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This is a 'nice' scent with atrociously bad longevity and sillage, I was shocked as I knew it was too good to be true with that wacky opening that grabbed me, after that it rapidly deflated, fast. Nice is the key word here. Nice, OK, middle of the road, nothing special but nothing that's bad, right down the middle but who wants that?

Drakkar smells exactly like some kind of a strange lemon cake from the atomizer, it has this creamy/waxy texture. The first opening 5 minutes resemble fresh dank marijuana buds I kid you not which quickly segues into a feminine vibe from tolu balsam, not really that masculine to be totally honest. It smells yellow like the color of the liquid, a wee bit old lady as well, just a tiny bit though but it is noticeable. The overall feel is that of a very soft lemon essence with a backdrop of mild oakmoss and musk, definitely a strange scent. Unique and moderately dated with very little complexity or development. It smells good, not great or wow though, very simple, very soft and gone with the wind before you know it.

I bought a flacon of this blind from Europe and literally had to bathe in this stuff to get any sort of sillage or longevity, I couldn't believe it. When I say bathe, I mean like 10-12 full on sprays that I would never in a billion years ever think about doing and leaving my domicile, I'm a 2-3 sprays kinda guy. Lasted about 6 hours as a skin scent on my skin that holds everything forever, completely disappointed. At the price points for these vintage and very hard to get flacons it's not even worth the hunt one bit because you really do have to apply a ridiculous amount of this stuff which by that point you're going to stink like old lady cologne guy while simultaneously pissing away all of that expensive liquid that performs terribly. Heed my advice on this and go with a flacon of vintage Drakkar Noir, that perfume is awesomeness beyond words, this one's a total let down. What a waste.
12th October, 2017
I've developed an appreciation for "old people" fragrances that I didn't have when I started. This is from an era of barbershop notes and projection. Drakkar has an citrus and Lavender opening, with moss and cedar dry-down. Great projection and longevity. I'd wear it occasionally for nostalgia, but not regularly.
15th July, 2017
Drakkar is an iconic piece of classic which conjures me deeply my youth as it was surrounded by "aromatic charming men" and disappeared impeccable class. Immensely virile and casual fragrance. Moss, jasmine and lavender (especially the latter) are the hits of this dynamic juice, so fresh and out going. The aromatic (pine/juniper/coriander centered) vibe is in here subdued in comparison with the follower (and market cracker) Drakkar Noir while in here I finally get more soapy (ambery) spiciness, muskiness and citrus. Anyway, there is a solid common basis shared by these two Guy Laroche's creations. The Drakkar's dry down unfolds jasmine, bergamot/lavender, patchouli and oakmoss in remarkable amount, overall soothed by soapy amber and a touch of leather. Anyway another hard to find gem with an immensely evocative power on me.
11th June, 2015
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Pearl from the past. Lavender centered in one of the classiest possible ways. So sad it Has been discontinued. A wealthier relative is nowadays Sartorial by Penhaligon s, with enhanced complexity however.
07th February, 2014
another gem from the past should not miss in collezzione especially the powerhouse of good silage fan and a fantastic drydown, a citrusy very different, very very good 5/5
31st December, 2012
One of my all time favourites. A friend had a MAGNUM in his bathroom and I always took a dab or two..... or three...!!! I've always wondered who got that magnum when he passed away. It reminds me of fresh-mown hay, sweet, and clean. NOTHING like the very-artificial scent of its « ad-sales replacement, Drakkar NOIR which is OK, pleasant but not what I would wear. NOIR is too cold. Would LOVE to get my hands on a sealed bottle.
02nd January, 2012
Drakkar (1972) is much like Drakkar Noir (1982) minus the extra kicks from Coriander, Juniper and some pine, I find. Although the pyramids made me expect something very different, this smells like the younger(!)brother of DN. I do not get the fresh start with such aplomb as I am used to from DN, or YSL Pour Homme, and also the dry down is mellower than it is with DN, and yet it lasts about the same five hours! I do not know why it reminds me of the tender Old Spice Lime which has been missed for years. I had to buy Drakkar blind as you can imagine with a scent that is so hard to come by nowadays. Even the more am I happy with what I received in perfect condition.
I realize I would have praised DN just the same had it been unknown and hard to get until now!
12th May, 2007