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Reviews of Eau de Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Just OK

NOTE: The picture of Eau de Tsar here on BN is not accurate.

I bought Eau de Tsar on the assumption that it would be a gentler lighter version of Tsar. It is not. Instead it is a fruity aquatic with a cinnamon twist that has been done before a few times over. It smells almost like the impossible to find and obscure Between Sheets by Van Gils, which also smells like Jivago 24K. The mention of Cool Water and Goodlife is not far off either, as this possesses a somewhat sneezy citrusy quality as well.

It's an OK scent, and I think it would have fared better without the Tsar association.

Pros: Inoffensive, easy to wear
Cons: Not deserving of the Tsar name

21st June, 2013
The insertion of an excess of watery fruits, too pineapple, melon and grapefruit, an overdosage of citrus (in particular orange and mandarin) and others foolishnesses transform the original woodsy formula in a new entry among the lightweight fruity aquatics, though with a touch of taste proper of the brand itself. The lavender, the flowers and the greens are reduced in the intensity of dosage and some elements disappear at all. This one is indeed nearer to Cool Water or Light Blue Ph than to the great V&APH. Disappointing.
12th September, 2011 (last edited: 18th September, 2011)
I think Eau du Tsar is discontinued. What bad decision of Van Cleef.
This perfume is very nice, fresh, good green, good longevity....EDTsar is different to other fresh,aquatic or citrus fragance.
I loved it when I used it some years ago. Very wearable.
Bottle and packaging not represent the product inside, but who cares....
12th July, 2008
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This is a scent to try if your looking for a citrusy,grapefruit scent with a Sandalwood drydown.

A very comfortable Cologne for casual use any time day or night.

It won,t turn eyes,but it won,t wrinkle noses,either.
16th November, 2007
The scent itself is not bad at all but it lacks originality as it seems to ride on the same wave like Davidoffs Goodlife.
31st May, 2006