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Before there was Dolce & Gabbana's barnstormer known as Light Blue Pour Homme (2007), kicking up the second major wave of blue aquatics for men, there was this little gem all the way back in 1994 winning awards. D&G Pour homme was naturally of the "fresh" fougère variety which was sweeping clean all the powerhouses and aromatic affairs of decades past, but unlike most of it's rather sterile brethren, it had a pretty masculine backbone under all the freshness which didn't rear it's deceptively traditional head until the dry down. The first male fragrance from the brainchild house of designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana was right on time to ride the wave started with Calvin Klein's blockbuster Eternity for Men (1989), but the two Italian designers from Legnano were smart about not being swept up in copycats, workking very closely with perfumers of both male and female debut scents for the house, leading to multiple awards won and the reputation which now precedes this stuff. Get it right on the first try, and people will overlook future mistakes is what I've often heard, and that explains why many see to this as reference 90's from the house but only a few besides hardcore fragrance collectors remember the other two 90's masculines D&G made between this and Light Blue (By Man and D&G Masculine from 1997 and 1999 respectively). D&G Pour Homme really is the high water mark for the 90's fougère craze, and it's no hyperbole to say that the designer world could have just ended the genre there and went in a new direction afterward, leaving this kind of thing for the drugstore perfumers to murder with clones a lot faster.

I'm not calling this stuff godhead by any means, as the 90's fresh fougère is far from my favorite style to begin with, but in terms of sheer originality and quality, this takes the cake for it's time. For starters, all the ingredients here are of natural and believable description, even if some of them may be represented in the actual fluid only chemically. Bergamot, mandarin, neroli, lemon, all those seem pretty standard stuff and as can be light as expected in a scent of this period. Indeed this does have a standard opening which remains breezy and just what the doctor ordered in the "clean slate" 90's style. It would almost be boring hence after if those gingerly-applied notes didn't quickly step off stage to be replaced with lavender, which is uncommonly found as a heart note here and thus sneaks up on the skin instead of signalling the charge like it does in Eternity for Men. Then, the sage, tarragon, cardamom, and a touch of what I perceive as standard table pepper give it the subtle kick in the pants it needs to stay above the din of it's genre, before taking another unexpected turn into an uncommonly rustic base which gives D&G Pour Homme it's charm. Sandalwood and cedar get to play here again, in a dry, stately manner similar to Dunhill Edition (1984), while Musk, Tobacco, and the interesting floral choice of Iris give it a manly finish with an odd dandy touch most younger guys in the 90's had no point of reference for and probably missed. Versace would borrow this tobacco/Iris core and build a fragrance around it called The Dreamer in 1996, so ya know it's something special. Very sneaky of ol' D&G to toss that iris in there for the slow burn at the end of the wear. Need I mention this has a legitimate coumarin note which it's stylistic predecessor Eternity for Men lacks? That technically makes this closer to a true "fresh fougère" than the aforementioned. Bravo indeed.

The tobacco in the base is the only bit of contention that some may have of this scent (just like the aforementioned Versace scent), as there is quite a bit of adverse reaction to tobacco in most modern noses I've met, which is maybe why a lot was done to hide it with the iris, woods, and musk. It's needed here for weight more than actual leafy presence, likely taking the place of what would have otherwise been a more-common vetiver note, giving it a special "something" the competition just didn't possess. People who don't like this era of 90's fougère are likely not to like this much either, but I'll take it long before Curve for Men (1996) or Versace Blue Jeans (1994) ever crosses my skin. It's quick enough on it's feet to do combat in both office and casual arenas, but unless you're dating in the heat of a midsummer day, I wouldn't consider this romantic outside of maybe the sharp woodsy base. D&G Pour Homme's the perfect balance of 90's zest and that classic dry, tart "man's scent" aura which was probably a huge boon to older guys crossing over from heavier styles. Men wanting to wade into newer fragrances without leaving the comfort zone too much probably lapped this up. It straddles the old and the new but clearly has a larger stake in the newer way of thinking than the old, which is okay considering how young the D&G house was overall at the time. Sillage nor longevity is not huge, but even with slightly richer base notes, one would be a fool to expect high performance from a deliberately light 90's fougère. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Hommme is nearly a case of "nothing's new under the sun", but also has the most personality of anything in it's class. A generalist for people who don't like generalizing!
25th February, 2018 (last edited: 28th February, 2018)
Dolce & Gabbana is a wonderful masculine fragrance that I absolutely love and wear all the time. I compared the 3.4 oz. version and the 6.8 oz. version, and found that the 3.4 oz. is "Made in U.K.," and the 6.8 oz. is "Made in Italy." So, if you prefer the "Made in Italy" version better, purchase the 6.8 oz. size. I haven't tried Intenso, but see that it is made in an eau de parfum concentration. How does this compare to the original "Made in Italy" version? Does it have a stronger peppery/soapy character and how long does it last. From the description, it sounds like the original, but a more "intense and concentrated" version. If I love the original, would I love Intenso? Thanks to all who reply.
19th February, 2018
There's a lot going on here and others are better are breaking down the notes and nuances, so I will agree that Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a refined and classy scent. It is mature but doesn't feel outdated. It still smells like a modern scent to me, without all the sweetness found in most new designer releases. It also seems to be versatile enough for work and date night.

I'm guessing my mini splash bottle is not vintage, so I get average projection, maybe even a little better than that, which is surprising given all the hate on the current version.
15th January, 2018
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I don't know what version I had?? All I can remember is that I bought it the year that it came out. I was 17 and remember it smelling very mature and classy. Not sure I appreciated it at the time but looking back it was classy stuff. I was was probably too young!
29th November, 2017
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a versatile and distinguished fragrance for men. The scent is at home in a suit, a pair of jeans, at night, during the day, in winter, or in summer. It is suitable for everyday use and for special occasions. I use it along with Versace Dreamer as a signature scent.

Pour Homme opens with a sharp citrus note: primarily lemon, bergamot, and neroli. Top notes stick around for quite awhile and yield to a peppery lavender with a woody base, punctuated by a very light, fresh tobacco. It is soapy and not particularly complex, though very fresh. Some reviewers have suggested - and I agree - that it's reminiscent of Versace's Dreamer. Both fragrances are legendary for good reason, though D&G's dry down remains sharp with notable citrus accords while Dreamer tones down to primarily tobacco. Pour Homme projects well and lasts for a very long time on the skin; even longer on clothing.

Another note for fragrance fans: this fragrance was recently reformulated by Proctor & Gamble UK. The differences between the English version and the older Italian version are negligible; the new version has an ever-so-slightly sharper opening but dries down to effectually the same scent as the original.
22nd November, 2017 (last edited: 27th November, 2017)
This review is for the made in Italy version. This scent is a wonderful, sexy classic scent with Mediterranean vibes. I get begamot, lavender maybe some tonka and woods. Great performance and jumps of he skin.

Why oh why did you ruin this scent D and G

Thankfully I have two half full bottles of the Euro Italian rather than the P&G garbage.

Everything about this scent is cheap the bottle the juice everything compared to what it was.

9 out of 10 for Italian version

3 out of 10 for current made in U.K. mess
26th July, 2017
I spray one pump and walk into it. Wait 30 minutes and then sit back and let the magic happen. Works every single damn time.
21st March, 2017
Where the love of fragrance began for me.
20th March, 2017
Very nicely composed living legend of a scent by Dolce & Gabbana...still relevant and wearable even after so many years!

D&GpH oozes with citrus notes in a pleasant way, tempered by lavender and pepper in the heart. A piercing fragrance that gets noticed, needing tact when applied. The Intenso flanker turbo-charges this one by really emphasizing the citrus and spice with a healthy dose of woods.

30th December, 2016
I believe this was reformulated; I have the older version. One of the most powerful longevity and sillage I’ve encountered, the only cologne I have in that ballpark is Ted by Ted Lapidus. Not sure how to describe this one…a bit chemical, a bit rubbery, a lot of things I can’t describe, and all masculine. I don’t recall ever smelling anything like this. Not for every day, but paired with a suit this is certain to leave quite an impression. 10/10 for originality.
06th November, 2016
I have an original sticker bottle from 2007 and the first reformulated version I received as a gift in 2009. To be clear, the original is the only one worth messing with and will be the main subject of this review.

I don't know if I smell all the notes listed in the pyramid, but here is what I do smell:


This combo of ingredients is fantastic! The reformulated versions are missing the lavender + tonka/tobacco and that is not okay in my opinion. The scent lasts about 10 hours and gets better the longer it has been on your skin.
07th June, 2016
Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme is a nice lemon fragrance, the blueprint, perhaps, for Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche and Frapin L'Humaniste. It reminds me more of the Chanel, although this one seems to have better longevity.
06th June, 2016
sharp, floral, citrusy with a signature note which reminds one of man.aubusson types of fragrances. this however is brighter and fresher kinds. a kind of scent which suits any occasion. nothing mysterious about it though. don't go overboard with your sprays, 4-5 max.
06th June, 2016
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Great scent. Plenty of compliments. Although it was introduced over twenty years ago it doesn't smell dated or 90s. It smells modern and classic at the same time. Great citrus open with amazing tonka woody tobacco dry down. Longevity is fair on me with decent projection. With the quality and price everyone should have this in their collection. Enjoy!
15th May, 2016 (last edited: 16th November, 2016)
Vintage was exceptional, competed well against the super slick Armani Pour Homme of the 80's It was a gift in the mid nineties from a girlfriend. Used it up and purchased a 50ml, sorry no, 75ml in the mid 2000's and meh??!!
A Vintage bottle is coming my way. We'll see.
Vintage Late EuroItalia 2004 is as close to the original as I remember.
Strong Tobacco drydown and a nice plonk of Synth Sandalwood.
19th March, 2016 (last edited: 01st July, 2016)
I don’t know how Pour Homme smells today, but I recently acquired an early Euroitalia bottle of this (mostly for nostalgia, as I wore this fragrance in the Nineties, without even loving it that much back then) and all I can say is that it smells, well, really good. Not exciting, not particularly fascinating... but just totally, really good. Almost astonishingly good. All I get is lavender, tobacco, a drop of creamy, slightly orange-infused citrus and a mellow, agreeably sweet base of musk, vetiver and tonka, initially briefly refreshed by a sort of Mediterranean herbal-tea accord in which I think I get mostly sage and something like thyme paired with, well, “something” that reminds me of juicy bittersweet black tea (that may be due to tobacco, though; fresh grounded tobacco has often a tea-like aroma).

The notes may sound a bit generic, while the result is inexplicably complex, totally unique and recognizable, way more than it may seem by reading the composition. In fact I can’t really think of anything similar to this, maybe some facets of vintage Dreamer by Versace for the same tobacco-musk-lavender “clean and warm” base, or some other tobacco designer scents, but that’s a long shot in any case since there’s quite something more – and mostly better – going on in Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme. I guess this uniqueness is due to the way musk, tobacco, tonka and citrus interact, they create “something” really comforting, clean (musk and lavender), slightly sweet and warm (tonka and tobacco, plus that “tea” accord I mentioned above) but with a really classy touch of tart, herbal citrus freshness, which altogether create an uplifting sense of confidence, affability and informality with a sultry shade of class, a perfect balance I rarely found in other fragrances. Guess this is an example of how a skillful, eclectic and mature composition smells like. Maybe uncreative, but not anything has to (try to...) be creative. Truly a soothing classy sillage with just the right hint of clean, smoothly modern and understated “genericness” which makes this fragrance a really enjoyable and solid everyday option, with a particular “youthful” vibe. Quite linear, but if something smells this nice, that’s just a plus.

Given the number of negative reviews I read about Pour Homme I assume that today it smells probably a bit more synthetic and harsh than it used to, and I can really believe that since the quality of Euroitalia works of the Eighties/Nineties was quite much higher if compared to today’s standards among designers – not to mention Dolce & Gabbana usual standards, which make Pour Homme even more a unique standout. The early Made in Italy version surely has some soapy-synthetic feel especially on the musky-lavender notes, but overall it has an undisputable solid quality and a remarkably rich, fulfilling and breezy texture that makes it really worthy a sniff – if not a blind purchase in case of good deals (way more than the nice albeit totally overrated By Man in my opinion, to mention the only other masculine Dolce & Gabbana scent worth some care).

24th October, 2015

A beautiful rich.classic and elegant.i adore this scent.the best D&G fragrance in my collecion and i think everyone can use type fragrance in their collection.

I love this cologne from the start to the end specially middle and base notes.D&G is a different from the aromatic fougere for me.

I always feel a great when i wear remindes me of a special autumn night!in my opinion you must this scent with your inner world,not just to sniff it with your nose.Good sillage and long lasting.

16th May, 2015
D&GPH was my main office scent for a couple of years and I changed to Eau Savauge when the bottle ran out, but I really liked this and need to buy another bottle to mix back in the weekday rotation before summer. I can't say if the bottle I had was the original German version or the reformulation and will have to experiment with it to determine if I detect anything different.

What I liked best about D&GPH was that it seemed to fit settle and project perfectly on my skin for the office. Nice fragrance that didn't offend or knock anyone out with any heavy notes.

Very classy combination of citrus top notes, and some dry woody, musk and tobacco tones underneath that lasts about 6hrs. I'd be happy to own this one again.

13th February, 2015
I am only familiar with the German version.

A very nice, well blended, refined, versatile fragrance for men. There is a hint of tobacco at the base, alongwith some woods. While perhaps not great, it is still very good. The only complaint is that projection and especially longevity could have been better.

The bottle looks and feels great, the box is even better.
28th January, 2015
I tried D&G's 'Pour Homme' even though I'm not one. After all, many of my favorite perfumes were designed to be used by people of either/any sex so I often try scents that weren't formulated specifically for me.
The present version of D&G's 'Pour Homme' is a nice enough scent. Although the Tangerine may not smell exactly like the real fruit, I prefer it to the many Citrons and Oranges that find their way into men's colognes. I would have liked a little less Tangerine and a little more of the other scents that make up the smooth background of this cologne. The complexity is already there, but it has been overwhelmed by the fruit like a breakfast that is all orange juice and no toast.
I am of two minds about the fresh soapiness in this scent. While it would be nice to know that you smelled as if you had just stepped out of the shower all day long, I wonder about that scent when it combines with the real scent of a human body that has put in a full day's work. I'd prefer to leave a shower with my own neutral scent rather than smelling as if I had forgotten to rinse.
While I won't be adding a bottle of D&G 'Pour Homme ' to my cabinet of scents I can think of colognes for men that are far less pleasant on the nose than this one. Just walk through a shopping mall or a High-school hallway, or pick up a magazine that is designed to appeal to men and your nose will be assailed by a number of scents that make 'Pour Homme' smell very welcome indeed. It gets a positive rating from me because there are far worse scents available for men than this slightly formulaic one.
12th December, 2014
To me this is summer in a bottle. I am personally not a fan of summer perfumes, but this is one of the most well done formulations I have come across and it almost made me a summer perfume wearer. It has a little bit of sun tan lotion, a little bit of the sea breeze, and some sunshine thrown in for good measure. It also manages to avoid being over the top or overbearing in its sillage and lasted for about 3-4 hours on my skin. If you want to remember your vacation in Rome in the middle of December or have an enjoyable summer option, pour homme is definitely the way to go!
13th October, 2014
Thats a classic from the 90's ,full of class with lemon and quite fresh opening that settles down
to a sweeter base with tobacco and some nicely rounded woods!
Excellent stuff.

I dont usually edit or change my statements or reviews, but I have to add here the review for DG PH
2012 version in order to save some peoples MONEY!!!
I am a fan of the original made in Italy DG but lately I received a new bottle 125ml which is made in UK (original)
Watch out guys!!! its reformulated and they have done it in the worst way!
watered down,all this richness of the original tobacco has stead you get a fresh lemony top that dries down in some airy woody base that is very light and unable to detect after 2-4 hours...
I am really disappointed thats why I edited my review,to share this with you before you buy your new DG,TEST IT!!! its different and weaker!!!
11th October, 2014 (last edited: 26th October, 2014)
I love it, but when I was in hospital and wore it as I was there for 2 months, the English nurses, absolutely hated it and were very vocal about it spraying hospital disinfectant and covering thier noses as they walked past when I sprayed it on. Funny though I left and gave it to the English guy next to me, and they loved it on him. Maybe it doesn't work well on tanned skin and only white skin? I went back to see the geezer I gave it to, and he said they all asked him what it was and bought bottles for their partners. Strange that happened when my mother bought in Chicken curry and they all complained about the smell of curry, the garlic and chillie, however chicken curry was the first thing to be sold out of at meal times and the canteen! Its now the National dish so often the reaction is based on passive aggression and not the article. Sorry this fragrance turns into a social comment, but when has just come out of a coma, after 4 moths and has a shave and bath after that time, and want a beer, food one remembers the reaction of caring staff and I had this fragrance then bought in to say get well soon. Smells can evokes memories.
03rd September, 2014
Classy is classy. I earned a lot of compliments when I was in my 20th
I love it like my signature scent for daily even now that I'm older
05th August, 2014
dolce & gabbana pour homme is a rather subtle fragrance that does not last long when wearing.
06th January, 2014
A Shadow of its former greatness, but still pretty good.

I first discovered Dolce and Gabbana PH in the late 1990s/2000s when I was in college and in my 20s. The monster projection and longevity of the original formulation was a true beast. I wore whenever I went out at the clubs, on dates, at parties. I got massive compliments and positive comments. It was the signature scent of one of the most impressionable times of my captured the last few years of my youth and the transition to adulthood. I wore it when I was dating the woman who would become my wife and even wore it at my wedding.

Then, a few years later, I grew up, landed a "real" job, bought a house, and had a couple of kids. At this point, the loud in-your-face fragrance I wore to the clubs wasn't really appropriate for the office or to family nights out at Peter Piper Pizza. Although when my wife and I would go to Vegas for a quick vacation without the kids, I would douse myself with a quick spray, and I was ready to go.

Just the other day, I bought a bottle online. When I smelled it again, I immediately noticed the reformulation. This was from the 2009/UK formulation (yes, it is 2013 so i was sold old stock, but that's for another post). This new version is a shadow of it's former self. Yes, it does smell similar, yes, the projection is quite a bit less and the longevity is less than half of what it used to be. I was immediately disappointed, but the more I wore wear it,the more at peace I am with it. For me, it retains its essence, but now it's a lot more "safe" to wear to the office or even at a family night out. It has evolved with me, but I am still nostalgic for the memories I used to have.

Am I happy with the reformulations? No, but I am at peace with them. I understand why designers do this sort of save money, etc. My real gripe with this is that scent is one strongest memories we have, and this is D&G's way of telling me to move on and grow up. I just don't want to!

I suggest they come out with a EdP version of the reformulation to restore it back to its former glory. I know that I would immediately got out and buy a bottle!

Pros: Brings back great memories
Cons: One word: Reformulations!

01st June, 2013
The Ultimate Versatile Fragrance

I think this is a nice scent to have in a collection. It is versatile and can be used in basically any situation. I'd say the only situation that would be hard to pull off is in a club just because its performance isn't that great. I really enjoy Dolce & Gabanna's presentation of the box and bottle as well.

My biggest complaint is the scent itself. It's pretty boring and generic but that doesn't have to be a bad thing if you're looking for a versatile scent.


Pros: 1. Very versatile 2. Affordable designer fragrance 3. Fantastic box and bottle design
Cons: 1. Somewhat generic 2. Slightly below average performance 3. Not complex

01st June, 2013
safe daytime scent

A very safe light aromatic fougere that won't frighten the horses. A light citrus backed up with a hint of gentle anise barbershop. Good for daytime workwear but a bit conservative and unsexy for social occasions

Pretty decent longevity too

Pros: safe purchase
Cons: bit conservative

16th May, 2013
The Greatest perfumes i have ever used.People might say ,it is for the mature people.I must say,it is true.Surely for a hardheaded real man,not for scool going jerks.This one truly lasts very long and so much alluring from begining to end.
14th May, 2013
I loved this fragrance from the first smell. Excellent sprayer.
It can be a bit overwhelming if applied too heavily.
It reminds me of nutmeg and syrup (and cardamom).

If you're going to wear this to work, use it sparingly.
With four sprays, I gassed-out myself in the car and felt I was gassing out others in the elevator almost an hour later.
At the three-hour mark, it really settled and became a lighter, extremely pleasant, manly scent that I enjoyed for the rest of the work day.
This one would be good for church and evening wear for those over the age of thirty.
This one might not be good for hot-weather wear because it has a thick aroma.

My wife likes it.
11th May, 2013