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Negative Reviews of Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

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Inky and synthetic out of the bottle - sort of smelled like the synth I got from a sampler of Chanel Sport Homme. Did not like this inky scent.
24th May, 2015
Something about the aldehydes and the mandarin gave me a BO vibe, thought it started out well.
23rd November, 2014
My review is based on my experience from my 100ml EdT of Eau d' Hadrien in the bottle that is supposedly for men, the one in the golden box. I purchased this blindly at Winners Toronto for 80CAD two days ago. My suggestion: if you love citrus notes don't buy this, and in any way don’t blind-buy. Although I like the effervescence of citrus notes I am not fond of overly fresh, light or sallow compositions. Eau d' Hadrien is a total disappointment on many levels. It starts with a citrus blast. In half an hour I can detect tarty bergamot. From then on Eau d'Hadrien becomes a lightly sour and linear bergamot. Cypress is barely traced on my skin. Finally a light accord of bergamot and neroli, stays close to my skin 5 hours after application. Eau d'Hadrien is a very average composition. Even if the longevity of Eau d' Hadrien is good (its silage is not) I am not interested because what follows the first 5-10 minutes is really not appealing and especially the dry down is a great bore.
27th April, 2013
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A bit too much heavy floral lemon for me. Doesn't last very long either.
25th December, 2010
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United Kingdom
I tried this yesterday for the first time and thought it was ok at first, nothing amazing, nothing offensive but the smell was tugging at my memory trying to extract the memory where i had smelt this before. After an hour the answer arrived .... Urinal Cakes!
21st March, 2010
I love citrus scents, but I'm not taken by this one at all. I find that the citrus here has a strong petroleum note, akin to gasoline. The saving grace is that the longevity on this one is very, very short. A completely ephemeral fragrance, enjoyed in potency for 5 minutes, and completely gone within 10. Oddly, it doesn't retain its scent on sprayed clothing for me either. Heat seems to burn it all off in no time.
25th December, 2009
In the words of my girlfriend, this smells like the car perfume in her mom's Nissan. While I don't entirely agree with her, I must admit there's more than an ounce of truth in that observation. Bland citrus blended to perfection.
02nd December, 2009
I stand with the minority of reviewers that dislike this Eau d’Hadrien. It is dominated by a rather harsh and unpleasant lemon note that I do not like at all (and I do enjoy quite a few lemon scents, ranging from Acqua di Parma Colonia to Eau Sauvage). I have tried it several times now and can’t get any enjoyment out of it; a definite thumbs down.
04th August, 2009
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United States
It didn't make me happy while wearing it. I think this particular perfume is for a person of a melancholic nature that needs to brood. I'm not being sarcastic, it's just that I know there are different fragrances for different personalities.

I had to get rid of my bottle. When I swapped it, I felt guilty giving this melancholic perfume to someone to assist in their unhappiness. It just wasn't for me.
16th April, 2009
there are better citrus scents as this one.this is pure lemon and citrus-too intense with no staying power!very boring , simple and nothing special- go for eau sauvage ir yves saint laurent pour homme if you´re looking for a classical citrus summer scent or monsieur de givenchy but eau d´hadrien is a total waste of money-one of he most uninteresting scents ever made-lemon pure that lasts for 2 hours - if this scent is discontinued noone would miss it!By a cleaner at a drugstore and you get the same but for less money ..........................
31st March, 2009
Tart and crispy grapefruit blast at the top brings literally water to my mouth. I also think of poison-green tart and crunchy winter apples and raw rhubarb stem that makes your face look funny when you take a real good bite of it.
It’s absolutely wonderful. The opening, I mean.

The drydown is everything I suspect and feared: It really does go downhill quite fast, and it’s fading to this boring subtle citrus scent that has a notable soapy structure to it.

More oomph! and more range to those top notes I would probably love this much more. Perhaps in this case EdP concentration would do the trick.

Most of these Goutal scents are just way too quiet for me. I suppose I just like to reek as much as possible.

The citrus fragrances that are more into my liking are, just give you a couple of examples; Soda by GdG, Oyedo by Diptyque, M7 Fresh by YSL…..and then of course I love those rich citrus classics such as Eau Sauvage, YSL PH, Ungaro II etc.
03rd March, 2009
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United States
The lemon top is too vivid and cutting for my tolerance. I prefer Goutal's Mandragore, which is slightly sweeter, deeper, and more interesting.
29th May, 2008
L'Eau d'Hadrien is guilty by association, a tragic victim of the contextual nature of scent perception. That overpowering, bitter cedrat and lemon oil scent has become so typical of "natural oil"-embellished household cleaners, detergents, furniture polishes and what have you, that the first whiff alone is enough to remind me of duties around the house I am little enamored of. Just what I need in a luxury fragrance. If we should ever be able to afford a cleaning lady, she'll be getting this for Christmas.
30th December, 2006
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I bought a bottle of Hadrien Absolu blind. Not a good decision for me! As with nearly every Goutal I have sampled, it starts off with an incredibly harsh, bitter blast of topnotes. In this case, a very bitter citrus and wood smell. As it dries down it does soften, but the bitterness remains, and to that, arrives a musty, almost mildew-like smell. It lasts fairly well for a citrus scent, like 4-5 is an EDP after all. It projects way too much for my tastes, given what it is that it is projecting! Just for the record, I'm not commenting on the quality of the components or the composition here, just stating my experience and opinion. This is simply not my style of scent. If you like sharp, raw, and even bitter citrus scents, then check out Goutal's works. For a sweeter (and to my nose even more natural) take on the same raw sort of scent, try some of i Profumi di Firenze's fragrances, especially Costa Mediterranea.
29th July, 2006
A great Citrus for 10 minutes...Then, on my skin, wet cardboard...not impressed.
22nd October, 2005
Eau d’Hadrien is an incredibly short lived, reasonably nice, but nothing special citrus fragrance. I just can’t really think of a reason to own this on a market that is flooded with more interesting, and longer lasting citrus fragrances.
22nd September, 2005