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A nice dominant orange open with a nice quality oakmoss/patchouli drydown. Top notch from the house of Hermes. I find the orange to be a little tart in the opening due to the lemon which IMO gives it WAY more character. Decent longevity and projection in the warmer days and nights than your typical Eau de Cologne. A winner in every respect. Enjoy!
06th December, 2016
The original Eau de Cologne formulation was:

a good dry orange and verbena cologne with a hint of brown leather.

Long lasting and quality materials but a trifle old fashioned.

10th August, 2016
A Very natural orange scent to begin with.. Almost like slicing up a fresh orange out the fridge and then after 20 mins a bit of mango and floral.. Doesn't last long but it is a cologne of the true sense so what do we expect... Best to take some with you in a tester vial on a hot summer night and reapply a couple of times. I own a mountain of citrus colognes and this is of the better interpretations because it smells so natural. Almost identical to Molton browns orange and bergamot.
08th June, 2016
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Lovely cologne this one. If you like Hugo Boss's orange, you'll like this one better - or at least you ought to.
The initial orange is a superb recreation, far different than the citrus top notes of many other perfumes. Strange that the notes list lemon and mandarin, but no actual orange. It took me several wearings before I could make out the mango, but like one of those magic eye 3D images, once you've got it, it reveals itself to you effortlessly. Soft and peachy.
It's woody and earthy too when it develops. Luckily the middle and top notes never really disappear, they politely make way for the oakmoss and patchouli, but you keep bumping into them.

All this winds down into a lovely, soft, powdery finale. Chic and refined.
17th March, 2016
One of the best eau de colognes on the market today. This was originally labelled Eau de Hermes. The Orange Verte name is of course more descriptive.

I get more the sense of lemon verbena than lemon fruit in the opening, accompanying the bright orange. The bright mint note makes it truly refreshing and buoyant.

When the oakmoss and patchouli enter, they provide a dry, warm base for the fading lemon/orange. The elements are blended so perfectly and evenly, there is no heavy-handedness whatsoever.

A Mediterranean orange/lemon tree grove as the sun evaporates the dewy leaves at dawn. Heavenly.
29th December, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
A true classic that is sharp, clean freshness in a bottle. Like most classic eaux, the longevity is not good (which is why there is a concentree version) but there is enough subtle oakmoss and patchouli in the base notes to give this citrus delight some heft. Wonderful on warm days or simply when you want to feel fancy, fresh and French. Wonderful bath soap and shower gel.
02nd July, 2015

A Scent that Evokes memories of younger days.I was a Little Surprised to hear that it is a UNISEX i think Eau D'Orange is not Too Feminine,More Appropriate for a Modern Man With Classic Taste. Subtle,Delicate,Clean, Refind,Freshness,Pleasant,Soft,Green and Citrusy.

It is a Naturally classic scent with a Refreshing mix of The Citrusy notes (Definitely Orange) as Opening is So Lovely Without Loud.It reminds me a Gentle Spring Breeze.In Fact an Elevating fragrance that Energizes the body and revives the Spirit.

This is a great fragrance to wear Everyday.Ideal for SPRING and SUMMER seasons Especially on days when the Sun and the Sky blends in absolutely perfect together with weather and a Light Breeze.I Recommend it for a Cheerful Character.


Longevity?I wish it had a better Longevity on my skin.

24th May, 2015
The most realistic-smelling citrus cologne I've tried...

Hermès Eau d'Orange Verte is without a doubt the best smelling (and most realistic) of all the so-called "Eau de Cologne" compositions I've tried. Of course we all know about the famous "4711", and how it smells like... but this one is like a 4711 made for rich people! I get such a realistic impression of an orange tree from this... it (literally) smells like standing under a green orange tree! Yes it's an Eau de Cologne (so don't expect it to have any kind of base), which means you will have to reapply usually once every hour (sometimes twice)... but what a smell! Green, realistic, authentic citrus... in my opinion this is unbeatable! There is a reason why this is often sold at expensive hotels!

Try this on a hot summer day... you'll see how good this really is. In my opinion, this fragrance is for summer only, and one which needs to be applied throughout the day. But... without a doubt, in my opinion this is probably the best in the "Eau de Cologne" category... and such an authentic, realistic type of experience could only come from Hermès.
07th November, 2014
great green and citus, poor longevity

The more I wear this, the more I appreciate it's strong emphasis on mossy earthiness. The initial orange peel blast slowly fades into a more complex interplay; almost like an orange in a garden that has just fallen. It is a lovely, natural fragrance that is a joy to wear. As many others have noted, the main issue is the longevity, which is poor. Given its deep green quality and mossy notes; this actually works on cloudy, cool days very well. Of course, perfect for the heat as well.

19th July, 2013
I like it. I didn't at first, in fact I was dismayed by how green it is this being a blind purchase for me. However, I initially only gave it a few cautious spritzes. It sat on a shelf for a while until I decided to give it another go with big blasts and spreading it in key areas. The result was a completely different experience, the citrus shone through and complimented the green. I strongly suspect that this is the reason they developed the Concentre D'orange Vert. I recommend that you consider both options in choosing your preference.
03rd May, 2013
fresh and clean, good for extreme heat!
29th August, 2012
This is a wonderful cologne.
I agree with the reviewer who stated this is very similar to Eau Sauvage.
I find little difference between the two.
The Concentre version is completely different to my nose and I find the Concentre fits more into the Unisex marketing while the Cologne is more masculine.
05th June, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Eau d'Orange Verte is a highly addictive refreshing mix of natural bitter orange juice and herbal greens... just as the name indicates -- nothing more, nothing less. It is super-simplistic in its composition, but when something smells this good I can't find any fault in that. Longevity and projection are both regrettably poor.

This is a superb classic release from the house of Hermes that is perfect as a splash-on cologne, as I think it is near impossible to over-apply and it is so invigorating in the morning on a hot summer day. I think I slightly prefer Hermes' later release, Concentre d'Orange Verte (which is a bit less herbal while adding a menthol undertone, with a little better longevity), but it is almost a tossup. Eau d'Orange Verte earns an excellent 4 stars out of 5 and is easily full bottle and blind buy worthy, IMO.
29th April, 2012 (last edited: 19th December, 2012)
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My new signature fragrance. Very versatile, light and devoid of offensive/cloying sweetness, I find I can wear this to work (some people at my job, are VERY scent sensitive) and almost anywear at any time. I don't get the "POW" of citrus that many people describe (even in the name), but this comes across altogether more green and grassy initially, and then mellows to a nice clean, citrussy, but interesting scent. It is not as soap-y as my previous signature, Thierry Mugler Cologne (which is great, but I find more appropiate for days and informal/sports wear), and I find it to be more natural and less sweet. Very distict but inoffensive, although projection and longevity are on the short side. This one is more for me anyway...
29th February, 2012
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Eau d'Orange Verte is indeed a natural smelling citrus cologne, with the strengths and weaknesses of its genre. It is pleasant and truly genderless. Longevity is not impressive. On a warm day I get about 5 hours of close to the vest aroma. Surprisingly, this version is better in the longevity sweepstakes then its Concentree counterpart.
08th July, 2011

This is a notorious fragrance that is a cologne in execution with its natural smell, its watery temperament, the abundant usage of citrus, its touch of vintage but timeless quality and exoticism. This cologne exudes the smell of a large forest of citrus very green and deep whose you inhale the fruity-green smell while drinking a tropical cocktail, watching from the high level of a farm house the work of agrarians engaged in picking up oranges, mandarins and lemons. It's like to rub your hands with leaves of citrus (orange basically) and inhaling deeply
the odour. There is a clear mentholated-icy element that impresses a certain dosage of energy to the initial citrus-exotic fruity accord. The minty and citrusy freshness goes blending with the tropical taste of papaya ( harder to perceive mango) issueing a marvellous invigorating juice. Some green elements enhance the botanic temperament of this complex potion till the final touch of woodsy oakmoss and the fundamental bold hint of dry patchouli. I agree who with writes that the faint longevity is proper of a cologne and due to its role (there is a Concentre' version that smells as an eau de toilette). This is a fragrance of great quality and genius that is perfect for any occasion, projecting the image of a charismatic, lively and globe-trotter character.
01st July, 2011
This really does smell like fresh orange zest, one of my favorite natural scents. It's older, but I'd say it's too universal and indistinct to call it dated. It's simply a classic. This is as citrus orange as it gets. I hear lots of frags touting their citrus opening, but this stuff can legitimately make that claim. I've also sampled this fragrance's sister, Eau de Guerlain, and must say that this is sharper, more crisp, green, and not so 'household' smelling.

I'd advise you not to blind buy this fragrance because the lack of strength will disappoint some people, and I can see that other reviewers are noticing the same problem. I'm finding myself smelling my shirt all over to find just where I sprayed it. Wear this one only if you'll be close to someone and apply liberally if you want the fresh orange effect, but bring a little decant to reapply. If it wasn't such a damn good, no nonsense, refreshing fragrance I'd give it a thumbs down for it's poor longevity. Thumbs up though.
11th April, 2011
cja75 Show all reviews
United States
This might be the best smelling frag ever. (IMO) Its stays very close to your skin and is not "loud" like many younger folks like. To me it is masculine, not BRAWNY masculine but smells like a clean fairly sophisticated man would smell. It is subtle and not trendy, so people will notice it because its different not because it is boring a hole through their nose. I have gotten compliments with this which is surprising seeing as people complain that its weak. Others can smell it on you longer than you can.
I guess it is sold as unisex, and like i said I thinks its masculine but it wouldn't be crazy for a woman to wear. To me this doesn't smell like you are wearing a cologne or perfume it smells like you work with or were eating something orange. Thats why it stands out people think "whats that smell" but not "whats that cologne" very natural and so fresh. I love it and I have never met anyone else who doesnt think it smells great
23rd March, 2011
Peel an orange and toss away the fruit portion. Take the rind, rip it in half, and sniff the inner, bitter center. Now take that smell, extract it, and multiply it in intensity. That's the opening of Eau d'Orange Verte.

This is an extremely natural smelling fragrance to my nose. I would guess that high quality ingredients went into making this.

As others have mentioned, this fragrance has horrible longevity. A single spray on my (dry) skin may only last 30 ~ 45 minutes before completely fading away into oblivion. I do acknowledge that this is EDC concentration, however, so I still give it a Thumbs Up. It's meant to be applied liberally.

PERFECT for hot summer weather!
31st January, 2011 (last edited: 01st February, 2011)
Benj Show all reviews
United States
An excellent pithy orange & lemon peel on a dark green leafy background (think ivy, ferns and conifers) that keeps this very savoury and clean. There's something very slightly animalic behind all this, giving it a bit of oomph. Goes through a slightly sweet, slightly underripe tropical fruit (I get underripe mango) period for a while in the middle (lovely), before becoming increasingly mossy on the drydown. Excellent, and widely wearable - doesn't feel old or young or even masculine or feminine to me. The orange, while losing its bright sparkle fairly rapidly, hangs around long into the drydown, which keeps you interested and lifts this up above many other inferior fragrances of a similar style.

NOTE: The longevity of this is poor. I get 3-5 hours max. If you're looking for something more lasting, try the Concentré d'Orange Verte, a very faithful reproduction with more lasting power.
16th January, 2011
Just got a bottle. LOVE IT. Delightful opening into refined casual base. Super close to the skin, fleeting, romantic, Paris in the summertime. I find it runs along extremely similar lines to Dior's classic Eau Sauvage with only slight differences. They are both fantastic and hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, oui?
The bottle too, is a beauty. The most beautiful shade of teal I've ever seen.
21st May, 2010 (last edited: 18th January, 2011)
I got this when I was in 9th grade, and loved it. It's completely appropriate for teens, as well as adults. it smells like a spicy citrus fruit roasting over a fire with sparks shooting from the flames. It's just like BAM when you first spray it. It then calms down and is a much mellower orangey-mango smell, but is still fresh and spicy. The lasting power is pretty poor though, so that's why Hermes created the Eau de Orange Concentre, which is more concentrated, but the smell is a little different
21st May, 2010
First and foremost, everything you see in that pyramid is sniffable here. So don't expect any surprises or twists and turns. It is what it is, and it's very good at what it does.

As with every Hermes fragrance I've tried, Eau d'Orange Verte smells just as natural, pure, and like a part of mother nature. The opening actually reminds me of Le Petit Grain by Miller Harris. Lemon and mandarin are highly noticeable in the opening, projection isn't that much in the beginning which was the only surprise. I noticed I sometimes have a problem telling the difference between orange blossom and mango, but thanks to the notes here in front of me, I can confirm that I'm smelling mango. I don't get the papaya until after the mango which is cool; they don't stay together.. rather separate into their own -- sort of. Finally the base.. two notes that I don't particularly care for, but they are done excellently in this one. Everything just fades together beautifully which makes for a fantastic fragrance. This one I'd recommend for summer for sure. Released in 79 yet still modern; good job Hermes!
21st April, 2010
Ron199 Show all reviews
United States
Perfect Summer refresher. Notes of citrus with orange blossom leading the way. Transforms into the heart with most refreshing notes of mandarin, mint, and hints of blackcurrant.Drys into an intriguing combination of oak moss, blended with a hint of patchouli.No notes over power or are dominate over one, or the other, but orange blossom is mostly noted. Wears light, and may need a refreshing from time to time, but well worth the effort. A definate thumbs up on this fragrance. Job well done by Francoise Caron.
14th April, 2010
Good stuff, very good stuff. Works well for casual summer use, and it is great for picnics. The concentree version is better IMHO.
09th April, 2010
smh78 Show all reviews
United States
I love true citrus fragrances, and this Hermes always hits the spot for me. It has a very classic profile, and is extremely well-mannered. It opens with a lovely, extremely true, sour citrus, then quickly dries down to a lovely, gentlemanly bergamot/oakmoss. Although I love my large sample of this, I will never invest in a bottle simply because I have found it to have almost no staying power. If it were a 30 dollar bottle, this wouldn't be a problem, but at this price point, its better just to keep a little sample around to sniff from time to time.That is the problem with citrus in general. It doesn't seem to hang around too long.
08th April, 2010
My favorite citrus scent, and I've tried them all. Orangey citrus over a mossy and leathery base. Smells old-school, but not dated or too animalic. Great quality ingredients and incredibly refreshing without being too transparent. The feel is just right - not too thin (doesn't feel like it's lacking something) and not too thick (doesn't feel heavy at all). On top of it all, it's a citrus scent with character, which is a rare feat.

Pretty much the only scent I know of that works perfectly in any temperature, while excelling in hot and humid climates. While the tart citrus burns off pretty fast, you're left with an orangey leather moss (chypre) drydown that lasts quite a while.

23rd November, 2009
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Orange and orange blossom and that's about it. Maybe some green notes as suggested in the name? Great for warm days, but it won't last more than a few minutes. A very modern yet classical approach to a traditional cologne by a house whose eaus we've come to trust.
15th November, 2009
Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte opens with an opulent and astringent BlAST of green, slightly bitter and truly sour, orange. At first I did not like the sour tang because I expected a sweeter, more sedate orange. But now I cannot wait to finish shaving (with Cremo Cream, a traditional orange fragrance shaving cream) and get that arresting and delicious blast of tangy orange in the morning.

Perhaps my bottle of the cologne needed to breathe before it delivered the full ration of all fragrances in its composition. Perhaps I just had to become accustomed to the bitter blend. In any case, I now find that delcious slap to the senses a delightful mood elevator that makes me come to focus and to attention.

A Warning: Despite its impressive opening, this is a short acting fragrance with little lasting power, as is typical of all true citrus eau d'colognes. Following the tangy orange experience the cologne quickly settles close to the skin with light florals.

A pleasant citrus and mossy touch of floral air shadows the skin for a longer time than it appears to the wearer of the scent. In intimate moments with another person, they will either smell the echo of the fragrance, or it will sneak in just at conscious level.

I find that Mugler Cologne, another apparently short lasting "eau" blends well with Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte, especially after the Verte has dried down close to the skin. Both these evanescent concoctions last longer on me than most others report, but I believe that is because the wearer cannot smell these fragrances as well as an intimate companion.

Many people will find Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte the most delightful citrus cologne they have experienced. It is a unique, invigorating, and fleeting experience. But it is also great fun, and a superior scent.

I know of no other fragrance that offers a similar opening crescendo of scent that fades so gracefully, like a diminishing chord after beautiful bells are rung.
13th November, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Eau d'Orange Verte begins with juicy orange, lemon peel and bergamot, a beautifully balanced Eau de Cologne. As with the EdC genre, Ed'OV is incredibly short lived and with very low sillage. The citrus blend is a refreshing burst that immediately begins to attenuate, revealing a slightly sweet leathery musk, a gentle herbal accord (rosemary, mint, oakmoss) and some faint woody notes. Nothing seems out of place here, and the ingredients are of a high calibre--no excessive soapyness or harshness to be found. There are some similarities to Miller Harris Tangerine Verte, however Ed'OV seems more classic and refined, even if it does not last nearly as long. Ed'OV is marketed as a unisex fragrance, although the leathery musk and herbal ingredients push this fragrance a bit to the masculine side. This is a great choice for warm weather, and an excellent example of the traditional Cologne style.
07th September, 2009