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Neutral Reviews of Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

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I get a lot of anise in the opening. Then it settles like an eau de cologne, but it's sweeter, spicier, with some mint. Fruity! But it quickly dries down to a sweat smell and then it disappears.
13th August, 2017
this is a nice take on a classic citrus cologne motif...initial blast of citrus is fierce and juicy...smells mostly orangey to me...the refreshing feel and overall scent vibe I get reminds me of being a kid and sneaking my dads 4711 and splashing myself with a good handfull...alas , like a lot of fragrances of this type it has a very short life...when I wear this I reapply frequently to get that initial rush...dries down to a soft cozy mossy/earthy skin scent...great smell, but neutral on it due to weak projection and longevity...
Refreshing Citrus
22nd May, 2016
I've always liked cologne, but have just started to really learn about it, which is to say that this is strictly an amateur review, no descriptions of the particular smell yet--maybe as I continue to learn. I picked up a sample of this because I enjoy the smell of citrus and this seemed a likely candidate. And I do enjoy the scent. However, it just does not last more than an hour so I cant see buying a full bottle.
19th May, 2016
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This I think is a very likeable scent. I find it to be musky in a traditional Drakkar Noir kind of way. The citrus is present and strong, but it is not a sweet citrus. More of a tart and not yet ripe citrus. It does however not last very long. Sprayed on in the morning it will be barely noticeable on my skin in the late afternoon. I find this scent to be not very complex. I do not find that it evolves into a different scent throughout the day, in fact it seemed almost the same from spray to dissipation.
The Good: Lovely musky smell, an interesting take on green orange.
The Bad: Gone in a few hours, not many different elements to the scent.
Overall: Smells good, but lacks some qualities that I value in a fragrance.
10th April, 2014
Great orange scent that smells wonderful, but is gone in minutes.
If it lasted more it would be a compelling thumbs up, but its longevity ruins what could have been one of the great scents in the market.
18th January, 2014
A blast of bitter oranges with lemon you get off the top with a spicy freshness.

It's a little bit sweet and quickly becomes drier where you are left with a slight mossy powdery orange on your skin.

On my skin it takes twenty minutes from the fresh opening to the basenotes where it is barely detectable.

It's nice while it lasts but the very poor longevity and projection are just not worth your money or time.
09th February, 2013
Orange Peel scent done nicely. A little soapy,but executed very well. Slightly sweet. This has that out of the shower smell. It can also be considered unisex. Definetly one to try out.
09th November, 2012
This fragrance is very simple. It's purely orange. The smell of orange is so dominant that it overpowers everything else. It's strong and if you wear this, you will smell exactly like an orange peel. Of course, the ingredients are quality, but who wants to smell like an orange peel?

If you love the smell of orange and want a fragrance that is based on only one ingredient, sample this one out. Otherwise, pass.
12th July, 2012
Very distinct, almost artificial, orange right off the top. Super bright. Similar to some orange cleaning products but in a pleasant way - but it definitely reminds me of those Orange Essence cleaning products you see at Whole Foods in the top notes.

As it dries down (maybe 15-20 minutes) it loses a lot of that top citrus and green notes shine. I don't get papaya and mango as much. More like the leaves of the mango tree but, honestly, it might be that the mid and base notes blend so quickly that I'm getting the oakmoss mixed with the tropical fruits that result in that quality to me.

Imagine walking past someone testing orange cleaner in a grocery store. Then, after a bit, walking to the produce aisle and hanging out between the leafy greens and the tropical fruits. Then leaving the store shortly after.

Sillage is poor. Longevity is poor (it's an EDC). Opening scent and drydown are both really quality and the transition from citrus to green is quite pleasant, to me. I give this a neutral due to the somewhat synthetic opening citrus and poor longevity. I own a bottle and never really reach for it as it's so fleeting. A small atomizer (5ml or so) in your pocket would help with this and it's not super expensive. I paid $50/3.4 oz.

If you want a pick-me-up during the spring/summer this will do it for you. There are better scents, though.
01st May, 2012
When I first tried this I thought, "Awesome"!,, a shrug of the get the idea.

At first sniff it is bright and citrusy but I think the reason this is Hermes' more budget friendly scents starts to come throught; there is a detergent like aroma there, if you step back and think about it, it seems like the synthetic side of those citrus notes.

This really came to light when I took my Guerlain Imperiale Extra Dry out for a full day test run. I'd had this gem set aside for more warm beautiful day/evening outings.

GEEE!! Guerlain puts Hermes' Vert D'Orange to shame. This Hermes is great, until you come across something pricier like Guerlain's products.

For now though if you don't interpret Vert's zest/citrus notes as detergent-like as I did then you may just love this baby. I'll still wear it but I'll do it with a shrug of the shoulders.
27th August, 2011
I love citrus notes, and so expected to love this one, but it definitely gave me the impression of a shaving cream scent...
25th July, 2011
Yeah, as others have stated, truly a well executed citrus fragrance. however, no matter what, I expect my scents to last longer than the 60 minutes I get from this max.
24th February, 2011
Smells great. Gone in 20 minutes. Shame.
27th May, 2009
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The proverbial girl through the bottom of the glass of scotch......Beautiful, for about 15 minutes, then never to be found again.
If this lasted even 3 hours, I would use it frequently. I finished my bottle of it very quickly, but will never buy it again. Too bad.
26th February, 2009
lex Show all reviews
United States
spicey orange and lemons. a nice vintage csent that doesnt smell completely vintage.
21st February, 2009 (last edited: 15th March, 2009)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
it's an edc not edt folks. if it lasted more than an hour then it would be a problem. for a creation created in 1979 along with chaps (EWW)!!!!!!! this is pretty of the best citruses of all time but it's basically orange. no papaya detected from me but the mango and mandarin do hold it's own for the longevity of duration. all in all 7 out of 10.
17th September, 2008
It's pleasant alright... refreshing, uplifting, comfortable. But, just like most other citrus fragrances, it lacks complexity and most importantly, development and staying power. It's an easy, simple, plain fragrance that I would see myself wearing during tennis matches. I think it suits white, sporty outfits and should be worn with a relaxed, easy-going attitude.
Regarding the composition, it's simple and pretty well crafted. All I could smell was oranges and mint.
16th September, 2008
Good EdC, fantastic citrus. Just be wary that dry skin seems to soak this up and the scent is gone after an hour.
31st August, 2008
everso Show all reviews
United States
unbelievale scent. one of the greatest fragrances EVER. but but but but but but............has THE crappiest longetivity in the history of fragrances. It is the ultimate olfactory tease. I can't buy another bottle, because i can't bear the pain....
25th August, 2008
Strange and inconstant scent, halfways trough two very different concepts- half of this scent semms to smell like the most exuisite, puristic, innoffensive, stylish high-end citrus, but the drydown is rather a synthetic, extremely sweet and powdery unisex, reminding of many of rather vile, chemical, unstylish mass-market products for the young, campy, inexperienced and simple-minded.
03rd December, 2006
A fresh,intense orange scent for summer.Maybe a bitt harsh and bitter but not uncomfortable.Lasts quite long.Nice opening, drydown ok if don´t spray too much.To me it´s a nice edt but nothing more.A bit boring.If you look for a great edt then please have a look at chanel, patou,guerlain,caron etc-there you will find great, really interesting perfumes!But if you wanna say -oh it´s hermes....then choose orange vert-it is as boring as the whole brand-and, this edt is definitely not very masculine.....metrosexual?androgyn?better for a boring,elderly,conservative lady.....
12th November, 2006
I like the orange and spicy start, but when it dries down on me, it smells ordinary, overly simple, and somewhat "old man." It's not terrible, but I see no reason to buy this when there are so many other more distinctive orange scents out there. This one is neither inspiring nor offensive. It also doesn't last very long.
27th February, 2006
The scent is fresh and sweet...notes of green mix with a sweet cirtus scent, like orange sherbert garnished with mint, served on a hot summer day...but just like orange sherbert on a hot day, this scent melts away almost instantly...the fact that it has no staying power at all is so dissapointing, but the smell is so beautiful while it lasts...
09th November, 2005
Hermes produces most of my favorites, except I hate Rocabar...this is decent in and of itself, but fails to achieve the originality and sophistication for which I admire Hermes fragrances. If I had it, I'd use it, but I wouldn't buy it.
25th August, 2005
Nice, but lasts like 5 minutes.
17th July, 2005 (last edited: 28th September, 2005)
Nice scent for warmer days, Doesn't last too long.
27th December, 2004 (last edited: 03rd January, 2005)