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The clever use of Yuzu, with its orange mandarin sweetness, instead of the usual Eau opening of lemon and/or lime, gives this distinction as soon as it is applied. Turin's four star review highlights violet leaf, which I am not familiar with, nor is it singled out in the note tree above.

The dry down is a bit sharp and harsh for me, although done with a light touch. There is pepper here in addition to the cedar and patchouli. This keeps it from being a thumbs up. Had sandalwood been employed to match the musk, it would have been more to my liking.

Perfectly decent, light scent for general wear.
19th October, 2015
an simple scent

The old men who sell this stuff ask me what did I want? "something for daily routine. not offensive and would be able to perform anyday of the week, any season". he smiled and pull a big 200ml bottle of his Eau de Cartier. the solid looking bottle amazes me on the quality of how Cartier treat their bottles. - but the name 'Eau' turn me off. I imagine an ultralight fragrance that would banished entirely from my skin within 30 minutes.

one spray to the hand. open with spiced-citrus. nothing too special. skip. I try many other fragrance, get myself Declaration and Laliques, upon the time to pay, I notice something floral soapy... it comes from my hand that was sprayed by Eau de Cartier. to my amazement, I sniffed upon it once again, it so simple but beauty. not offensive in anyway, comforting and very versatile. I get that 200ml bottle

now this fragrance became my office scent, probably going to replace Versace Pour Homme place for the rest of my life. simple, unoffensive, office-appropriate, last a (really) long time with close to the skin sillage. but hey, do I need to use monstrous beast everyday? no! sometimes I want it comforting me, and Eau de Cartier did just that. perfect office fragrance

Eau de Cartier, simple name. simple scent. perfectly done

Pros: Perfect for Office
Cons: Lack of Depth, Lack of Projection, Boring"

20th October, 2013
I just gave away my bottle to a friend because I decided not to wear it any longer.
Is not that I disilke this fragrance, but it will never win my heart, neither my wife's.
A fresh, clean scent that would offend nobody, but on the other hand, I don't see how you can't get to love it either. In a word: bland.
27th March, 2013
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I give the bottle design a thumbs up, the juice is so-so. A very safe synthetic Iso-E Super smell with nice mild (boring) flowers. I forgot about it 5 seconds after I stopped smelling it. I guess you could say that it is delicate, but I find it hard to care about.
21st August, 2011
A subtle, transparent, violet scent with a light, herbal quality. Likeable... but short-lived on the skin, unfortunately.
25th April, 2011
Violet, citrus, safe....but pitifully weak in formulation. Almost no longevity and the sillage is barely a blip on the radar. I didn't expect this to be towering fragrance, but let's face it: we all buy colognes/perfumes to enjoy their nice smell. That's hard to do with Eau de Cartier because of its shy and fleeting nature.
06th January, 2011
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United Kingdom
I'm swamped by violet leaf for a long time -- thank god its diluted to some extent by that lovely yuzu flower at the top and the lavender and cedar accord later. Eau de Cartier is nicer than it's rather austere sibling, but I can't find any love for it.

PS. Tom Ford has bankrolled a lovely new fragrance called 'Azure Lime' , which apart from a perceived aquatic note (not calone, I hope) in the heart, is a splendid citrus which lasts and lasts -- smells like bergamot, lemon, lime, neroli are all included. Probably moving into the wrong months now for optimum use though.
23rd August, 2010
A moderately pleasing production from Cartier, delicate, subtle and simple in purpose. The opening is an exercise in muted sweetness, with a slightly extroverted violet taking the plaudits, and remaining the focus of attention for the hour or so until the middle notes join the throng. Once the violet has receded, the delicacy of other floral tones are discernable, and at this stage, the fragrance feels gossamer light, and very contained. The drydown is slightly arid and edgy, with a rough lavender presence injecting a little charm and warmth into the proceedings. Eau de Cartier seems fragile and timid, perhaps fatally so, for it never quite has the charisma to pull off the general feeling of meekness. Sillage and longevity are both in short supply, making the concentree version the better choice if you are dead set on making a purchase..

07th June, 2009
I was so excited about this...but glad I bought a sample online before committing. On me, the first blast is pure bug-spray. It develops more pleasantly, but stays very crisp, very green, very masculine. I didn't smell any citrus. I mostly got cedar/musk, and a little patchouli. In all, it's nice, but I'd like it better on someone else, probably a guy. I might wear this to work, especially if I was trying to impress a female boss. Otherwise, no. I need something more femme.
19th February, 2009
I tried Eau de Cartier in both its regular and concentrated versions. I like each to a certain extent, but can’t endorse either whole-heartedly.
Eau de Cartier has a fruity and crisp green opening. It is quite citrus-fruity, but the yuzu (a Japanese citrus) is not the usual lemon. The middle starts as a very translucent light green herbal chord. It has hints of metal (not something I usually like) but here it is pleasantly cool. The cool herbal notes come from the violet leaves and lavender. This is excellent, and if it stayed there this would be a favorite. At this point there is haunting, elusive quality that draws me in. The dry-down starts off subtle and initially continues the light herbal-woods note from the middle. Cedar adds a woody note which complements the herbs. Unfortunately from my perspective, the amber and patchouli grow and grow and drown out that great middle section. There is a powdery, perfumed profile which just turns me off. Where’s my axe? I’ll cut off the base, and then I’ll be happy. Out of appreciation for the first two phases I’ll just be neutral on this.
16th July, 2008
I initially liked its light, subtle smell, but regret buying it because it has absolutely minimal staying power (on me, at least).
16th December, 2007
Liked the cool bergamot edges, disliked the harsh chemial tone it took after 15 minutes. Not one I care for on my husband; I like more marine scents on him.
23rd November, 2005