a minute of wearing it. I have always read the reviews of others who claim they had to wash it off and I never understood how bad that could be. Now I know. One of the few "thumbs down" I have given. This will be swapped immediately. Sorry to the fans but I don't get it.
07th October, 2009
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United States
I agree with those who view this as "synthetic" and "cheap." I sampled it twice and had to wash it off twice, because it started to become nauseating. Those with skin chemistry that really soaks up fragrances might not have as much of a problem with it, however. My skin holds on to certain notes and doesn't let go. If you have that same issue, and like the idea of this, try Black Walnut by Banana Republic instead. Or if you want a strong tobacco, try Michael for Men (Kors). I have to give this a negative rating but if you are the type of person who needs 5 or more sprays, you might like this if you only spray 2 or 3 times.
03rd September, 2009
The top notes of fruit are far too piercing, and overstay their welcome. It reminded me a bit of Jako by Karl Lagerfeld --which I hate. It's one of the few the gives me a headache. Drydown is more pleasant, but overly floral for a man. I believe this to be much more suited to a woman. This (along with Le Male) is one of the most overrated scents ever.
02nd September, 2009
First impression. The cheap lemon dishwashing liquid you buy instead of Dawn to save money. It has a detergent smell that I can almost taste. The tobacco comes now and again but is overwhelmed by other notes.This absurd cologne is a flanker of a fantastic cologne called CK's Eternity. Smells like CK's Eternity with added lemon, too much lemon, and tobacco and pepper. I'll pass.
21st August, 2009
This cologne is great if you want to smell like you just took a 3 hour shower in the sewers on Delhi and then dried yourself off with a towel full of feces.
Not to be harsh, but this scent is the biggest disaster to hit the shelves in the last 50 years. It smells similar to defecating in a jar and then letting it sit in the sun for a few years and adding windex or pine-sol to try and give a "fresh" lemon smell. The combination is perfect for giving your friends a permanent migraine and ruining their day/night.
Other than that, it's a great scent and works well as long as you don't go within a 5km radius of anyone.
14th June, 2009
Huge headache inducer. Just smells like some cleaning product. Gross.
16th May, 2009
Somehow like (almost) everything the Kings of Eurotrash do this isn’t any good. On release Pour Homme was immediately hailed as a classic by people in the know so I had to at least give it a chance. There is something in this fragrance that really pushes me the wrong way and overseeing the notes I can’t identify the culprit (the basenotes for instance look like personal favorites) but on me it smelled like burnt chocolate. Really annoying and obviously unwearable.
31st March, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)
The only fragrance I ever wore that literally made somebody gag. Sorry about that, Whole Foods cashier! This is a true 'stealth' fragrance - starts with a lemon furniture polish note, which isn't too bad, and makes you think that the entire experience may be a good thing - then hits you with the cloying, headache-inducing base. Watch the birdie!!! (and then the knockout punch comes from the other hand). I'm halfway convinced that Dolce and Gabbana put this out as an olfactory joke, a passive-aggressive f*** you to the Bluetooth-in-the-ear corporate drones. If I was fully convinced, I'd give this a thumbs up. But I'm not.
04th January, 2009