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United States
Not a fan.
Starts out light and masculine.
Then, the rose takes over.
Which would be fine if I didn’t mind walking around smelling like someone’s Nana.
I do mind.
Not good.
11th December, 2017
I'm very satisfied with the longevity of the current 2016 formulation of Eau de Guerlain. It is quite ugly straight out of the sprayer, with citrus freshness mixed with what I think smells like rancid mould-pocked lemon peel, but I love that about it. Somehow the citrus stays on me and becomes creamier, which is remarkable for a cologne. I think it's undeniably classic or retro, simple, direct and hits the bulls-eye. I bet the contemporary materials Guerlain are using have helped make this robust and seemingly natural.

For example, it lasts way longer on me than Chanel Pour Monsieur, which is smoother and woodier, and at times I prefer the relaxing nature of the Chanel. Guerlain's Eau can strike me as brutish to begin with, but it's an invigorating morning scent, develops and never, ever bores me in the daytime, whilst on the other hand Chanel Pour Monsieur is so beautifully refined to begin with but fades quickly to more of an aura. Eau de Guerlain doesn't have Acqua di Palma Colonia's heavy and dark undertones either. Also I think I'm picking up on the sandalwood and later on I start looking forward to layering some Hermessence Santal Massoia for the evening, another one I'm loving this summer.
26th July, 2016
Eau de Guerlain bursts out with a bright éclat of citrus and then transitions into a light EdT.

After the initial excitement of the citrus calms down the atmosphere becomes one of decorous restraint. But even if the feeling is rather conventional, the structure of this cologne is not ordinary at all.

Jean-Paul Guerlain wasn't trying to create something new however, he was attempting to conserve, for as long as possible, the fleeting effect of the cologne formula. He takes a similar approach to that of Acqua di Parma's Colonia (1916); but where they boost the heart accord right up with rose, he uses the fixative action of EdT base accords, including the trademark Guerlainade, to extend the cologne structure in a different direction.

In EdG the emphasis is very much on the opening, and then it runs straight down to the warm base at the expense of any distinct middle phase. The effect of this is to make EdG technically heartless. Not quite the void displayed by the much admired Jicky - which contains no heart notes at all, but the similarity is there, and I believe his grandfather's masterpiece may have influenced Jean-Paul when he composed this.

The transition from extrovert citrus to musky amber base with occluded neroli makes EdG coherent - its a managed decline rather than change of direction, but the price for this is the muted feeling the profile has for much of its life.

After the citrus hit (and on exposed skin this really is fleeting,) Eau de Guerlain doesn't really shine. What you get is musk, amber and sandal, with a neroli overlay and a touch of moss; the whole of which which seems to go against the spirit of a citrus cologne.

22nd June, 2016 (last edited: 22nd July, 2016)
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EdG is the benchmark bright, fresh and clean fragrance for spring and summer. This is what all other summer fragrances should be measured by IMO, especially the "Eau" fragrances. It's citrus, with some prominent lemon, light floral and sweet herbs. Good staying power for the category and adequate sillage. Refreshing and invigorating and brightens any mood. Big Thumbs Up.
28th August, 2015
Invigorating! Fresh and Aromatic!

Jean-Paul Guerlain's <i>Eau de Guerlain</i> is yet another take on the fresh, citrus <i>Eau de Cologne</i> style of fragrances. These were typically used for a refreshing experience at the start to someone's day. The idea is you put on an Eau de Cologne after a shower or morning ritual, and you could go on with your day ahead.

Although Eau de Colognes came in many interpretations, they often followed a similar formula. Bright, zesty citrus at the top, light, sometimes sweet florals in the mid, and very little base (maybe some light musk). The examples are endless... <i>4711</i>, <i>Farina Cologne</i>, and even Guerlain's own <i>Eau de Cologne Impériale</i> and <i>Eau des Fluers de Cédrat</i>.

With <i>Eau de Guerlain</i>, I feel like it stands out from the others. By including a few unique notes. Aromatic notes such as caraway and zesty spearmint. When I spray this, it reminds me of freshly cut herbs in the kitchen, coupled with fresh, ripe lemon. It has a bitterness and a freshness that is undeniable, and very unique. It's like a cool gin-and-tonic drink which has carbonated water and slices of fresh lemon & lime. It really lifts me up and refreshes me. Almost like hiking in the mountains where you find mountain streams where the water is pure and full of minerals. I would describe it as very "mineral" like. I really love it!

I think that out of all the Guerlain "Eaux", such as <i>Impériale</i>, <i>Cédrat</i> etc. This one is the most unique, has the strongest lasting power (it's in Eau de Toilette, whereas the others were Eau de Cologne), and ultimately... is the one worth your money. If you have to buy one, buy this one. Definitely worth trying out, especially in spring!
26th April, 2015
This is my go-to eau de cologne. It's got a nice funky musk and moss with the citrus but instead of just basil, like many eau de colognes, it's balanced with rose. Good stuff!
23rd November, 2014 (last edited: 27th April, 2017)
Genre: Citrus

Eau de Guerlain opens with a burst of photorealistic lemon (rind and juice), joined by a polite jasmine and a bright herbal bouquet. The three soon merge and then hover for nearly an hour over their crisp, woody base, after which time the dry, mossy drydown takes over.

The accords that anchor Eau de Guerlain are exquisitely balanced, and it's a testament to Guerlain's high quality ingredients that the simple citrus/floral/woody structure never evokes the furniture polish that haunts so many other eau de Cologne formulae. Eau de Guerlain is far from exciting, but it is beautifully constructed in the classical manner.
13th June, 2014
Yes, Eau de Guerlain is a blend of citrus (lemon, bergamot, orange), "neutral flowers", and aromatic herbs (basil, verbena, mint) at its best. The lemony dry down is musky, delicately floral (more geranium and jasmine than rose in my opinion) and vaguely soapy with woody accents. Eau de Guerlain is fresh, evocative, conservative and old-fashion, a jump in the past with a rewind of some fuzzy scenes of my childhood with all those elegant grandmas and measured tastes. Really wonderful bottle and the Guerlain trademark.
10th January, 2013
very well mannered citrus-verbena mix, opens up so fresh, with high C, yet elegant!, not raw nor loud!....settles down in creamy touch sweet lemon base where it is at its best!
behaves like the best cologne there is! lasting power is around 3 hours :)

refreshing for the summer! simple yet very elegant!!
25th November, 2012
Simply the best citrus I know. Eau de Guerlain starts with a zingy citrus blast with just the right dose of herbs to tone down the sharpness that plagues too many citrus fragrances. The heavy herbal accord found in Eau Sauvage is largely absent in Eau de Guerlain. I detect intermittent rose and carnation in the mid notes, but the jasmin and patchouli aren't particulary prominent to my nose. I find the moss and musky drydown very pleasant and surprisingly long lasting. While I enjoy Eau Sauvage, Eau de Rochas Homme, George F Trumper GFT and YSL pour Homme, I prefer Eau de Guerlain because of the fine citrus-herbal balance,the great mossy-musky drydown and the very good longevity. Perfect for a hot summer day.
12th May, 2011
Undoubtedly the best of the zest. A bracing harmony of lemon and bergamot, buttressed with oakmoss and musk, and blessed with the coy edibility of basil, verbena, caraway and tonka. By any measure – be it stamina, vividness, or coherence – Eau de Guerlain outdoes the alternative high-calibre colognes from Chanel (Eau de Cologne) and Dior (Eau Fraîche), and it would not be an exaggeration to say that Eau de Cologne was a 300 year old promise fulfilled in 1974 by Jean-Paul Guerlain.

Furthermore, its original Robert Granai-designed bottle is an exquisite object, designed to look like a stone with the motion of a stream of water swept across its surface in etched channels. It's a tableau in glass. Seeing a picture of it (and there aren't many around) was the first time in my life I considered collecting bottles as well as the fragrances they contain.
04th April, 2011
Yes, this is citrus at its best. Very classic and mannered, fresh in an old-fashion way, much respectable and elegant but it inevitably reminds me of my grandmother that used to spray it on linen handerchiefs that she was taking out of her purse at any good occasion. Anytime I smell Eau de Guerlain, I see my grandma opening her purse and litterally fill the room with top quality lemon and verbena unwittingly marking my childhood. To me Eau De Gurelain is more the smell of my memory than a body perfume.
20th March, 2011 (last edited: 04th April, 2011)
A masterpiece. Magnificent citrus opening almost equalling the riot that is Imperiale. However EDG is more complex and longer lasting. I could not call this genuinely unisex as I feel it favours the masculine. The musk prevails deliciously given time and the whole composition works beautifully.

To date this remains a firm personal favourite, I doubt it can be surpassed.
02nd February, 2011
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United States
Allow me to enthusiastically echo the sentiments of the reviewers below. Over time I'm less and less inclined to wear, or even enjoy, citrus-heavy fragrances. Even in the heat of summer I find most citruses too sharp, and most modern citrus scents feel laden with cheap aromachemicals. When I am feeling the need to wear citrus there's only a small handful of candidates for me to reach for, and Eau de Guerlain is at the top of that list.

The lemon/verbena/bergamot topnote accord is a perfect blend between citrus-sharp and fruit-sweet. Supporting and giving breadth to the citrus notes is a healthy dose of jasmine, and twinges of herbal notes and a hint of petitgrain fill out the very full 'cologne effect'. Unlike most colognes that are ephemeral on the skin at best, Eau de Guerlain persists for a few hours and dries down with just a hint of sweet amber and mossy/woody notes.

If you're going to own one traditional eau de cologne, make it Eau de Guerlain. Thumbs UP.
04th June, 2010
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United States

Eau de Guerlain (EdG) is the youngest of the Guerlain Eaux's, constructed in 1974 by JP-Guerlain. While the earlier Eauxs were simpler refreshing citrus formulae with little to no long tail, EdG while a competent citrus-aromatic/chypre has a distinctive 70s herb-laden vibe about it.

The top notes have a clear dominant lemon note but almost immediately the "star" that makes EdG standout from various cologne formulas makes an appearance...its the herb known for cleaning the urinary system: the caraway. Here though its utilized for nasal pleasure, its characteristic sweet-spicy-herbal aroma made uplifting by good use of mint and a light infusion of jasmine and lavender to soften the herbal middle notes show. While EdG has a generally light feel, it can last for a good 6-7 hours...this is due to moss and musk in the base, with the tingly mossy aroma lasting long after the lemon shine and homeopathic carraway have faded away.

EdG is made with quality materials, and while its the young un of the Eaux family, its the one with the most retro feel. A spicy-sweet herbal-lemon aroma that wouldn't be out of place amongst the staff of the Nixon administration or on the set of Grease. The newer generation may be turned off by the strong herbal-carraway component and I prefer the clearer focus on quality citrus notes of the Eauxs from the 1800s. What was old is now new again.

Rating: 8.25/10.0
15th May, 2010
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United Kingdom
A wonderfully blended lemon and verbena fragrance -- comparisons are useless here, except for maybe the Chanel. Lasts all day for me so transcends cologne status.
04th March, 2010 (last edited: 17th March, 2010)
Eau de Guerlain is one of my very favorite Eau de Colognes. It is much longer lasting than most others that I have tried. Eau de Guerlain eschews the neroli in the top-notes in favor of a mouth watering lemon; there are lovely subtle aromatics blended behind the lemon, but you never lose that beautiful lemon note. The slightly woody floral heart of Eau de Guerlain is what pulls it away from the typical eau de cologne. It is the jasmine in the heart that is the star, but the peppery carnation and patchouli lend a depth that is quite pleasing. The dry down is also deeper than your typical EDC: a subtly rich sandalwood, moss, amber and musk. This is definitely one of my votes for the ultimate citrus fragrances.

Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Basil, Caraway, Petitgrain, Fruit Note
Middle Notes: Jasmin, Patchouli, Rose, Carnation, Sandal
Base Notes: Moss, Musk, Amber
20th January, 2010 (last edited: 28th January, 2011)
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United States
Eau de Guerlain is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional eau de cologne with some added caraway in the opening. The middle is somewhat confusing with a menthol-carnation accord, but the base is a superb blend of musk, amber, and moss. This is by far one of the muskiest bases I have experienced. The musk lasts overnight even though the rest of the scent is gone. Big thumbs up!
24th October, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)
A realistic lemon note dominates here, reminding me of Profumum's pricey Acqua Viva opening. Not quite as bright as Acqua Viva, but certainly more reasonably priced and very wearable. The drydown is different than Acqua Viva’s, with herbal notes dominating here. Decent longevity. More potent than either Eau du Coq or Imperiale by design. I don't see myself getting this, but it certainly worthy of consideration for lemon lovers or those looking for an updated interpretation of classic EdC construction.
23rd May, 2009

Fresh and bright opening that’s different from most of the other eaus I’ve tried: It’s the caraway seed that provides most of this uniqueness. I love the smell of caraway and wonder why it isn’t used more often in perfumery. To my nose, the citrus of the beginning hovers in the background while the caraway / basil / mint take the center in an excellent, long lasting aromatic accord. This main accord is just plain charming in an endearingly old-fashioned way. It’s balanced to perfection. Toward the end of the aromatic dominance of the spices and herbs, the jasmine can be found softly filling in the background. The base that I get is a mellow moss and amber – quiet and comfortable and not very sweet, hardly any sillage, but it lasts for hours as a close-to-the skin scent: My favorite of the Guerlain eaus – maybe even of all of the eaus.

19th May, 2009
A polite, inoffensive fragrance that was really created for tasteful, late 19th century dandies. (Don't expect sillage or longevity -- this is an EDC deluxe.) Wonderful construction here, but about as useful as teats on a boar hog unless you just really want to splash on some EDC in the summertime.
19th December, 2008
A beautiful yet semi-generic EdC with huge citrus and an almost minty-herbal quality to it. Longevity isn't all that good on me. But like the other GUerlain scents that haven't lasted long on me, it's a beautiful scent.
25th October, 2008
A very nice lemon-herbal fragrance. Nothing too exciting in my book, as I prefer to go either creamier with Guerlain Jicky or sour-juicier with Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien.
18th July, 2008
Guerlain is by most people known for its rich perfumes, but the house also has a line of 'eaux' - lighter and fresher fragrances made in cologne strength from citrus and herbs. Each of the perfumers from within the Guerlain family has composed an eau: Eau de Cologne Impériale (Pierre François Pascal Guerlain in 1853), Eau de Cologne du Coq (Aimé Guerlain in 1894), Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat (Jacques Guerlain in 1920) - and finally Jean-Paul Guerlain's simply named Eau de Guerlain from 1974. Actually, Eau de Guerlain is - rightfully - labelled as an Eau de Toilette: It's definitely the most complex and long-lasting of the four, and is has a remarkably long list of notes for a cologne. The balance of lemon and bergamot on one side and an aromatic bunch of herbs like basil, petitgrain and the anise-like caraway on the other is held in perfect check all the way through the scent in the most convincing and nostalgic way. It plays on the aromatic accord of dark Vol de Nuit, breezy Sous le Vent and dandified Mouchoir de Monsieur, but with basil to make it cool-uplifting, 'masculine' flowers like carnation and rose to make it tender, and stripped of any 'dirtiness'. Eau de Guerlain puts most of the Aqua Allegoria line's aromatic-fresh scents, like Herba Fresca, Lemon Fresca and Mandarine-Basilic, to shame.
13th May, 2008 (last edited: 14th May, 2008)
Eau de Guerlain is a textbook, citrusy eau de cologne which is pleasant enough but is not terribly exciting. Eau de colognes are not known for their lasting power but this has even less than most. Price-wise, 4711 is a much cheaper than Eau de Guerlain and smells very similar. However, if you want an original and stylish eau de cologne, I would recommend Chanel Eau de Cologne (tea scented) or Dior Cologne Blanche (orange flower and almond).

04th May, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Green, astringent, spicy-floral eau-de-cologne type scent. Basil, petitgrain, carnation are the hallmarks; moss, amber and musk, the support; and caraway is the surprise. Definitely classic within the genre, but just innovative enough to be really distinctive in a very wide (and sometimes shallow) field of eaux de cologne. In my view, the best of the Guerlains of the genre.
26th April, 2008 (last edited: 09th September, 2009)
fresh,light but to much citrus , too crispy and too harsh and herbal-after 5 minutes i go nuts because it feels unbearable-eau sauvage by dior is definitely better or eau imperiale by guerlain-not so intense and not so much citrus!
28th January, 2007 (last edited: 02nd June, 2011)
This scent is a citrus-minty pick-me-up with delicious effervescence. It is an eye opener, especially next to my other favorite lemon-bergamot cocktail, Ivoire de Balmain, which is a bit more reserved and herbal.
09th January, 2007
Thumbs up for smellign so wonderful - fresh and light and exactly what I want for summertime. Thumbs down for lasting about 5 minutes on my skin. Guerlain, if you're listening, give me an EDP or an extreme version, please!
15th January, 2006
leopoldo Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The perfect summer scent. FULL STOP. THE END. PERIOD.
14th December, 2005