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Negative Reviews of Dune pour Homme by Christian Dior

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A bitter green acquatic woody.

This is decidedly, for my nose, generic to the nth degree. It smells like hundreds of other acquatic woodies on the market, thin, watery, without any character, with an underlying harshness that makes it very off-putting indeed.

I hated the original Dune. I don't like this flanker either. By the way neither has any relation to the other. The original Dune reminded me of "wet dog," the Dune Pour Homme reminds me of wet woods.

Pass the hair dryer, please.
21st January, 2016
Genre: Woody Oriental

By way of a disclaimer, perfume critic Tanya Sanchez’s description of Dune pour Homme as “A very good eau de cologne (sic) with a transparent, natural feeling in its leafy, lemon top note and a sweet, soapy floral drydown” bears no resemblance to the scent I’m reviewing. Is my sample mislabeled? I’m not sure, since Michael Edwards does list Dune pour Homme as a woody oriental in his taxonomy of fragrances. At any rate, here are my impressions:

Dune pour Homme’s first few minutes on my skin are an olfactory train wreck of raw alcohol, soap, powdery-sweet gourmand notes, citrus, calone, and brash, banal synthetic woods. It’s as if Dior decided to play every commonplace theme from the past twenty years of masculine perfumery at once in an effort to include everybody’s favorite. Thank heavens the raw alcohol subsides quickly, while the woody notes, soap and powder integrate. The resulting structure is an opaque, gourmand woody oriental lolling in a pool of artificial fruit punch and calone.

The idea here was apparently to juxtapose a sweet woody oriental in the manner of A*Men or Lolita Lempicka au Masculin with a fresh, sporty citrus aquatic. It turns out to have been a very bad idea. These two ubiquitous stereotypes of 1990s male fragrance are dreary enough on their own, but their combination amounts to even less than the paltry sum of its parts.

But wait; it gets worse! Though supposedly developed in rebellion against the bombastic “powerhouse” scents of the 1980s, the masculine aquatic and the woody oriental gourmands are both in fact extremely loud and tenacious olfactory constructs. Piling the two on top of one another is akin to booking Metallica and Mötley Crüe for the same stage. It’s one battle of the bands that I don’t want to hear. Enough to make me wish I were anosmic.

12th June, 2014
relying on the positive reviews of reliable reviewers on BaseNotes , i bought it blind..........and all gone to the drain........ except the top note which stays hardly for few minutes , nothing can be termed as pleasant.
I cant stand that FIG. Absolutely uncontrolled note of Fig which prevails till end and ruins the entire composition.

I did not expect it from you Dior.

Ahhh... Bad luck.
23rd June, 2012
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Now and again a fragrance will display a bitter, synthetic note that makes me cringe like I was maced with hairspray. With Dune it happened again. After skimming the negative reviews of Dune on this site, my likely suspect is hedione. Other reviewers describe hedione as ozonic, bitter, clean, synthetic, etc, which is exactly what my sinuses can't seem to accept. Said ingredient is now on my blacklist.
ps. I recall Dune for women as being above average.
29th May, 2012
I purchased Dune pour homme blind after seeing 1 positive review on You Tube and before finding It was unavailable at Sophora or Macy's. There is NOT a lot of information out there on this scent. This should have been my first clue that something was not right. I usually like Christian Dior and figured it couldn't be that bad.
The opening is very sweet and cheap smelling to me, and very feminine. It dries down very quickly to something that reminds me of the scent on Charmin toilet paper or Resolve carpet cleaner. I've tried it a few times as sometimes my nose adjusts over time and colognes become more pleasant. Not yet. This is the worst cologne I own and has forced me to stop buying blind!
22nd February, 2012 (last edited: 01st March, 2012)

After having got a glance through the earlier reviews i just can add that i neither particularly abhor this juice nor appreciate its facets, we are under average anyway. This is in my opinion an unoffensive and probably unispired green fougere with a barely perceivable note of fig leaves, with some chemical fresh ozonic elements in the mix, some green whiff and an averagely synthetic woody dry down. I smell the powdery woods, a plain moss but do not the sweet gourmand temperament while i detect the fresh airy trail of new hedione (at the beginning too alcoholic and angular) together with the citrusy touch of mandarine and  an hint of that typical indolent, almost milky, sugary, powdery and anyway adible taste of fig (in this case blended with the green feel of its leaves). May be the influence of the figs  pushes up the illusion of powdery gourmand vibes. The note of hedione, that plagues the all whole development, imprints that aquatic feel that emerges clearly in a while after the first spray and lasts till the end. It would have been better balancing the powder with some natural herbs and aromatic greens rather than by hedione and synthetic woods but in that case we'd have heard a different story.
07th December, 2011
The hedione on my skin gives this a "fresh" (= unpleasantly synthetic and ozonic) quality which I don't appreciate. That note totally dominates, and I barely (if at all) get any fig leaf or wood notes. The hedione also gives a vaguely sweet aspect which I don't like. Where are the herbs or woods? This is not at all natural smelling and thus I can't find a single good thing to say about it.
27th July, 2011
Another fragrance in the line of Cool Water. (also similar to egoiste platinum)
This is a fresh floral fougere, good by the time it was released but nowadays you can find better things, and, of course, a lot of cheap imitations, deodorants, shower gels ...

"Old" fragrance lovers sure will love this stuff and will say this is a masterpiece .This is for all them .
26th May, 2011
ck Be with fig and more prominent notes. I do not like this at all. Unfortunately comes off as the infamous Dial Soap scent with additions.
01st July, 2008
It was a summer evening and I was at the beach. I was wearing Dune. Suddenly, a tall, good-looking blond woman approached to me and said: “Excuse me, you smell soooo nice, and I just couldn’t resist coming to you and smelling you better. Can I?” I wanted to make an impression on her as a smart and eloquent guy, so I said: “A-ha”. She leaned over me and I felt the touch of her nose and after that of her lips on my neck… and then… and then I woke up and I realized that people around me could love Dune only in my dreams.
I bought this one and CK Escape for Men on the very same day. It was a double mistake.
I was wearing Dune when someone said to me that I smell as a brand new rubber toy… and when you smell as a brand new rubber toy you definitely do not smell mainly, sexy or attractive.
I have never thought that I could say that I hate some scent… but I do hate this one, as much as I hate the hypocrisy, waiting in line or my ex-girlfriend.
25th May, 2008 (last edited: 14th July, 2008)
Oh my...I don't get what so many people appear to adore with this one...One of my aunts has been buying this for me for Christmas every years since its release...

I've given away 9 bottles and I still have 3 left, only because they are redundant in my collection - I rarely use it! It just ends up giving me an aweful headache in the first ten minutes!

I totally agree with 'nout' on the whole shoe shine thing - I got that too.

Just reading the notes, one might expect to find in this fragrance qualities similar to Goodlife for men, and even Cool Water. I found none of that.

Infact, all I could smell in it was a powerful blast of alcohol, shoe shine and synthetic notes. Yes, it smelled very synthetic to me. Not sophisticated or masculine, but VERY ordinary and synthetic.

And it smelled no different on anyone else I gave bottles away to.

Sorry, but 2/10 for effort, and thumbs down.

06th July, 2007
I really tried to understand why people like Dune, but I simply can't. It smells like shoeshine! Shoeshine can have a quite pleasant smell though, but not on human skin and not all day long. I'm curious if anyone agrees on the resemblance with Azzaro Chrome?
24th April, 2007
Sure it's distinctive, but not in a good way. Imagine an old lady's wooden powder box, then you have the essence of this scent. Sure it will make people turn their heads, but only because they'll be thinking: Where's that old lady?
14th February, 2005
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I bought a pack of miniture Christian diors and none i liked, which makes me wonder if i got a old batch that is over due. The womans version smells better i must say. its ok, nothing special, a fesh smell but their are others out there better than this
16th February, 2004
I don't wear it anymore since my wife asked me very politely one day to stop using it. Well, no big deal since I wasn't that mad about it from day one.
17th December, 2002