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It's like Eau d'Hadrien Goutal ,best for summer.
06th April, 2018
Stardate 20170928
Vintage Version:

Citrus cologne. Sweet. Like Chanel Eau de Cologne and Bowling Green.

29th September, 2017
Not too bad. Appreciate the juniper note that is dominant in this scent, along with fresh green, herbal quality (esp. the crisp verbena) that is great for warmer weather.
25th December, 2016
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As with its predecessor, Eau de Rochas (for women) 23 years previously, this is an excellent eau de cologne.

Here the verbena is strong and long lasting, mixing with a pine resin note, which becomes more pronounced with the dry down, a gentle wood vetiver essence, which supports and enhances the citrus accord.

Turin gives it four stars, dubs it a "woody citrus," and mentions myrrh in the dry down, which explains the "lemony-resinous" aspect.

What I find odd and interesting is that Rochas dusted off its "sour lemon" masterwork from 1949, Moustache, to create its 1970 Eau de Rochas (femme), yet in 1993 chose a fresh lemon-wood combo for its Eau de Rochas Homme. One would have thought that the company noses would have chosen the fresh lemon take for the ladies and the recomposed sour lemon take for the men, rather than reversing the choices.

Still, one cannot quibble with any of these three citruses - they are all well balanced and excellent.
21st October, 2015
Initially, all I got was a "Lemon Pledge" opening and a decent, citrus dry down. I chalked it up as a "Meh" blind buy and banished it to the bottom shelf of my frag case. Big mistake. Gave it another go a few weeks later and couldn't believe it was the same cologne I'd scoffed at earlier.

Now I don't get the Pledge vibe as I did before; it smells like a lemon/lime blast of cool, fresh air. I get about four hours of moderate projection and then it turns into a lemon/cedar skin scent. I don't get why anyone would consider Eau de Rochas Homme generic or boring, unless they made the same mistake as I did and did not spend enough time with it.

I give Eau de Rochas five out of five stars. Highly recommended, especially if you pay under 35 bucks for the 100 ml bottle.
01st October, 2014
Genre: Citrus

This is a very brisk, very tart lemony eau de Cologne formula with an admixture of basil or tarragon, and a nice dry woody foundation. It is pleasant, but short lived. Simple and very well done.
13th June, 2014
Eau De Rochas is an exquisite fragrance. The citrus opening is just mind blowing. It is perfect for hot summer days because it smells fresh and clean. I love citrus based colognes since I live in South Florida. The heat makes this fragrance project more than normal. I will be wearing it very often during the summer.
11th June, 2014
Gary F Show all reviews
United States
Nice Bright Lemons

After falling in love with Allure homme edition blanche I didn't think I'd be interested in another lemon fragrance, but I feel in love with this one as well. Where the Chanel is a creamy lemon, this lemon is bright. This will be one that I'll enjoy in the hot Texas summers.

Pros: Both Bright and Smooth
Cons: Longevity Could Be Better

23rd June, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The Vintage version:

A brief boring moment and then a high and clean lemony opening that is delightful; more a gently opening than a blast. It is always restrained though and I do not find it particularly refreshing on me. Still, a vey nice note, that after the first hour becomes a bit of a duller green vetiver with a touch of wood. What is impressive is the natural quality and the great blending of the ingredients. The latter results - in spite of poor silage and a citrus-scent typically poor longevity of only two hours - in a positive score.
02nd May, 2013
Eau de Rochas Homme is quite simply the best citrus scent-based fragrance for men ever produced. It is the scent of the cleanest lifestyle, mood and atmosphere. It is the most refreshing frag you can possible think of and it is just as elegant and mature and refined as Eau Sauvage, only in an even more timeless form. It is playful but also conservative enough, easy to use and a real pleasure to apply, and it can be suitable for anytime of the year. The scent left on clothes and skin is out of this world. Perfect when travelling away too. Energetic, just-out-of-the shower, long-lasting (on me anyway...) and the basenotes are ones of pure class and still refreshing after 9-10 hours. It is my No1 frag since 2001 and will never change. The ultimate masterpiece. Thank you, Rochas.
07th April, 2013
A magnificent, crisp and clean citrus scent for men.

Eau de Rochas (Pour Homme) opens with a masterful blend of lemon, orange and lime which is invigorating and refreshing. The floral heart retains its masculinity, I detect a clear verbena note in there which brings to mind Givenchy Monsieur Haute Concentration, another classic but extremely rare citrus scent. The drydown is classical, the woods elegant and prominent with the vetiver element adding depth.

This is up there with the very best men's citruses available in my opinion. My only slight reservation is that longevity could be better, especially when worn in warmer weather.
12th November, 2012
This review is for" Eau de Rochas pour Homme" the first edition.

A blast of citrus and green notes, probably the most natural fragrance i have ever smelled. Perfect for spring and early autumn I’d say.
I would be curious to try the current version "Homme", since in the "Pour Homme" i detect a predominant note of basil, I suppose, which I don’t like too much, as it makes the fragrance a little bit dated. Anyway a big thumb up for Eau de Rochas ; if you want to smell good and different, give it a try.
05th November, 2012 (last edited: 07th November, 2012)
Great Scent! One of the best citrusy green fragance, with pine similar to Blenheim Bouquet. I have Eau Rochas Homme and the vintage Eau Rochas Pour Homme that is more concentred with better sillage, proyection and longevity but both are very well blended.

I love it! One of my favorite designer fragance!!
06th October, 2012
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I have a bottle of the old formula named "Eau de Rochas POUR Homme" and a bottle of the new formula "Eau de Rochas Homme". Both are great citrus fragrances and they are quite similar to each other, in this case the reformulation has not spoiled the fragrance. I get a bit softer and more comforting smell from the older version, but it's longevity is worse.

All in all, best citrus i have tried so far hands down, very comforting, relaxing fragrance full of warmth. Usually i don't need to spray more than 2-4 sprays but with this particular fragrance 6 is not too much. Only phase where i don't like it is when spraying - for some seconds it's too harsh. Yet, very soon settles to radiate peaceful and soothing citrus-woody tones and one can smell woody notes, myrrh, resin and oakmoss, really enjoyable. It must be the combination of myrrh and lime (like some other reviewers wrote) which causes this to be so good - a brilliant idea from the creator of this scent, Giles Romey of Quest International.
17th August, 2012 (last edited: 21st April, 2014)
One of my favourite scents ever. Versatile, fresh and easy to wear whether in cold or hot climes, whether in office or in a smoky bar, and whether your mood is up or down - this always opens with the lovely lime and myrrh combo, lemon tarts in summer and running on the beach always enter my mind. It's a warming fresh scent in the winter, and a cooling scent in the summer. This rocks harder than a big hard rock.
14th January, 2012
I agree with most of the reviews .Super fresh fragrance , incredibly citrus , lovely lime , aquatic...
The only bad thing about this is the short longevity and moderate projection .Anyway , a good fragrance , and a reference to any fresh fragrance .
13th January, 2012
Note this review is for the vintage Eau de Rochas POUR Homme (look for POUR on the bottle). Rochas' stab at the EdC genre. It's your standard EdC structure - citrus on top, herbs in the middle and musk/wood on the bottom. What makes EdR PH so good is the delicious and high-quality lime on top and an unexpected but delightful myrrh note in the base that sets this apart from the usual EdC fare. Rochas has rejuiced this probably due to the citrus oils but I've not smelled it so I can't really comment. Best to play it safe and go vintage.
11th September, 2011
Nothing is brighter and cleaner than Eau de Rochas Homme, few fragrances indeed smell so soapy but natural all at once. Incredibly balanced, balmy lemony in a substantially sharp way. Airy citric-coniferous scent with a fantastic sex appeal, some muskiness and a sense of cleanliness arousing from its straight  forward structure. This one introduces its substance in the same sparkling vein as Eau Sauvage, Blenheim Bouquet, Grey Flannel and il Profvmo Imprinting in order to express an astringent, airy/aromatic, hesperidic (Eau de cologne-like) and woodsy concept of virility, despite the final outcome is basically different, i mean balmier and soapier. A citrus-green aromatic blend of basil, coriander, verbena, lime and mandarin is the prelude to the blooming up of a bunch of flowers that articulate the wake in a vortex of sweet but delicate nuances of violet, lily, jasmine and rose. The dry base is boise and almost soapy with its accord of cypress and oakmoss plus an hint of masculine vetiver, a barely adumbrated touch of balsams and powdery cedarwood detectable for hours and hours. The airy touch from the aldehydes is notable in the wind with its sense of cool, almost aromatic dustiness. I detect some trace of resins and the benzoin smoothness holding on till the end of the trip a sense of comforting clean and airy balminess. Fresh-soapy masculine distinction at its best.
16th May, 2011 (last edited: 05th September, 2015)
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
I love this fragrance! It reminds me of when I used to go on family vacations to the beach when I was young. I'm not sure why but it brings me straight back to the beach. The initial smell comes off as being a bit too strong, complex, and tight but after about 10-30 minutes it becomes HEAVENLY and stays that way all day! The atomizer itself is also very impressive, extremely fine but thick spray. As others have said, great projection and great longevity.

My favorite aspects are the citrusy but deep scent.

EDIT: I also realized now that I had the Vintage version...not sure how because I bought it on Amazon so I guess the reformulation wasn't too long ago.
19th February, 2011 (last edited: 11th April, 2013)
Some time may elapse before you rediscover really good fragrances could not notice... this is the case!
Brilliant opening, tripudium of energising citrus and agrumes, after the verbena cypress combination starts to get out,,, wow!!!this phase in my opinion is REALLY WONDERFUL.
longevity could be greater but it's a perfet cologne.
14th February, 2011
Eau de Rochas Homme is an excellent scent. I was expecting more of a traditional Eau de Cologne, but it's really chypre. There is much in common with both Eau Sauvage and Halston Z-14. The composition is actually quite complex for a scent of this type. The citrus top contains some sparkling aldehydes over clementine, lime, lemon and bergamot, plus some herbaceous elements of basil and vervain. The heart is subdued never losing the freshness of the overall concept with floral components of Jasmine, Muguet, Rose, Geranium and Freesia, along with a very light spicy element of clove, carnation and coriander. The base stays very subdued, slightly woody, mossy and with elements of clean musk, ambergris, vetiver, oakmoss and cedar.

Eau de Rochas remains one of the best office scents available.
08th February, 2011 (last edited: 09th February, 2011)
The pyramid suggests Eau de Rochas Homme boasts a heavy floral heart, but I literally get none of it. A shame, because that would have added some much needed dimension to this otherwise straightforward scent experience. It's basically a life-affirmingly potent blast of candied lemon and citruses tempered so slightly with bitter green herbs which dries down to a soft vetiver/cedar/moss. The lemon lasts an incredibly long time in this one. Not terribly exciting for me, but undeniably pleasant. - Smells fantastic layered with straight woody scents like Gucci Pour Homme -
02nd February, 2011
One of the best masculine citrus fragrances I've ever smelled. After trying both versions, I don't seem to find much difference between the vintage (Eau de Rochas Pour Homme) and current (Eau de Rochas Homme). This is a good thing.

Eau de Rochas Pour Homme is a sparkling, zingy citrus fragrance that knocks your socks off with lemons, limes, verbena, and a shot of pine. It's very refreshing and "fun". The citrus never really stops giving, either - I get up to 9 hours of this baby, and during the 9th hour I can still smell the smooth base note of vetiver and oakmoss. This fragrance is tart and citric, but at the same time bracing and enjoyable. It harkens back to the classic Eau's of yesteryear where the citrus was done right.

So anyway, guys, if you want a long-lasting citrus for summer, put down Acqua di Gio or L'Eau d'Issey and smell Eau de Rochas Pour Homme. You'll see (smell?) what you've been missing.
06th December, 2010 (last edited: 25th April, 2011)
I love this scent. let's not forget that each scent will interact differently with every one's own personal chemistry. What smells great on one person might not smell so great on another. It's like clothing and colours. You have to find the ones that interact best with your body
06th September, 2010
southsider Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Very nice sparkling citrus with average longevity and projection that is easy to wear. I guess a bit of powderiness would make it more refined and elegant.
15th April, 2010
Diamondflame describes the character of this affable essence precisely; it is the basil supporting element that helps keep the citrus harmonious and at center stage. The other notes are supporting outliers that suggest their presence gently and unobtrusively. The longevity does not seem impressive, but the appealing sillage might make up for this. Another winner from Rochas!
07th April, 2010
JMang Show all reviews
United States
Very green, very woody, very old school refreshing. Its very refined, the bottle is interesting; seems to be contoured roses engraved in glass. Opening is very lemon - citrusy, but with a hint of pine. You can tell its a quality fragrance and its very well balanced, very well made.

Definitely for the 30's - 40's, though a 20 year old could pull it off. Very enjoyable if a green, earthy, fresh woods scent is what you're looking for
23rd March, 2010 (last edited: 31st March, 2010)
This reminds me quite a bit of Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet: a sophisticated citrus with pine notes. I think Eau de Rochas Homme is a bit less bold compared to Blenheim Bouquet and would be easier for most men to wear. Definitely masculine. The notes, per the Rochas website are as follows:

Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin
Middle Notes: Artemisia
Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cypress

Interesting that pine is not listed. Regardless, it definitely gives a pine-like impression.

For myself, I don't see an occasion where I will reach for Eau de Rochas Homme before Blenheim Bouquet, so I think I will part with it, even though it is quite good.
14th March, 2010

A classic effervescent opening that to my disappointment with most citrus fragrances doesn't last long. However, for as long as it lasts Rochas is pure joy!
02nd February, 2010
There are thousands of so-called citrus summer scents on the market. Most of them aren’t worth mentioning.
Not ERH!
This one stands out of the mass.
And I think the secret is that Mamounas found the genious counterpart to the lemon-citrus-notes: The myrrh.
It gives deepness to the volatile citrus and fix it to the skin for an astonishing time. The other remarkable ingredient is the basil, which moves the scent into the spicy direction. This results that the citrus note fades away very slowly (It’s still there after hours!).
So if ERH had a little bit more individuality it would be a masterpiece, without doubt.
(rating: 7/10)
08th January, 2010