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Negative Reviews of Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

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United Kingdom
Used to wear it in the 80s, I have not seen it around for ages (surprised people still buy it)

How do I class it?
Not sure... Not too sweet, not too fresh, no real spice, no real character it smells like an underarm deodorant... It did not last long so I had to apply every 2-3 hours (good thing it was very cheap)

I wore it in the daytime as I felt it was classless

06th January, 2018
I purchased this online and it was quite cheap as a package with the deodorant and I'm glad I did, the deodorant is quite nice.

With IFRA and reformulations I don't think this is fair to review what I smelled, but I will. What I smelled was a mosh of synthetics that combined to form a neutered masculine that is just a just a shell of the DN I know of. Was it ever a great fragrance worthy of it's notoriety? Not sure but today I don't really see why someone would purchase this....unless you get the deodorant with it.
02nd February, 2017
Picked up a small bottle of the splash at wally world. Not impressed. Smells nice enough but even after applying very liberally its barely there after 3 hours. No longevity,. no sillage. I'm surprised after hearing how much a powerhouse its supposed to be. Its not for lack of heat either,. I work up a reasonable sweat at work and its just not there. To be fair I think my sniffer may be on the less sensitive side and I've had similar longevity disappointments with current aramis tuscany and devin formulations,. although not quite this bad. The search continues, but so far Insurrection II wild is winning.
02nd November, 2016
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Ralph Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Yes, it's a rather crude pine scent, isn't it? Nothing you'd want to smell of, really.
16th December, 2014
Genre: Fougère

I realize I’m dating myself embarrassingly here, but I didn’t care for Drakkar Noir when it was new: it always smelled to me like the sleazy guy cruising the Jersey boardwalk after the bars had closed. It was crude, overbearing, and chemical even in 1982, and I don’t think time has improved it one iota. “Powerhouse” scents like Macassar, Kouros, Francesco Smalto pour Homme, and Krizia Uomo are models of refined understatement next to Drakkar Noir. Say the words “Cheap Cologne” within my earshot, and my inner nose will smell not Old Spice or Brut, but Drakkar Noir.

So what does it actually smell like? Roughly one part Pine-Sol, one part liquid ammonia, one part industrial strength lavender soap, and one part powdered nutmeg. In other words, a very bad fougère. Useful to me mostly as a reference scent for “bad fougère,” or a masochistic exercise in ‘80s nostalgia.
12th June, 2014
The original formulation was my favorite fragrance. What a powerhouse. A spritz or two and both men and women found me irresistible.If you loved the original, pass on this, it's a total letdown. Right out of the bottle it's strong and it reminds me of the original, but it quickly dries down to nothing, and within two hours it's completely gone.

Al Rehab has a knockoff oil called Dakar. I'm told its a good recreation of the original Drakkar Noir with excellent staying power and projection. And it's only $4 for a 6ml roll on. I'll post a review of it soon as it arrives.
17th December, 2013
It's had it's day.

I'm not going to get into the finer details on this one, I'm just going to lay it out short and bitter: Drakkar Noir smells like an older man.

It may have been worn by young people years ago, but it doesn't work with today's tastes.

26th August, 2013
Was awesome when I was 15. Way outdated now. Like cool water or eternity. Just leave it in the past.
27th May, 2012
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United States
Bug Spray! Opens at the top with a sort of sweet, green-spiced masculine potpourri scent that's basically the same as every cheap mass market male cologne and then... BUG SPRAY!
09th February, 2012
My first purchase of this was spring of 1983 as a wet behind the ears law student. Seems my friends all knew I was both a fashion and men's fragrance tragedy. I can't quite put my finger on why I like this, I just know that I do. The French would call this "fougere" (whatever the hell that means, but I take it to mean "mossy", "woodsy" etc). I like the name, supposedly a Viking war ship. I still wear this, even though it has changed a bit. Quite nice...
03rd February, 2012
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United States
I know to some people, Drakkar Noir is a classic. But this is just not for me.

I was a young teenager back in the early 90's when I first tried this; I liked the opening: fresh and sweet. But it quickly transformed to a whole different scent that smelled like a B.O. So I hit the shower and made sure I wouldn't smell it again on my skin. What a traumatizing experience.

Spray Drakkar Noir again? Never.

21st January, 2012
too powdery.. almost smells like fizzy candy.. far too feminine.. not my kind of fragrance..
26th September, 2011
I wore this scent back in the early nineties because a young lady simply loved it and wanted me to wear it "for her". I never really cared for this scent... it is one of the scents that I do no care for. It's just not for me.
19th September, 2011
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There are really only a few scents that make me nauseous (quite literally), and this is one of them. It is an overbearing and overpowering scent. One drop is too much. Sorry, I received it as a gift, used it once and then had to shower well. I quickly gave it away. It is the type of scent which announces with a megaphone your presence in a building, and it lingers long after you have left.
23rd June, 2011
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United States
A good strong scent that unfortunately does not work for me.
17th April, 2011
This is the worst fragrance I ever smelled, compared to this FCUK smell so much better. I find it hard to believe it was so popular once. This not only smell dated but extremely synthetic.
Longevity and Sillage is extreme but it only add insult to injury. I bought this just to add another classic into my collection but to be honest with you I cannot stand this for 2 sec.
06th February, 2011
I love a good fougère. I think the genre is underrated, and still recovering from a bad spell that lasted from the 70s to the 90s. The ubiquity and heavy-handed use of Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Azzaro pour Homme and eventually Drakkar Noir in the US in the 70s-80s as well as the association with a troubled era of masculinity made people run screaming from the aromatic fougère. Then Cool Water and the like made the more traditional lavender/coumarin fougère seem stale.

To Drakkar Noir. It’s bland and it’s loud. It’s the fragrance equivalent of battleship grey at volume 10.
22nd January, 2011 (last edited: 23rd January, 2011)
Although Drakkar Noir remains a classic scent from the 1980s, I don’t like it. It’s a fresh fougere scent that does not have much going for it in my opinion. It is not like Cool Water by Davidoff and feels mellow and hollow to me. It would have been nice if there was more complexity to this frag, but I’m just not finding it. The value proposition is not optimal either. Drakkar Noir can be a bit expensive depending on where one picks up a bottle. Many people will continue to buy this fragrance though simply because there is this sexy, alluring quality to it. Part of me thinks it was designed with females more in mind than males. I can’t understand the popularity of this frag, but the ladies seem to find it agreeable.
09th October, 2010
You know what? I have never actually applied this to my skin.

I remember it as a youth all the boys had a bottle of this stuff. I hated it. They'd spray it on and it just makes me think of someone who's body temperature is 110 degrees. Maybe that's what others like about it? Quite possibly. I know this type of scent is for a certain type of man and that it attracts a certain type of female.

I don't think I'm that man, and I'm not too sure if I'm interested in those type of females.

Drakkar Noir, the mystical scent that I've always loathed. Perhaps one day I'll spray it on myself just for fun. I know I'll hate it. There's no point.

I'm giving a thumbs down simply because I have such horrid memories of its scent.
16th September, 2010
I wore once in my teens, and back then i liked it, but not now, for sure!
Too powerful and outdated. Smells cheap for my taste. Reminds me a shower gel (i don't remember the brand...) but 1000 times more intense.

WARNING: never, i mean NEVER buy a fragance based exclusively on reviews: EVERYONE HAS A PERSONAL TASTE. YOU HAVE TO SMELL IT BY YOURSELF!!!
03rd April, 2010
I remember kids in middle school and then high school in the late 80s to mid 90s, douse themselves in this chemical mace. Like many teenage boys its loud, and abrasive with no smoothness or subtlety. These memories are probably the main reason I don't like the smell of it. tTruthfully this is really a young adults fragrance,much in the same vain as Axe today. I personally could not see myself today wearing it. BTW, A few friends and I would use it to fire small home built potato mortars. It was the only real use I found for it.
19th February, 2010
a couple words come to mind with this one. . physically and morally repugnant. I had the displeasure of trying this today at kohls with high expectations. Just the name sounded epic, and the bottle, and the fact it was a designer scent made me eager to spray it on. Man, it just might be on the list top 10 of things i should not have done. Literally thee most disgusting and disturbing thing i have ever smelled. Now onto the scent, I think basenotes got the ingredients wrong, it goes something like:

Top Notes: Rubbing alcohol

Middle Notes: Old man musk/Preservative

Base Notes: Bengay

Yep if you're looking for a smell that will please the 80+ crowd, by all means get a hold of this stuff, but if you like to smell good, or even have any self respect, you will stay away from this. It smells like embalming fluid X_X

Thumbs waaaaaaaaaaay down.
22nd September, 2009
it is the absolute worst smell i have ever put my nose on its bitter and disgusting and the notes totally conflict. the lavendar and bitter spices definately make this annoying and very synthetic and its a very harsh almost chemical smell and i would NOT reccomend this to anyone its like aramis, english leather, halston Z14, polo and all of the mossy leathery annoying scents everyone absolutely cannot stand
25th August, 2009 (last edited: 01st October, 2009)
The epitome of cheap cologne. Offensive and unforgivingly common.
05th July, 2009
3 words - lewd, crude and rude. This is the best I can do to describe DN. Yes, it's an strong, aromatic fougere from the 80's. Unfortunately, it's just not good or interesting enough in the face of its competition - Paco Rabanne PH and Azzaro PH. The opening blast is not unlike Paco's opening. However, instead of nice balance between the lavender and herbs/spice, the spice overtakes and eats the lavender for breakfast. Smells cheap and not unlike a locker-room of sweaty boys trying to cover their body odour with Right Guard. The drydown veers more towards Azzaro PH's direction and again, it fails miserably as the oak moss and patchouli are very crude and a bit too weak. Why would anybody bother with DN when there's Paco and Azzaro?
18th May, 2009
Strikes me as rather loud, harsh and synthetic. Nothing I would want to wear or smell.
09th August, 2008
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United States
Definitely very noticeable and unique - you can always tell when someone is wearing Drakkar, which unfortunately means that someone is usually bathing in it. I was at a will call line to pick up my tickets to a concert when I got an overwhelming downdraft of Drakkar. Someone two lines over was radiating Drakkar and there wasn't anyone in a 20 foot radius who didn't know what it was. As my girlfriend says "It smells like the 80s".

Strong and masculine, pungent and unforgiving. You either like it or you don't. I got a good laugh when the Nordstroms SA put a sample in my bag... I can't believe they actually sell it.

Except for Polo I'm not a fan of any of the 80s macho scents (Kouros, Paco, Azzaro PH, etc.) and this is no exception.
16th June, 2008
So highschool! And it has a stinkiness to it, like b.o. or stale farts. It's just dirty smelling. It is powerful stuff, but it dries down to a stinky deathlike musk. Kind of earthy like. My husband got a free bottle from a friend and I sighed shaking my head thinking, "I hope he uses it for work and not around the house!" It just doesn't smell right! Cheap smelling.
09th June, 2008
it is an old juice ,used to be very famous..its a classic,long lasting and smooth but its too late to wear it now a days
30th May, 2007
G Man Show all reviews
United States
My girl does not like this one as well. Good thing because it gives me a headache.

Too mossy...just as bad as Polo original.

hard to describe, but the smell makes me sick.

I could see it on some people who wear leather ect... but in the 80's..not today. smells kinda "salty" and stale. gross.
17th April, 2007