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Neutral Reviews of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

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Genre: Fougère

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme is a pleasant little find. It goes on smooth and sweet, with honeyed spices and neroli in an accord that’s daringly floral for a modern men’s scent. A generous helping of tonka or vanilla, soft woods, and a strong, pulpy fruit note come into play as the top notes settle. All merge quickly with the sweet spices to build the scent’s foundation. Dolce & Gabbana’s heart is relatively bright, sweet, and more oriental than fougère to my nose. Its surface is smoothed over by a velvety heliotrope and almond accord.

Dolce & Gabbana projects strongly and leaves plenty of sillage, but its soft quality keeps it from smelling overly potent or abrasive, as many of the modern sweet fruity men’s scents can. Nor does it lean on the gourmand chocolate and coffee notes that have come to seem so banal in the wake of A*Men and Le Male. The drydown is all vanilla, velvety woods, and soft musk, still seasoned by the sweet almond richness of heliotrope. I don’t smell any moss in it at all.

If Dolce & Gabbana has a fault, it’s that the fruit note featured so prominently at its heart smells a bit crude and synthetic, though not so much as to suggest a cheap hard candy. Pleasant is the word that I keep coming back to as I wear this scent. It’s not all that original, even rather bland, but it’s easy to like and strikes me as quite versatile. The young men who douse themselves in Axe or pour whole bottles of A*Men over their heads in a misguided effort to attract women could do far worse than switch to this nice little fragrance.
12th June, 2014
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United States
Inexpensive everyday scent.

This is a well-balanced formula, inoffensive and perfect for daily wear. I have very few complaints on this, but if pressed I'd say if it were slightly less sweet you'd have an even better result. This could be worn at the office without complaints, and is probably good for almost any weather as well. Not much to dislike here, and the barbershop background is a winner.

Pros: Solid scent with little to disapprove of.
Cons: Slightly sweet, and low projection."

10th July, 2013
A good scent. Average and crisp. Get Realities for Men, the green one. It smells exactly like this but has this sharp, cedar that makes it better and lasts soooo much longer and soooo much more unique. It is cheaper too. No lie, I'm just saying....
14th March, 2012
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Clashing soap and sweet. Not a good clash.
27th February, 2012
I don't really hate this cologne.

It just smells too much like detergent to me.
16th November, 2011
D&G for men is certainly a strong and lasting fragrance.

My boyfriend had left town for a week and left me one of his shirts which is drenched in this scent. Five days on and I can still smell the scent wafting around my living room.

I absolutely adore the female D&G fragrance, and in some ways I expect the matching male fragrance to be similiar yet more masculine smelling. D&G for men isn't exactly the same, however it does have a slight powderyness which is reminiscent of its female equivalent.

Like most top-selling male fragrances, this scent starts off with a bright and refreshing burst of citruses. This is not something that I dislike, I'm quite the opposite when citrusy fragrances are worn by the other sex, (it tends to smell better in my humble opinion), yet there is nothing overly unique or different about this fragrance's opening that leaves me satisfied or panting heavily.

Actually I really don't find D&G for men sexy at all. I think it's more of a casual scent, one that you would expect an upper-class man with impeccable taste and an expensive suit to wear to work each morning. This fragrance to me says "business" not "come hither".

I must say that this fragrance evolves well. From the heart to the drydown, the scent gradually becomes sweeter and spicier until it becomes quite powdery yet somewhat bland.

I will probably have to wear this scent myself in order to establish my final opinion on this scent, but so far this fragrance has disappointed me.

27th April, 2011
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a very bright, Mediterranean fragrance that is sort of like a 90's version of Tuscany by Aramis (coincidentally, it came out exactly 10 years after Tuscany). Unfortunately, the bright herbs and citrus go on my skin smelling a lot like a hand lotion, and it stays that way until the end. I think this one is okay, but on my skin it's just blah - I'd much prefer Tuscany.
31st January, 2011
This fragrance is ideal for the busy, dynamic, southern man which is used to roam around streets and venues of the sunny seaside towns with his conversible car, white linen clothed in his daily freshness. Although heavily citric (orange, lemon, bergamot, mandarine), green (sage, mint, lavender, terragon etc.) and floral I must say anyway that this fragrance is not particularly fresh due to its slightly warm and soft-resinous dry down made by woods, musk, well rounded tobacco, tonka and in my opinion by a touch of synthetic ambergris. This dry down's factor could pretend to understate the mediterranean, traditional olfactory trait but it works in this way just apparently. The link of aromatic herbal patterns-neroli-cumarin, lavender and tonka bean plays infact, gradually from the top to the base, an important role in order to provide this scent with a traditional (classic) fresh orange-tobacco trait and the gradually performing blast of citrus, sharp floral patterns and woodsy elements pushes up a strong jet of mediterranean refreshing aromatic air. Several dry spices located in the heart of the juice impress to aroma a touch of boldness, prickliness, virility and exoticism. The sillage is good in my opinion. A nice scent a lot appreciated aroud.
25th January, 2011 (last edited: 24th October, 2015)
Interesting that so many basenotes reviewers have mentioned the blast of lemon with the opening salvo. I'm not getting that at all. What I do perceive is a somewhat cloying, sweet-almond-and-honey accord that is at once off-putting and intruiging. Mixed in with the sweetness is an undercurrent of herbs and greens, but the almond and honey are so overpowering that those elements are relegated to the no-smellum zone (the fragrance equivalent of the insect world's "no-seeum").

In some ways D&G pour Homme is similar to Versace's "The Dreamer", with the sweetness cranked up an order of magnitude. I prefer Versace's approach, however, and find "Dreamer" more wearable and evincing a more refined and interesting progression through the pyramid.

As D&G pour Homme dries down, each time I inhale deeply, my feeling that I really don't care for this fragrance is renewed -- but as I exhale I wonder if maybe it's starting to grow on me. That's the chameleon-like quality of this fragrance I find interesting. I'm looking forward to finding out whether others (by that I mean women...who cares what other men think?) find it alluring on me. The answer to that question could well determine the frequency of future applications! One thing is clear: this is a cologne that must be applied with discretion; one or two under the shirt and a third shared with the pulse points is all it's going to take.

I seriously doubt if D&G pour Homme will ever become a scent I could wholeheartedly endorse, but even with it's cloying sweetness and the absence of compliments from the female persuasion, I find it interesting enough to warrant a neutral rating.
05th March, 2010
I blindly grabbed a small 4.5ml tester with the intent of playing with it. After a shower, I applied some of it on myself and kept wondering why I couldn’t smell anything. I was frustrated. Essentially, my plans were to surprise my wife. I had meant to subtly inject a new fragrance in the air as I would have sat inconspicuously next to her… I nevertheless did so and waited a bit, just to see what results would come out of it…


Hearing me mumble to myself that I must have bought a fake one, my wife inquired about the source of my discontent. This is when I revealed to her my failed attempt at a surprise. Seeing my disappointment, she came closer, smelled me and, with a slightly confused smile, she said: “Are you sure you put something because you just smell like soap!”

That’s when it all dawned on me. I realized how beautiful the notes of bergamot and neroli had been present in its opening; proud companions of the citrus. I became aware of how the middle notes were now beginning to replace them. We actually both could smell them. The fact is that citrus, bergamot and lavender scents are quite often found in such array within soap bars and other accessories. This made it too reminiscent of a bathing episode for us to notice its accord at first. Sadly, even the drydown, although really fragrant, reminds me of shampoo or something similar. I now ask myself: what came first? Dolce & Gabbana or the soaps? Which one rushed to imitate the other’s fragrance? The egg or the chicken? All this to say, if you want to smell clean as if you just had freshly gotten out of the shower, this is one fits perfectly.
17th January, 2010
its a bit heavy and sweet and very common...........not really worth the hefty price tag
10th December, 2009 (last edited: 18th January, 2010)
D&G Pour Homme's simplicity in its packaging of a bell jar bottle and dark velvet packaging doesn't really highlight what is to be expected.

First impressions were of a highly complicated floral herbal fragrance. It must have been well blended considering that no singular note stood out distinctively. One associates it with grassy mountains and the complexity was pleasant. At a point in time though, it felt as if I've rubbed Ricola all over my wrist; the swiss mountain herbal sweets

Both the bergamot and the cedar were detected making this is rather green and medicinal scent. There were clearly blended citrus notes which got me a bit worried when it started to smell like heavily diluted CK Eternity. It was like a "Oh no, don't get me started on yet another one of those" moments.

D&G Pour Homme could have been any other generic men's fragrance, with a little bit of citrus freshness, a little bit of the green barber shop cleanliness and a little woody masculinity. Thankfully it steered away from it just as it was reaching the edge.

It does have its own unique standing, unfortunately, not enough for a thumbs up from me. I don't take too well to risky adventures especially with Eternity moments.
17th August, 2009
Quite why this should have survived when so many similar products have fallen by the wayside over the years is beyond me. It is not that I dislike it, it is just that there is so little to embrace or marvel in, it feels like such a contrivance. The sharp, oily opening is harsh and unsympathetic, but it does set the tone for the remainder of its life. The synthetic nature of the dry down, with its ersatz tobacco and spice accord is uninspiring and bland. One of the few fragrances that would probably benefit from future legislative reformulation.
04th August, 2009
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Very mixed feelings. I like it, but I wish I liked it more. Fortunately, it's pretty "safe" and repsectable. I enjoy the bergamot at the beginning, and its slight evolution to a more herbal citrus-peel scent, but in the end there are three things wrong with it. First, the base sometimes becomes a strange plasticky lemon which at first I thought was too young for me, but now doesn't bother me as much. Second, once it gets down to the basenotes, I forget that it's there because it's either not strong enough or not interesting enough, though I may just try to apply more in the future. Third, I don't know why I always see higher retail prices for it than a lot of similar-level designer brands, because it's not any better. I kept it in rotation after weeks of waffling, and bought a spray decant to back up my splash mini; I want to keep some around for summers but I refused to pay for a full bottle. Also, I don't recommend the body wash...the scent becomes slimy and medicinal in this format.
11th July, 2009
I was really surprised by this one, and not in a good way. I bought it blind based on the high ratings here, and was shocked to find how simple this frag is, despite the extensive list of ingredients.

I get lemon (though not nearly as much as other here have reported) and lots of pepper... someone mentioned that D&GPH reminds them of household cleaner, and they're spot-on. After a bit some tobacco peaks through, but it's appearance is brief.

Projection and longevity is average on me.

All in all, D&GPH isn't bad, but it's not the greatest. My SO and friends still prefer Polo Explorer to it, despite the huge difference in cost (1.3oz of Explorer = $20, 1.3oz of D&G = $70). I'm glad that I've tried it and have it in my collection, but I won't be buying a new bottle after this one is gone.
07th June, 2009
smellme Show all reviews
United Kingdom
at first it smelt great but then after using it for several months it got boaring. iv now ran out and i dont think i will be purchasing anymore.
29th October, 2008
Havok Show all reviews
United States
This is a decent fragrance, although not to my particular liking. It's very sharp and nonetheless fairly pleasant. However, this is the second fragrance (behind a certain Armani scent) that I'd smelled consistently on other men, making it less unique and much more of a "just another guy with D&G on".
24th September, 2008
I've been owning this one for more than 5 years now - it just won't decrease.
And that is not because its so long lasting.
The point is - my wife gave it to me as a present and she absolutely loves its smell, she's going kinda horny everytime I wear it - I don't share that ecstasy. Even though others seem to.
I tried so hard, but I just can't get access to its secrets.
For me it smells deeply artificial -more than any other I know.
Like some detergent or cleaning agent or even desinfectant. No life in it at all.
I would'nt have bought it for myself, although im always curious and have never smelled anything like it.
Funnily enough it works with other women as well - so I use to wear it when a good impression is necessary.
18th September, 2008
Good longevity, good projection here, but something here I dont like...I dont know what is.
I m a guy who likes exclusives things, to feel important with a fragance. To buy an experience.
With Dolce Gabbana I have a good cologne, but not that important feeling, confidence, sharpness,attitude. To be me, the one and only.
Fresh, soapy and clean....whatever....but I feel like all people, not like a VIP.
Not again.
06th August, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
A lot is going on in this one, and while it's very nice, maybe not everything fits. Is this a fougère or an oriental? I can't quite decide; perhaps it's trying to be both. I agree that this uses pretty good ingredients for a designer scent from a smaller house, and while it smells decent, I can't really say I think it's well constructed. The balance seems to be a bit off on the sweet side, and while it packs a good bit of sillage at first, the initial impression breaks down fairly soon and becomes a bit muddy. This is not a bad scent as these things go; it's just that it seems to hold some promise and then doesn't fully meet the expectation. I'll have to go for a neutral on this, although it's fully good enough to wear for everyday work or such routine events.
29th July, 2008
Sweet base that projects (tonkab bean). Lemon and powdery rubber is what I get. A unique fragrance but not what I like wholly.
16th June, 2008
40ish Show all reviews
United States
This is the highest rated cologne on this website(positives-negatives). I will alternate this fragrance with Gucci Envy(rated #2) for one year and give you my rating based on unsolicited comments from strangers. 2007 winner-Old Spice Red Zone Glacial Falls anti-perspirant/deodorant-1. Polo Black-0. Nautica-0.
21st April, 2008

look, everyone seems to love it, and to this day, I smell it EVERYWHERE!

It's alright, I would not necessarily go out and buy it per se, but I wear it because I got a huge bottle as a Christamas gift.

Its not bad at all, but just not what I'd usually wear. And so many people do wear it...

But even if only a few people wore it, it would still not be something that I would "hunt" for.

Longevity and sillage are alright, the smell itself is alright as well...just not as special as everyone makes out!
12th June, 2007
The top notes are very strong and citrusy; somewhat resembling of detergent. The middle notes contain a solid lavender note but also a tarragon note that is too strong. The basenotes are very good: tobacco and woods combined with a pleasant sweetness. The longevity is great. I would have given thums-up if the fragrance was better balanced.
12th May, 2007
Other reviewers compared it to most Boss and Calvin Klein scents i think they were right. It has the same generic quality like most perfume by these houses. It starts of fruity and floral and ends quite powdery and tough i am by no means a fan of macho scents, rasther their outspoken critic, this one seems to go way too far in the opposite direction.
However, being so andrgynous, i can understand why women love it- don't know how many women like to smell this on a man, but i've known quite a few who used it for themselves. It's actually fresh, but just as fresh as a usual showergel or affordable deodorant, which is not necessarily bad, but nothing extraordinary either.
29th April, 2007
People appreciated smelling this on me, but to my nose the citrus was too harsh, and it never let go throughout the pyramid. What I used to like about it was the sandalwood & tobacco smell it left in the bedroom, for hours. Tested it again a few weeks ago, but no, won't go back to it.
15th February, 2007
CoTHukoB Show all reviews
Russian Federation
My unrefined and unsophisticated nose (probably due to lack of breeding) has a theory about the D&G. In 1994, someone at Dolce said: "Hey, that Ungaro 1993 kinda rocks, let's fruit it up and put our name on it". And so it came to pass.

Inside every bottle of D&G, there is an Ungaro III struggling to claw its way back to the light. :D

That said, those in their twenties will probably prefer the D&G to Ungaro. But if i were you, i'd try both and choose.
05th February, 2007
Actually I used it couple of times, and I didnt really liked it on myself. In the mean time woman loved it big time, and I still dont understand why? It is way too sweet and flowery for me. I prefer Armani's Mania or Aqua
30th August, 2006
This is a really fruity scent. It starts out with an oily, heavy tropical fruit introduction that then gives way to black pepper. Sometimes I notice the black pepper elements more prominently, and sometimes it's the tobacco. The tobacco note never stands out too much to me. It seems that the neroli and citrus scents dominate so heavily that the basenotes never reveal themsleves fully. The drydown is basically a calmer, less intrusive mix of the tropical smelling fruits (bananas, mangoes, et. al.)

The scent is pretty sweet, almost sickeningly so, therefore it could function well on some women as an evening scent. For me, it's way too fruity and cloying. I do keep a bottle of this around since it has it functions on those "party" occasions when something quirky is called for.

Many people consider this to be a formal fragrance, but I say it's more casual. It's also recommended for cool weather. While the "heaviness" of it makes it a good scent to "warm up" with in the winter, I think that it works equally well in summer, preferrably at night. It smells like a day on a tropical beach at times.

A relativley safe buy, this is not a great blind buy. The sweet, oily, fruity, soap scent can be a bit intimidating, so try it on your skin before you buy. The longevity is great (if you like the scent in the first place) and lasts the whole day until you wash it off in the shower, where it still smells pretty strong.

The primary saving graces of this scent are the pepper and the tobacco (when it's noticable). This is far from being a "thumbs down", but it's a bit much for me. Others swear by it, so it's all relative, I guess. A must try at any rate.
13th June, 2006
There is something about this one that I really can't take to me. I have usually no trouble with scents that have a strong personality. I actually prefer them from the vimps. But for some reason there is something in this one that is not really me.benb
10th May, 2006